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For the lack of creativity for a title. Here it is.

Now the summary of the plot is that in the future women took over the world. Viewing the opposite gender as inferior, they took enslaved men and created various law that ensure their superiority. Some of the laws are listed below:

Songs that mention heterosexual pairings are illegal.

Heterosexual activity is forbidden by law, slaves that are caught will be executed and women will get 10 years of prison.

After dark, slaves need a pass from their owner to go outside.

Transgender people are to be executed, and anyone who performs transgender surgery will be jailed.

An owner is responsible for any criminal act of a slave if it is done in her presence.

It is illegal for an owner to beat her slave with a stick larger than the diameter of her thumb.

It is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.

Movies that show women being struck, beaten or treated in an offensive matter by men are strictly forbidden.

Boys are only required to be in school until age 13; after that, it is up to their owner.

Many men are unsatisfied with the regime and a minority of women are also unsatisfied. There are rumors that a small rebellion force is banding together to overthrow the government and set up an government where men and women are on equal footing. Of course, the government views it as a threat and a secret project known as Valkyries is underway...

Will this rebellion turn into a great civil war? Will the rebels overthrow the government or will it be crushed?

Setting Terminology:

Forbidden Families: Illegal families. They are a man and a woman engaging in hidden heterosexual activity and that eventually produced an offspring.

Valkyries: Mechas being produced by the government in order to stop the rebellion

Agencies: Large auction houses that provide not only slaves, but also services for breeding techniques of egg egg and sperm sperm


Character Sheet:







6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Annelise J. Tremaine

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Trim figure; blond hair in a short bob; green eyes; pale skin; heart-shaped face; prefers to wear well-tailored skirt-suits in subdued colors paired with bright, eyecatching neckties when on the job.

Occupation: Auctioneer and procurer of slaves for an Agency.

Bio/History: She had, for this world, a perfectly normal life. She was taught that men were inferior, dirty beasts and that they had to be controlled by women for their own good. She decided to become an auctioneer and procurer because she wanted a job that would take her lots of different places. She has never taken her own slaves; she takes advantage of the ones she's auctioning and purchasing, seeing it as one of the perks of the job.

6/20/2012 #2
Anna Amore

Name: Iris Tierra Andrews

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has green/hazel eyes, standing at 5'5, with a girlish athletic build, mixed skin, and light brown hair to her mid back. Though her build is athletically toned it doesn't take away from the subtle curves of her hips, breasts, and natural beauty. She wears an assortment of clothing from day to day, but her clothing appearance at first look is a brown baby doll like dress (tucked in at the waist and flared out like an umbrella) with a baize blazer, beige buck skin boots, and a beige tie with brown polka dots. Her hair is pulled back into a swooped mid way bun.

Occupation: Forbidden family/Auctioneer.

Bio/History: Isis, as beautiful as she is, was born as a result of a love kindled between a woman and a man; which is forbidden. Because of her parent's decision to rebel against the set rules Isis has been treated poorly and looked down upon by the people of the town. Her parents were taken and thrown into prison while Isis was shipped off to her Aunt's house-a mere 15 minutes away- where she gets treated with mixed emotion by known Aunt: Annelise J. Tremaine. Isis, who disagrees strongly about the laws of the land, resents her Aunt greatly for demanding that she be an autioneer like her. Isis feels more than wrong about selling off the very people that helped bring her into this world. Because of her moral beliefs she and her aunt often argue and Isis often find ways to skip her auction duties.

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #3

Name: Lorelei Hunt

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: An average height woman, with a slender build. She has red hair that goes a little past her shoulder, and she has dark blue eyes. At home, she is usually her hair in a ponytail. She is rarely seen without her 8th note pink earring and necklace

Occupation: Singer

Bio/History: Adopted into the Hunt family, Lorelei has a grudge against the matriarch of the family, Kristen Hunt. She was born and raised to the age of eight in a forbidden family with a younger brother before it was discovered. As far as she knows her father is dead, her mother somewhere in the world, and her younger brother a slave. This is pushing her to the decision to join the rebellion.


Name: Alexis Hunt

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Architect

Appearance: Average height young woman. She has short brown hair and light green eyes. Has a bit of freckles on her face.

Bio/History: The only true daughter of Kristen Hunt. A young woman who grew up knowing that men are supposed to be inferior and to serve them. She applies the values that she learned from her mother not in a harsh way. Oblivious to Lorelei's true origins, she thinks and is sure that she is her sister.


Name: Eric Fields

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Average height of a young man without any distinguishing features apart from what it seems to be a permanent case of messy hair. He is green eyed and auburn haired.

Occupation: Slave for the Hunt household

Bio/ History: Not much is known about Eric at the moment. Despite the fact that he was bought to the Hunt household at the age of thirteen. He bears a strong resemblance to Lorelei.

6/20/2012 #4

Name: Derryk. No Middle or last names.

Age: 28.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, wiry. Earrings and a lip ring. Wears a small leather bag around his neck.

Occupation: Advance scout for Legion, serving on the Valkyrie.

Bio/History: Short version: Created in a lab, part of World War 3, picked up by Legion (massive intergalactic inter-dimensional mercenary company), jumps between dimensions on the Valkyrie (Legion scout ship) and lands on Earth or Earth-like planets, ostensibly to asses whether or not Legion should set up camp there.

6/20/2012 #5

Name: Hattin

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sorta like a Jim Caviezel, ten years ago, but markedly thinner and less physically strong.

Occupation: Lifelong Slave

Bio/History: Born with the misfortune of having a Y Chromosome, Hattin has never felt love, or care, or any kind of tenderness. In his youth (He was born to a Regular Family but sold off immediately after his Gender was revealed) he had deigns of changing the world, of becoming the First Powerful male. He was Naive, and ignorant, and he felt spite against his lot in life. He rebelled, and every time was forced back down. Occasionally, he dreamed of Running away, but never got brave or stupid enough to do so. Eventually he was broken down, his spirit failing and his resistance coming to an end. He came into the possession of an Old Matriarch who thankfully only needed to be cared for, and after her death a few months ago, he was taken by the old woman's debtors as payment for her loans. Now, Hattin is facing the uncertainty of a new Mistress, unsure what pain and shame the new change will bring. He is already on the verge of breaking - If his new owner is worse than the last, he will have to choose between Suicide and Escape. With all the Hope beaten out of him years ago, he would likely lean towards the former.

6/20/2012 #6


Age: 29

Gender: Unfortunately Male.

Appearance: 6'2'', with very tan skin and strong muscles, although he's been losing a lot of weight recently and is growing lean, much to his dismay. He has broad shoulders and a tired expression far beyond his years. His owners choose to dress him in dirty, thick work clothes that wear at his skin and itch terribly, to keep him from getting too prideful of his strength.

Occupation: Heavy lifting slave. He's worked in a factory, then on a farm.

Bio/History: Born as schedualed, he never knew his mother or the slave who had been his father (or, whose seed he was created from). He didn't do well in school, and was scrawny, seen as somewhat of a reject. He was sent to work in a factory when no one wanted to purchase him, and he threw himself completely into working hard. His fellow slaves had jeered at the young teenager, telling him that he wouldn't last a week before he was sent to be cremated. But he worked for seven years, becoming one of the strongest workers there. The factory managers decided to see if they could get a profit for him, and they guessed correctly. He was purchased immediately and sent to work at a farm just outside the main city. His pale skin quickly burned and browned in the sun. His owners noticed his increasing strength and began to feed him less and less in an effort to keep him in check. Michael had been planning an escape for years, and he sees his chances slipping away with each meager meal.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #7

(I think that there's enough people to start the roleplay with. So it's showtime!)

Knock, knock, knock

That was all that was needed to pull Lorelei from her sleep. The woman sat up on her bed, observing the door, which opened to reveal the household's personal slave, Eric Fields, holding a tray with her breakfast.

"Good morning Ms. Lorelei," greeted Eric, as he walked over to the bed.

"Morning," came the yawned reply.

The slave gingerly placed the trap on his master's bed, before turning to leave. Lorelei sighed, before picking up the coffee mug and gently blowing. Another day and another night, what would be her agenda today? If she could recall she would have to give a show this evening, or maybe be dragged along by her 'mother' to another auction.

How long has she been in this household? Oh right, nineteen long years, posing as the older daughter of Kristen Hunt and older sister of Alexis Hunt. The door opened again, this time to reveal a young woman, smiling brightly at the new day.

"Sis you're up already?" asked Alexis.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Oh, come on sis. You could have been still half-asleep," joked Alexis.

"So...? What's in today's plans?"

"Mom, says that there's a big auction today. Maybe we should get more slaves. I mean, Eric is getting a bit overworked."

6/21/2012 #8
Chainsaw Cake

"All right, ladies!" Annelise J. Tremaine said to the workers in front of her. "We have a big, big auction today, so I want to see everybody performing as well as they can, got it? If we do this right we could break the profit record, so no screw-ups!"

6/21/2012 #9
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Brock McCulloch (Also known as the Nomad)

Age: 56

Gender: Male

Appearance: Stands at about 6' even and has rough, scarred features. Despite his age, he's very fit and tough. He has rough cut gray hair and a gray beard to match along with a pair of blue eyes that can disarm the fiercest of the female soldiers. He wears a tattered trench coat, dust covered leather boots, black gloves, and a tattered cowboy hat. He wears body armor under his coat, that he stole from the body of a dead riot officer. He modified it to fit his body plus fitted it with holsters for his guns and knives, bandoliers, and belt bags.

Occupation: Escaped slave and freer of slaves. Also a skilled assassin.

Bio/History: Brock was once a slave for a prestigious woman of high rank who was renowned for treating her male captives cruelly. One day, the woman's artificially created daughter had claimed that one of the male slaves had raped her. The man was innocent but was sentenced to death due to the girl's word being of more worth than his. On the day of the man's execution, Brock had attacked the executioner, killing her with his bare hands. The guards were called to put him down, but at that point all the other slaves had seen Brock's actions and rose up to attack their owners. Brock and several of the men managed to escape into the desert that his former owner's home was located. The men that followed Brock died following the escape from dehydration, but Brock managed to keep moving. When it seemed like he was about to die, a stranger saved him. The stranger was a woman, named Celia, who disliked the treatment of the men in today's world and went off into the desert to live on her own. She taught Brock how to fight and survive in the wilderness. After many months of living with Celia, Brock woke up one day seeing that the woman had disappeared, leaving behind her guns, supplies, and her beat up motorcycle with a note on it. It read:


I did what I could to have you survive this cruel world. I hated it as much as you. You know what to do.


Brock then set out to free as many slaves as he could before his time on earth was finished.

6/21/2012 #10

Michael groaned, his head aching as he regained conciousness in the back of his Master's vehicle. He had a bag over his head, his hands and feet bound and a gag in his mouth. He laid still, knowing that moving would probably just earn him punishment. Wherever he was going, he hoped that there was food.


Name:Tibault (Nicknamed Mr. Tibbs)

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Appearance: Well groomed and well dressed, he is a weasly looking man with slicked hair and a thin mustache. His beady eyes mask his true intentions, and his hands are smooth and manicured. He has an alarmingly predatory smile.

Occupation: Upper class slave, sycophant

Bio/History: Sent to school for longer than the mandatory time, Mr. Tibbs became a well educated brown noser. He's very grateful to his masters, who allow him to lead a relatively easy life as a butler, chef, and maid. However, they caught the man furiously pleasuring himself over his Mistress' picture one day, and now he has been sent to auction. He is terrified.

6/21/2012 #11
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Dude, I almost sprayed milk out of my nose after I read your character's bio.)

6/21/2012 #12

"So, what, do we get some kind of kinky sex out of this?" Derryk asked. He flexed the handcuff around his wrist - gently - to indicate what he meant. He was third in a line of thirty men, all handcuffed and chained together at the ankles. Although he didn't know it, this was an auction that would be starting shortly. What he did know was that he was naked, like the other men, for the womens' inspection.

He hadn't even had a chance to put on his clothes after landing before some women started sprinting up, looking confused but determined, and shackled him. The confusion, at least, he could attribute to seeing an unclothed, uninjured man standing in a small crater. They'd tried to take his little bag away, which he'd fought against, but once he realized he couldn't keep it from them without hurting them, he'd managed to swallow it. Now it fought an internal war against his immune and digestive systems, which was a tad unpleasant, even for the man with no pain.

The guy next to him just gaped at him. He started to speak, stopped, then said what sounded rather like, "Tbgsb gsepgn epjsepgn?"

"Is that so?" Derryk asked. "Guess my translator's not done yet. Just give it a few minutes. It'll kick in, and I'll be one the same page."

6/21/2012 #13
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Brock sat in old abandoned garage tinkering with a strange looking device. It looked like metal frisbee but had magnets on the bottom. It was an EMP device to take down the Valkyries. So far he had the clamping mechanism working, but he just couldn't find the right amount of magnetism to use in order to fry the mechs' electrical system.

6/21/2012 #14
Anna Amore

Isis sat staring out the window of her Aunt's home, fully clothed and hands placed in her lap. She didn't want to go to the auction today, nor did she wish to go to any other auction. She brought her sad, worried eyes down to her delicate hands. Why did she have to go? What was she to do? Men were men...not oxen.

She sighed and rose from the dinning room table-swallowing back her anger and her twenty other emotions- before smoothing down her dress. Another moment and Aunt Annelise would surely have her beaten. She swallowed and approached the door.

6/21/2012 #15
Chainsaw Cake

"You there!" Annelise snapped at the man who was making comments. "Did you receive permission to speak?"

6/21/2012 #16

Derryk blinked at the woman who seemed to be yelling at him. Him, or one of the other guys nearby. This woman was clothed, like the first ones had been, and he was starting to get a glimmer of understanding here.

Well, he couldn't understand her yet, and if that was the case, then she couldn't understand him yet; so, knowing that, he said the first thing that came to mind. "You look sexy when you're angry."

6/21/2012 #17

After her breakfast and Alexis leaving the room, Lorelei changed her clothes and put on her iconic necklace. She was now wearing a blue sleeveless dress while her 'sister' wore a light green one. The two left the house with Eric being their driver.

"So, sis, excited for the auction?" asked Alexis, looking at her older sister.

"Hm...? You could say so," replied Lorelei, looking out the window.

Eric kept his attention to the road. He could remember his first and last auction. It wasn't a pleasant experience but he had been blessed with a rather kind household. Well, after the two Hunt sisters moved out their mother's house, it had become pleasant.

"We'll be arriving shortly at the agency."

"Well, hopefully there will be a nice slave to buy off," said Alexis.

6/21/2012 #18
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(I like this idea! :D)

Name: Naomi Pierce

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Naomi is slightly taller than average and has an intimidating stature with a fierce face. Her hair is short, blond and wild. Her eyes are very blue. As a soldier, she is fairly muscular.

Occupation: Soldier, chosen to participate in operation Valkyrie.

Bio/History: Conceived in a test tube, she had a twin brother. Growing up, she never had the same hostility towards men that others had. Once she discovered her brother was killed by a female cop while outside after dark, she began to seriously rethink her loyalties, as the startling truth of corruption in the government began to make itself known.

Other: Naomi likes women.

6/21/2012 #19
Anna Amore

(*cough* Tuiuuf jfhhk ruiif *chuckles*)

Isis made her way through the short part of town to the backstreets which led to a forested area. She would take that route, as she often did, to get to the auction. That way Isis could avoid the venomous words and the hate looks. She absolutely hated the way she was treated but Isis learned real early that there wasn't too much she could do about it.

She slipped behind the weeping willows and continued the rest of her ten minute journey; staying hidden all the while. Isis silently wandered what could possibly go wrong today.

6/21/2012 #20

Michael glanced at Derryk, silent. He had no idea that his owners were going to sell him off. And they hadn't said a word about it. His eyes flashed forward again as he prepared himself for the sea of leering female faces that would soon fill the space before them. He remembered his first auction very clearly. He had never felt less like a human.

Mr. Tibbs had seen better days. He had begged his Mistresses to forgive him, to take pity on him, to give him a second chance- but they refused. They were disgusted with him, by him! And now he stood, out of place in his suit. His hair was dishevelled, his tie askew. He whimpered once, falling back to silence.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #21
Anna Amore

Isis made her entrance several minutes after Derryk made his daring comment. Her eyes scanned the men in line quickly as she made a brief assesment of who was malnourished and who wasn't. She would have to sneak and give them extra food and water if they were to survive. Healthy men meant low death rates and low death rates meant no need to get new men; and intern the men wandering free out there could form a rebellion and free the ones enslaved. Atleast that's what Isis had hoped would happen... but years of waiting was beginning to dim her spirits. Where were they? Where was the rebellion?

Isis stepped up near Annelise and waited. Where were her parents? Isis continued to scan the thirty men; her eyes roaming over the man in the suit (which she found odd, but nice) and fluttering over the body of Derryk nervously. Naked. All of them; except for a select few... and some a nicer naked than others. She adverted her eyes. To stare might as well had been a sin too.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

"Speak when ordered to, you filth," Annelise said to Derryk, and she marched up to him and pressed a Taser into his ribs. "Weren't you raised properly?" Feeling that she'd punished him sufficiently, she stepped up to the front of the stage.

"We've got quite a selection for you ladies today!" she said, sweeping an arm across the bevy of males. "And if you all can bid fiercely enough for this meat, we may well make a new profit record! This is the largest selection we've had in some time! Well, with that said, I declare this Auction open! Bring forth the first one," she muttered to a couple of guards.

6/21/2012 #23

Derryk looked down at his ribs. He looked up at the woman. He looked down at his ribs, pointedly. He didn't have so much as a mark.

"That tingled," he said. Coincidentally, now his translator was in operation, and everybody could understand him.

Then he raised his hands, twisted, and pulled. His handcuffs shattered, spraying bits of metal in all directions, and earning him the attention of just about everybody.

"Can I get a new pair?" he asked, showing the metal rings around his wrists, all that was left of his cuffs. He stayed in place and kept the ankle chain intact, despite the other slaves.

6/21/2012 #24
Chainsaw Cake

"Kill him," Annelise said to the guards from the corner of her mouth. "Take him away first, but make sure it happens." This exchange was nearly inaudible; the guards were practically reading her lips.

Two women built like professional wrestlers appeared almost silently at Derryk's sides. One grabbed him by the throat, the other seized his wrists, and they went to bear him away.

6/21/2012 #25
Anna Amore

"No!" Isis shouted as she ran forward, sliding inbetween the women and Derryk. "I'll but him!" She shouted. "I want him. I'll buy him." She repeated breathlessly.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #26
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Naomi watched over the auction, making sure nobody tried anything that would disturb the peace. She winced as Annelise tasered the man, her body stiffening. She held her hands behind her back, at attention. She disliked auctions. They made her nauseous. As Derykk made his little show of strength, she gripped her weapon at her side, ready to attack if the time came.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #27
Chainsaw Cake

"And how much are you offering?" Annelise asked Isis, raising one elegantly groomed eyebrow. "Do remember that you're living with me, niece, and know that I certainly won't be treating him well. And remember how well I know so many you still want to buy him, despite that?"

6/21/2012 #28
Anna Amore

Isis searched the air above the ground frantically. Her eyes shot up as she found an answer. "My birthday." She said. "It was on the 18th, today's the 20th. You said you would get me whatever I wanted provided I took care of it and asked you for nothing else." Isis paused. "I want him." She threw her head casually to the crazy male behind her. "I promise I wont ask you for anything else and if you object to letting him go for free I can pay half now and work off the rest in the auctions. Further more he can endure a week or two of injustice for I'll be gone by next month's end."

Hopefully... Isis thought.

6/21/2012 #29
Chainsaw Cake

(Hold up, Rip: I'm confused by your last sentence. The one starting with "further more.")

6/21/2012 #30
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