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:D you put an ad here, and people can come check out the thread if they're looking for an RP to join ^.^

6/1/2008 . Edited 6/2/2008 #1
Unknown Author Girl

Hey, if your talking about me.. I didn't mean anything bad by it, just asking a simple question. So sorry I ruined you RP for two seconds, really... I'm very sorry! I'll just ask other people, who don't mind as much.

6/2/2008 #2
Sideshow Bob Roberts

I'll keep if brief: New Star Wars RP. Come on in and check it out.

6/2/2008 #3

everyone can also talk in the chat topics above... any ideas on what the chat topic 'hear RP' shoule be named to be clearer?

6/2/2008 #4

Whoa, I think I recognise the Person in your Avi, Cori... is that you?

6/2/2008 #5
Unknown Author Girl

really, spearofhope? lol whats my name?

6/4/2008 #6

Well, I don't want to make an A** of myself... Does your last name start with a W?

6/4/2008 #7
Unknown Author Girl

Why, yes it does.. Don't be shy, I won't bite.

6/5/2008 . Edited 6/6/2008 #8

Green and Grey, though having reached the ripe old age of 317 posts, still needs two people. I'd suggest you at least skim over the seven pages of awesome, the plotline is... interesting.

6/7/2008 #9

'Interesting' *laughs* nice word

6/7/2008 #10

Well I couldn't say "convoluted, romantic, rated PG for graphic violence and uses Japanese names", could I? People would get scared off...

6/7/2008 #11

lol, of course. actually it would be rated PG-13 for suggestive themes, graphic violence, and language... plus who knows what else XD

6/7/2008 #12

Not to mention the obvious romance. Question: where's Calvin the Green Boy? It's like he dropped off the face of the Earth, and now Sally is going with Kazukai... Methinks I'm lucky to have an established love interest.

6/7/2008 #13

lol, well if he does come back it'll be... interesting *laughs*

6/7/2008 #14


BTW, She's Famous Now sounds good, too. And there's no convoluted-romantic-rated PG13 for graphic violence, suggestive situations and language plot as of yet.

6/7/2008 #15

it'll probably have some suggestive themes *laughs* but unless the movie star wants to end up in the Tabloids he won't fight.

6/7/2008 #16
captain lyd

haha lol well unfortunately "sally" never seems to be on at the same time as "calvin" lol. Alas, poor calvin... he can go wallow in his music.

6/7/2008 #17

awh... poor Sally... no sad/jealous musician for her... she gets the guy who tries to kill his younger brother XP and I'm on now!

6/7/2008 #18
captain lyd

Well if you want him to go jealous and emo he certainly can, lol XD add a bit more drama...

6/7/2008 #19

*laughs* yes, that's just what we need, more drama! XD of course I want him to go emo! it'll be a perfectly loverly love triangle!

6/7/2008 #20
captain lyd

And who could want more then that?! lol! XD I need to find a way to get kira more involved... she's quite funny.

6/7/2008 #21

hm... *paces* I wonder how to get that hyper little kid involved... maybe the classic 'trip' technique

6/7/2008 #22
captain lyd

lol yes... well. I agree we need more people... JOIN PEOPLE! lol

6/7/2008 #23

*flail* come on, its teen life with trippy colors and psycho brothers!

6/7/2008 #24

And fanfiction writers with actual fanfiction!

6/7/2008 . Edited 6/7/2008 #25
captain lyd

Lol! And like everyone knows how to play the guitar! LOLOL!

6/7/2008 #26

Hey, Laurel doesn't! She just listens approvingly....

6/7/2008 #27
captain lyd

haha XD True... and neither does Kira....

6/7/2008 #28

lol, Kazukai doesn't appear to XD or his brother, although you never know.

6/7/2008 #29

Hidaki does, and Laurel listens approvingly, seeing as he's her love interest and all.

But really, guys, it's fun! And we need two more people... please? *makes puppy eyes*

6/7/2008 #30
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