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Kinstern City is a grand one. Every building is held high into the sky by thick, stone columns. The reason for this is that covering the ground of the land which Kinstern City is part of is a layer of grayish-green toxic gas that is so thick you cannot see more than a few meters in any direction. The toxic gas, known now as The Mist, comes up 800 meter above the surface of the land, the columns raise the city over 5 kilometers above The Mist. Other cities live similarly, but none are as large as Kinstern. All of the cities get water from water tanks which collect rain and food is grown in special Crop Buildings. However, none of the buildings, known as Towers, are connected. There are no walkways, or trains or cars (neither of the latter two has even been invented yet); smaller Tower Cities have the walk ways but not Kinstern. No, the citizens on Kinstern use a much different method of that also gives them amazing powers and a lifelong friend.

For you see, all citizens of Kinstern..........are dragon riders. At the same time a person in Kinstern is born, a dragon egg will hatch. The Kinstern dragons vary in size, anywhere from a small pony to a body alone the side of a double decked bus (But no larger please). They also vary in colour which determines the kind of power that the rider receives.

However, not everything is fun and cheerful. A few miles away is another city that has been built on the summit of a large mountain. The city looks more like a grey stones fortress than a proper city and is called Genosta Fortress. The warriors of Genosta do not ride dragons; they ride monstrous creatures that are half black dragon half giant bird. They give the warriors the power over darkness and shadows and are called the Selicen. The Selicen are savage creatures whose only instinct is to kill. The Genosta warriors use this in the hopes of achieving their insane King's domination of the world above The Mist.

8/21/2010 #601
Suzu Holic

Love is hard. Add in a little magic and it's unbeleivable. Add still, the fact that you need a good relationship with your partner or you die.Seriously. Scratch that. Love isn't just hard.

Love is war.

8/22/2010 #602
WayRay ahhh, mysterios link of doom! no seriously you can find my Rp here Naruto:Under Wings. Heres a basic sumary of what its all about.

The Chunin Exams, for months now each Genin has trained preparing for this day and the obstacles it would bring. A series of tests, led by a serires of procters and guardians, meant to cull the group of aspiring shinobi until that only those of being called chunin remained. The first test had passed, and been completed, now the remaining individuals are pitted one against all, although they are unaware how, each takes it as they understand and goes forth to complete the task asigned them. With the Second test now about to begin a silence takes the remaining group of Genin.

8/22/2010 #603

New To aru Majutsu no Index forum, because the other one is dead and we want to rp now. Please join if you know about the series!

8/23/2010 #604
Oh No. It's Happened

Lilica's School for the gifted.

You wake one morning to see all your stuff packed into boxes. Frowning you glance up to see your mother packing a suit case with your private possessions, and a photo of her. "Mum, what are you doing?" she jumps and turns. You catch a glimpse of a face full of fear, but it's gone before you can be sure of it. "I'm moving you; you're getting the big room where your sister used to work." You grin, that room is the best room in the house. "THANKS!!" you smile. She smiles back and throws you your bag, heavier than usual. "Don't want to miss the bus" you glance at the clock and groan; you were going to be late. "See yak later" you shout as you bound down the stairs and out into the driveway, where a bus was just pulling up. You make it on, just in time and grab a seat. Briefly noticing how little people there is on the bus you glance put off the bus and look to your window to see your mother crying her eyes out as she watched you leave. The bus pulls away and you barely notice the journey as you go over what you saw. 'Why was she crying?' you say over and over in your head.

It is well over an hour before you begin to realise that the bus isn't going the normal direction, nor are these the normal kids. You decide not to say anything in case you are being paranoid. But the time begins to grow, and soon the sun is high in the sky, and you are travelling through a desert. Suddenly the bus stops and everyone is pushed out of the bus. "Good luck" says the driver as the kids glance around. "But wait-"and the bus speeds off. Suddenly there's a splash sound and you glance back to see a building beginning to form in front of your eyes. A woman comes out of the building and over to the group and smiles, "Welcome to the school for the gifted"

Join this Roleplay for a story of Magic, Wonders, and much more.

8/23/2010 #605

I highly recommend this ego booster.

8/26/2010 #606

join somethings should be forgotten

"we though we could play god and create life, it was all a game to us then but now, Now it's to late please I beg you close the zero facility and never open it." head of research and development at the Zero facility

8/27/2010 #607

"We have been betrayed...hunted...and killed. We are the only ones telling the truth and everyone refuses to listen. We are done talking, we are done pleading for reason. We will have our revenge."

8/28/2010 . Edited 8/28/2010 #608

The village of Parina has been having strange things happen lately.Deaths,Disappearances are commonplace now.Think you can help? Find out:

8/29/2010 #609

Do you like Final Fantasy VII? Do you like RPing? Then join A Final Fantasy VII Roleplay! It's RP-liscious!

8/29/2010 #610

Before us was a caped crusader. He had came before us as a fore-warning that our attempt at a bank robbery would fail. Of course we were filled with anger for being found out...but then something...unexpected happened. The super hero fell from the sky and crashed into the ground, he screamed in pain from the crash. We could see from that he was seriously injured.

Now the invincible super hero was nothing more than a cripple in tight, we laughed as we made off with the stolen money.

"They were super heroes." I said as we made our escape.

8/30/2010 #611
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Dracula has returned once again after the Vietnam War to again wage another war with humanity. With the Belmonts and Belnades unable to fight him, who can stop him?

Yes this is a Castlevania RP:

8/31/2010 #612
Seraph Darkfire


Well...there isn't much of a story to this rp, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to join a Halo Rp?

8/31/2010 #613
Seraph Darkfire

Bioshock Rp

Rapture, the city under the sea. It was once a great place, but over use of genetic modifiers caused the inhabitants to go insane. They became Splicers, constantly searching for ADAM, the mutagen that changed their DNA to give them incredible powers. The few sane humans have to use their own powers to defend themselves against the insane Splicers.

9/1/2010 #614

Marvel RP

After fooling the public into thinking A mutant and two unatural superheros *Meaning they got there powers not from birth but from another means* went berserk and demoished a series of towns on the west coast. Norman Osborn forged that it was the result of a "Unknown mental illness caused by the pocession of super powers".

He propesed anyone 18 and under be tested for any superhuman or unusall abilitys to make sure if they are suspetiable to 'The Illness'. Every country around the world starts to test there children, anyone tested positive was shipped to H.A.M.M.E.R's 'Treatment Facility' which was actally a secret lab and training ground for a new age of 'Heros' to be born.

Everyone in the Marvel Universe is in danger now, but no one can see as the H.A.M.M.E.R is raised to strike down on them....

* *

9/1/2010 #615
Seraph Darkfire

War Mutants

Five teenagers are mutants. War creatures for the army.

9/2/2010 #616
Suzu Holic

It's the current age and nothing has ever seemed more out of the ordinary. A mysterious government called MUPPET has began a new program called the Marionette program. The Marionette's are robots-no, dolls- who stand about one to two feet in default mode and grow to teh size of a normal human during battle mode. They're made of a special material called Cyber Roze Chrome which can act as a carrier for magic, allowing them special abilities. The MUPPET company has been building them and readying them for, you guessed it, taking over the world!

With dolls? Who are we kidding, but don't be fooled. These dolls weild scythes, guns, are telepaths, can see through walls and most importatntly, can make things explode! Exactly, very dangerous indeed, so now that we're listening...

There's a small group of workers within MUPPET who don't agree with the company. In order to combat MUPPET's plan, they stole and distributed a total of twenty Marionettes to the public. All you have to do is wind them up to activate them .Now let's see, are you the lucky one to become a Marrionette Meister?

9/3/2010 . Edited 9/3/2010 #617

"I will shatter the Reform, and free the world from tyranny."

You do that.

9/3/2010 #618
Sage of the White Sands

Black Dawn 2.0 (Remake of Black Dawn)

"My fellow Americans i turn to you today in a effort to help combat the growing threat in the Middle East" He clears his throat before continuing "Today i call upon our troops and our civilians to give a helping hand,to support our efforts against terrorism which is growing more intense each passing day" Several of the cameras pan into his face which is racked with stress and a apparent lack of sleep "We have and will always continue to fight this endless fight on whether its the Al Qaeda or Insurgence in Iraq but today i have issued an Executive order to bump up patrol around the Russian Border" The President looks at the media groups and give's a smile "Starting August 14 which is tomorrow i am going to ask any available Americans citizens to step up and sign up for our armed forces i am asking for your hand in this never ending struggle to keep our freedom" He gives a short wave and walks off the podium. Though it was a short address The American public began to enlist in the Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy.

On August 21 of the year 2012 the first blow would be dealt by the Russians in a speech given by the Russian Leader in retaliation to the stepped up patrols on his borders. In his speech he highlighted that the american president had no trust in him and his country and that if this continued Consequences will be severe. At first the President shrugged it off but on August 27 the Russian Army moved in and began to fire upon the patrolling Soldiers. The American immediate drew fire and in the aftermath 30 Americans were killed and several wounded while the Russians suffered 20 deaths and several more wounded. The Russian President several days later declared this act of violence a act of war and immediately cut off communication with the Americans and the surrounding country claiming they are creating a weapon powerful that it will be said to cause the end of the world.

On September 8th the President again gave an Address to his nation urging them to help.Several days later the Congress signed in a order of war bill that the president would later sign signalling the Beginning of the War.


9/3/2010 #619
Sage of the White Sands

Title: NCIS: Requiem of Silence

Plot:Here is the Case:

Case number 180-22:

Victim: Coperal Johnathan Studdard.

The Place: Norfolk VA.Naval Base.

When: Sometime between 4am-5am est.

Reason: Unknown at the time.

Cause of Death: Gun Shot wounds to the torso,chest and left temple leading th Investigators to believe it was a hit.

Lead Investigator: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs(Major Case Squad Unit)

The Plot:

Its been 2 month since the end of season 7 and Gibbs finds himself in a bind as he has to choose three new agents to fill the void after his team was reassigned elsewhere the reason why this happened is unknown to even Gibbs himself and the Director would not bother to explain to him except to tell him he is going to have to find new agents to break in for the what seems the biggest case in the history of the NCIS.

After careful deliberations and narrowing down the finalist to 4 agents Gibbs must somehow use them all to Solve the case at hand then he must decide on who to keep and who must be sent packing to seek Employment else where.

But several Questions remain? Will Gibb ever reunite with his team again or will he have to break in a new team of agents with minimal to No Investigative Experience?Will Gibbs and his New team get down to the bottom of the Corporals Murder and close it in time?


In need of two Agents.

9/3/2010 #620


9/4/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #621

The land of Somnia! Expansive, mysterious, and full of adventure! Join the incredible party-based rp gameplay of Somnia! Join now to be part of the beginning of a new tale!

Read all rules and skim the lore. Post a profile when finished and wait for acceptance before rp'ing in the Somnia Roleplay Forum (link to roleplay forum provided at top of previous thread link).

9/5/2010 #622
Prince Lutin

Thought that the adventure was over 70 years ago? Think again! The tower-climbing is back, with the Spectral Tower. Join other climbers in this thrilling adventure! Fight all sorts of monsters in the tower! An anyone-can-join RP!

9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #623

Somnia is now open for characters, make your profile here:

And the roleplay is here:

9/5/2010 #624
Sage of the White Sands

Come and shape your destiny and try to test your fate as a Pulse l'Cie, Cocoon l'Cie, human or fal'Cie Crystallise.

Spots are open.

9/6/2010 #625
Sage of the White Sands

Many years ago, when the Brotherhood was formed by a group of young people with big dreams in the 80's, they ran unopposed in their mercenary business. 1991, the Alliance was formed. The Brotherhood took out their leader that same year. They were too small to launch a counterattack, and the blood feud turned to mere rivalry over time.

Then, 2013, Liam Kennedy, a Brotherhood mercenary, slept with the daughter of the current leader of the Alliance. When this came to light through murmured rumors and uncovered hotel tapes, the Alliance was furious, and the blood feud was back up. Liam was taken and interrogated, beaten too. When he offered no explanation other than "Dude, your daughter is hot" he was eventually angrily returned to the India base of the Brotherhood in a much worse condition checked in than he was checked out.

A simple message "You're dead." was relayed by Liam. Now it seems they're following through on this, and a team has been assembled from the ranks of the Brotherhood to stop what appears to be a full scale nuclear attack on New Delhi, which the Brotherhood base is very close to.

Which Path will you choose?

9/6/2010 . Edited 9/6/2010 #626
Prince Lutin

It is The Roaring Twenties in New Orleans (1927 to be exact). People seem to be having a good time.

Then...a young socialite is murdered! Her name is Geneva Cooke, and she has been found dead in a basement. No one was around to see her die, and now the case is brought forward to investigators. People from all walks of life in New Orleans must work together to find out who killed Geneva Cooke.

Please join the case.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #627
Sage of the White Sands

There is a book in the back of the Library that is said to give whoever touches it the power to rule of the Sands of Time, but most people have just waved this off thinking this was just some weird rumor. But one day a group of Kids who were unlike any other took that journey into the dusty part of the Library hoping to debunk this Myth. As they drew nearer to the book its mysterious power seemed to take hold if them as they took the book down and gathered around it. As they looked at its cover which was worn from many years of wear and tear they thought that this was just some old book that had no purpose in being read. The one kid opened it and all of a sudden they all were whisked away into the book as the light died down the Book snapped shut as if a mysterious force shut the book. When they all came to they realized that they were no longer in the Library they began to wonder where they were and if they were even on earth.

This is the story of five kids(ages 15-18) who were whisked away into their destiny to liberate the Land of Sand and finish the Unwritten book and find a way home. as they work their way through the chapters Secrets will be revealed and Questions will undoubtfully be answered as these five Warriors of the Sand Finish a Battle that was started ages ago. But as they progress the Real world(which is where they were from) Began to get influenced as strange creature and myths of Loire from the book appear they soon find out that the Book was some Portal of some sorts. Now they must choose to save the Sand or their World.

Sands of Time

9/8/2010 #628
Sage of the White Sands

Im not sure if this is allowed but...its an all purpose Anime RPing site...if you like anime and like to see them clash in a battle of wits and strength then walk on up and sign up!!!

9/9/2010 #629

The FF League is going on under the noses of Olinda City society! The greatest of fighters train hard and long to participate in these -sometimes deadly- matches!

A fighting roleplay! Come join!


9/10/2010 #630
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