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Sage of the White Sands

In a world filled with the Just and Unjust lies a Organization like no other simply called the Brotherhood of Solitude an organization which deals with the people sought to be dangerous and untouchable. These noble men and women come from many backgrounds of life wether they were from the CIA or the Army or from the average working class to even the Homeless if they had a skill useful to the Brother then they are welcome to join.

The hierarchy of the brotherhood is like any other organization with normally the founder, heading up it with several Directors heading several departments at a time then next, we have the Team Leaders them selves who are in command of a Group of Mercenaries and are usually given the power to remove a team member from action.Then Finally we have the Team members these are the grunts of the Organization who are sent on the Various missions.

The Plot. The Organization which have prided themselves to find out what the rival organization is up to have gotten the biggest lead on the recent activities of the Alliance. They have found the Alliance plans to seize a ton of weapons and explosives and lead an attack on the US. Rallying to prevent this from happening the US Government has decided to offer the brotherhood a chance to stop this from happening.

The Groups. As you may have guessed there are two main groups. and they are the Brotherhood and the Alliance.


Deep in the heart of Russia lies a criminal organization aply named The Alliance of Brotherhood that are responsible for the weapons dealing, drug dealing and terroristic acts the Brotherhood of Solitude help fight. and leading this Criminal Organization is a man who was once considered the best Mercenary the Brotherhood had until he went AWOL on one of his assignments. They searched long and hard for him for years coming up short of finding out where he went. It was then in 2005 that they received word from him. In his video in which only his voice can be heard he addressed the Brotherhood and their way of justice claiming he only joined so he can find out who shot and killed his which he told them exactly who...Marcus Tillman. Now with vengance sought and a fairly large legion of loyal soliders and politicians he began his planning of bringing the Brotherhood crashing down.


It is now 2010 and as one would have guessed it his long sought out plans were finished and ready to put into fruition. Now with enough solider's under him he plans on breaking into the largest weapons Depot in the world and steal every weapon it has including a Warhead so powerful it is said to bring down a entire state. After he steals the weapons he plans on hatching a plan to bring an all out war to the Brotherhoods door step.

The Hierarchy of the Alliance is said to be better than that of the Brotherhood. Leading the whole Criminal Organization is the Leader, he is above everyone else and his words as well as his actions are final and not to be questioned. Directly below him are his Generals, the Generals give orders to the soldiers, they also form the core of the organization as such they do most of the operational management so the Leader can continue to map out plans. and then after the Generals are the Officers.then followed by his footsoliders. Aside from the Miltary Hiearchy is the Advisors,Senators,and Currupted Law Enforcement officers that help cover up his organizations activities.

Name:(remember it must be realistic)

Age:(again be realistic no 10 year old weilding a machine gun or leading a group)

Nationality:(This is simply where your character come from)

Faction:(Are you with the Brotherhood or Alliance?)

Sex:(Is your character male or female?)

Appearance:(Be detailed as you possibly can a picture is good but not recommended)

Personality:(One-liner is not acceptable,be detailed in how your character will act,perform with others etc.)

History:(Be Detailed, be Specific and make sure you include key points in your life,how and why you joined your Group etc.)

Strengths:(Simply list what you excel at.)

Weakness:(what you do not do good at.)

Skills:(self explanatory what your character does on the battlefield and at the office)

Weapons and Equipment:(what your character can weild(Swords and Bow and arrows are a no-no) and what he has on him/her most of the time)

Other Info:(Stuff you may have missed put it here)

6/24/2012 #1

Name:(remember it must be realistic) Nino Altine

Age:(again be realistic no 10 year old weilding a machine gun or leading a group) 23 years old

Nationality:(This is simply where your character come from) Sicily

Faction:(Are you with the Brotherhood or Alliance?) Brotherhood

Sex:(Is your character male or female?) Male

Appearance:(Be detailed as you possibly can a picture is good but not recommended) He is rather short for his age, around 5"5'. He has short black hair that he keeps just long enough so he can spike it. His eyes are dark brown, and bushy eyebrows. He is what you would consider "scrawny" or "puny" in apperance. He has the traditional italian nose and olive skin tone. His clothes depends on what he is wearing that day, but he usually likes to wear his black leather finger gloves.

Personality:(One-liner is not acceptable,be detailed in how your character will act,perform with others etc.) He is cocky as hell until he is put in his place. He is aware of his height and body type, though he does not take that into consideration when he is interacting with others. He likes to be on offence and will grab any slight oppertunity to be in the midst of battle or a fight. He is not a rule breaker, though he doesn't follow the rules, he finds loop-holes. However, if someone does show authority over him he will be loyal to them to the death, same with anyone else who befriends him.

History:(Be Detailed, be Specific and make sure you include key points in your life,how and why you joined your Group etc.) Nino was born and raised in Sicily. As a boy he got into many playground fights and was sent to the principle quite often for sneeking out of class after attendence was taken. As he grew into his teens he gained a few very close friends that he will willingly give his life for. He joined the Brotherhood because his brother was in it before he died from a heart attack, and he always wanted to be able to fill his brothers shoes.

Strengths:(Simply list what you excel at.) Excellent sniper, smooth talker, has an easy time hiding due to his size, and I guess you could say his self pride is both a strength and a weakness

Weakness:(what you do not do good at.) His size, cockyness, inability to do well in close contact fights (just don't tell him that)

Skills:(self explanatory what your character does on the battlefield and at the office) He is a sniper, he doesnt due much in the office he likes to procrastinate

Weapons and Equipment:(what your character can weild(Swords and Bow and arrows are a no-no) and what he has on him/her most of the time) Sniper gun and ammunition, a pocket sized knife just incase.

Other Info:(Stuff you may have missed put it here)

6/24/2012 #2
Sage of the White Sands


6/24/2012 #3
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Akane Matsumoto

Age: 26

Nationality: Kyoto, Japan

Faction: Alliance

Sex: Female

Appearance: Stands at about 5' 8" and has an athletic, but not terribly muscular, body. She has one brown eye, her right is covered by an eye patch and has a long, jagged scar running down it. She has wider eyes (or eye) than most Japanese people, due to her Caucasian heritage, meaning she also has paler skin. Her single eye has an almost mad look in it as well. She has long dark brown hair that's occasionally done up in a pony tail depending on her mood. She wears a skin tight black body suit with harness containing magazine pouches, holsters, among other attachments.

Personality: Akane is a sadist by nature. She enjoys nothing more than seeing others suffer or die. Her way of speech is often sarcastic and taunting, causing people to often stay away from her, which is fine seeing as she prefers to be alone. Very rarely do people see her angry. Most things that would frustrate or anger person just makes her laugh or act even more psychotic. In fact, her laugh makes men tremble in their very boots and had even made a man piss his pants in sheer terror.

History: Akane was born to an American mother and Japanese father. Throughout their life they always thought something was a with their daughter, but they tried to ignore it. They figured the macabre drawings and dark sayings were a phase that kids went through time to time. Then on Akane's 18th birthday, people started to wonder where her parents went. Akane walked to and from school like normal for months before the police were called to check on them. What they found was absolutely horrifying. Akane's parents were drawn and quartered like animals and were hanging from the ceiling of their apartment. Akane was dragged from her home, not kicking and screaming like most psychos who were discovered, but laughing like a maniac. The court sentenced her to treatment for her mental sickness at a maximum security treatment facility for people like her.

A couple years went by along with several brutal murders and twenty maimings, until the Alliance discovered her. They had "persuaded" the owner of the facility along with the judges and the lawyers to release Akane into their possession. The Alliance found that her core abilities laid within her psychosis and honed that ability to their advantage. She is now one of the most feared assassins working for the Alliance and is not only feared by their enemies, but by some members within the Alliance.

Strengths: Her psychosis makes her a fierce fighter and seems to make her invincible in the eyes of her opponents, although that is not the case (see below). She is also good at staying hidden, making her an excellent espionage and stealth fighter. She also seems to have a knack at hacking into computers and electrical systems although she considers this a hobby.

Weakness: Akane is not well equipped to deal with long range targets unless she is hidden.

Skills: Akane is mainly called upon to perform espionage and assassination missions in the field. At the office, she usually writes viruses and malware and sends them to random sites, often squealing with glee as she controls other computers to do her bidding or just simply destroying them. The Alliance often asks her to make viruses for them, but strangely she considers that boring.

Weapons and Equipment: Twin Sig Sauer SP2022 9mm pistols, Sig Sauer P516 10" TMP, throwing knives, flash bangs, and an 8" combat knife.

Other Info: N/A

6/24/2012 . Edited 6/24/2012 #4
Sage of the White Sands
6/24/2012 #5
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Edited name)

6/24/2012 #6

(Sage, aren't you going to make one?)

6/24/2012 #7
Sage of the White Sands
6/24/2012 #8

Name: Priska Lutz

Age: 25

Nationality: German

Faction: Brotherhood

Sex: Female

Appearnace: Standing slightly tall at 167 cm, Priska Lutz has an hourglass build. Her eyes are of a honey color and her hair is of a honey ginger color. A small scar runs from her eyebrows to about half-way to her forehead. She normally wears a white button down shirt under a black pull over. She also wears a black shirt, which is a bit of a pandora's box because during certain missions she goes commando

Personality: Is Prisca cheery? Check. Childish? Check. Doesn't mask her emotions? Check. Though don't expect those traces to be there when she's on a mission, even if she smiles a lot. During missions she is able to keep a level head and she smile during dangerous situations. And yes, when enemies notice that she isn't wearing any underwear.

History: Born in Germany, Priska was noted to have a great aiming skill. She even entered her high school's archery team. When she entered college she met the daughter of an arms dealer about her age and they became friends. So right when she left college she entered the arms dealer squad. After many ups and downs her friend was killed during a mission. Her friend's death motivated her to avenge it, that was when the Brotherhood approached her and recruited her saying that her friend was killed by the Alliance.

Strengths: Her specialties are pistols and sniping. And she seems to have a good situation awareness.

Weakness: Knife combat and when unarmed she is practically defenseless. Oh and don't touch her panties.

Skills: At the battlefield she good at sniping and in straight hallways shoot-outs. In the office? Sleeping.

Weapons and Equipment: Two Heckler & Koch USP Expert 9mm. One is always hidden in a holster strap on her leg, concealed by the skirt. Her sniper rifle is the Blaser R39 Tactical

Other: She claims (and is sure as heck) that when she goes commando her aim is better. And unless you're a close friend, she will want you to call her Lutz instead of Priska.

6/24/2012 . Edited 6/24/2012 #9
Sage of the White Sands
6/24/2012 #10

(Oh I forgot to add the sniper rifle to her profile. And no comments on her no-panties policy to battlefield?)

6/24/2012 #11
Sage of the White Sands

((Your OC.))

6/25/2012 #12
Just a flesh wound

Name: Edward Clark

Age: 34

Nationality: English

Faction: Brotherhood

Sex: Male

Appearance: Standing at 6 foot with an about average build he cuts an imposing figure, the nose that shows signs of breaking more than once and hard brown eyes, beneath his cap brown hair can be seen, favouring jeans a jacket and boots for both their durability and fitting for any situation. As imposing as he is, if one were to take notice his left leg doesn't move quite right.

Personality: He is capable of making a joke. He tries to hide his feelings as much as possible, but if something makes him angry it shows, apart from that to his close friends he gives more of a father figure than anything else, other than that he keeps himself to himself.

History: Joining up with the Brotherhood at age 20 he is now a senior member of the organisation, he joined after losing a leg in a war, after which the British Army wouldn't take him back as he failed psych tests and it was feared he would be too extreme to anyone who he was able to capture.

Strengths: He is good at making plans, has a good aim, good at hand to hand and he makes it his business to find things out about people he works with.

Weakness: Plans he makes are not very flexible and will often fall to pieces if something goes wrong, he sometime can't keep up with others due to his leg.

Skills: Battlefield - Aggressive attacker, is a good scout due to experience. Office - Very organised worker, always looking over his work twice.

Weapons and Equipment: G3, Glock 18, Medium sized combat knife. Carrys basic medical supplies and hides emergency provisions inside his fake leg.

Other Info: Trained boxer.

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #13
Sage of the White Sands

((Accepted, shortly we will begin))

6/26/2012 #14
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I'm not going to be able to start right away. I'll be at work for a few hours.)

6/26/2012 #15
Just a flesh wound

((Same, except with college i'll be posting tomorrow around 5pm English time.))

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #16
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Alright, I'm ready to start.)

6/26/2012 #17
Sage of the White Sands

((In a few moments, gotta write up my opener.))

6/27/2012 #18
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Sage, a moment to you is an eternity to everyone else. Tell me...are you an Ent?)

6/27/2012 #19
Sage of the White Sands

((Settings are in Italy(for Brotherhood), and Russia or Spain for Alliance)

*Begin, I'll follow it up.*

6/28/2012 #20
Just a flesh wound

((Lets do this then))

Edward sat at his computer sorting through after action reports that he had filled in, tedious as always but necessary.

Time to pull up some files on the alliance, general word was that they had moved into Spain as well as Russia. He switched the computer off not willing the read any more about how much better the alliance was doing than them. He reached under the desk and pulled out a bottle, at least there was a way to block out the truth no matter about how weak he thought it made him.

6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #21
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Somewhere in the world a kid is crying because his all his gaming accounts were banned by a psychotic half-Japanese woman with one eye. Akane cackled as she watched the boy crying through his webcam that she also hacked. "Gamer nerds are so much fun!" she exclaimed. She then checked how her other viruses were doing. Several were leeching money from old ladies and lower-class rednecks who just learned all about "dem computers." The rest of the viruses were simply destroying computers. Akane laughed at all of her victims' expense, not caring who they were and where they were from. They were all targets.

6/28/2012 #22

Not far from Edward's room/cubicle Priska was in front of her computer doing what she did most of the time. Sleeping in front of it. As far as she knew she wasn't meant for office work, always tedious and no adrenalin rush like field works gave her.

Waking up and yawning a bit, Priska woke up from her sleep. Blinking, she stared at the blank word document opened before she fell asleep. Oh right, report on her last mission. How should she start again? Wait, how did reports go again? See, she wasn't cut out for this type of thing. Maybe asking Edward for a bit of help would be nice.

Getting up, the German woman walked over to Edward's room/cubicle and knocked lightly.

6/28/2012 #23
Just a flesh wound

Hearing the knock Edward quickly put the bottle back forgetting to do the same with the recently emptied glass and walked over to the door, hoping it wasn't a higher up and that they wouldn't smell the drink on his breath.

He opened the door, seeing that it was Priska he gestured to her to come inside and closing the door behind her went back to his chair and sitting down asked "So what can I do for you?" he assumed it was probably be to do with office work, she'd never caught on to that, she definitely had a philosophy of 'One day as a tiger.'

6/28/2012 #24

"Can you help me on the report?" asked Priska as she entered the room "I kind of, forgot how you start it."

She gave a cheesy smile. And Edward was right, she had never caught on the office work. Forgetting deadlines was a very common for her and never knowing how to do reports correctly. As long as she got her healthy dose of field work she was happy.

Looking over at the emptied glass, she chose to ignore it.

6/28/2012 #25

Nino was sitting at his desk adjacent to Akane tossing rolls of paper into a garbage bin. His short stature slumpped against his chair, when suddenly a brilliant idea came to his. He picked up a wad of paper and threw it Akane, hitting her square in the head. Nino fell to the ground laughing.

6/28/2012 #26
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Akane ceased laughing and slowly turned towards Nino. She wore her signature crazed grin and had a wild glint in her eye. "Something funny, Shorty?" she asked. Shorty was one of the many nicknames she gave to Nino. Other classics were, "Dwarf," "Midget," and "Stubby," to name a few. "I could have sworn a piece of paper hit me in the head...." She suddenly stood up and leaned into Nino's office space. "Or maybe I'm just imagining that."

6/28/2012 #27
Just a flesh wound

"I'm sure I have a template or something, give me a minute." He said opening a drawer and picking out an old report of his and handing her it, it was an old one of his reports, nothing too special, blew up an alliance building, lost a few good men as well.

"Right, just follow this kind of structure, that should do you just fine. When you've finished with that we'll probably be given something else to do so make sure you have all your equipment ready ok?" After saying that he closed the drawer again.

"By the way, this time, try to keep your clothes on." He said half joking.

6/29/2012 #28

"Thanks, Edward," grinned Priska as she held the report in her hands.

Look up at the taller agent, she grinned. Keeping her clothes on? Oh right he meant her little habit of removing her panties during missions. It's not her fault though that her aim improves when she feels free without a panty on. Teasingly, she took the waistband of her skirt stretched it and let go of it, the fabric hitting her skin.

"Oh come on, you know that going free improves my aim," started Priska, turning around readying to leave the room "Oh and if you're curious by any chance. I'm wearing a black and red lacy one today."

With that she chuckled and made way to her room.

6/29/2012 #29
Just a flesh wound

((Why is Nino with Akane if he's in the Brotherhood, is he a spy or an undercover? Something else?))

Edward laughed a little after Priska left, she was a good person, even if she was a bit mental and sometimes just plain daft.

He decided it was time to take a page from her book and just relax a bit, he could use doing that, he stood up and left the building sitting outside with a bad cup of coffee to keep him awake, as soon as he stepped outside he could feel the difference, it made him realise he'd been inside too much, it was actually warmer than inside the office, with a nice breeze blowing through the streets, he liked it in Italy, the weather at least made him feel better thinking of the alliance freezing to death in Russia.

6/29/2012 #30
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