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Sage of the White Sands

Its the year 708 AD(Not to be confused with our System.) and several Kingdoms across the land have moved on and healed after the great 50 year war. a war that left thousands of not million dead and one Kingdom without a king. Several Scientist from the Kingdoms have created ships that can fly(airships) with the use of a Skystone a device or rock basically. However with the dawning of a new era of travel has indeed dawned a terrible revelation, these same airships can also be used for war and a new breed of pirates called: Sky pirates. As a new war on the horizon that is seemingly ignored one Kingdom has decided to steal this technology and have secretly( and still working on) a war ship so massive, so powerful that it will known as a Deathbringer.

But as this Ship/Machine of great proportions is being built in secret, the Kingdoms are doing everything they can to assure peace and prosperity with each other by arranging marriages and strengthening their bonds with each other. But this as easy as it seems is not a task that is taken so lightly with some people who decided that war was the answer to every problem they had in the past, these people have taking up arms against their own Kingdoms peaceful ways, and has combined with members of the other Kingdoms to plan a civil war that will eventually break the treaty and cause a much bigger war then that of the fifty-year war that still weighs heavy the kings. But to do this the resistance would need to somehow get their hands on the Death Bringer if it actually exist and take control of it.


The Four Kingdoms:

Chernova: A kingdom that lies to the West, in general its a very hot and humid place that sees many storms.

Bismark: Kingdom that lies to the South of the Treaty Line, it is very mild there that seldom sees any weather patterns.

Terrestria: Kingdom of the North, as you would guess it: it is very cold and many fiends and beast lurk about its icy slopes. It is here where there is a population no more than 100,000 people.

Lemuria: Land that lies to the east,, also the birthplace of AirShip, other than that it tends to have the best of all weather.


Notable Terms:


Floating Mines( Not the exploding kind)

Amber( for electricity purposes, mainly found in the Capitals.)


Royal Guard


Notable names:

King Burisace jun Chernova: Leader of the royal family of Chernova, and king of Chernova he is said to have had the treaty that ended the war.


Character Sheet:



Sex:(Male or Female)

Appearance:(Pictures are fine, but if you can describe how he or She looks then go for it.)

Job Class:(Could be anything really)(from Prince to Sky Pirate to Resistance or an Everyday job in a Kingdom.)

Personality:(Be realistic here and don't have two clashing personality traits.)

Bio:(Either give it your best, or make brief( like more than one sentence brief).)

Weapons and Equipment:




1. Don't act stupid( as quoted by so many.)

2. I am God in this RP, if i tell you to do i expect you to give me no trouble: Like if i ask you to edit your Post to fit the plot.

3. No God Modding, Bunnying(Controlling of anothers Character), Auto-Dodging etc.

4. Please use proper spelling and Grammar please.

5. I expect the post to be one Paragraph minimum.(Min. five Sentences.)

6. Respect other RPers and their boundaries.

6/25/2012 #1

(I really wanna join this, but I'm drawing a total blank on what character I want to play. So instead, can I ask for a bit more detail on the background? And also, which Kingdom is the one without a King, and what you mean by Floating Mines if not explosives? A bit more description on the various terms would be helpful.)

7/5/2012 #2

Is there magic at all in this world or not?

7/8/2012 #3

(From what I can tell, no, it looks to be steampunk only I think.)

7/8/2012 #4

(Thought so too. Just wanted OP's final word on it. I'm interested either way)

7/8/2012 #5
Sage of the White Sands

((that's good.))

7/10/2012 #6

(So shall we post up potential profiles/applications? (I'm the same poster who posted earlier about magic, I found my old account so I transferred over into it.)

7/10/2012 #7
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