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The CIA has been attacked. You, as Area 51 occupants, are asked to join the mission to defeat the terrorist group known as Black Dragon. Not much is known on the subject matter besides that they are a Chinese triad. Keep to the shadows, tell no one of your mission, and succeed. You will be placed in teams of five. Leaders will be chosen according to strength. Good luck and let no human see you.


The President of the United States



Name: (preferably first and last)









6/26/2012 #1







Leo Kezvar





Tara Reluvey

Ian Anderson




Naomi Jones

Violet Sohen

6/26/2012 . Edited 7/9/2012 #2

Name: Tara Reluvey

Age: 16

Gender: female

Species: Half werewolf, half wolf shifter

Powers: able to shift to both a werewolf and an actual wolf

Personality: Tara is protective of her team, as a wolf would be of their pack. She is serious and tries hard to keep her teammates happy.

Team: delta

Looks: Human form-

werewolf form-

wolf form-

Other: none


Name: Leo Kezvar

Age: 23

Gender: male

Species: weretiger

Powers: none

Personality: Leo is headstrong and stubborn.

Team: Beta

Looks: human-


Other: Sometimes Leo can get stuck in his weretiger form

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #3
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Name: (preferably first and last) Naomi Jones

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Powers: Telepathic abilities, including mind reading and manipulation of matter around her, including her. However, she hasn't fully realized her full abilities (it's kinda how it works in "Chronicle"; it's a muscle that gets stronger). At the moment, she can read peoples surface and slightly deeper emotions, and with focus, detect lies. She can only manipulate objects that are smaller than a breadbox and her body. This includes hovering/flying and controlling her limbs to deliver harder and more forceful blows, at her own physical expense. When she is under extreme emotional or mental stress, she can lose control and, like an adrenaline rush, gain extreme telepathic strength for a short amount of time. This rush is accompanied by frosted over eyes and usually lasts for a short amount of time. She is always tired afterwards, and nine times out of ten, passes out.

Personality: Naomi is laid back and generally quite. She has a strong will, and can be considered intelligent. She likes to lead, but knows how to begrudgingly follow. Even though she may seem serious and mean on the outside, she is actually a very friendly person once you get to know her.

Team: Omega

Looks: She has short, shaggy blond hair that is often wild and hard to manage. Her eyes are hazel and she is of average height and weight.

Other: Naomi is gay.

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #4

(accepted, thanks for joining)

6/26/2012 #5
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(No problem, it's a pretty cool idea. Let's hope others join in :D)

6/26/2012 #6

Name: Blue

Age: 22

Gender: female

Species: genetically engineered human

Powers: none

Personality: Sarcastic, and doesn't understand how to work as a team nor be a leader, though she will follow any order given to her to a T.

Team: (happy to be in any team)

Looks: Shoulder length wavy dark blue hair, light blue eyes, shorter than average. She tends to wear a generic T-shirt, jeans and combat boots.

Other: none.

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #7


7/2/2012 #8

Name: Ian Anderson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Pseudonatural Creature

Powers: Invulnerability, Regeneration, Superhuman senses, Superhuman speed, Superhuman dexterity, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman strength, Force Field Projection, Teleportation, resistance to acid and electricity, invisibility

Personality: Usually calm, quiet, and logical

Team: Delta



7/2/2012 #9

(awesome! I'm glad you decided to join. Do you want to be Delta Team leader?)

7/2/2012 #10

(No, not really.)

7/2/2012 #11


7/2/2012 #12
Avii Sohen

Name: Violet Sohen

Age: Unknown

Gender: Presumably female

Species: Robot

Powers: Can shoot poisonous darts from her fingertips. Does not need to eat or sleep.

Personality: Emotionally void. Does not understand people oremotional and can be anti social. When high emotion situations ensue, may cause programming to break down. Fiercly loyal. incredibly intelligent.


Appearance: Strangely long arms and legs. Waste length wavy blong hair. Ice blue eyes.

7/8/2012 #13


7/9/2012 #14
Avii Sohen


7/9/2012 #15


7/9/2012 #16
Name: Richard Cousinso Age: 19 Gender:Male Species: human Powers: ability to read minds and talk to animals Personality: social, talkitive,and gets angry fast Apearance:dark brown hair, long arms, tall, blue eyes, glasses Team: alpha
7/31/2012 . Edited 7/31/2012 #17
Alistar McCoy

Name: Cylar O'neill (Aliknaru)

Age: 31

Gender: male

Species: Toc'Ra/human

Powers: Cylar has rapid regenaration of minor wounds and the ability to repair exstensive damage far beyond that of a normal human as well as immunity to desease, poisin and a plethora of additional of other pathogens, as well as slightly enchanced speed, strenght and the ability to use Goa'uld technology. Cylar also shares the knowledge of Aliknaru his symbiote.

Personallity:Cylar is a friendly, quick witted, smartalicy capable of giving and taking orders as well as having a laugh even when it isnt appropriate. Aliknaru is calm, focused, and agressive as well as prone to being resistant to authority and distrusting of people.

Team: Alpha

Looks: Cylar is a middle aged man with a military crew cut and salt and pepper hair aquired through years as a black Ops operative. Aliknaru is a eight inch long fully mature Goa'uld symbiote.

Other: Cylar and Aliknaru share a conciense and share control of the body in conjunction with each other which makes them a force to be recond with due to the blending of there technical and tactical knowledge.

7/31/2012 . Edited 7/31/2012 #18
Four Star Juggernaut

Name: Ikarus

Age: Unknown

Gender: None

Species: Cyborg

Powers: He's made of super tough metal, and can punch things really hard. His other abilities include not having to breathe, sleep, eat or drink ever.

Personality: He's been stuck with one of the teams as a test to see if they'll make more of him, he'll follow any command given.

Team: Whoever wants him.

Looks: He looks like freakin' Sephiroth.

Other: He's capable of learning.

8/2/2012 #19
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
Name: Kody (has no known last name) Age: 18 Gender: male Species: once was a normal human, but now has become something new Powers: He has the ability to fly, but he can only fly if he has at least one wing out. he can also absorb his wings, though he always has at least one feather out. One wing has the ability to absorb fire. He looses control at the sight of his blood, not just his powers, but his mind too. He has the ability to materialize separate bodies from his wings, but they are completely separate from him, with their own personalities, they even have been named by Kody. He also is skilled with a sword. He has a custom made pistol that shoots .50 cal rounds that he calls "god-hand." Personality: He is very protective of his teammates, but only if they are deemed trustworthy, as he has been betrayed numerous times. He has no family, so he is always trying to make friends. He also has brief moments of bloodlust, though he usually can control himself. He is loyal to those close to him, ready to sacrifice himself if it is required. Team: any Looks: He has short brown hair, green eyes, and has four wings. His wings are located as follows: wing 1 is on his left shoulder; wing 2 is on his right one; wings 3 and 4 are located on his mid-torso, just below his other two wings. wing 1 is resembles that of an angel's wing. wing 2 is pitch black. wing 3 has feathers that are made of metal, and are sharp enough to cut through concrete. wing 4's feathers are made of fire, resembling that of a phoniex. he rarely has all four out at once. Others: his wings' personalities' names are Angelo, Raven, Razor, and Tempest respectively. All but raven are male, though they only manifest when Kody is alone. They all look like Kody when manifested, but they are all separate in mind. He has a mysterious link to his permanent companions. He often has conversations with them in his sleep, though the reason for which is unknown to all, even himself.
8/11/2012 #20
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
(almost forgot to mention that Kody has a tendency to follow any order, unless it involves the harming of children or innocent people, otherwise he obeys orders without question)
8/11/2012 #21

Name: Lena Johnson

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human (sort of she was born with a power)

Powers: Telepathy, Her ability is manily hearing people's thoughts when she focuses on them.

Personality: Smart, stratigic, and very diligent. She tends to be protective of friends.



Other: Has been in Area 51 since she was 15

8/14/2012 #22
Oh No. It's Happened

Name: Alice Sanders

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human Mutant

Powers: Gravity Manipulation. Basically, she can create a makeshift 'blackhole' anywhere, that will draw people onto it. Like, on a building. Then standing on the building would be like standing on the ground, since that's the source of gravity. She can also repel and draw people from and to her.

Personality: She is cool, calm, and collected. She always tries to see the reason of other people, before attacking. She doesn't let romance or anything influence her very easily.

Team: Omega

Looks: She has long brown hair that goes down past her waist, with emerald green eyes. She's got light tanned skin, and She's at about 51. Se usually has a beige plaid shirt on with baggy blue jeans and a red cap, when she's disguised. Her regular outfit is a black jumpsuit with sneakers and gloves.

Other: She doesn't remember how long she had been in Area 51, but is excited to finally get out from there. She does not like men very much.

8/14/2012 . Edited 8/14/2012 #23

Name: Andrew Steerfeld

Power: Ability to summon spirits, specters, and ghosts. Carries a sword with him at all times.



Species: Demon (One could say)

Personality: Defeated, cold, but can be quite nice if you are able to break his outer interior. Loves a good joke, when he finally opens up to people. Always willing to risk his life to save someone else. (You could say he's a rare breed)

Team: Alpha

Appereance: He has pale white skin (The color of milk.) with blood red piercing eyes. On his left and right arms the veins in his arms outlined in red. He wears a tattered brown trench coat with a black shirt underneath. He wears brown khakis, and a wide brimmed hat that cover his eyes when his head is lowered. He has sharp teeth, much like a shark. His hair is shoulder length and is black as night

8/15/2012 . Edited 8/15/2012 #24
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
(Power(cont.): wings can be grown through a method of mass-conversion, he can also use it for God-hand's ammo or a sword. Team: Omega)
8/19/2012 #25
Four Star Juggernaut

(Can we start this?)

8/25/2012 #26

Name: Lilith A.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Powers: She can control the shadows.

Personality: Lilith is a very guarded person and never goes with her trusty two little dagger with her at all times, but you'll never know where it is. Along with her sword. Harsh at times, but once you get to know her. She can be a very sweet person.

Team: Alpha


Other: She doesn't know who she is, or how she got to Area 51.

8/25/2012 #27
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
(he said to go ahead and start it guys.)
9/28/2012 #28
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
(So who's going to start us off? anyone?)
10/14/2012 #29
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