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We've been coming here a long time...

Sixteen years later:

You grew up. Whoops. Yes, you - the person reading this, not some proxy character. You will grow up, you absolutely will. And by now you have. Maybe you didn't stop playing video games or watching cartoons, or whatever you consider 'growing up' to be the death of. But you became more mature, became more responsible, spent less time doing your own thing and having fun. You got married, Probably had kids. It's not to say you don't enjoy your life, but it's certainly not the one you dreamed of. It doesn't have much dreaming it all. It is, for lack of a better term, Pedestrian. It is dull. You don't notice or mind to particularly much, and you've forgotten what it is to be bright and young.

Then, one day, we are Gathered. It a Barbeque of sorts, a lawn party, and a reunion. The regulars and friends from Roleplays Rock attend to celebrate their mediocrity and clink bears together and grill steaks. Only by the mere act of getting together this one day, something... clicks in you. You are reminded of what you once were. You find a home in your old friends, you find a sense of happiness and freedom you have not felt since your youth. And you can tell that everyone else feels it too - well, everyone but your spouse. They weren't there way back now. They don't understand. You're beginning to think they don't understand much about you at all.

You get swept up in the feeling and get a little high off of it, go a little nuts. We all decide to extend this vacation, rent a house on an island on a lake not far from wherever the meeting was. Some of our Spouses agree to come along, some don't, and bit by bit we all drift away from them and towards each other. Reality seems a bit less different back on the Rock.

A Choice emerged, a choice you know you will have to choose between. Your decision is of course up to you, but know now that there are people who care to see what it is again. You've been coming back for a long time.


We Play ourselves, but not the version we Want to be, the one we Don't want to be. Bland, mid-thirties moderately happy adult versions of ourselves. We will probably also play our spouses and our own children. It is strongly suggested that you not be unmarried or without children for the sake of the RP. And we slowly get back to where we once belonged.

ID Sheet:

Your Name: (What do you have to hide anyways?)

Your Age: (At the time of the RP)

Your Appearance: (You will probably look Very different, so no worries)

How You've changed:

A bit about your Wife:

A Bit about your Kids:

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Your Name: Hannah E. Deibler-Watson

Your Age: 33

Your Appearance: Long auburn hair, usually held back with either chopsticks or a bandanna; grayish-green eyes, but partially blind in one eye; six feet even, as far as height goes; slightly crooked nose, since it's been broken sometime in the past sixteen years; missing right pinky finger; still has a good figure. Tends to wear fitted jeans, graphic print t-shirts, and a very old pair of black cowboy boots. Now wears glasses. She also has several tattoos: a Sagittarius symbol on the left upper arm, a brightly-colored koi fish on the upper right, an owl just below the collarbone, and - she is the most proud of this one - a large, intricate tattoo of a squid that spreads across her left side, hip, and thigh, with the tentacles curling around the leg. She also has two piercings in each ear, a pair of modest gauges and a pair of normal piercings.

How You've changed: Hannah double-majored in chemistry and physics in college - she wanted to pursue a PhD in physics, but her family couldn't afford the cost of graduate school. Still, she managed to get a job as a pyrotechnician. Unfortunately, there was an accident her first day on the job, which caused her to lose her finger and some of the vision in her left eye. Because of this, she got scared and left the field, which she has always regretted on some barely-acknowledged level.

Luckily, Hannah also loved cooking, and she ended up at a coffeehouse making pastries; instead of experimenting with strontium and lithium, she experiments with pomegranate frosting and green tea cupcakes, that sort of thing. It's a nice job. Despite having managed to convince herself that she is satisfied with her current life, Hannah always regretted not going back to school to pursue a PhD. She was, in fact, on the verge of doing so when she and her husband adopted Mei Ling, but when she found that she had no motherly love for the child she became afraid that people would see her as a poor mother and judge her negatively. Because of this, she did not pursue her doctorate, instead remaining where she was so that she could spend more time at home, ostensibly to care for her child.

Hannah no longer goes on about conquering the world using rice, hyenas, and zombiism; she no longer speculates out loud about being a spectacularly-mustached sky pirate who wears strange, luminescent waistcoats and smokes pipes made from the bones of her enemies. Hannah still possesses a rather bizarre sense of humor, but as it often alienates others, she tends to keep quiet with it. Now she's a quiet, bookish type with strange humor, a talent for esoteric pastries, and a love for playing the bass guitar.

A bit about your Husband: I'd guess that I married a total nerd. Let's call him Michael Watson. We'll say that he's rather chubby with a nerd ponytail, wears glasses like Hannah, and loves her bizarre sense of humor, which is a big part of why she married him in the first place. They spend a lot of their evenings watching strange movies, playing video games, and reading weird things on the internet over each others' shoulders. He works at an Apple store and has a habit of stealing the cool iPod cases, but never does anything with them after he takes them home. They just sit there.

A Bit about your Kids: Hannah had her tubes tied at twenty-one because she never, ever wanted kids, and that feeling hasn't changed. She and Michael treated their Great Dane-Rottweiler mix, Gibson, like a furry equivalent of first. However, a few years into their marriage, Hannah relented and she and Michael went to adopt a child from China. Her name is Mei Ling, and she's six years old. Michael dotes on her, while Hannah loves her in a more distant way - more like an aloof older sister than a mother. She never really wanted a child, after all. She spends time with her daughter when she feels like it, but leaves most of the actual parenting to Michael. Mei Ling is still fairly well-adjusted. She's a bright, extroverted child who loves meeting strangers and baking with her "mother".

6/26/2012 . Edited 8/31/2012 #2

(I can see we have some differences as to exactly how much time has passed XD )

Your Name: Krystoffer Thurston.

Your Age: 34

Your Appearance: Krystoffer is somewhat careless about his looks, particularly given that they're not very good to begin with. He keeps his black hair short, because if it gets too long, it curls. Eventually, to his surprise, he put on height; but never much muscle, although he managed to keep thin, in spite of a general lack of excerise. His eyes are vaguely hazel; his skin is pale from a dileberate lack of sun; he wears short-sleeve shirts (with random colors and designs), black jeans (exclusively), and a waist-length zip-up black jacket. In strong heat, he'll take the jacket off, but otherwise prefers to ignore temperature, or at least act that way. It's a bit of a lifelong habit.

How You've changed: Krystoffer has retained his liove for video games, slightly deranged humor, and annoying others. Still. he has learned that he must occasionally cooperate with others (like, say, his bosses), and therefore learned to be polite even in the face of those he hates... at least, when they have something they can do to him. If anything, he became even less socially active, especially after his separation; although he learned to become more socially confident. His imagination has largely toned down, although he still remembers a few of his old ideas. He works for a minor game development company, in basic visual design, although he's never managed to get any support for his old game ideas.

A bit about your Wife: Because I'm lazy, let's call her Tynagh. Krys and Ty never actually married, because neither one of them wanted to actually 'risk going that far'. However, they were together for a good fifteen years, and for all non-legal intents and purposes, got married. Ty works at Gamestop, and recent, essentially pointless arguments have caused Krystoffer to drag her down for this visit, because he almost never takes time off anyway, and because he has some vague, barely-formed notion that it might do something positive for the two of them.

A Bit about your Kids: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaano. Krystoffer has little doubt of the terror he would - or at least, could - inflict on his children, and has therefore determined that under no circumstances does he want to have kids. So, guess how he solved that?

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #3
Chainsaw Cake

(Well, Spear said "sixteen years" in the opening post. 17 16 = 33, so that's how old I'm making myself.)

6/26/2012 #4

Your Name: Thomas M. Kalish (No additional Bullshit Middle Name anymore)

Your Age: 35

Your Appearance: A Mane of Brown hair, a face generally lineless, Narrow eyes that are starkly blue when you can see enough of them to notice, and a Metric Shit-ton of Freckles. In terms of Clothes, I'm actually rather stylish as a Grown up in a white Upper class kind of way. Button shirts all the time, often tucked into slacks with the top few buttons open.

How You've changed: At some point, a Major part of myself changed to that of a type of person I hate. I delusionally convinced myself that I enjoy the taste of health foods, Channeled my discontent into hate of an evil Pharmaceutical corporation that is keeping people sick for their Profits, Damn them!, and started exercising a douchey amount. Now, I am in almost Whorishly good shape and am less happy for it. Likewise, my studious nature has changed entirely from nerdy interest in history, Art and the like into full blown Scholarly knowledge. Though I never accepted the need to actually Work a day in my life, I did eventually sell out and get a Job where I would trade my spirit for money - as an Associate in a marketing firm. I broke that one greatest of Ken Kesey's Rules as an American Writer - To kiss no ass, no matter how tempting. As a writer, I never stopped, but certainly slowed and lost much of my Zeal.

A bit about your Wife: Evaine Kalish convinced me I was wrong in my early twenties. I had come to terms, strangely early in life, that nobody would really know me, be the same as me, much less love me. Years spent with that not as an assumption, a guess, But as a Fact of life that I operated under. Then, one day, with no warning and no expectations, it happened. I found out I was wrong. We share much of the same interests, especially Silent Hill and everything in it's round house (which is what originally drew us together), as well as writing, dignity, respect and an impressionist look on life. She is a Good wife, though the tedium of any life will wear some things thin, and though emotionally we were quite on the same page we never ended up particularly intimate.

A Bit about your Kids: Two children, Four and Nine. Ulysses I had when I was still a young douchey asshole like I am, and I named him like a Young Douchey Asshole would name a kid - with far too much of myself in me. In fact, it was much of Ulysses' presence in my life that broke me into the person I am today. The Younger child is named Jasmine, and she is much sweeter than her brother and I actually love her more.

(This is a Cool idea, in my opinion, but it's such a strange experience to be going through this as a reality.)

6/26/2012 #5

(Well, Spear said "sixteen years" in the opening post. 17 16 = 33, so that's how old I'm making myself.)

(... Oh.)

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #6

Of course, everyone is accepted. We'll see who else joins.

6/26/2012 #7

What, you mean I'm not too un-average?

Also, unimportant change - changed my wife's name.

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #8



6/26/2012 #9

Because I know people who actually have both of those names, and in reality, I think I'd be more likely to marry Tynagh than Cassandra. So sue me.

6/26/2012 #10

Little awkward, don't you think? Future Marrying somebody that you actually know? You gonna tell her?

6/26/2012 #11
Chainsaw Cake

She'll just wake up one day and discover that she and Eladon have been married for almost ten years. Secretly.

6/26/2012 #12

No, no, and probably not.

6/26/2012 #13
Chainsaw Cake

(Join ussss, fellow RP'ers...joooiin us... *waves fingers around in a mystic manner*)

6/27/2012 #14
Athena Amore

Your Name: Cheyanna Catherine Rudd

Your Age: 36

Your Appearance: I am 5'3 with caramel skin, light brown eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, and a small cute nose. My eye brows are naturally arched while my lips are medium, soft, and full. I have high cheeks bones and one dimple nestled on my right cheek. As for physical appearance my body is still pretty average except for the fuller hips, breasts, and curves. My feet are pretty! I wear what I feel when I feel but I've leaned toward a more bohemian/Pocahontas style if that makes any sense. I like jeans, sheer shirts, flat boots, and small over the shoulder purses. In my down days I cling to hoodies, skinny jeans, shorts, and graphic tees.

How You've changed: I've gained better control of my emotions and can mask them better. I no longer where my heart on my sleeve but keep my composure until out of site or in private. I am not, however, a professional at this so I am still liable to blow up if pushed too far. I have recently obtained my Master's degree and is currently working on the other two to become "Dr. Anna"; therefore I am still in college but also working. My job of choice? The Times Union Newspaper. The tattered relationship with my mom is now mended; mainly because I've gained the courage to talk to her about what concerns me. I now take responsibility for my own actions and strive not to hide behind lies. I guess in a nutshell I've braver and more controlled than my teens years. My sarcasm has remained in tact and so has my love for anime, old movies, and Disney.

A bit about your Fiancee: For starters I'm making him wait because I may or may not still have some commitment issues. Secondly I love Justin but I have my fears about marriage. He's light skinned, and 5'9 with very light brown eyes, a fresh cut, and a body I adore. He is supportive, ambitious, fun, a family man, protective, and mildly sarcastic. I didn't know that when we first met he would be "the one" but eh... *shrugs* whoever knows these things?

A Bit about your Kids: Ha! *cough* None. We're not married. And even if we were....Justin would want some and I would be hesitant. Too many determining factors.

6/29/2012 #15

ID Sheet:

Your Name: Alison Rayna

Your Age: 35

Your Appearance: Strawberry blonde her, her freckles faded sometime in her early adult years and she has dark blue eyes. She usually wears the first thing she finds, or would like people to think of her that way.

How You've changed: Alison used to procrastinate all of her decisions, tending to stay on the fence, because why decide things now, why think of the future when you have your whole life ahead of you to do all that stuff. Before she realized it though everyone around her had grownup, started their lives and had left her behind, leaving her with now where to go, no plans for the future. She ended up becoming a boring high school english teacher, bored with her life, watching everyone else achieve happiness and their dreams. She's not bitter, or sad, just occasionally she wishes she had done something more with her life.

A bit about your Family: Married to James with one daughter; Emma, 7 years old. James is a kind, driven man, there isn't much to tell about his and Alison's relationship, they mat through a mutual friend, dated for a year and a half, he asked her to marry him, she said yes. One year later they got married, another year gone and Alison gave birth to Emma. Due to work, James is kept very busy and travels a lot which means Alison is on this trip alone with Emma. Alison loves James, but sometimes she can't help wondering if the only reason she married him was because he asked. Emma is short for her age and a typical tomboy; hates dresses, playing with dolls and 'cry babies' as she puts it.

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #16


7/5/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #17
Chainsaw Cake

(Are there enough characters yet?)

7/6/2012 #18

(Yes, everyone is accepted and I believe that's enough. Unless somebody else still wants to join, and even so they can still come in after we've begun.)

7/6/2012 #19
Chainsaw Cake

(So are you planning a beginning post of some sort, or should we just start?)

7/8/2012 #20

(Actually, on second thoughts I think I might drop out. This is seeming a bit too close to reality for me. Sorry everyone.)

7/14/2012 #21

(sorry to hear that. Too close to home? Good way to deal with things, anyways.

I'll start, but I want to make sure everyone is still involved first.)

7/20/2012 #22
Athena Amore
(Consider me still in.)
7/20/2012 #23

(I'll post it here, to be sure: I'm in.)

7/20/2012 #24

(Hey, yeah I'm still in :) )

7/20/2012 #25
Chainsaw Cake

(Bitch you know I'm still in. XD)

7/22/2012 #26
Chainsaw Cake

(...bump? I'm sorry to be such a pain in the ass, but I was really looking forward to this. D:)

8/29/2012 #27
Fantasy Impromptu


8/29/2012 #28

(Juno, You don't even have a character in this one!)

8/29/2012 #29
Fantasy Impromptu

(If I made one, would this thing go anywhere still?)

8/29/2012 #30
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