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Chainsaw Cake

Okay, listen. There's a fuckton of text coming here, but it's called world-building, bitches, and it makes for a better quality RP. In my humble opinion. You can read, my dears, it won't kill you. Think of it as the veggies course before the dessert that is the actual RP. Look, I even italicized the important stuff if you really can't stand to read this.

Once upon a time, the world - or at least the USA - was saved by giant mechs. The war raged endlessly, but just when it seemed like the states were about to crumble, scientists unveiled their newest technology: giant mechs that plowed through the battlefield and scared the enemy shitless. The US won the war, and since then, mechs have come to occupy a different niche in American life. Pilots are no longer fearsome combatants; instead, they are celebrities who compete in tournaments, obstacle courses, and other televised events. The pilots are paid by sponsors - corporations buy and rent ad space on the mechs' bodies to attract consumer attention.

There are, of course, rules governing who gets to build and pilot mechs and what kinds of weapons they may have. Attend:

- Before you can even think of building a mech, you must take a piloting class; every major city in the USA is now home to a Pilots' Education Complex (PEC). A pilot's license is necessary before you can begin building a mech, you have to be at least twenty years of age to attend a PEC, and it takes a minimum of three years (in the case of highly gifted individuals) and an average of five before you can become a fully certified mech pilot.

- You have to get the government's consent to build your own mech, and it has to then be inspected by government officials to see if it's combat-capable. After that, the pilot and the mech must be registered with the government (size, weapons, color, distinguishing marks, a constantly-updated list of who's buying ad space where on it). And please, no rogue pilots. Just how are you planning to hid a giant robot built with government-supplied materials?

- The corporations can put whatever they want on their sponsored pilots' contracts, but the pilots have every right to refuse the contract and seek sponsorship somewhere else. Mech contract lawyers are doing quite well for themselves, but should the pilot hire a bad one by mistake...and should the corporation's contract have some nefarious stipulation...heh-heh-heh.

- A mech may not carry any nuclear, atomic, hydrogen, or biological weapons. Any pilot found in violation of this law will have their license taken away and their mech scrapped.

- The military provides the materials necessary for building mechs; you must requisition your building materials from them. The military also runs the PECs.

- If you want to be a celebrity mech, you're basically going to have to have a humanoid mech. The public likes being reminded of the pilots' humanity, and it's just more fun to watch human-shaped robots duke it out. If you still want to try for fame with a non-humanoid mech, you're gonna have trouble getting sponsors, which means you'll have less money for mech repairs (you think they get out of those events totally unscathed? Please.), new weapons, maintenance costs, and your own essentials as well.

- Limits for mechs:

*No more than eighty feet tall.

*Each mech may have one main/"heavy" weapon.

*Each mech may have one or two secondary/"light" weapons.

*Each mech may have one "other" (a sort of miscellaneous category; this could be a temporary cloaking device, an extra sensory ability (such as thermal imaging), casting a smokescreen, etc. That sort of thing).

*Mechs are either nuclear powered or powered by hydrogen batteries supplied by the military. You have to buy your own fuel, of course.

Hey, what's the actual plot, anyway? Quite simply, a rebellion. It's comprised of dissatisfied civilians who are sick of seeing their heavy taxes going to support the celebrity pilots, and a very few secretly involved members of the military who remember and yearn for the days when mechs were incredibly badass war machines instead of suped-up playthings for overgrown children. How is the rebellion supplied with weapons and the like? Well, the few military members of the rebellion are hardcore. They're willing to sacrifice everything to get what they see as their resources and time and money back from the celebrity pilots and are sickened by what they see as an unforgivable bastardization of mechs. These military members are able to salvage scrapped parts, mechs destined to be put down, old weapons thought obsolete, and together with civilian technicians, mechanics, and engineers (a booming contingent in the wake of the commercial mech industry), they're able to cobble together what they need to fight. Let us not forget that the rebellion's main weapon is an unshakable determination that what they are doing is right.

The mech pilots are being called in once again to take down these rebels. How will a group of celebrities who essentially play games for a living deal with fighting in an actual war? What sorts of conflicts will they face over taking the lives of others?

So who will you play as? Remember that no one side is truly good or evil in this; each side has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Character skeleton:






Four words to describe your character (go in depth if you like):



Mech skeleton (if you're a pilot):




Main weapon:

Secondary weapons:

The "other":

Affiliation (which corporations are buying adspace?):

6/27/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #1
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I'll make a skeleton tomorrow, but first I want to set something straight. By hydrogen power you mean something like a hydrogen-fusion nuclear reaction right? The reason I say that is because all a hydrogen powered weapon would do is make a kickass flamethrower or a big ass fiery explosion. Now if we take something like the H-bomb, well that's a whole different kettle of fish.)

6/27/2012 #2
Chainsaw Cake

(No, no, I meant the mechs themselves can be powered by hydrogen batteries. Or do you mean when I say "no hydrogen weapons?" Well, I think I'd make it a blanket ban on hydrogen because, like you said, fire. And live pilots, and often there's live audiences for these mech battles. It's an inhalation hazard.)

6/27/2012 #3
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(The audiences could be behind sealed areas to protect them from such hazards.)

6/28/2012 #4

(Oh, are we doing this now? Cool.)

6/28/2012 #5
Chainsaw Cake

(We're doing it if there's anyone other than Owen out there who's willing to read the massive introductory post...D:)

6/28/2012 #6

(I'll get to making a character. And I read the whole thing.)

6/28/2012 #7
Chainsaw Cake

(*throws confetti, gets out cake*)

6/28/2012 #8
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Name: Emily Peirce

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Pilot, Mechanic

Appearance: Emily is a little on the short side and of average weight. She's slightly muscular from working on Mech's and piloting. She could be considered attractive in an athletic way. She has long blonde hair that she ties back in a pony tail then braids, and amber eyes.

Four words to describe your character (go in depth if you like): Straightforward, unsatisfied (with life), fierce, borderline-apathetic. Being a pilot/celebrity is a lonely job.

Backstory: Born in the deep South, Emily grew up around various veterans of the Mech War; some of which, including her father, were pilots. She was raised in a family of mechanics, who occasionally handled broken mechs. When she was old enough to learn to pilot, she she off to the nearest big city. Even though her father resented the Competition world, she was intrigued by it. She knew it was the only way to learn how to pilot the machines, and found the tournaments exhilarating. Her father doesn't talk to her anymore because of this. He doesn't believe in the new use of the Mech's.

Other: Naomi is gay. Another reason her father barely speaks to her.

Mech skeleton (if you're a pilot):

Height: 50 feet

Appearance: Humanoid, but the head is slightly shaped like a dog's. The way it is painted (resembles ancient Egyptian art) and the way it is shaped is the source of it's namesake, "Anubis".

Main weapon: Gatling Gun built into arm

Secondary weapons: A large "sceptar", playing of the Egyptian theme. Also, pyramid studs on it's knuckles. Because of it's smaller-than-eighty-feet size, it has slightly better agility over it's larger opponents.

The "other": Anubis enjoys long, moonlit walks on the beach.

Affiliation (which corporations are buying adspace?): Pyramid Inc., a very successful business that does some complicated business stuff. This is where the whole Egyptian thing comes from.

6/29/2012 #9
Chainsaw Cake

(Accepted, Cloud. :D)

Character skeleton:

Name: Daisy Santamartina

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Occupation: Celebrity pilot

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tall, has an athlete's body.

Four words to describe your character (go in depth if you like): Gifted; Daisy is a highly gifted pilot and inventor. Bright; she's very earnest and positive. Adrenaline junkie; she loves dangerous activities, the more life-threatening the better. Happy; she loves her job.

Backstory: Daisy's family was really, really boring, and she felt like she was slowly dying inside living with them. Okay, that's a little overdramatic, but you get the picture. She sought relief in dangerous activities, loving the feeling of adrenaline coursing through her body, and she saw the exciting lives led by mech pilots. When she saw her first televised match at age seven, she knew that she wanted to be a mech pilot more than anything else.

Other: Daisy's greatest invention is a brand-new piloting system that allows for far greater mobility and speed than the average piloting system. It takes the form of a black bodysuit which has plugs installed in every joint; the plugs are connected to thick black cords that relay Daisy's motions to a central processing unit which translates her motions into the mech's.

Mech skeleton (if you're a pilot):

Name: White Ninja

Height: 50 feet

Appearance: Sleek and white (well, as white as a fighting mech can be), with a transparent bubble-style cockpit to allow Daisy greater visibility and more room to move. Is decorated with bright green chevrons on the legs and green lines on the torso.

Main weapon: Shoulder-mounted railgun.

Secondary weapons: Two vibrating knives.

The "other": Flechette pylons. Flechettes are basically darts, only more dangerous, and each pylon (one on each shoulder) contains three flechette canisters (each good for one use). The flechettes can be launched at an enemy attacking from behind or above.

Affiliation (which corporations are buying adspace?): Apple bought the right bicep and Kawasaki bought the left.

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #10

(Two Characters alright?)

6/29/2012 #11
Chainsaw Cake

(I have no problem with that.)

6/29/2012 #12

((Working on characters))

(PM Cake))

6/30/2012 #13

Character skeleton:

Name: Lance Tierney

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Celebrity Pilot - Part time Pilot, Full time Celebrity

Appearance: Blond, designer cut hair and a perfect, obsessively maintained body. He has many smiles, all of them Genuine, most of them Smug. He never really fakes his expressions, partially because he can't and partially because he can't be bothered to. He wears Lightning Blue Jumpsuits with a Black Stripe down one side (And Patches for his Sponsors covering most of it) when doing events, and wears flashy, upscale clothing with his own particular flare when not.

Four words to describe your character (go in depth if you like):

Arrogant - Cocky, Brash, Brave, all of it; he is proud, boastful and extremely - effervescently so - confident in his abilities.

Man-child - Displays classic Child-like Egoism. Everything must be about him, and if he doesn't get his way there'll be hell to pay.

Determined - When he sets his mind to something, When he really goes for it, there is no stopping him.

Shallow - There is not much beneath the surface that cannot be seen on top.

Backstory: Every once in a while, when looking at the Music Industry, you can tell how hard they're working to market one of the new bands or singers at you and the crowd. It's obvious that their merit as artists or even just musicians is irrelevant, they're just trying to create a brand. There is nothing there but PR and the sheen of money, and it's most glaring when it doesn't work - when they keep beating their heads against the wall but the Kids still don't buy their bullshit. Sometimes, that makes you wonder something: How many of the Famous people were just PR Brands that succeeded?

Lance is one of those. He has been groomed for Decades to be a pilot - think of the earliest reasonable or possible point in a human life that an adult could be training their child for something; Lance was being trained for a while before that age, guaranteed. Before he was a Person, he was a Pilot. Arguably, he never became a person at all. His role models and Guardians were often not his parents at all, but instead strange trainers, much like a Gymnast might have extremely intense, weird training with an old Russian man. Everything was calculated, everything was planned. Eventually, the companies interested in him put him out into the field and he exceeded their expectations. He became famous almost overnight, a smashing success. His off-the-field antics made him even more famous, if somewhat less respected, and soon Sponsors were lining up. Lance doesn't always win, of course - he never claimed that he would - but he always takes losses in a cheeky, 'Good game, asshole' kind of swagger that keeps people rooting for him. He's dated Celebutantes, had extremely public break ups, and has gone to jail in the public eye. But somehow, this only seemed to make him more famous.

But fame can't last forever.

Other: Obviously, he is nothing without his Celebrity Status.

Mech skeleton (if you're a pilot):

Name: C-Note

Height: 65' (Bigger automatically equals better, according to him)

Appearance: Really, it's designed mostly for show, just like it's Pilot. Almost everything was poured into the style - thought, money, resources. It is designed to match his Jumpsuit - Blue with a Stripe of Black along one side - and is Humanoid for the most part. It is designed to look like a hybrid of futuristic Soldier's Protective gear and of a Medieval Knight's armor.

Main weapon: A Powerhouse Railgun mounted on both shoulders, both having a slow rate of fire. Their size and weight necessitated the larger Body, but it still slows it down.

Secondary weapons: A Blade attached to the top of each wrist pointing forward with the hand, and a Large, slow Vibroblade sword on it's back when not in use.

The "other": One of the First Mechs without Hydraulic Joints - instead it uses Low Gravity Magnetic Buffers to move the Mech.

Affiliation (which corporations are buying adspace?): The Federal Reserve, which underwent a Huge PR overhaul and became a Household name as a Major bank post Crash, was the primary funder of the Mech, and has it's Logo Emblazoned over the Back. Other Major sponsors include State Farm, Applebee's, Gamestop and Budweiser.


Character skeleton:

Name: Mick Dane

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Occupation: Former Pilot

Appearance: Grey haired and bearded, Mick never got a Chance to get soft, and so never became feeble, weak or unhealthy much as an Animal having to survive does not. He has sturdy, heavy brows, and narrow dull blue eyes. The clothes he wears are humble, and have grown dirty and faded through reuse.

Four words to describe your character (go in depth if you like):

Pragmatic - Willing to do what is necessary to get things done, idealism left him behind long ago.

World-weary - Some might call him Cynical, others merely Tired.

Loyal - Steadfast to a fault, this man will stand by his country and those who stand by him through anything.

Stern - Like the father who is hard to please, but pleasing him as all the more satisfying because of it.

Backstory: Having lived and fought through the War, Dane was a Pilot when it meant something. He fought in many of the most important battles of the War, and received numerous medals, including one of the most prestigious one can be awarded. However, once the Mech trade turned to tournaments and showmanship, Dane seemed uneasy. He was disgusted by the nature of it, by the wastefulness and arrogance of some of the new people. His status as a War Hero made him a shoe-in for Stardom, but his reluctance kept him from being the top of the pack. Eventually, he flat-out quit, turning his back on the institution that he had helped build, that had saved the country he loved. Since then, he has been doing odd work and scratching by a living, trying to be forgotten.

Other: Is he involved with the Rebellion? I'm not sure. It's possible, but not likely.

7/1/2012 #14
Chainsaw Cake

(Great characters, Spear. Both are accepted.)

7/1/2012 #15

Name: Malachai Jyril

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Occupation: Pilot

Appearance: Malachai is, despite his Russian influeced name, of Phllipine descent. He sports a well toned, fit swimmer's body. He has black hair, and sand colored eyes

Four words to describe your character : Aggresive. Malachai likes t push the advantage, sometimes too much. Patient. Despite being aggresive, he can be patient as well, he needs to be in order to win, right? Quiet. Not really a chatty one. Flexible. Sometimes, improvising is the only thing you can do.

Backstory: Malachai wa raised and born in the United States, in a small town. his upbringing was rather vanilla. Only wen he learned of the Mechs and their pilots di he aspire to become on of them. When he was 17, he moved out of his house to study and train in the arts of piloting.

Other: "Oh. We're done?"

Mech skeleton (if you're a pilot):

Name: Kal Ke Mal

Height: 60 ft

Appearance: The Kal Ke Mal possess a medium sized frame. However, that frame is encased within large, well armored, and very aerodynamic parts, giving it some weight, and additional armor. The Mech resembles a robotic knight, more than anything else. Navy blue paint decorates the majority of the mech, while a secondary color of turqoise shines through in smaller amounts.

Main weapon: Plasma based Particle Projection Cannon (Plasma PPC), shoulder mounted. It's a powerfu, short to long range plasma based weapon that takes a while to charge, and even longer to cool down. Once fully charged, it can send an orb of super charged plasma at the target. Has minor splash damage, none too significant. Once fired, it can't begin charging for at least 30-40 seconds

Secondary weapons: Left hand, a large titanium alloy shield. The shield acts as a temporary cover, and while it can take some hits, its not meant for prolonged use, for it can destroyed. Right hand, a "Dark Hog" Burst rifle. A medium, high ammunition count burst machine gun, th Dark Hog is prone to overheat if used too much for too long. It fires a five round burst very accurately.

The "other": Mobile Skate System. The M.S.S is effetively a booster pack that increases sped for a short time. When engaged, the mech will 'skate', allowing travel from one point to another faster. 'Skating' is wher th mech locks its bipedal joints, and engages a set of wheels or bearing in the feet of the mech. The booster pack will them propel the mech in the direction desired, hence teuse of the wheels, or bearings. When not engages in MSS, th wheels or bearing retract into the foot of the mech. The booster pack of the mech has four bosters. Two for forward proppulsion, and one for each left and right propulsion. Engaging all four at te same time allows for a hovering ability, which lasts about 4-5 seconds, at best. The MSS equipped to th Kal Ke Mal can last up to 20 seconds normal boost, and when fully depleted, will recharge for 40 seconds. The MSS reharges by drawing in air, and filtering out the oxygen. The Oxygen is then burned, used for the propulsion

Affiliation: Right now, the Kal Ke Mal is represented and represents the company of NASA, who supplied the Mobile Skate System

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Chainsaw Cake


7/5/2012 #17

(Are you waiting for more Players?)

7/6/2012 #18
Chainsaw Cake

(Do you think there's enough?)

7/6/2012 #19

((With 5 people?))

7/6/2012 #20

(Probably. But that really depends on you.)

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