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Sage of the White Sands

((It's how I roll son! go hard or go soft!!!...wait, that didn't sound right...))

8/17/2012 #91

(I would prefer hard...)

8/17/2012 #92
Sage of the White Sands

((Then its settled...give me a day or so.))

8/17/2012 #93

Gardenia though for a moment trying to remember the sewer paths before smiling at the guy. "Not really, but I have an idea." She said, before looking at the others. "Follow me if you want, your loss if you don't though." She winked before taking off down the sewers. There wasn't really a secluded area in these sewers it was really just a bunch of connected sewers that ran out to see with a few manholes here and there. She knew where the closest manhole to them was and luckily it was around the corner from her apartment.

8/17/2012 #94

Andrew didn't know what she was up too, but he had a good feeling about her. "What ever you have planned I have a feeling it will only be good." (Badass is good, though be warned we already have one already aka me)

8/17/2012 #95

"For a what? Is it even human?" Onyx asked.

He had been pulled aside for a minor questioning from agents. They all were in a small coffee shop, talking as if it were a normal subject. Onyx took a drink from his, waiting for the man to answer.

"Yes, it's human. If you want to help, here, take this" one of the agents said, handing Onyx a file.

The Watchmaker smiled. Something in his head clicked, and told him that this would be fun.

"I'll take it" Onyx said, slpping the file closer to him before finally looking at it for but a brief moment.

This'll be fun, trying to fnd these kids, Onyx thought, getting up.

"Alright gentlmen, it's been a pleasure. I'll be on my way. I will keep in contact with you. Have a fine day" he added, leaving. He looked at the file. He thought that there was one, but as it turns out, there were more. From what he glazed over, one of them had a collar.

And the fun begins

8/17/2012 #96

Charlie followed the rest, though he didn't like this... not at all. Too much had changed since this morning. He did however trust easily and believed everything these guys told to him.

"This way?" he asked the girl when they reached the man hole. He didn't wait for an answer he shot up into the street

"Ahhh fresh air!" Charlie took a gulp of it. It was sweet and clean unlike the sewage air.

8/17/2012 #97

Gardenia opened her mouth to respond to Charlie but before she could get a sound out he had already opened up the cover and was in the street. "So now is about the time we all take off further down the sewer eh?" She said with a wink before climbing out of the sewer after him. Which was actually not an easy task when wearing a dress, she was cursing herself for outfit choice, even if she did think the dress looked really cute.

When Gardenia was finally out of the sewer she took in a few greedy gulp of fresh air. she may even spun around a few times laughing, nothing would make walking about in sewers enjoyable. "Okay guys, I have an apartment just round the corner from here and my idea was to go there. It has't got high-tech security, in fact the it doesn't even have a proper, working lock on the door, but it's not like those guys are gonna check every apartment in the city." She said smiling, she didn't mind if they all decided to leave but she thought it would be best to offer, it would also be nice to get to know other people like her.

8/17/2012 #98
Oh No. It's Happened
Sanders nodded and replied, "Thank you. I'll explain my situation when we get there."
8/18/2012 #99

That was easy. And all I had to do was round the corner, thought Onyx as he rounded the corner. One of the people in the small group before him he recognized as a girl who lived in the same building as him. That made finding them interestingly easier. Nothing is free, and nothing falls into your lap without a reason.

But he's been wrong before, perhaps Santa was in fact real after all.

Unfortunately, he was still holding the files the agency had given him, the logo a bright beacon to all who recognized it. He found things today to be very amusing. First he gets the supplies he needs, and then he is contracted by the agency to find a pair of kids, and capture them, plus more, and he turns the corner to his apartment, and finds them crawling out of a sewer. What a day indeed. He didn't want the moment spoiled by nosy and loud agents rushing upon the scene, as he heard some from the ally behind him.

He placed his hand on the nearby wall...

A violent explosion rocked the street, and Onyx walked past the group of kids emerging from the sewer, whistling, files visible, as if this were an everyday thing. LIttle did they know, it was, for him. He had blocked the pair of agents that were following, what he assumed was him, and the others.

"You guys might want to go. I'm sure there will be more" he said, his back turned to them, walking towards his apartment

8/18/2012 #100
Charlie's eyebrow flew up. Who the hell was that?! The explosion knocked him backward. Still being the dumber one of the group he completely ignored the logos on the folders and consentraited in the fact that the man had helped them, not to mention he smelt like coffee! Bad guys don't smell like coffee! "Hey man! Thanks!" Charlie blurted out the biggest dumb ass smile on his face and his hand waving in the air at the man. This didn't last long though, a bright set of headlights began to blind his vision as he realized he was only a few feet away from being road kill. Gardenia was out of the way thankfully. Charlie's first instinct was to jump and jump he did, onto the sidewalk. When he stood up he saw his arms and legs were scrapped up.
8/18/2012 #101

"Well that was convenient let's not waste this opportunitie, though I am going to tail that guy, to learn more about him if I can. He seems interesting" Andrew stated this heading after the guy who had just left. He found the man quite interesting

8/18/2012 #102
Oh No. It's Happened
Sanders stared as the aggresive one tailed the one who made the explosion. Something didn't seem quite right about him. Sanders shrugged it off and waited for further instruction as to how to get into the house. He planned on explaining himself, and his situation-- but he didn't exactly feel right about it.
8/18/2012 #103

Gardenia smiled lightly at the guy who walked past, knowing that he lived in her building. Smiling to the others she followed him to her building. "It's just this way guys," she called over her shoulder. She didn't look back to see who was following, hopefully a few.

8/19/2012 #104

Charlie, being the troll that he is, desided to take initiative and turned into a dog. He ran up, smelled Gardenia then burst through the building and smelt around till he found the door that smelt most like her. He then became human and let himself in and lounged around that place like he owned it.

8/19/2012 #105

Onyx didn't turn around to see if he was being followed. He went straight to the front desk, and retrieved a package. He hefted it onto his shoulder, and went to the elevators. There, Inyx pressed the button, and waited.

8/19/2012 #106
Oh No. It's Happened
Sanders kept pace with Gardenia. "Thank you again," He chuckled. "That could have been bad for all of us." He ran a hand through his hair.
8/19/2012 #107

Gardenia watched Charlie run off into her building as a dog. "No problem" she said smiling over at Sanders, "Though that kid Charlie needs to learn the art of subtlety." She laughed slightly though she was half serious, he seriously needed to learn that he couldn't run around turning into what ever animal he wanted.

8/19/2012 #108

"Guys! there you are! what took you so long?" His fangs showing through his grin when the others finally made it to the apartment

8/19/2012 #109
Oh No. It's Happened
Sanders laughed, but didn't answer the question, which he thought was rhetorical. "For starters, my name is Jecht Sanders. You can just call me Sanders, though. Everyone does." He said before waiting for everyone to process he information before letting any more out.
8/19/2012 #110

Onyx heard a commotion down the hall.

Same voices, same floor.. Interesting. Perhaps a stop by later to learn about them more is required, since it would be so easy the deconstructor mused. He slipped into his apartment, bags and files in hand. A shape shape shifter, a flyer, and at least one more, namely a girl around the same age as the shape shifter, were what he skimmed over.

Bah. Enough for now.

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #111

Andrew watched the tanned man closely. The first thing he had to do was to introduce himself inconspicuously to this man. Though he did hear voices on this floor. Interesting. "What a coincidence" His first plan of attack might be to just introduce himself. Something of the man reeked power, so it wouldn't be a good idea to keep stal- I mean following the guy. This would mean the best way to learn more about him was to gain his trust. Now how to go about introducing himself. Hmm... maybe the neighbor trick might work. "Yeah, I'll go with that."

8/19/2012 #112

Charlie eyed Sanders "Ok? is that all?"

8/19/2012 #113

Onyx dropped off his things, and the files he received. He straightened himself out, and sighed.

8/19/2012 #114
Oh No. It's Happened
"No, not really. There's much more. To make a long story short, I was drafted in a covert special ops team as a secret weapon of a sort when I was a child." He said slowly, evidently hiding something. "I was... a super solder, if you will. They put the collar on me for... Reassurance." He breathed out that word with such hatred harboring in his voice. "They controlled me. They did whatever they wanted and if they were ever in danger, they'd send me. I was their fetch dog, their slave! I hated every moment of it! And yet I had to bear it... Because if I disobeyed them... " He trailed off. He had internally broken down just moments ago, after reflecting upon his past. "I was sent to trick you into coming so they could do the same to you... Your innocence reminded me of myself when I was a kid. Granted, I was about 12, but... I couldn't bear to see you or anyone else put into the same position I was. So I sacrificed myself in hopes that you could escape. Things didn't turn out nearly how I planned, but I can't say that I'm unhappy with where we are now." He explained, slowly, so that they could understand the loads of information he was dumping.
8/19/2012 #115

Andrew approached the door that he saw the man enter and knocked. Here goes nothing. He hoped the man wasn't some kind of brainiac. That would be extremely annoying. "Rapp, rapp, rapp." Andrew banged his knuckles against the door of the apartment. He stood outside. Waiting. Waiting for someone to answer the door.

8/19/2012 #116

A visitor? Intresting. I'm not expecting anyone...

Onyx was in the middle of unpacking his gear to check on it. None of it would stick out to anyone, it was something you would find in anyone's home who supported the athletic life. He haphazardly packed it away, placing it by the chair in his living room, and got up, and walked to the door.

"Yes?" he asked, opening it.

8/19/2012 #117

"Hi, ,my name is Andrew Steerfeld, and I happen to be your new neighbor. I thought it would be curtious to introduce myself to my new neighbor." Andrew gave off a friendly smile to the man, while extending his hand in the process. Andrew already had a specter picking the lock next door, so that if this did ask to come over, there would be no suspicion. He had to hope that a man lived there at least or things would get ugly and uncomfortable for him. "Please, just start a conversation with me."Andrew was begging to God and all his angels above. Then an idea popped in his head. "I was wondering if you would like to go out for a bite to eat with me? Just to get to know one another. You know?"

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #118

"Nice try. You're not an Asian girl, or a German, or a happily married couple. I ate before I came here. What do you want?" Onyx asked, cutting to the chase. He even stepped outside, and sighed at what he saw. Then it clicked in his head. He's seen this kid before, back in the street where Onyx blew up the alley

8/19/2012 #119

"From the look in his eyes he's recognized me. Mission Shadow: Failure. Solution: Come out with the truth" Andrew knew he had been compromised so there was only one thing left he could do, and that was to either tell the truth or pull diamonds out of his ass. The second option was a no go, since just as he feared this guy was a brainiac. Ugh... troublesome. "Well, it seems you know who I am. Which also means that you probably can gather that I am trying to figure out who you are. Personally, I find you layed back attitude annoyingly interesting. I want to know why you helped us. From look of those files on your dresser they look like FBI files, which makes me wonder why you helped us, when they came to you for help." This man like the other girl definitely had sparked his interest.

8/19/2012 #120
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