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"...She said it, not me," Peter said, referring to the pilot's words.

8/18/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #421
Chainsaw Cake

"Whatever. Anyway, how much more time do you think those two are going to need?" Brandstelle asked. "Although this might be something I'll just have to get used to. I'm used to constantly moving around on my own, so..." She shrugged.

8/18/2012 #422

"You mean Naoto and that elf girl? Not sure, I can't really fight without the Valkyrie though," said Kimiko "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that most likely that all of us are going to suffer a Hero Blue Screen of Death sooner or later. Heros always do."

8/18/2012 #423
Chainsaw Cake

"Enough with the tropes!" Brandstelle said. Just then, the wall she was leaning on gave a loud crack and partially collapsed behind her. She managed to remain standing. Scowling, she brushed the whitish plaster dust from her robe.

8/18/2012 . Edited 11/11/2012 #424

"I guess you literally broke the fourth wall know," chuckled Kimiko.

(Am I the only one who is finding this whole conversation amusing?)

8/18/2012 #425
Chainsaw Cake

"What other kind of breaking could this possibly be?" Brandstelle asked, gesturing at the small slice of outdoors that was now visible. "And isn't fixing it more important?"

8/18/2012 #426

"Meh, I'm not going to worry much about fixing the wall. Going to ditch this place soon and go with you guys anyway," Kimiko replied.

8/18/2012 #427
Chainsaw Cake

"If you say so," Brandstelle said doubtfully. She wiped at a smudge of dust on her cheek. "The sooner I can get my hands on some oil, the better."

8/18/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #428
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"It's alright," Magnarium said to Naoto. "To tell you the truth, I get a little antsy around boys too. I know, I don't really show it, but it happens."

8/19/2012 #429

"I-I see," murmured Naoto, slightly shuffling his feet.

And the piston came loose, gingerly the young man took the piston out and laid it on the floor. He started on the second piston.

8/19/2012 #430
Sage of the White Sands

Elena held some kind of twisted looking grin as she walked over to the Throne, plopping her butt on the arm waiting to hear what he had to say.


Damien sat watching the east, thinking heavily to himself, dare he use these people to get at Auduin? With a sigh he had thought through plenty of times, and he came to a conclusion that even Eliphas hated Auduin.

8/19/2012 #431

"Listen closely dear," Anduin said, "Some bad people are trying to break into our home, big brother tried to stop them and failed. I need you to..." The warlock paused, "Elena," He snapped his fingers in front of the girl's face, "Elena, please pay attention."

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #432
Sage of the White Sands

Elena snapped out of her little daze and turned to look at Auduin, her creepy ass grin falling just a bit "Yes daddy?" she asked as she waited again. This girl seemed so far gone right now, it was a wonder she could still dress herself.

8/19/2012 #433

"I'm sending you to kill some bad people, how you go about it is up to you. All I need from you is to just get them out of daddy's hair," Anduin gently caressed her cheek, "Understand?"

8/19/2012 #434
Sage of the White Sands

Elena's grin grew more wilder as she was given her favorite thing to do...kill. She began giggling as she popped up "I'll stain the ground crimson..." she muttered to herself "I'll have new play toys, Elena is joyful and happy"

8/19/2012 #435

Casually Anduin scooped Elena into his arms, "I'm not letting you wander my citadel unattended," He told her. Carefully he drew a glyph where the girl once stood and set her back down, "This will take you as close to the bad people as I'm comfortable with. Once you find them play nice until you think you have a chance. Be careful for daddy now, and remember to call me if things get out of hand," He placed a medallion on her neck, "Just use this and I'll come over, okay?" Anduin teleported the girl away before she even had a chance to process everything he just told her, "Good lord I just sent a little girl to her death," The warlock crawled back into his throne, "I need an icy mug to get over this."

8/19/2012 #436
Sage of the White Sands

((YES THE FIRST DEATH EVER!!!!!*pumps Fist*))

8/19/2012 #437

(More Anduin has virtually no faith in her without his direct intervention[which is up to you if he steps in or not], I was planning on having Antares die first. But if you want to go ahead.)

8/19/2012 #438
Sage of the White Sands

((Actually, I have undisclosed plans for Elena, so I'd rather not let her die first. Then again there is that slim chance that Damien might kick the bucket xD.))

8/19/2012 #439

(Ah you going to Obi-Wan?)

8/19/2012 #440
Sage of the White Sands

((I might who knows,all Damien wishes is the world saved from the man who is trying to save it...*god thats a mouthful* and he don't care how it goes about coming true.))

8/19/2012 #441

(Just so we're clear, just because Anduin is trying to save the world does not mean he's doing it humanely. He's the badguy, not you guys.)

8/19/2012 #442
Sage of the White Sands

((I know, its just so damn funny whenever you think about it.))

8/19/2012 #443

(I'm thinkin of having Eliphas die actually, how I don't know. Maybe regains his memory and can't live with the things he's done and offs himself once it's all over. Maybe he falls in battle, maybe he doesn't stay dead and comes back as a vengeful wraith I don't know.)

"Damien, our group is too frail. To even think we can face Anduin and his forces is a pipe dream, you know this is true." Eliphas solemnly spoke as he approached, coming to a halt besides the seated leader of the resistance. "There must be a way we can stand a chance."

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #444
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"I guess I should go finish greasing those bearings," Magnarium said awkwardly. She quickly turned away and hoped that Naoto didn't see that her cheeks were flushed a slight red color.

8/19/2012 #445

(Oh-hohohohoho What was that Magnarium? :3)

"Alright then..." came the soft reply.

Naoto continued to work on the second piston, removing it from it's place. He then got up and headed towards the house, he had left the spare pistons there since he hadn't known the extension of the damage on the Valkyrie before.

8/19/2012 #446
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Plot movement, my dear Watson.)

Magnarium silently removed the housing covering the shoulder bearings and began to grease them. While greasing them she looked back on her long life. Despite being hundreds of years old, she couldn't recall ever being in a relationship with somebody. She always felt she was too busy working on machines than being with someone. What the hell am I thinking? she thought. She shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind. In her distraction, she noticed that she applied way too much grease to the bearings. Cursing, she quickly wiped it up. Teaches you to think about silly thoughts like that, she said to herself. She finished the rest of the bearings, wiped her hands on her shirt and returned to the house. As she reached the door, she a sudden feeling of unease. The wind blew and all she felt was cold sadness. She shivered and entered the house.


Several miles from Magnarium's location, a hooded and cloaked figure was dragging what appeared to be a very large sword. Labored and ragged breaths came from under the cloak. The air around the figure was cold and carried an air of sadness. "Anduin...." the figure rasped. "I will have my revenge...." Then came a series of ragged, baleful coughs. The figure moaned and continued his aimless journey forward. He saw a house in the distance and started towards it. He dreamed of a warm fire and good food to greet him. That was a silly thought....wraiths can't feel anything nor could they eat.

8/19/2012 #447
Chainsaw Cake

Brandstelle walked over to the window. Had she seen right? Yes - there was a figure making its way toward the house. She couldn't make out too many details, though.

"Someone's coming," she said to the others. "Should we let them in?"

8/19/2012 #448
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I'm making him a character so hang on.)

8/19/2012 #449

What were they? These furry, lizard-like creatures that existed? They were Ysalamiri, animals whose mere presence negated psionic, demonic, primal, arcane and divine powers. How had such a creature come was probably to deal with predators who used corresponding abilities. Peter, however, only knew that it negated his ability until he killed it (by crushing its head with a rock). Once it was dead, he supposed he could bring it to the house and they'd cook it...if it was edible.

With the 50 cm long lizard impaled on a metal skewer, he too was on his way to the house. He would probably be seen by the wraith.

8/19/2012 #450
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