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War has never changed, and war will never change. The people of this grim earth are only interested in throwing their lives away for petty lords and corporate interests. No longer is it about rescuing small countries from the threat of a mighty dragon, no longer is it about slaying a demon prince or and archangel on his high horse. No, in this renaissance of magic and oil the world has degenerated to the rich calling the shots. There is no liberty here, such concepts died long ago. Here magic and technology are on even terms, constantly trying to one-up the other. The new methods of science and machinery have yet to have the track record of abuse magic does, however magic has been proven time and time again to be quick and effective. Officially the community is split, however magic is slowly beginning to die out. Only a handful still cling to the ways of gods and devils, monsters and myths, heroes and legends.

Then he came...

Anduin Soliel. A warlock of godlike power, and the last practitioner of demonology on the planet, has revealed just how much of the world his dark influence has tainted. The warlock has spent decades forging alliances, making investments, butchering potential threats, and now is finally ready to impose his dominion over the war ravaged world he dares to call home. He preaches that world that will die without his intervention, that the world that is on the verge of shattering if things remain as they are. Anduin claims that he has been shown the way to defy fate, preserve the world for our children and their children. All that is required of them is their loyalty and support, all those who oppose him will serve as fodder for the demons and golem constructs that now stalk the earth.

But there are always those that disagree. Stalking slums and underground tunnel networks leftover from wartime, those that do not trust Anduin with the future gather and plot. Their goal is to eliminate this psychotic warlock and ensure their victory changes the world for the better. However, armed only with the untested machinations of science and unskilled magi, hope is all but nonexistent among those that remain defiant. They need a beacon, someone or something to rally behind. Otherwise they remain broken clans that only serve as a nuisance to Anduin's forces.

The choice is yours. Do you trust the word of this powerful and brutal warlock? Enough to entrust him with your future? Will you join the defiant in their pathetic attempts to rally and stop the psychotic lord? Will you help reform a broken militia into a fighting force worthy of opposing Anduin? Or perhaps you wish to find your own way? Mayhap somewhere among the war-torn plains of brimstone and ash, the sprawling cities and colossal towers, there is another way to reshape the world into the gleaming jewel of blue and green it once was?

Muster your faculties, create your characters, breathe life into this black world. I will wait a few days until beginning, so in the meantime post your characters and allow me to tell you they suck and they are denied. (If that turns you off, please keep in mind I'm joking)

General rules are as follows:

Numbuh Won: Be creative, you have leave to create a creature of science or magic, or perhaps a blend of both. You are free to create a race, or go stereotypical and go human, elf, orc, *cringes* furry, golem, demon, or angel, just keep them as human as possible. I'd kind of prefer not having a honkin' ass dragon on the party at all times. If you must have one keep it a transformation for combat purposes only. Druids are awwright so long as you don't go nuts. Remember this acronym. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Numbuh Too: Sex, I love reading lemons, but for the love of all that is holy keep it on an implied level. I'd rather not have a bunch of people left out because two of you want to have a good and nasty wank. And don't say orgy because I already thought of that, far too chaotic for its own good. Tell you what, just keep it short and tasteful. Collaborate privately and post the product instead of going into several posts describing how you nailed your friend's fine piece of ass (Straight or gay, I care not. Hell go tranny for all I care). If you don't want to do that, just fade to black.

Numbuh Tree: Anduin is the main antagonist for a reason. I didn't compare his power to that of a god because I thought it would sound cool (Okay maybe a little). You plan on fighting him early on I hope you have a loose anus. As far as I'm concerned the players are on equal terms concerning power. Sure you may be good at X, but they're good at Y, etc. I don't want to hear how you totally one-shot another player because "My character was stronger", fuck that. You guys have a beef keep it off the forum, we're here for a gay old time remembah? Character death is acceptable and encouraged, but we must have the creator's consent to mutilate his work. Until then restrain yourselves.

Keep in mind that these rules are subject to change when issues arise that require adressing and the behest of an admin. If you have an issue/concern/question, make your voice known.

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #1

Whipped up a character sheet for shits and giggles, feel free to use it as a guide and/or template.

Name: (Last name optional)

Race: (Human, elf, etc.)

Age: (Pretty obvious I hope. Elves can last longer than the other races)

Gender: (You cock this up somehow go home. Male, female, shemale... or hemale? How would you do that? *Edit* It was mangina... right?)

Appearance: (Get creative mah sunz! Do whatever tickles your fancy!)

Personality: (Same as above)

History/Bio: (You are free to make these as long as freaking possible, the moar we know the better.)

Preferred Fighting Style: (Your character use swords or staffs? If so how? Do they fight with their bare hands or with a blunderbuss?)

Special Attributes: (Anything totally cool your character can do? Can they instantly become erect on command? If so put it here)

Strengths: (Hopefully we understand this)

Weaknesses: (Be creative with this one. Perhaps your character has a debilitating fear of golems?)

Other: (Anything else totally batshit insane that doesn't fit anywhere else? Put it here)

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #2
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(So how advanced is the technology in this RP?)

7/13/2012 #3
Chainsaw Cake

(I wanted to ask the same question, because I plan on playing a member of an alien race that's all tech wizards - literally so, like they can control machines and manipulate metal with their thoughts and create weapons out of basically random trash. How advanced can these weapons be, bearing in mind the excuse that those building the weapons are tech-wizard aliens?)

7/13/2012 #4

(I can't get that elf guy from lord of the rings out of my mind so I guess I'm going magic elf here. Say...he controls an element? Or is very good at casting spells with certain words. Like: "Zinthos." And something cool happens.)

7/13/2012 #5

We're at the point where the old superstitious ways are being phased out by the safer sciences. Think like a kind of steampunk world, but still loads of fantasy remain. Magical creatures, forests untainted by Anduin, magical relics of a bygone age, that sort of thing.

As for magic, it's part of the character so it's up to you to decide the hows and whats.

7/13/2012 #6
Chainsaw Cake

So...would my idea be feasible?

7/13/2012 #7
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(So I'm guessing revolvers and lever-action firearms are acceptable then?)

7/13/2012 #8

Yes and yes. But I'd feel more comfortable if mentally controlling tech involved it being tailored specifically to you.

7/13/2012 #9
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Magnarium Obulade

Race: Watch Elf.

Watch Elves are type of elf that are smaller than most elves although not by much. Males stand around 5' 7" and females are a little shorter. It's not unusual to see adult Watch Elves stand at about 4' 5". Despite their short stature, they are typically not very fat. Most of them are fairly lithe, although some do get a little chubbier when they get older. Their ears are the most defining feature about them. They are about 3 to 4 inches longer than a typical elf's ear. They also have a slight tan year round despite the fact that most Watch Elves stay indoors. They also have slightly sharp, but predominately rounder features.

Watch Elves are engineers by nature. They love to take apart things and put them back to together. They also love to improve on current inventions or build machines of their own to help them fight, perform certain tasks, or whatever their minds can think of. To power these machines, the Watch Elves either power them with steam or, for more advanced machines, use a special type of magic that gives "life" to these machines. The magic is known as the "Steel Aura" and most Watch Elves carry within them. All they need to do is concentrate, find a hollow place on the machine, and blow into it. The color of the Aura varies from elf to elf and they can only control one machine at a time. The machine then does whatever it's master commands. If the elf is done with the machine all they need to do is breathe the Aura back in.

Age: 187 (appears to be in her late teens)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, about 5' 5". Has a skinny frame but fairly large breasts. Has long, white hair done up in a pony tail when she's working on something. Like most Watch Elves, she has longer ears than most elves and tan skin. She has bright blue eyes and sharper features than most Watch Elves, but she still retains a round look about her face. She wears a dirty white shirt, brown leather bibs, and large leather gloves. She also has a pair of goggles that appear to be welder's goggles but are telescopic and can magnify her vision. She carries around a large backpack containing a small Auto-turret about the size of a lamp with her as well. Her father thought it was a good idea that she kept one with her just in case she came across trouble. She seems to also be covered in grease, soot, or other forms of dirt for some reason.

Personality: Bright, bubbly, friendly, but very intelligent. She may seem like a ditz at times but her knowledge of machines and magic make her a valuable companion. She's also a bit of a tomboy.

History/Bio: Magnarium was the only child of a skilled Watch Elf engineer and his wife. At a young age, she seemed to have a better understanding of machines than most children her age and a better control of her Aura. School seemed to bore her to death, so her father took her out of school to help him around his shop. There he taught her everything he knew about machines and how they worked. She built everything from small dancing robots for children to large Auto-turrets for the military. Then, one day her father fell gravely ill. His years of breathing in soot and smoke took their toll upon his lungs. He left Magnarium his shop, along with all his tools and guns.

A few years later, Anduin appeared and his forces razed Magnarium's town, destroying her shop in the process. Vowing vengeance, she sought out the resistance and offered her services to them. She is now the resistance's leading expert on clockwork, steam powered, and Aura powered machinery.

Preferred Fighting Style: Magnarium prefers fighting in a group that she can support with her small Auto-turret.

Her Auto-turret is about the size of a desk lamp when folded up, but when deployed is the size of a small table. It has one gatling gun with telescoping barrels that extend to about three feet and a small bomb launcher that is able to lob bombs about the size of a baseball at targets. The Auto-turret is a mix between clockwork mechanics and "Steel Aura" engineering. When Magnarium uses her Aura, the turret is able to lock onto targets and fire without ever being wound up. When she doesn't use her Aura, Magnarium has to remember to keep the turret wound up, otherwise it won't fire or deploy. When it's in clockwork mode, the turret is unable to lock onto targets.

Magnarium prefers to use a double barrel shotgun when not using her turret or a Colt Single Action Army revolver chambered in .45 Colt.

Special Attributes: She's able to use an ability shared among her people known as the "Steel Aura" that allows her to make machines live. She isn't able to control them, but the machines have a limited mind of their own. They can only attack people she finds threatening and they must do what she tells them to do. They will not respond to anyone else.

Strengths: She has a knack for repairing and building new machines.

Weaknesses: Magnarium is terrified of lizards. Snakes are fine, but a lizard will send her on top of the highest thing possible be it a table, a chair, or another person, so long as she is as far away from that lizard humanly possible.

Other: She loves iced tea of any flavor. If anyone were to put a pitcher of it out and left it there it would be gone because she most likely drank it all. This often results with her announcing, "Be right back, gotta pee!"

7/13/2012 #10


On a side note, you don't have to tie your history to my psychotic warlock. However it does make it more fun.

7/13/2012 #11
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(That's why I tied my char's history to your warlock's history, because it was more fun.)

7/13/2012 #12

Name: Eliphas, Eli for short or Elly if you're daring enough.

Race: Daemon/Human Hybrid

Age: 12 but looks to be in his mid 20's

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at 9'4", Eli is a crimson skinned tower of muscle mass that is far more developed than your average run of the mill Daemon. He sports large claws in place of hands and feet, a mouthful of teeth sharp enough to chomp off limbs, bones protruding from his face which resemble eyebrows. He also has a lot of black fleshy tendrils that serve as hair that is waist length and worn back in a tail. His eyes are a vibrant gold, the rest of his facial qualities are very human like but much more aggressive and predatory.

As for clothing, Elly doesn't really wear much. A long free flowing leather loincloth to cover up his intimate areas. As far as protection goes, Eliphas has steel bracers, plates that run along and protect the outside of his thighs, greaves, a pauldron on his left shoulder held in place by a harness that runs along his chest that connect to the finishing piece being a huge belt that protects the majority of his midsection both front and back, sides included. Think barbarian when it comes to his armor.

Personality: Very straight forward, glory seeking, loyal, protective, eager to learn and he doesn't know much of life outside of battle. Speaking of battle, when push comes to shove or when shit hits the fan Elly goes beyond berserk.

History/Bio: Eliphas was originally a success story in the attempt to forge perfect battlefield commanders for Anduin and his daemonic host without the weaknesses of their predecessors. Humans and other races alike with no weakness to the light, figuratively and literally speaking were fair game in his eyes. Subjecting them to be the mates of demons and grotesque experiments using his foul magic. Eliphas was one of the few successes, the majority being weak or deformed in some manner or outright abominations, though they all could be considered abominations.

The "project" was scrapped as Anduin was unable to find a method that yielded a greater success rate, the unfit were killed and the few that were worthy were immediately sent to train and shortly after put into service, completely loyal and obeyed Anduin's every order.

It is unknown how Eliphas broke loose of Anduin's indomitable will but he did it. As far as anyone else knows other than Anduin himself, Elly may just be the only one to successfully gain free will. Now he lives just to fight against his "former master," as he doesn't know much else about life other than battle. He's actually had to learn that his body is mortal, that it needs sustenance and to be taken care of, shielded from the elements and such. He doesn't remember much about his life in "servitude" other than he hated it and the things he has had to do.

Preferred Fighting Style: Elly was born with an affinity to melee weapons overall, he often disregards one-handed weapons and goes straight for the bigger toys, being able to wield with one hand what would take an average man two hands to wield, hell four hands if the guy had that many.

He favors either great-swords or war-hammers, depending on the foe he's fighting and how armored they are really. His method of fighting is very barbaric yet very efficient, what appears to be wild swings are actually very precise, calculated.

Eliphas has a repeating crossbow but he finds ranged combat not as honorable or rewarding, but don't think he won't use it in battle, if he can't catch you he'll shoot you.

Special Attributes: Daemon's Fury, he can call upon the foul blood of his daemon ancestors and work himself into a frenzy. Making him much faster, stronger and allowing him to shrug off blows that would usually be lethal to most people. Though his human blood jeopardizes this as it somehow throws him into confusion, not knowing who's friend or foe. So if Elly is going to use this, be sure to get away from him.

Strengths: Physical strength and speed, battle prowess.

Weaknesses: His human blood when frenzied, and his fear of being burned by fire despite having daemon blood in his veins. Being around fire is no problem, just when it gets a little to close for comfort and he's been exposed to it for awhile it's enough to make him freeze up and run off, even in battle. So people on fire and running at Elly is not good.

Other: He loves the cold, especially the snow. Don't be surprised to see a 9'4" savage rolling around in the snow like a dog and stuffing it in his mouth only to realize it's too cold that it hurts. Chewing on ice will suffice.

7/17/2012 . Edited 8/12/2012 #13

Name: Peter Kent

Race: Human

Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Male

Appearance: Peter is the height of 5'8, his build is below average being little more than just skin and bones held together by the small amount of flesh between the two. The man's dark hair is always messy. His dark eyes tend to be bloodshot and have a set of bags going off the bottom as well as a dark line with a few pockmarks beneath. The rest of the skin on both his face and upper body are riddled with acne as well as the pockmarks left behind by pimples that had been scratched off. Peter's clothing at the moment are a set of pants that are a bit too large for him (save his crouch), and the white t-shirt he wears hangs off his small shoulders and thin upper body.

Personality: Mainly neutral; often cynical, logical, sadistic, sarcastic and blunt.

History/Bio: Peter is an psychic, someone who awakens an array of mental abilities by; undergoing strict mental discipline via extreme self-scrutiny and actualization, facing personal demons, neuroses and other pitfalls of self-reflection, meditating on memories and the nature of memory itself, debating with his own fragmented personalities and delving into the dark recesses of his minds' convoluted and grotesque corridors.

Peter's exact background aside from this is hazy. He was a man who was saved by Magnarium (the details are known by the two of them, but so far is vague to everyone else), thus he is serving her until his debt (equivalence to his life) is paid in full.

Preferred Fighting Style: Defeat enemy as quickly as possibly using any means available.

Special Attributes: He can control the direction of an object. He can cause stagnant and moving objects to travel in a controlled direction, regardless of his physical strength or speed. Along with direction, he can also manipulate magnitude, increasing or decreasing the speed of the object.

Strengths: Self reliance, stamina, picks up skills quickly, reverse engineering and resistance to mind control and hypnosis (his power requires him to make a large number of calculations very quickly in order to perform).

Weaknesses: Due to reliance on his ability, his physical strength is below average. Spacial abilities may also bypass this power.

7/17/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #14

Eliphas... Eliphas... that name sounds eerily familiar. Like he came from the grim darkness of the far future. Bah it's probably nothing. Approved.

C'mon Mephiles, I have faith in you! So explain this quantity thing to me, it's a little vague. It sounds very interesting though.

7/17/2012 #15

Hohoho into 40k are yeh?!

7/17/2012 #16

(Simply said, he redirects things and changes the speed.)

7/17/2012 #17

So when something is moving... he can speed it up or move it somewhere else?

7/17/2012 #18

Or slow it down.

7/17/2012 #19

That'd make one hell of a support ability, slow down incoming attacks on the group and speed their attacks up. Also I'm pretty damn eager to get started, how are we gonna kick things off Doktur?

7/17/2012 #20
I'll be whipping up Anduin's profile in the morning, then we have a green light. And I have a pretty good idea on how I want to kick things off.
7/18/2012 #21

Dremuloch, Alduin. Greetings from your friend, Paarthunax.

((Anduin, Alduin :P ))

7/18/2012 #22

You little bastard. You know I was originally going to name him Alduin, but I didn't think I was being subtle.

7/18/2012 #23

Name: Anduin Soliel

Race: Human

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Anduin is a tall man, easily standing over the crowd. He is clad in sleek azure robes coil around his burnished demonic armor, ornate stitchings of demons and men slither along the edges. The armor is covered in various faces, some contorted in sheer agony, others totally otherworldly. His right arm appears to have been torn off a daemon prince and used to replace his old arm. His rubric mask completely conceals his countenance, a thick crown of horns emerge from the nape of the neck and coil skyward. From every opening in his armor, every chink and every deliberate hole, a monstrous energy leaks out, alien to even the demons he commands.

Personality: "I have been called many things, monster, barbarian, demon king, even siscon, but I have to admit until today "deluded tyrant" was not among them."

Anduin is a brutal soul. Cold, manipulative, irritated. These are his natural states of being, nary does he stray from them. Some of his favorite pastimes are manipulating proud or haughty people. He will play up to said pride, using their most prominent trait to sway them to his way of thinking. He's had years to practice and execute diplomacy, and judging from the state of the world he has a natural gift.

History/Bio: Born into a family of five, Anduin found himself in the deplorable state of the middle child. His parents expected great things from him, pushed him to surpass his peers, however they cared little for his later siblings. Anduin's greatest solace from the brutal regiment of his parents was his father's books. Inside he learned of the study of demonology. According to the history books he was forced to read this practice died out decades ago, and upon this revelation Anduin knew how to please his parents.

For years Anduin studied the art of manipulating demons to his will, plaguing others with crippling diseases, and conjuring meteor showers over his foes. Over time the kindness of his older sister became another haven for the adolescent. And for years Anduin's parents became more overbearing and abusive, trying to get the most out of their son, totally unaware of the dark practices Anduin had taken up in his free time. The child's talents truly shined when he read. They allowed for understanding the cryptic instructions of the ancient tomes, and before long he had summoned his first demon. Somehow he managed to summon a succubus on his first go, and knew exactly what to do with her. Instead of using her for his own amusement, he decided that driving a rift between his parents would give him more free time.

With the soul of his father stolen easier than expected, and his mother crushed by a golem, Anduin found a colossal reservoir of free time awaiting him. Easily he conquered the tomes for all they were worth. Confident in his abilities Anduin told his sister he would be stepping out for the foreseeable future, and that she not wait for him. For years his sister waited, unable to forget her favorite brother. Years later he returned home, whatever that had happened to Anduin in that time warped him into the man he is now. The armor, the mask... the mask was the most obvious. He loved to wear it, with it he could spout knowledge he didn't even know he had. He had also taken an unhealthy interest in his suddenly beautiful sister.

One night he told her of his plans. How he knew how to save this dying world. Of the alliances he had created, the potential enemies he had murdered, and the monstrous hordes he had in hiding, awaiting his sole command, "Will you join me Sinestra?" He almost begged her, "I need someone I can trust," She accepted almost immediately, oblivious to the fact that her beloved brother now had her under his thumb. The following morning, in one lightning strike, the inhuman hordes of Anduin rose from the very earth. They struck just as the world was recovering from its greatest war yet, and the people were completely incapable of fighting back.

Preferred Fighting Style: Anduin employs his colossal magical power to warp the world and people around him. Tossing fireballs casually at his foes, firing a volley of chaotic bolts, spreading disease among the ranks of his foes. He also wields a serrated hellblade known as Valermos. Using it to channel his power more effectively.

In his travels Anduin has procured a glowing emerald orb that is roughly the size of a baseball. Upon slamming it against the ground, the dead begin to have trouble staying that way.

Ultimately however, Anduin's abilities are totally unknown. What he is capable of and the full extent of his power is ultimately up for debate. Few have actually survived confrontations with him to have more than a vague idea.

Special Attributes: Those who have stood in near Anduin claim to hear unintelligible whispers and the voices of loved ones. Some have been deeply tormented by the voices and Anduin, upon learning this, began using it as a form of torture.

Strengths: Colossal power on par with a god. A capable diplomat and manipulator. Expert in Demonology. And privy to knowledge that would drive most insane.

Weaknesses: Allegedly the rubric mask he wears, the "Bloodwell" is the largest source of Anduin's power. To remove it is to literally steal a god's power.

One of the best ways to get to Anduin is through his sister Sinestra.

Other: Anduin often speaks in a tongue largely unknown to the world. What he is saying is unknown, and thus he is all the more unpredictable in combat.

Anduin has not taken off the Bloodwell for years. How he has managed to stay alive for so long is anyone's guess.

Let's get ready to rumble!

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #24
Sage of the White Sands
((May join up...good guys need a leader Lolz...I kid I kid..)
7/18/2012 #25
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I might make another character when I get home from work)

7/18/2012 #26

I say name him Alduin, because that's what you wanted

7/18/2012 #27

(Alright HoersRadish! We're chronicling Eliphas' betrayal right now!)

"Zu'u in Anduin! " Boomed a monstrous voice, "Alok-Dilon, yoriik! Ahrk ruz kren, du, ag! Enook joor evenaar!" Under the weight of his voice the earth cracked, and emerging from the wounds were the dead. Thousands upon thousands roared in their respective mutilated tongues, all united by the voice of their new master. The owner of the alien voice beamed upon the rotting army in satisfaction. He was known as Anduin Soliel, warlock and the most powerful magic user on the planet. The undead shambled and jaunted along, rallying and organizing themselves. Were it not for their rusted armor and rotting flesh, they would look like any other rank and file army. Anduin, satisfied with how the dead were handling their situation, turned to the half-daemon that stood behind him, "Ah, Eliphas, drem yo lok. I have been waiting for you," He motioned for the man to walk with him, "Come, we have much to discuss. I have a mission for you."

Casually the two walked across the empty plains. The ground was charred and the plants that struggled to recover were small and delicate, "There is a village a short distance from here, comprised almost entirely of elves and refugees. Among the populace there is a person of interest I want you to recover. A fahliil- I'm sorry, elven woman. Answers to the name Magnarium Obulade. If that doesn't help she is very well endowed," Anduin emphasizes by placing his hands in front of his chest, "Especially for an elf. Her father has recently passed, but he was privy to information I would find useful, more specifically I want the watch elves' secrets in engineering. The girl may have inherited his secrets. Bring her quickly, the dead will not wait before they move to raze the town," He paused, "Do you have any questions?"

7/18/2012 #28
Sage of the White Sands
((When is the cut off date. And can my guy have. Fought against alduin countless times?))
7/18/2012 #29

(Cut off date!? There is no such thing worm! Personally against Anduin? You're either very brave or very stupid. Just remember, Anduin needs to be powerful because he's the main badguy. The point is that the goodguys need to work together to even hope to topple him. Other than that I don't see why not.)

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #30
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