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D.C. Black

Let's continue the story. Create OCs, use canons, and continue the legend. Just so you know. Bruce Wayne will not return to Gotham and neither will Selinia Kyle. Alfred might stay with John Blake. Also, John Blake is going to be Batman's successor. Even though his real name is Robin...he will be Nightwing. It makes more sense. Villains are acceptable. Police Officers are acceptable. Bane is gone. Joker is gone. Talia is gone. Two Face is gone. Ras is gone. All other villains are playable. I will allow a Robin. I will allow an Oracle/Bat-girl. Let's create a new series!

7/26/2012 #1
D.C. Black

(No...I'm not going to be this random guy...I call Nightwing. End of story. Sorry!)

"The Batman? No...he's dead. They got that statue to prove it...There was a nuke. He's gone. No way he got outta there in time...Another one? Why the hell would Batman need a successor? He's a freak in a cape...Yeah the shipment's's waiting for you...well find a way to get here quicker..." the man ended the call. He pulled his coat around him.

A year, the man thought, a year since the Bat died. Why would he get scared on me after a year? Old habits die hard.

The man looked back at the three others who were loading crates off of the back of a truck. It was dark. Except for the moon. It was cold. Middle of winter. The man called out to the others.

"Hey! Dumb asses! Be careful with those crates!" he yelled. "Cost me a fortune!"

The man looked back. He could've picked a better location. The ship yard wasn't exactly the best place. He didn't want anyone hearing things they shouldn't be hearing. There was a roof that he often looked at across from their location. A pretty great distance. He looked down away from the roof and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket. He pulled out his lighter and lit one. He looked up back to the roof adjacent to him.

There was a man on the roof. He wasn't standing. He was kneeling. The man got nervous. He almost swallowed his cigarette. He dropped it and looked to his henchmen.

"Jesus! It's the Bat! Guard the supplies! Grab a gun!" said the man. One of the henchmen came over.

"Where is he, Mr. Tetch?"

"He's up ther-" but as the first man looked back, the man on the roof was gone. "God...I'm loosing it...hate that damn Bat. Could've sworn I saw someone right there on that roof not a minute ago." said Tetch. "Keep unloading."

The men kept unloading.

There was a man on the roof. But...he didn't do it. He couldn't do it. He would report to the cops. Hell, he was a cop. Gordon trusted him. He was wearing the suit of a dead man. Batman was dead. This city has a hero. They look up to him. Why should some amateur replace him? The man climbed down the other side of the roof and walked away.

7/26/2012 #2

((As interesting as this may be, I will, however, inform you that you are missing two things, and that some people here, myself included, do not appreciate Spoiler RPs. Since the Dark Knight Rises came out recently, I'm sure that not everyone here has seen it. And the fact that you began this RP probably spoiled the movie for many people.

On to what you're missing.... You're missing a character skeleton, something for people to build their OCs off of, and you're missing the actual plot that you want to employ....

Without those, any RP here seems as good as dead.))

7/27/2012 #3
D.C. Black

((I apologize. I had no idea. I decided to create a separate forum for this RP with character skeleton and plot. I was testing things here.))

7/27/2012 #4
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