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Chainsaw Cake

In 2215, a worldwide nuclear exchange occurred. The polar ice caps were hit quite heavily, causing most of the world to be flooded in irradiated water. Luckily, survivors were able to escape to the sky rigs inhabited by teams of scientists who monitored the Earth's ozone levels and kept an eye out for falling space debris. Over time, newer and more long-term versions of these rigs spread out all over the planet and became the new home of Earth's people. A recolonization attempt was made towards the few remaining landmasses in 2300, but the land was desolate and empty of life, and so many colonists simply returned to the sky, where life was easier. The landmasses ended up becoming the ghettos of this new world, and eventually produced some of the toughest sky pirates ever known.

You see, resources were spread a lot more thinly in the sky, and so sky piracy became a prevalent crime. It's the future, so space travel has advanced significantly. Mars was terraformed to an extent, in order to produce food - mostly plants. Meat has become an expensive commodity. The only reason that this is feasible is because the aforementioned nuclear exchange caused a severe decrease in population. Mars was covered in greenhouses and mined for ice to use as water, then just enough people were left there to keep the greenhouses, ice mines, and water recyclers running. The idea was to only do this for as long as it took for Earth to regain its land, but people just grew used to things the way they were, and attempts at recolonization were largely abandoned, apart from the ghettos. Since most of Earth's supplies are now flown in from Mars (except for water, that's become clean enough and has been run through desalinizers often enough that oceans are now drinkable), they've become a lot more expensive. Sky piracy basically begins with the Mars delivery crafts being robbed, and the most dangerous pirates tend to hang out wherever the heavily-guarded delivery crafts enter Earth's atmosphere. From then on, those pirates are constantly under attack from other pirates as they make the long journey a port town. It's basically an aerial, every-man-for-himself war, with the winner being the pirates who actually manage to get to the port town and scoop up the profit.

Many styles of piracy have sprung up over the years, but the main ones are:

Port Leeches: These pirates hang around just outside of the protective zones of port towns, waiting to ambush loaded ships and tired crews. Crews tend to mow a quick and brutal path through the other crew to get to the goods. Stealthy, conniving, and tenacious.

Wasps: These pirates are a much nastier cousin of port leeches. They use swarms of small, speedy, and highly maneuverable ships to snatch goods and pick off crew members one by one. Crew members like to fly by in blink-and-you'll-miss-it blitzes that tend to leave a lot of corpses. Fast, nasty - and most of them are completely without a conscience.

Tanks: The total opposite of wasps, at least piratically speaking. They tend to fly enormous, nigh-indestructible hulks and prefer to mow down their enemies with gun- and cannon-fire. The crews are usually as tough and pack just as hard a punch as their ships, but they tend to stay on board and take a defensive position when attacked. Strong, ruthless, and violent.

How do the ships fly? There's a few options. Antigravity (newer ones are very expensive, older ones are cheaper, but unreliable); giant propellors (laughably old-fashioned, but dependable); steam (see propellors - however, you can't dice oncoming ships into salsa with steam); solar (experiencing a resurgence after the end of nuclear winter); and nuclear (expensive, and people tend to back away from it under the false assumption that it's unstable).

Major port towns: Conluvio: The largest of the three; specializes in weapons trade, mechanics-for-hire, ship parts, and other industry-related products. A loud, smoky boomtown.

Alimentum: This town has the feel of some exotic bazaar from a distant land. It specializes in produce, especially contraband exotics that some Mars gardeners grew on the sly.

Temere: This town is a sort of jack-of-all trades with a very patchwork, schizophrenic atmosphere. If you can't find what you need in Conluvio or Alimentum, you'll probably find it in Temere.

If you're interested in this RP, bear in mind that you don't have to be a pirate if you don't want to. You could be a merchant in a port town, a ship medic, a law enforcer out to get the pirates, or whatever else you think would suit this setting. Here's a character template:








Piracy Style/Other Role:


This Character Lives in the Port Town of:


So, you know the rules: no god-modding, no being nasty to the other RP'ers, use your nicest spelling and grammar, and have fun!

8/1/2012 #1

(Back again!)

Name: Andel Kosyme. Yeah, I'm recycling the name.

Age: 56.

Gender: Male.

Height: 5'7.

Weight: 142.

Appearance: Not quite short, not quite bulky, but rather muscular. Dark-tanned skin and short hair. Wears a necklace of rope, with tiny, dull blades woven into it.

Personality: Andel runs a tight ship, but not a brutal one – although anyone in his crew that moves against him is almost always executed. On the other hand, thanks to these two traits, he hasn't had anything even resembling a mutiny in over a decade.

Piracy Style/Other Role: Tank.

Rank: Captain, Valkyrie.

Lives in: Conluvio, though he's not exactly loyal to it, and often buys or sells at Temere.

Backstory: Nothing traumatic here. Andel grew up on his father's pirate ship, and inherited it when he father passed away (although the cause of death is… unknown). Andel learned from one of the best, and has become one of the best (and one of the feared). Andel has yet to retreat from a fight, although this has caused a lot of damage to his ship, and a lot of loss of life among his crew. He's made so much money that pirating is actually more of a pastime than a way of life; and in one case, he wiped out other pirates attacking a shipment and then guided it do its destination, wherre he finally actually took the goods and sold them.

The Valkyrie is easily one of the biggest ships, even among other tanks, and the weaker-hearted of pirates may flee at the sight of it in search of easier pickings. Andel has developed tactics and weapons for wiping out competition, often from a distance. Don't think that you can necessarily just swarm him to death – Andel once flew the Valkyrie straight through the heart of a battle in progress, and although the Valkyrie sustained significant damage, nothing else was able to fire back by the time he came out the other side.

He gets bored with his normal tactics sometimes.

8/1/2012 . Edited 7/29/2014 #2

Name:Ty "Tweak" Garris





Appearance:Ty is a half blood, half Caucaisan, half Filipino. He holds a swimmer's build, and a tanned skin, as well as black hair, and sky blue eyes . However, he wears a scar on his back, the result of an accident on his previous station. His attire, however, is comprised of an sleeveless sage green shirt, and boot cut jeans, ragged and worn. His hands are covered with black fingerless gloves. However, his left wrist wears a custom created device, which acts as a portable computer, of sorts, and covers most of his forearm. Bullet proof, water proof, and EMP resistant,it is always on his left wrist, as not only his most prized possession, but it was also a gift, from someone special to him, lost to time. His right wrist is bare, reveallig another set of scars he obtained in a fight. On his feet, are boots, heavy, and durable. He also has a pair of knee gaurds, grey in color.

His belt contains various pouches and pockets, for holding his tools, and othervarious items of consequence. But the most obscure item he wears, is his eye protector. Covering his left eye, Tweak created his own Chatter, a device used primarily for communicating. It sports a light green lens,and displays multiple readouts, most are from his work.

Personality:Highy inquisitive, and curious, Ty dosn't ally himself wih others, unless given a good reason to do so. He will try to figure out how things can work, an how they operate. He holds a front, of beng borish, blunt, and inconsiderate, but can be softened up to certain people, afte some time.

Piracy Style/Other Role:Inventor/ Traveling Merchant


This Character Lives in the Port Town of:Conluvio

Backstory:Ty Tweak Garris received his nickname, for his nicknacks, and random inventions he created. He began tinkering with small radios, and Chatters, upgrading tem, taking them upart, or even accidentally making something completely new, and different out of them. However, he began dappling into weaponry around 16, and hasn't looked back since. He tinkered with his father's Wasp weaponry once, without his permssion, and was praised for it. The slight adjustments he did gave his father a small advantage, and kept him safe. Ty ten continued work ing on weapons, both hand held, and vehicular, of any sort. But, when he turned 19, Ty's life changed forever. On his birthday, his sister gave him the parts to creat his WriCom, the computer he carries on his wrist. Then, his mother died in an accident,giving him the scar on his back. The next day, his sister disappeared, lost to the pirates, but exactly whom, he didn't know. Thn his father died, searching for his sister, shot down in a dogfight.

The events that passed gave light t Ty's new life. He was given a Tank, The Gungnir. The tank was his father's, used when he was in the military, and given to the family when the veteran's term was finally over. However, The Gungnir has no weapons.It was refitted a luxury ship to travel the stars with. When it was given to Tweak, he refitted it to his needs, making it a mobile laboratory for his mechanic work, an inventing. This ship, Tweak uses to travel, mostly to sell, and buy resources.

The Gungnir is fitted to hold much more than it looks. During flight, in and out of atmosphere, the Gungnir can dock with Wasp ships, and resupply them, or repair them, per it's role whn still in military use. Ty left this feature alone, allowing him to use his ship to upgrade others, or simply repair them.

((Hope he's good enough....))

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Sage of the White Sands
((Might recycle.but first work calls.))
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Warrior of the Sun

EDITING! Thanks for pointing out the MASSIVE flaws Eladon.

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(I shall fly once more to scorch the clouds in the name of Sol, though I'll be modifying the craft of the Knights of Sol. They'll also be less of a cult and more of a business this time around, though you'll still only see one battle group unless players start ridiculous overpowering. Of course this will all have to wait until tomorrow when I can get on a proper computer.)
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I shall join.... After band camp is finished and I have more time.
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Sage of the White Sands

Name: Terrance Daumier

Age: 40



Weight: 178

Appearance: Terrance is kinda muscular,has brown eyes, skin is lightly tanned, he has short blonde hair with shades of gray here and there, along with a locket of his mother around his neck.

Personality: Cold, calculating and ruthless, these are a few things that define the man. smart,tactical and militeristically brillant, that is what beholds him in battle, but for those who truly know the man they claim he is far better than the alternative.

Piracy Style/Other Role: Tank

Rank: Captain of the Alexander( make fun of the name if you wish.)

Port Town: Conluvio

Backstory: Terrance, was born in the Port Town of Conluvio, where he was mainly raised by his mother, while his father went on numerous sky-pirating campaigns across the world, and thus Terrance was without his father for extended periods of time. Which left him to be more attached and protective of his mother when he got older. This in term had made him a honorable man when he aged, causing him to join the Sky Navy when he graduated from high school. But, he felt as if something was missing from his life, and it seemingly had been tugging at him for awhile. This calling came in the form of a Air ship that his father had left to him as his last will of testament on his death as a gift to his son, and a start to a life without any chains or restrictions. With his mind made up and a base crew assembled, he resigned his commission from the navy and began his new life in the sky. And since then his rank's grew along with his infamy.


Name: Ashelia Burns

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 100ish

Appearance:'t mind that thumbnail thing as the picture ain't mine.))

Personality: Ashelia is someone who's mood seems out of place in the world of Sky-Pirating, to say the least she is extremely chipper half the time, loves to joke around with the other crew members at their expense, and generally never experiences a bad day, because to her. why wear a frown when you are the pilot of the famous Captain Kosyme.

Piracy Style/Other Role: Tank/Piloting

Rank: Pilots the Valkyrie

This Character Lives in the Port Town of: Conluvio(formerly)

Backstory: Ashelia, was raised on the streets of Conluvio. She basically made her living taking what she can get and doing any odd job that came her way. In a sense, she never really knew anything more than her own name and had never really gotten to know her parents. So when she grew up she took to the Valkyrie, where she was only merely a grunt or a face in the crowd. But, due to the value's she instilled in her youth, she constantly wore a smile and worked her butt off until a oppurtunity to do more presented itself in the form of the former pilot being "excused" from duty, and with everyone scared of flying it or not having a clue on how to control it, Ashelia did due to her spending some time on the bridge. With that in mind she was made the new, unlucky pilot of the Valkyrie, and since then, she has done remarkably well.


Name: Patrick G. Hunter

Age: 78 Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 178

Appearance: Fredrick is covered in many scars from his past, most of which are on his upper body and face - a face that looks like it has seen it all, with deep green eyes and a gray head of hair. He also walks with a cane-supported limp.

Personality: He is extremely shrewd.Is is smart enough to be incredibly harsh to his enemies, but he also knows that a fair captain tends to have the best crew. He knows what to do to get the results he wants.


Ship:Captain of the Iron Cloud II

Backstory: Patrick was the type of man who had never stepped foot on land, and what I mean by that is, like most sky pirates his age, or alittle younger, he was born and raised in a ship, he knew nothing else but the insides and out of a ship, and was expected when he got older, to take control of the Iron Cloud, the then base of his father's crew. When he turned 30, the reigns were giving to him unexpectedly due to his father being killed in action in that same battle. Patrick had used his wits and tactical mind to navigate the crew to a grisly and grim victory. It was from there that he began his slow rise to infamy, recruiting a loyal crew, and doing what his father had always wanted him to do, lead a highly successful crew. After Twenty year's in service however, he was forced to abandon the old Tank-Class ship his father had modified after a battle. Heart-strucken at the thought of letting his late father down, he immediately went out and purchased a another Tank-Class ship, and rechristened it, Iron Cloud II, in honor of his fathers ship.Soon after he began to expand his crew, to include those fresh from the School, and even experienced hands. By the time he turned 55, he had already earned enough profit, and fame to be widely considered one of the most famous captains, to ever sail the open sky.But, this certainly didn't save him from the terrible news he had recieved on his 78th birthday, news that had slightly altered his perception of the world but didn't damper it.

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Sage of the White Sands
Damn kindle!!!!
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Chainsaw Cake

(All accepted.)

Name: Cheryl A. Romero

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 142 lbs

Appearance: Crazy hips, square face, wide nose, full mouth, freckles. Brown eyes, wavy brown hair, brown skin, callused hands, more freckles.

Personality: Very laid-back and mellow; extremely talented mechanic; good at keeping a cool head during disaster and MacGuyvering solutions at the last minute.

Piracy Style/Other Role: Tank

Rank: First mate of the Valkyrie

This Character Lives in the Port Town of: Conluvio

Backstory: Born to a family of mechanics and tanks. Her family lived aboard their ship, and all except Cheryl were killed in a skirmish when Cheryl was two (so she conveniently does not remember this). She was taken in by the attackers because of her family's history as mechanics; the attackers hoped she'd inherit the talent, and she did. She now works for the pirate crew who killed her family, and is always on call for the next mission. In between missions, she works as a mechanic-for-hire at a Conluvian dock.

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/4/2012 #10
Sage of the White Sands

(We can chalk this up,as a no start.))

8/1/2012 #11

(What do you mean, a no start? It's been under 24 hours, we have six characters and at least three more planned. Hold your horses.)

8/1/2012 #12
Sage of the White Sands

((Who is planning a OC?))

8/1/2012 #13

(I decided to take a different approach. Is this acceptable?) Name: The Infamous Captain Arthur MacGrath

Age: 54

Gender: Male

Height: Five feet nine inches

Weight: One-hundred and fifty-two pounds

Appearance: Arthur is lean and tough like jerky, with plenty of nasty scars across his tanned leathery hide to further aid the resemblance. Bullets, shrapnel, fire, blades, if there's a weapon out there, odds are Arthur's got a scar from it. Arthur's face is somewhat pectagonal, with his skull fairly square and his jawline coming to an obtuse point at his chin. Arthur's salt and pepper hair is long and straight, pulled back into a ponytail which reaches the bottoms of his shoulderblades. Arthur also has a salt and pepper beard of three inches in length, which he keeps neatly groomed. Arthur's left eyesocket is covered by a classic black eyepatch, with scar running from the middle of his forehead through the socket to his left cheekbone. Arthur's right eye is hazel and deep-set to the point of looking sunken beneath his bushy, furrowed brows. The tip of Arthur's right ear was shot off long ago, and his nose is crooked slightly downwards from having been improperly reset after it was broken. Arthur's left arm from the elbow down is a combat prosthetic with a concealed set of blades and his left leg is improperly healed after a close call with a grenade, requiring him to walk with a cane which doubles as a cleverly disguised rifle. Arthur wears a navy blue collared shirt with a long right sleeve and an elbow-length left sleeve with a pair of dark green trousers. Arthur wears hobnailed brown leather jackboots. Around Arthur's waist is a sort of combination bandoleer and satchel of brown leather with additional straps around his hips and thighs to keep it there. Over all of this Arthur wears a dark brown trenchcoat and a maroon scarf.

Personality: Captain MacGrath is, in a single word, a survivor. Crafty and resilient, the sly old bastard's been doing his business for a long, long time, and while he doesn't always get the loot he plays the game like few others can. Like any hunter he'd much rather keep his presence hidden until the opportunity to strike arises, though he honestly comes off as a bit of an arsehole even if he means well. Cold, calculating, and at times utterly unempathetic, Captain MacGrath is more suited to making strategic and tactical decisions than dealing with other people.

Piracy Style/Other Role: Tank

Rank: Captain of the Matilda

Port of Residence: Temere

Character History: Arthur is not the first Captain MacGrath of the Matilda, nor was the Captain MacGrath before him, nor even the Captain MacGrath before him. The real Captain MacGrath retired long ago and died wealthy and fulfilled some decades later. Arthur was initially a mere cabin boy on a merchant vessel when, at the ripe age of thirteen, the Matilda attacked. That should have been the end, for Captain MacGrath takes no prisoners, but it was not to be so. You see, Captain MacGrath had been getting old and had begun looking for a successor to his title. MacGrath saw something in Arthur's eyes and took him on as an apprentice. The crew, knowing the drill by now, aided the Captain in the sculpting of the next MacGrath, and after ten years Arthur had learned everything he could, allowing him to become the next Captain MacGrath. Arthur has done his mentor proud over the past few decades, but he's starting to feel his age. He'll need to find an apprentice soon if he is to pass on his legacy...

The Matilda is clearly an old ship, with numerous repairs and renovations done over its lifetime of service, utterly unrecognisable from its original state. Relying primarily upon a combination of giant rotors and newer antigravity technology to remain aloft, the Matilda is a good medium-sized metal hulled tank vessel armed with two gun decks, the lower having six 40mm anti-armor cannons on both the port and starboard sides and the upper having two 20mm anti-aircraft turrets on both the port and starboard sides, with one more at the bow and a final turret at the stern. Finally the underside has another six 20mm anti-aircraft ball turrets in the same configuration as the upper gun deck, as well as a gate which can be used for loading cargo or dropping bombs. The armor on the port and starboard of the ship is more heavy than at the bow and stern, and the entire vessel is painted a bone-chilling shade of black.

8/1/2012 #14
Fantasy Impromptu

Name: Eta (Pronounced Ay-ta) Castor

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs

Appearance: Notably wears a long, burgundy scarf made of Thyrne (plant) fibers - the properties of which neutralize specific types of poison gas. The red color denotes her position as Co-Captain; most Hecate members wear black, white, or grey scarves, depending on their rank/job. Dark brown hair, as typical of most people. Also usually wears some form of sunglasses/goggles, as per everyone else on the Hecate, as the sun is more direct against the sky and exposure will otherwise cause blindness. Angular face and body features; not really remarkable when it comes to looks in the slightest. Wears a brown 'heat' jacket made of a thin, shiny material (holds in body heat to combat the chill of the sky) and burgundy, linen pants. A belt with loops along her hips carries small vials of different plant tinctures (used easily to make poisons and medicines), lighter, set of needles, spool of thread, rolls of bandages, a vial of Earth soil, and a curved, cane-like staff that is used to hook/hoist the fallen to eye-level (checking for life) that can split into two and serve as a long dagger. Also has a standard-issue radio that hooks around the ear, used to give order and communicate with the rest of the crew.

Personality: Comes off as cool and distant, but this is more of a misconception than anything else. In truth, Eta is just .. extremely awkward (sometimes resulting in bluntness, frankly) around people (stuttering sometimes, hurr durr), as it was only at around age 19 that she was exposed to others, having spent most of her life in the company of only one person - Lev, who was a bit odd (or, batshit insane in some aspects), himself. Likewise, she finds normal, nonessential conversation hard to initiate, unless the topic is biology or some kind of science. In fact, her love of plants (and life, ironically enough) is so profound that once, she traded the spoils of an entire ship for a single, rare lily, much to the chagrin of everyone else. (Fanaticism, almost) This also demonstrates her sort of fickle, almost lofty attitude. She is unaffected for the most part, by death, as she views most people like plants that can easily be recreated through biological manipulation; really, the whole 'medic' position is somewhat exaggerated, as on a wasp ship, it's either life or death with little room in between. It is easy to be careless with people. Oddly enough, this unrealizing detachment (and understanding of what 'death' is) gives her something few others have - a sort of almost innocence that prompts risky, naive moves; Eta feels somewhat above death, at times.

Despite not having a lot of leadership skills (at least the emotional part), Eta is a powerful aspect of the Hecate, a lot of their power coming from the information she gathers in the darkness of seedy taverns in the various port towns. She also has a vendetta against Tanks, and believes that they're extremely callous and barbaric, because they rarely engage in direct contact, killing impersonally - whereas she looks her targets in the eyes as they die. In a sick sense, this is more merciful in her eyes. In contrast, she sometimes finds the realization of being a /pirate/ completely hilarious, and pretends that her curved staff is a hook-hand. Yarr.

Piracy Style: Wasp

Rank: Co-Captain/Medic of the Hecate.

This Character Lives in the Port Town of: Alimentum, but only temporarily when the Hecate is docked.

Backstory: Born to two Martian traders that died in an air raid, young Eta was taken in and raised in greenhouse by a scientist named Lev, who she came to deeply revere and almost idolize. The entirety of her young life was spent helping him in the greenhouse, growing and experimenting with rare (and once-extinct) plants. He himself was a bit of an enigma, almost playing 'god' with the life underneath his microscope. Through this, Eta has become a sort of whiz with all things biological, with an advanced knowledge on all plants, and a strong disposition for the altering and experimentation of life. Lev died when she was 17, while on a periodic merchant trip to Earth to sell what they had grown in the greenhouse. Having been part of a large group of Martian growers, the nuances of the attack reached her ears, and she developed a strong hatred toward Tanks, as one of which had been responsible. Eta would live in the greenhouse for one more year before leaving for the nearby town of Palaevita, where she would live by selling rare, contraband plants (exotics, mostly) taken with her and soon join a newer group of wasp pirates aboard the Hecate as a medic on their way to Earth. From there, she would rapidly become co-captain of the Hecate. This was a result of her advanced knowledge in rare plants and herpiness; the Hecate turned to control the Alimentium exotic/drug trade and became one of the more advanced, slimline wasp groups, despite being relatively small.

Named after the infamous goddess of the three crossroads, the Hecate is a smaller wasp group, with 3 ships, named after the 3 crossroads (Mortis, Vita, and Geo) that target different units of their targeted ship. Additionally, there is a smaller lead ship (Hecate) that acts as a lead and mediator, as well as bait, on occasion. Most of ships use slimline propellers, but more of as a front; antigrav is used under the facade. Strongly fortified exteriors; some of the more offensive ones even have mirror-like steel alloy coatings to reflect sunlight, strategically. As previously stated, the ship monopolizes the Alimentium exotic/drug trade , but isn't exclusive to it. Generally avoids direct contact/conflict, as the crew only cares about monetary gain. Fixing ships is expensive. Some disdain for Tanks, as perpetuated by Eta's attitude.

*Not enough to directly target a tank, however.


If anyone wants to be the Co-Captain mentioned, feel free to do so.

Oh heavenly GM, tell me whether I am accepted / what to change.

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Sage of the White Sands

I knew it, those two dipped out.

8/3/2012 #16

No; they're still active, I believe. }

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Sage of the White Sands
Talking about the two new rpers.
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Chainsaw Cake

(Sage. Chill. Just be patient.)

8/3/2012 #19

Sage - Calm your raging tits. Seriously)

8/3/2012 #20
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Tae Pho Ba

Age: 64

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 111 lbs

Appearance: Tan skin that's covered in wrinkles; mostly bald, with only a bit of silver hair left; short silver beard; dark eyes. Dresses like a hobo, because he doesn't care what he looks like.

Personality: Understand that the foundation of Pho Ba's personality is intelligence and curiosity. He took up inventing for the challenges it presented, and he simply does not care who he works for as long as they present him an interesting case. He also doesn't care what you're using it for, who you're using it against, or anything like that; he just wants a fun challenge and some kind of pay. Aside from that, he's quite easygoing and a bit lecherous.

Piracy Style/Other Role: World-famous inventor, regarded as one of the (if not the) best out there.

Rank: N/A

This Character Lives in the Port Town of: N/A. He lives all over; he lives wherever he wants to live, or wherever his current employers have taken him.

Backstory: Tae Pho Ba prefers to keep his history a secret. Nobody even seems to remember a young Pho Ba; it's as if he appeared in the world already wrinkled and silver-haired. However, the facts remain: he was born on the ground and hated it. He felt that it was filled with idiots concerned only with day-to-day drudgery, when they should be thinking more like him. As soon as he was old enough, he hitched a ride on one of those rare ships departing from land, disappeared into the sky, and never looked back. The ship brought him to Conluvio, where he soon got a mechanic to take him on as an apprentice. His genius took flight in that workshop, and in just a few years Pho Ba became a highly sought-after inventor. As he grew older, his reputation only increased, and now he's the most famous inventor in the world.


Cheryl A. Romero made her way through the bowels of the ship, boots tunk-tunking on the thick metal floors, a newspaper tucked under her arm, hips swinging with purpose. She ignored the various forms of "good morning" that the other crewmates sent her way. Normally she would have replied with a cheerful swear at the very least, but this was too important. She had to see what her Captain would think about it.

Disappeared!: Where in the World Is Tae Pho Ba?

"Captain?" Cheryl said, rapping on the door to Andel Kosyme's quarters. "Have you seen today's paper? If you haven't, you might want to...this is pretty big."

8/4/2012 #21

"How big?" Andel asked, opening the door for her. He'd been halfway through shaving when Cheryl had arrived. Usually, he didn't read any newspaper; Cheryl more or less did that for him, like she had today. Anything else usually came to him through the rest of the crew or the people of the ports, often in rumor form. As a general rule, there wasn't much to worry about.

8/4/2012 #22
Sage of the White Sands
((I hatevmy kindle ...cant ever make good post on it. But I promise to post soon Cake and Ela.))
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Chainsaw Cake

"Tae Pho Ba's gone missing, that big enough for you?" Cheryl said, holding up the newspaper to display the headline. "That can't be good. Now, I'm probably overreacting, but I can't shake the idea that the authorities got him or something. I mean, the guy does whatever he wants, but someone's always got tabs on him, someone's always just seen him or had him on their ship or something like that. So, y'know, if he's actually been gone for - " She checked the article. "...few weeks...You think I'm being paranoid, or you think this might be an actual problem?"

8/4/2012 #24

"I call that a potential problem," Andel agreed, returning to shaving with his penknife. "You have a point, and the authorities getting their hands on the kinds of things that Ba cooks up would be far on the end of 'bad'. And what do you think we should we try to do about it, hmm?"

8/4/2012 #25
Chainsaw Cake

"I don't know, just keep an eye out for him, I guess," Cheryl said with a shrug. "Just thought it was kind of important. Before I go - we're due for a landing today, right? In Temere?"

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Sage of the White Sands

Ashelia sat in the pilots seat looking bored out of her mind, yeah she had a fun job and yeah she enjoyed what she was doing. She only wished for more excitement and better food. Ashelia slowly closed her eyes almost drifting off to sleep,until she jerked her eyes open,after nearly going into a dive. That was when she called over the speakers "sorry captain!"

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Chainsaw Cake

(Why in the hell would the Valkyrie be trusting someone who falls asleep on the job while not knowing whether the ship has (or even is on) autopilot to fly it through the air, a medium which is notoriously unforgiving of mistakes?)

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Sage of the White Sands
((Good point. But I cant edit.))
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"Slight change in the flight plan late last night," Andel told her, washing his face with a bowl of collected rainwater. "We should be at Temere in an hour or two, and chances are good we'll spend the day there. Might as well take a break; we can certainly afford it."

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