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"Is it small enough to fit in there?" Tweak asked, gesturing towards the repair bay, "And don't worry about the pay, it's on the house"

8/12/2012 #151
Chainsaw Cake

"Yeah, um...Ashelia!" Cheryl called from inside the boiler. "Didn't you have an issue with the piloting system, eh? That seems kind of important!"

8/12/2012 #152
Sage of the White Sands

Ashelia turned back and went back to Cheryl, with a sigh she spoke "Yeah, the piloting system" she began "Yeah, I believe its an issue with the throttle but I don't know" she told her "but it also seems to make somewhat of a side to side jerking motion everytime I even her out of the drops"

8/12/2012 #153
Chainsaw Cake

"Well, I'll take a look at it after I'm done here," Cheryl said. "It might also be an issue with the engine itself."

8/12/2012 #154
Sage of the White Sands

"I hope not, but if it is we won't have to worry after you're done with her" Ashelia said with a smile, then looking back to Andel "See you around Captain!" she repeated before running out.

8/12/2012 #155
Fantasy Impromptu

"Yes, it's a really small ship. One of the smaller ones in group of Wasps," Eta smiled toothily, pleased. "I'm going to call my crew, so just give me a 'mo, alright?"

She tucked her free hair behind one ear, jabbing a small, silver button. Their voices still resonated from the small radio, and now, they would be able to hear her.

After a short set of directions and a brief passage of time, the small ship bumbled in, landing in the designated dock.

"It just needs some parts exchanged, is all,"

8/12/2012 #156
Chainsaw Cake

"Okay," said Cheryl when there was no more chance of Ashelia overhearing. "She's proven herself competent plenty of times and all, but sometimes I still wonder what you were thinking when you hired her, yeah?" She stepped out of the boiler - she was covered in smutches of dirt and a few streaks of machine oil. She mopped sweat from her brow with one glove-covered forearm before picking up a pair of bolt cutters and beginning to excise weakened portions of pipe.

8/12/2012 #157
Sage of the White Sands

((Cheryl, I wonder sometimes as well.))

8/12/2012 #158

"So do I," Andel admitted. "But she gets the job done, and I have yet to find a volunteer replacement. So unless you can find me one..."

He stood up straight. "Anyway, you don't need me down here. And the crew will probably be done selling soon, if they're not on their way back now."

8/12/2012 #159
Chainsaw Cake

"All I'm concerned with right now is getting this job done and then finding somewhere to wash all this shit off," Cheryl said. "Go on, do your Captain-y stuff."

8/12/2012 #160
Sage of the White Sands

((Or I can make another Pilot and have Ashelia demoted to her old job...))

8/12/2012 #161
Chainsaw Cake

(Dude, calm down. It's not an attack on your character, it's my character semi-seriously voicing an opinion. You...just loosen up, man.)

8/12/2012 #162
Sage of the White Sands

((Actually, I've been planning something for a while, Someone that has actual experience.))

8/12/2012 #163

"Then find that inventor again?" Andel hinted, and shot back up the stairs before she could answer. Once back on the top deck, he checked around to his if the crew members were returning yet. If so, they weren't in sight; only the guards (watching out for port leeches) were. After a moment, he decided to go back to his own cabin. He had an idea he wanted to run by Cheryl, but not yet. Best to check it for any flaws even he could spot first.

8/12/2012 #164
Chainsaw Cake

"¡Cállate, cabrón!" she called up after him, but in a more-or-less good-natured way.

8/12/2012 #165

Tweak's eyes lit up at the opportunity to operate on a ship. He hadn't done so himself for a while, and was eager, and he let it show somewhat.

"So, what are we looking at here? Thrusters need tuning? Engine maintenance? Armor rebuff and repair?" he asked as he got his gloves and donned them. He also grabbedanother set of tools, and a pair of goggles, which he attached to his WristCom via a wire. It would helphim see the parts better in darker places

8/12/2012 #166
Fantasy Impromptu

She paused, tilting her head, before looking at him seriously. Albeit with a smile, but still.

"I'm not aware of any other Wasps doing this, but my group has a smaller ship that's used as bait for the for the cocky, more aggressive ships. It's smaller and looks peaceful, like a small vendor ship, but underneath the plating, there are a few small cannons and such," Eta shrugged happily, trying to hide her own pleasure, talking about the ingenious Hecate.

"Armor rebuff and minor external damage repair is needed, it's too conspicuous otherwise. Simple things like that. D'you need any help?"

8/12/2012 #167

"A person on standby wouldn't be bad, I suppose" Tweak said as he began his work. He looked over the parts, taking mental notes of what was needed to be done. He took hold of his rivet gun, and began taking off a plate of armor.

"So, how long since this thing was repaired?" he asked out of curiosity between riveting

8/12/2012 #168
Fantasy Impromptu

She stood behind him, curiously looking over his shoulder to watch him; this kind of work Eta found deeply fascinating.

"I usually take care of the superficialities, as does some of my crew. But the last major repair by a professional was done about .. more than a year ago," Eta shrugged. "It's not really a combat-type ship, so there's never much need for repairs. The other ships, on the other hand.." Another shrug.


".. Um. Is it okay if I ask about the machine on your wrist? It looks .. brilliant,"

8/12/2012 #169

"You're wondering about this thing? There's only one of it that I know of. I made this beauty myself" Tweak replied, briefly gesturing towards his WristCom, "I've been trying to find a way to link it with my ship, but so far, no luck. But without it, I wouldn't have made it this far"

He paused briefly to move the plate to a nearby table, and begin working on it. From there, he found his specially made press, one he made to remove dents, and began working on it.

"You know, if you want on, I can make ou one. Thecatch would be finding the parts for it. I'll even program it for you" he added, more so jokingly, but there was a slight hint of seriousness lining his offer

8/12/2012 #170
Fantasy Impromptu

Her breathing hitched, slightly.

"That would be .. brilliant, if it's okay. I've never seen a machine that glossed the line between tool and art that closely.." Eta trailed of, trying to hide some instance of inherent excitement. Her voice peaked up,"My crew and I frequently fly across the skies, I should be able to find everything you need. And if there's anything else you need, I can probably get that, too,"

"Are you sure it's okay?"

8/13/2012 #171

Tweak paused to reply, hammering outsome of the dents. The tool was loud, but not earsplittingly so, more akin to a rubber mallet hitting a wooden board. He continued for a minute or two, and looked up at Eta.

"Well. I am offering something that you can't get anywhere else. I'm perfectly fine with it, but are you? I mean, there really is no number to put on such an object, and even I could, it would be high, even by black market standards. The parts for it are hard to come by, and the construction takes time, and plenty of it. Not to mention the programming. Although, I'm sure there are plenty of peieces lying here in this port" Tweak said, assuming another hammering episode.

Another minute, and he was done. He found a rag ,and a polishing compound.

"It's natural for me to polish the parts, but you might have other ideas about that. Did you want me to shine it up?" he asked, removing his goggles and wiping some sweat fro his brow.

8/13/2012 #172
Fantasy Impromptu

Eta stepped forward, bending down slightly to smilingly ease the rag and polishing compounding from his hands, and turned to the now untarnished plates, buffing out the metal. She wondered why he would offer to do - to make - something so extraordinary for her, an almost stranger. But she wasn't stupid enough to decline the offer; a chance like this was extremely rare.

"I can find everything you may need, to the best of my abilities .. And I insist on recompensating you in some way, may it be in parts, gold, produce .." She shrugged. "Whatever you want or need, I can get it, with time,"

8/13/2012 #173

Tweak went to the ship again, and began removing another section of plate. The rivet gun sang as he took out the old, rusted and worn pieces, and took off the protective armor to look at it.

"If you choose to, I won't stop you, from compensating me. However you choose, is fine with me" he said, laying it on another table, and lining up his hammer again. Once more, it banged through the hollow confines of his ship. This work, he dearly enjoyed, to be able to work on something as large as the Hecate was a privelege to him. He rarely worked on another tank, the captians of the larger shps prefering their own mechanics to him.

He understood it. Why have someone you don't know work on the one thingthat you truly depend on? Tweak was sure that there were stories about, f how a ship would hire an outside mechanic, and then tha same ship would be found destroyed, or its crew dead some time later, all because o the mehanic they hired before wanted to sabotage that particular ship.

"Since you seem to have your mind set on getting one, I suppose we should talk about what you want it to do" he added after the loud strikes of the hammer faded away

8/13/2012 . Edited 8/13/2012 #174
Fantasy Impromptu

"Are you sure?" She decided to ask. "Just helping someone like me, a virtual stranger, is unordinary. At the least, I should help you in some way, even if it's not direct compensation. What d'you say?" Their crew, ironically, held these sorts of views in high regard; moral values were somewhat lost among most Wasps, bloodthirsty as they were, but she thought them the exception. Despite any blood shed.

The sounds of machinery were comforting.

"I-I actually hadn't thought about it, but if it had a type of radio or signal, that would be helpful," Eta continued. "But other than that, I'm not as sure,"

8/13/2012 #175

He stopped, finished with the second plate. It had less dents than the first one it seemed.

"You're helping me out more than you realize. Being able to recreate such an item is so rare, that I only dream of doing so, seeing s trying to find the parts on my own would take more time than it wuld actually making it"

He moved over to his perrsonal desk, the one he usually used fo monetary transactions. He pulled a key out of his WristCom, and opened a locked drawer. In it were the blueprints to everything he had ever created, as well as a list of parts for each. Heshuffled through the papers, and gave a silent, yet audible, 'Aha' when he found what he was looking for.

"Here," he said, making his way towards the Captain, sheets of paper in his hands, "This is the list of parts you'll need"

8/13/2012 #176
Fantasy Impromptu

Comprehending, Eta nodded. "I understand. The offer still stands, if you find yourself needing something," she shrugged, before regaining some composure, and glancing over the sheets of paper that were handed to her. They were covered in a barrage of notes aside a direct list, that detailed the various automata that the wristpiece required. Hard to come by, certainly, but the Hecate was around enough to recover most of it. Hopefully.

"Thank you," she said, softer, before turning and swiftly striding into the ship, to return with a small bag that she promptly handed to him. She had been thinking about this particular type of plant earlier, subconciously grappled with the small vial on her belt. "This is a sort of tea that chemically increases the half-life of alcohol. Because the half-life is increased, so does recovery time, and thus, one can .. Become less drunk in a faster amount of time," It would have been easy to explain more, but just as boring.

"Because you seem like a lightweight. Well, you are,"

She worried slightly that he may take it as insult. Certainly, he didn't get so drunk all that often, but. How would normal people react to that sort of thing? They were delicate, people. Well, no time to worry.

Awkwardly, she looked over the list, preoccupied.

8/13/2012 #177

"Yes, I most certainly am. There's no denying that" he said, a good natured smile gracing his features, he knew what she was getting at. Or so he hoped.

He began polishing the plate he had most recently taken down, working to get the same shine she had achieved on the first plate. However, the thought just struck him, as if he hadn't thought about it in the first place.

"Are you and your crew hungry? I just realized that this may take some time. I do have extra food and water. However, that I would have to charge for" he added.

8/13/2012 #178
Fantasy Impromptu

Pleased, she hid a swift smile under the folds of her scarf, her face strangely pink. That was relieving.

"I-um .. My ship specializes in .. produce," Drugs, she almost said. ".. So, that shouldn't be necessary. I'm sure my crew is off somewhere eating, if not everything we have on board, anyways," It was true, though. They carried some produce, normalities and spoils amongst the rarer kind, and they were certainly eaten away at, if not completely and totally gone.

Now that Eta thought about it, she actually wondered where they were. Only one person had landed the Hecate in Tweak's ship bay before promptly heading off to wherever the rest were. Nothing to worry about, however, as their voices were still blaring into her ear. The radio was then ripped out of her ear and shoved into a pocket before the headache worsened.

Wanting to feel more productive, she awkwardly bent down and began re-buffing the metal.

8/13/2012 #179

"Not to pry, but you seem bothered. Something wrong with your radio?" Tweak asked, looking the plate over for several moments. It took another second before he decided that it was ready to be replaced onto the hull, with fresh bolts, nuts, and rivets.

He then took another piece off, this one heavier than the rest, something he didn't calculate. He was stuck, in a postion where h could neither move away from, or replace the plate. If he moved, then the plate wouldfall, and be damaged. Howevver, if he stayed, he would look like a fool.

"Um, may you please lend a hand? This piece is heavier than I thought" he said sheepishly.

Asking for help? That was something A mechanic shouldn't do unless necesary, so thought Tweak

8/13/2012 #180
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