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The year is 30XX A.D, a time of great prosperity, but not for Earth, but the planet known as Shura. Shura, a planet filled to the brim with warrior bloodlines ranging back to thousands of years ago. Since that time, Shurians have not once lost track of their roots, maintaining the technique and skills of their ancestors.

However, this has not stopped the people of Shura from advancing in technology, you know, stuff only seen in futuristic fantasies. Robotics, Airships, and much more.

Each Shurian is born with an ability specifically for them, each only seen to that one Shurian, it depends on the Shurian himself to unlock this ability at a young age or not. The history and races on Shura are vast and amazing, you will learn more as you continue to grow, so young Shurian.

Hows your life on Shura?


Asura- Regular Shurians, with an ability to learn many things and master few. Democracy.

Kaizer- Shurians with the bloodline of dragons, able to gain the abilities of a dragon, either to summon them, or use them themselves. Monarchy.

Yaju- Shurians with blood of a beast, you can note these people by the animal appendages they have, ears, tails, claws, etc. Able to become the beast they are part of. Mostly Females. Gunarchy.

Yoroi- Shurians that walk around wearing indestructable armors of many kinds. Rarely is a Yoroi seen without their armor on. Mostly a male race. Monarchy.

Seirei- Shurians born with the power of the elements. The elementalists of the Shurian race and the ones most in tuned with the Shurian gods. Theocracy.

(There are mixing between races, it's more common then not.)


The world has many continents, unexplored and inhabited by creatures big and small, ranging from extremely tiny, to titanic. Over seventy percent of the world is unexplored and yet to be civilized, due to harsh weather conditions or the beasts that roam free.

Seiryuu- Home of the Kaizers, a wasteland with volcanoes, deserts, and gigantic monsters, people often wonder why the Kaizers live there.

Mori- A wild terrain of jungles, waterfalls, and carnivorous plantlife. Home of the Yaju.

Necropolis- A large city that covers 2/4 of the discovered world, home of advanced technologies and the center of all the races. Where most of the RP will be taking place.

Tai- Ancient temple grounds, pretty much the japan of Shura. Home of the Yoroi.

Seichi- Holy land of the Seirei. Center place of the Shurian Gods. The Seichi is a land filled with beautiful terrain and ever flowing life due to the blessing of the gods.


1. No god-modding and auto-hitting, no one likes that.

2. You can't be a god in this, there are gods and you will eventually meet them, but you can't be one of them.

3. You can have more than the one ability Shurians are born with, ki, chi, the elements, there is more than just the one ability.

4. The RP will start with your main character being a child, meaning that they will grow up in this world and learn more about it.

5. The plot will be separated into a few arcs. Childhood, Teenage life, and will continue in adult hood where different plots will begin.

6. The history of the world will be revealed as the OC's age, so if your wondering why I haven't added everything to the world yet, that is why.

Now without further ado, the character outline.





Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.)




Ability and Skills:


Name: Ryo Ishitaki

Age: 8

Sex: Male (Ryo: What's sex?)

Race: Asura/Yoroi (Ryo: Gramps says my armor will take longer to form due to my mom being different from my dad...Still don't get that :D)

Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.) (Ryo: What's a occu-oc-Occup....THAT WORD!)


Cheerful- Ryo is always smiling, due to the fact that he has absolutely no troubles in the world, plus the kid just can't stop smiling.

Confused- Ryo has a VERY SHORT attention span, a butterfly flying by can distract him.

Adventurous- Ryo has a bit of an exploring problem, having a tendency to wonder off during lessons.

Warrior soul- Due to watching his grandfather and father fight opponents, Ryo is always willing to fight someone.

Brash- Due to his urge to fight, Ryo usually charges in head first.


Appearance: Ryo is 4'5 with dark black hair and light brown skin. He has orange eyes. He wears a black hoodie with blue flames on the hood, a white under shirt and black baggy pants. Black running shoes adorne his feet.

Background: Ryo was born into the Yoroi race on his father's side and Asura on his mothers. Ryo's family is on of the families in charge of guarding the royal family and being one of the best warriors in the Yoroi race. Ryo so far has been taught the basics by his father, but like all his ancestors in the past, Ryo must journey out to find his own master. Ryo's Mother has decided to enroll Ryo into a school in Necropolis.

Ability and Skills:

Slight Chi manipulation- Ryo doesn't know exactly how to use his massive amount of energy, but he has a small understanding of it.

Basic martial arts- Ryo has a grasp of the basics of fighting.

Sixth Sense- Ryo has a sixth sense that allows him to predict what people are going to do next. Right now, he can tell whats going to happen in a fight, but only in a dire situation

Other: Ryo has yet to unlock his Shurian ability and hasn't begun to form his Yoroi armor.

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Sage of the White Sands


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(Thanks, sorry that I disappeared, my computer broke, had to get enough money to buy a new one.)

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Sage of the White Sands

((Anytime dude.))

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Sage of the White Sands

((Michelles Mom...possibly will be used.))

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The one and only Den

Name:Denmura Ryuusei (Den)




Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.) (i'll figure it out later)


Goofy- Den doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks and just does stupid shit

Angry- Den is easily angered

Confident- despite Dens small size for a Kaizer he feels he can take on the world

Modest- Den knows the limits of his abilities and doesn't like to exagerate them

Appearance: At 7 Den is around 5'0 even he has a buzz cut(dark brown) and wears a t-shirt and jeans with white nike's (it changes drastically when he gets older) his left eye is gold and blue and his right eye is blue his eyes are full of innocence and joy, you can see he's a very happy child if you look him in the eyes

Background: Den's dad left their family when he was only 4 Den doesn't remember his much about his dad all he knows is he doesn't like him. Den loves his mother and family to death, he's very protective of his grandmother, he doesn't allow anyone to talk bad about her.

Ability and Skills: right now Den is very young he's strong...for his age

Age 7 powers:

Strength: Dens stronger than the average eight year old he can lift slightly heavy objects

Speed: Young Den is quick and agile unlike what he becomes in the future

Reaction time: Young Den's reaction is slightly heightened due to the Kaizer side of his blood

Elemental: Den can create small flames, nothing major, but its fire, it still hurts

Obsidia: Den has this mysterious black hard spot on his right bicep its an obsidian scale, later it becomes one of his greatest weapons

MMA: Den studies MMA from his Uncle Ryouza

Other:Den loves bannana pudding

8/1/2012 #6
The one and only Den

Name: Shiko Maname



Race: Asura/Seirei

Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.) figured out later


Smart- Shiko is very clever

Athletic- Shiko can play just about any physical game

Shy- Shiko tends to be quiet around new people

Appearance: Shiko is about 4,4 she has shoulder length blonde hair she always wears bikini strap tops and short shorts. Her eyes are brown

Background: Shiko has a rough past, she was beaten by her father as a child, other than that she's led a fairly happy life, she has two brothers and her mom and grandparents

Ability and Skills:

Fast: Shiko is very quick

Smart: Shiko is one of the smartest children on Shura

Frost bite: she has the ability to chill the air around her by maybe one degree it gets more advanced later

Other:She has a thing for Den

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( could there be a Yaju with the power to turn into all beasts? Or is that a no go?)
8/1/2012 #8

(Sorry, thats a no go. The only being that can do that is......CRAP, SPOILERS, FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID! But in all seriousness, you can only choose one beast.)

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Alistar McCoy

Name: Aroku Saru

Age: 8

sex: male

Occupation: n/a

Personality: To say Aroku is insociable would be an understatement, he rarely speaks however he is quick witted and capable of devising unusual responses to hard problems. Additionally Aroku is incredibly loyal to those he looks up to.

Appearance: Long Black hair with jade green eyes and pale skin. Deceptively scrawny in size his body is mostly muscle due to a life on the streets. he stands about 4' 5" and wears the worn remains of a set of burlap clothes.

Backround: Aroku was orphand when he was five as his father was murdered coming home one evening by a thug, he never knew his mother. Growing up on the streets has given Aroku a sound head and a grim outlook on life.

Abilities: Aroku has the ability to effect the earth around him and metal to some exstent due to his prue parentage his abilities appear to be manifesting quickly. He is capable of moving small rocks and bricks as well as moving the ground under his aggressors feet however any further exstensions of his abilites are spotty at best and his ability to effect metal appears to be limited to sparatic instances.


Fast: Aroku is fast, due to his size he child who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Aroku has mastered the art of booking it when things get bad

Quick witted: Aroku picks things up fast, he isnt incredibly smart when it comes to high knowledge but he is street smart and capable of understanding most practical knowledge when given instruction on it

Scarpy: Aroku fights dirty when he is forced to because thats how you win when your fighting for your life.

Stealthy: Aroku is good at not being seen mostly due to his size and the fact that not being noticed by the goon with a large peice of metal or wood is the diffenrence between life and death.

Survivor: where others die Aroku lives, when you come from nothing something is always better. Hunger and pain have taught Aroku how to get by on next to nothing living in the streets.

Other: (I think thats enough detail for now, if i think of something I'll add it.)

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( lol ok I call jaguar I'll be making a character probably tomorrow after band camp.)
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Four Star Juggernaut

Name:Modek Kai




Occupation: Paperboy

Personality: Modek hates people who make him wait, and he hates making other people wait on him. He's generally nice until you piss him off, and then all hell breaks loose.

Appearance: Modek is very pretty, can you say pretty?, the air freaking sparkles around the guy when he walks. He is usually spotted without a shirt, but he does wear pants, and a cape. His hair is spiky, and blue, and his eyes are green.

Background: His parents died doing something stupid, and he had to raise himself, he is currently a fantastic paperboy.

Ability and Skills: His skin is tough like a diamond, he can see farther then a hawk, he can shoot fireballs, and sproat wings from his back to fly with.

Other: He likes big butts, and he cannot lie.

8/2/2012 . Edited 8/2/2012 #12

Name: Hirokazu 'Kazu' Yamato

Age: 4

Sex: Male

Race: Yaju

Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.)

Personality: Very innocent and pure, Kazu seems to be a bundle of joy.

Appearance: (Kazu: My daddy gave me my saw *Giggle*)

Background: Kazu was born in Mori as the son of the pride leader. Being as such he was presented a crown from the village shaman that proved that he was of royal heritage. But when he became three, a fire had burned their village and in the best interest of the people, they moved to Necropolis. He soon became known as the prince of the alleyway as he always seems to have some cats following him.

Ability and Skills: Natural: Kazu is a Yaju and as such has the ability to turn into a lion cub, though since he is young that doesn't help much.

Un-Natural: The crown that he was given seemed to be a magical charm as when he tells someone to do something, they don't have to do it but they have a large urge to do it. He doesn't use it on people though and only does it on the alley cats.

Saw: Kazu's father had presented him with a special saw, just in case he was in trouble. The saw has some type of notice to tell if KAzu is in trouble. If not all the person being hit by it would feel a rubber slap.

Other: He REALLY loves steak.

8/2/2012 #13

(All are accepted! AND NOW! Let the tale of the young shurians begin!)

First Tale: Youthful Innocence

Necropolis, home to the many races of shurians was, as usual, bustling with life. Hover cars were flying through the skies, people were going to work on the streets, the daily riot was occuring on fifth street, and as usual Infinity Fist was displayed on the holo screens everywhere.

WORLD NOTE: Infinity Fist- Pretty much UFC on a GIGANTIC scale, the most popular sport on Shura. Used to determine the strongest warrior on Shura.

Now on with the RP. The young children of Necropolis were making there way to school. Young Shurians attending Strike Elementary were currently in the school.

Except for one young Yoroi/Asura boy by the name of Ryo, who was running late.



Did I mention that he was on his hoverboard with a sack over his shoulder, currently being chased by a mob of people that he stole from..... Oh god, here we go.

(All young Shurians in the RP should be heading towards Strike now.)

8/2/2012 #14
Sage of the White Sands

((Will Theresa and Michelle be okay when I submit them?))

8/2/2012 #15
The one and only Den

Den was walking when Ryo flew past him "RYO WAIT UP" he said as he ran behind the hoverboard "i'm running late give me a ride!" he yelled, completely forgetting the hoverboard on his back

Shiko was in class, on time as always drumming her fingers Den and Ryo are gonna be in so much trouble

8/2/2012 . Edited 8/2/2012 #16

(Yeah, they're all good with me.)

Ryo laughed and did a backflip, launching into the air backwards and grabbing Den, before shooting off away from the mob that was now throwing things.

He laughed as he held Den by his shirt.

"Yo, Den bro, you got a board dude, oh, and HANG ON!"

Ryo then proceeded to launch into the air and flip over an incoming monorail train, avoiding near death.

8/2/2012 . Edited 8/2/2012 #17
Sage of the White Sands


Age: 8



Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.)




Ability and Skills:











Ability and Skills:



8/2/2012 #18
The one and only Den

Den smiled "oh yeah" as he slipped out've Ryo's arms and got onto his board in mid air, pulling up beside Ryo, dodging obstacles "we should really think about heading to school soon"

8/2/2012 #19
Sage of the White Sands

((Mind giving me a hand Ika?))

8/2/2012 #20

(They're accepted, if you need help with their background or something, it's no problem)

Ryo only smiled before jumping up and grinding on a random rail, before doing a three-sixty spin and landing next to Den.


Ryo then turned to Den with a confused look.

"By the way dude, what does bastard mean?"

8/2/2012 #21
Sage of the White Sands

((That's what I need help on. the rest I can do.))

8/2/2012 #22
The one and only Den

Den grew a bewildered look "i don't know but my mom called me that once" he smiled big at Ryo "WERE BOTH BASTARDS!" he said with joy

8/2/2012 #23

(-_- Hmmm. Well since Theresa is a Serei, she could be one of the higher officials in their religous order, or can be one of the chosen women to give birth to a god's child. Happens a lot on Shura actually. Quite honestly i'd go with the second one. That help?)

Ryo threw his hands up in glee as a shit eating grin grew on his face.



That was Ryo crashing into the wall of the school.


8/2/2012 #24
The one and only Den

Den grew wide eyed "OH GOD RYO ARE YOU ALRI-" the sentence was cut off by Den flying through the window of their class room

8/2/2012 #25
Sage of the White Sands
((It does and I will edit when I return to the Pc.)) Michelle looked at Den with a dead pan look, only uttering one word and one word only "idiots..." before turning back to the front of the class.

((Is it okay for Theresa to have two elements?))

8/2/2012 #26
The one and only Den

Den smiled at Michelle then got up dusted the blood off his lip and walked back to his desk beside Shiko who was just shaking her head

8/2/2012 #27

(Yeah it's alright. Another note, Chaos is the god of destruction on Shura, but he won't be making an appearance until MUCH later in the RP, but you can still use him as Michelle's father.)

Ryo pulled himself out of the wall, falling onto his back, giving him a clear view of the second story window that Den crashed through. He smiled and threw a thumbs up.


A shadow loomed over Ryo, making him look up at the face of their principal, Nav. He was a tall man, standing at 6'2, with a grey beard and a head of slicked back gray hair. He was dressed in a black business suit, a cigar lit in his mouth.

Ryo smiled up at Principle Nav.


The retired warrior smirked before lifting Ryo off the ground and in front of his face.

"Morning Ryo, now get to class."

He proceeded to chuck Ryo threw the broken second story window, making Ryo crash into his desk with precision.


Kyouko Shima sighed before lifting up her glasses and pointing at the crashed figure of and Ryo.

"Mr. Ishitaki, please take your seat."

Ryo shot up and gave a thumbs up at Kyouko.


Ryo jumped in the air and did a few backflips before crashing head first into his seat next to Den. Blood leaking from his forehead, he waved at Den and smiled with a bloody mouth.

"Morning bro, forgot to say that on the way here."

8/2/2012 . Edited 8/2/2012 #28
Sage of the White Sands
((Chaos: my little bundle of joy...*dead pan*))

Michelle facepalmed at the sight of them both trying to figure out how people so dumb can still be alive then it hit her...even death doesn't want them.

8/2/2012 #29

Name: Yuki Chein

Age: 8

Sex: female

Race: Yaju (Dog)

Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.) I dont know!

Personality: Loud and obnoxious girl and is very rambuctious. She has ADHD and loses foc....butterfly! She isn't much use when she's angry considering it's normally because someone confused her and she has a hard time thinking of a comeback or an effective attack. Other than that she's sweet and tries very hard (sometimes too hard) to make friends.

Appearance: Around 3'9" with a short bob of carmel brown hair. She has a pair of dog ears (one pointed one floppy) that allow for better hearing. She's normally dressed in overalls and is usually covered in dust and dirt dispite her fortunate backround.

Background: Growing up in a rural part of town, then moving at the age of 7 into town Yuki discovered her powers at age 7 and was very shocked when her first transformation came. So shocked that she got worked up and couldn't change back for 2 hours. Theres nothing really interesting about her family, there have been no hardships, and Yuki has spent most of her time playing with the neighborhood boys, girls, not so much.

Ability and Skills: She's able to change into a dog at will (with great effort and concentration) or sometimes at random when she least wants it to happen. Other then that se can ride any horse, climb any tree, and spit better then any boy.

Other: You'll learn more about her and her shinanagins, she prefers to hang out with other active children.

8/2/2012 #30
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