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Chainsaw Cake

You are part of a group of people wakes up in the middle of a lush and verdant jungle. None of you have any memory memory of how you got here, but you're outfitted for survival, including weapons. Good for you - you'll probably need them. As you make your way through the jungle, full of vicious beasts and other dangers, you and your fellow "explorers" may decide that shelter is necessary. What luck for you, then, that you happen across an ancient clutch of ruins! Of course, it's not that simple - the ruins hold dangers of their own.

You don't know about the cameras, of course, but they're there. You see, this is all a reality show of sorts for the obscenely rich, who are watching the intrepid band's every step and making bets on who will die, what sorts of relationships will form, and anything else they could conceivably bet upon. The rich can also pay to influence the game in various ways, such as calling up another animal, installing a new threat, or even shuffling the environment to an extent. You may play as a "richman" or an "explorer."

Say, why isn't anyone protesting this kind of thing? Why isn't there some sort of public outrage at the random selection of people to participate in such a thing?

Because the "explorers" are all convicted criminals, that's why.

Character Skeleton:







8/3/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Adalia Fornoy-Duprée

Age: 28

Gender/Orientation: Female/Straight

Appearance: Average height, slim build, with a sort of delicate beauty - heart-shaped face, pale skin, large, dark eyes, dark brown hair, slender nose. However, there is a hard, calculating look behind those eyes that can be rather off-putting.

Personality: She is every bit as hard and calculating as her eyes suggest. She always tries to see how the situation can benefit her the most. Avaricious, amoral, and completely unashamed by it. She is a good liar and a great actress, and she loves the sense of power that comes with manipulating others.

History: Adalia was born poor and hated it, wanting to climb out of that sort of life as soon as she could. As she grew older, she began building connections with wealthier and more influential people, charming them into helping her and, when that failed, tricking or blackmailing them. Her intent was to climb as high up the social ladder as she could, and she felt she'd truly succeeded when her looks caught the attention of one Alexander Fornoy, one of the wealthiest men in the country. Adalia was delighted. She spun him a story of a girl tormented by her life of poverty and the fact that she could never truly belong in high society...unless she married into it, of course. Fornoy, attracted by the idea of "saving" her and the possibility of a trophy wife, proposed marriage; Adalia accepted. However, it wasn't enough for her. She wasn't content to get half the fortune; she wanted it all. She poisoned him a year later. Unfortunately for her, the coroner was able to discover traces of it, and Adalia became one of the prime suspects. It was all over the news.

Almost everyone she'd ever wronged saw a chance for revenge. They told the authorities how Adalia had lied, tricked, and blackmailed her way to him, and how it would be just like her to poison Fornoy for the money. This, combined with a glass polluted with trace amounts of antifreeze found buried in the garbage, was enough to ruin Adalia's reputation and send her to prison. She was selected to participated in the "game" by Fornoy's surviving relatives, as revenge.

8/3/2012 . Edited 8/3/2012 #2

Name: Nelson Hildebrant

Age: 39.

Gender/Orientation: Male/homosexual.

Appearance: Slightly overweight, balding, slightly tanned skin. Blue hairs, blond hair. Wears suits. Usually looks rather friendly.

Personality: Shrewd businessman, but can't handle a crisis. Rewards effort well, but doesn't punish those who fails to produce results, so long as effort is clearly being made. More or less supports a vague, less dominating form of Social Darwinism, in spite of the fact that following the same ideal, he himself would be removed based on his lack of rapid thinking.

History: Born to a moderate family, Nelson is now one of the rich, and although his methods were less than ideal, he wasn't particularly brutal in his rise to power. He did his best to smooth over hardships with others as well as he could, with a decent amount of success. Now that he has almost as much money than he knows what to do with - he's surprisingly unmaterialistic - he concerns himself with maintaining his status and entertains himself with these games.

Nelson has a tendency to pick out those in the games that he thinks will do well, and reward them. However, this comes at a price: Nelson feels that his 'favorite' should earn this status, and maintain it, by actually performing well. He therefore throws in monsters for his favorite to deal with, as well as rewards.

8/5/2012 #3
Chainsaw Cake


8/5/2012 #4
Oh No. It's Happened

Name: David Aurnbury

Age: 32

Gender/Orientation: Male/Straight

Appearance: A tiny bit taller than the average height, he is by no means scrawny, but he isn't muscular, to say in the very least. He's sort of.... brutally handsome, if you will. He's got long, disheveled, bronze hair, and pale blue eyes. His eyes were rather smaller than the average person. Although he looks menacing, he always finds a way to look comforting. Inviting, if you will.

Personality: He is rather immature, and is rash. He usually doesn't care for anyone's feelings but his own, and he never truly trusts anyone. He usually simply fends for himself and only himself. He's very crafty, and quick with things. He keeps his calm in dangerous situations. He has a secret, sadistic side of him that he had gained from his fathers abuse.

History: He wasn't always David Aurnbury, master thief. A long, long time ago, back when he was a child, he was Alex Flare, son of Richard Flare, a politician and businessman and tennis player and golf player who always made his point to David that he was perfect. Richard was rich, from all of his activities that he did, but he was never truly happy. His wife, David's mother, died when giving birth to David. Because of this, Richard always blamed David for her death, claiming that he'd murdered her. Richard had learned that power could be used in place of love. Richard began drinking and he stopped doing business, and participating in his politics, and playing tennis and golf. The rest of David's childhood went on that way. How did they keep up the money? Richard forced David to begin to steal things from various people, before Richard would turn it back in for money. Nobody suspected it, because Richard was such an honorable man. Until one day, where David didn't want to steal anything else. Richard began abusing him and beating him, all the while badgering him to make him steal more things. Richard soon pulled a knife on him. David retaliated and used it to stab his father. He hadn't realized that he'd killed him until after. He knew that he couldn't stay there. He ran away from his home. Soon, people found the body and began to search for him. He had changed his name, but that wasn't enough to hide him from 'justice'. He always kept the new name though, too ashamed to put a stain on his mother's surname. Once he was caught, all of his fathers friends, and his grandparents and uncles and aunts, and practically half of the world voted for him to be selected.

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #5
Oh No. It's Happened

((Are you still going to be doing this? Or is it abandoned. Because I was really looking forward to this one...))

8/8/2012 #6
Chainsaw Cake

(If they were fairly well-to-do at the beginning, why would Richard force his son to perform criminal activities? It doesn't make much sense.)

8/8/2012 #7
Oh No. It's Happened

((They were good until he started drinking and stopped working. Without doing work, he wasn't able to get money, unless he forced his son to do it. And besides, if there was a better way, he wouldn't have thought about it, since he was a total drunkard and was completely "pulled away" (if you will) from logic.))

8/8/2012 #8
Chainsaw Cake

(Okay, but you had him doing that before his father started drinking. If you kept it to after that point, it'd be fine - maybe up until the drinking started he was just really cold and neglectful. Fix that and you're good.)

8/8/2012 #9
Oh No. It's Happened

((Alright, I have successfully edited it.)

8/8/2012 #10
Chainsaw Cake

(That's better. Accepted.)

8/8/2012 #11

Name: Megan (Meg) King

Age: 22

Gender/Orientation: Female/Bisexual

Appearance: Tall and athletic. Harsh pointed face. Unkempt blonde hair, often just scraped back into a pony tail. Usually wears tank-tops and fitted trousers.

Personality: Short-tempered. Untrusting, and unforgiving. She doesn't believe in long term relationships of any kind, or making herself vulnerable. Firm believer, however, in practicality and self-reliance. Don't trust someone to do something for you, that you could do yourself.

History: Used to do the criminal leg-work for an under-ground criminal group known as "The League". Mostly stealing, pick-pocketing, burglary. As she got older sometimes she got "intimidation jobs", let people know the league was still in-charge. Paid by the job, and paid well. Until she was framed. The League needed a scapegoat and they chose her. It was her fault. She had left the tiniest piece of evidence in a house, but the kid started to wake up. Rather than risk being caught she legged it, and left the evidence behind. 3 months later the League asked her to do a job. But it was a trap. Seems like they'd decided she'd gotten too sloppy to the job any more. The police pinned her on every account of theft she'd ever committed, and some she'd never heard of. It seemed she'd robbed every rich house-hold in the city, and a few outside. No wonder she got oh so many votes.

((Is this ok?))

8/10/2012 #12
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