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Chainsaw Cake

Okay, here goes. Massive outpouring of text has commenced. World-building, ladies and gents. This is nowhere near how much I wanted to put.

First, the setting. Futuristic, because that shit's awesome. Innovations include solid light, more advanced nanotechnology, perfection of the ability to store vast amounts of information in tiny spaces, perfection of voice command technology (to the point where it can recognize different voices and tone of voice), smart building materials that can change to suit the owner's tastes, cybernetic implants and prosthetics, smart clothing that can adjust for weather and the like.

But that's not the most important part of this setting. What's really important are the spirits. They inhabit a separate plane of existence, sure, but they cross over into the physical world all the time. There are a few different classes of spirits:

Class 1

  • These spirits are the most intelligent and powerful ones out there. They are fully sentient and capable of speech, have their own fully developed personalities, and have the same intelligence as a human (with the same varying degrees of intellect) with the bonus of extremely long lives.

Class 2

  • These spirits are the most dangerous. While not as powerful as Class 1s, they are still quite strong, and the fact that they aren't as intelligent as Class 1s makes them harder to reason with. If you offend one, it can really fuck up your day.

Class 3

  • These spirits are harmless. Some people keep them as pets, and some are used as power sources. They're at the bottom of the spiritual food chain, serving as food for Class 1 and 2 spirits.

There is another variety of spirit out there, too. Called Companion spirits, they come into existence already bonded to someone who may or may not have been born yet, and usually manifest in that person's life at about age seven. They inhabit an object with great sentimental value to their partner. All Companion spirits (C-spirits) are at a Class 1 level and can grow stronger or weaker depending on their relationship with their human partner (Note: not every person has a C-spirit). A C-spirit can fill any role in a person's life: friend, confidante, mentor, combat partner.

Lover? Only if you want to end up Melding, losing your identities in one another and never fully belonging to either the physical or spiritual plane.

Spirits have to have weaknesses, of course; doesn't everything? They're weak to iron and salt. The former is the one material that they can't just pass right through if they want to; it imprisons them. The latter burns them, and drowning in saltwater is one of the only known ways of killing a spirit.

How do people detect these spirits, anyway? A little thing called exosenses. Everyone's born with them to some degree, at least enough to see spirits. Those with highly trained exosenses, however, can see spirits (other than their C-spirits, if they have them) in more detail, talk to them, touch them, and even enter the spiritual plane. One can also "smell" the spirits of others, detecting their signature (unique as a fingerprint) and sensing their moral/spiritual state.

I have a conflict planned, don't worry your pretty head over that. Just hope that I'm capable of running it and fill out a character skeleton if you're still interested.

Character Skeleton:







Two to Four Words to Describe Your Character's Personality (Go In-Depth if You Like):

Anything Else We Need to Know?:

If your character has a C-spirit, please fill in this profile:




Object Inhabited:


Two to Four Words to Describe This Spirit's Personality (Go In-Depth if You Like):

Anything Else We Need to Know?:

8/9/2012 . Edited 8/9/2012 #1
Character Outline Name: Isabella Stoker, goes by Bells Age: 15 Appearance: Tall, gangly, pale blond chinlength hair, chuncky bangs, upturned glass green eyes. Gender/Orientation: Female. Do you mean sexual orientation? Cuz she's lesbian. Backstory: She was born as part of an affair between a single man and married woman. Her mother was kicked out by her husband and committed suicide when Bells was ten. She's been looking for her father guided only by a picture. Occupation: none Shy, misenthrope,(pretty sure i spelled that wrong), defensive That's about it. Is she horrible? I put a lot of thought into it.
10/4/2012 #2
Sorry for the format, i'm on my nook
10/4/2012 #3
Chainsaw Cake

Oh man. This is a dead thread, hon. I don't think anything's gonna happen here, unless somehow your posting prompts others to submit characters. However, if by some miracle this does get off the ground, then accepted - as long as you can realistically portray the effects this sort of past will have on your character.

10/4/2012 #4
Totally. And i had no idea. I just saw it and thought it looked cool. Unfortuantely, Night Land is dead...and like ALL of my RP threads.
10/4/2012 #5
Oh, can i ask you a favor? I have a thread here i just made today, called Smoke Clouds...mind adding to it? It's fine if you don't, i'm just asking.
10/4/2012 #6
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