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Count Garnet

The year is 30XX A.D, a time of great prosperity, but not for Earth, but the planet known as Shura. Shura, a planet filled to the brim with warrior blood lines ranging back to thousands of years ago. Since that time, Shurians have not once lost track of their roots, maintaining the technique and skills of their ancestors.

However, this has not stopped the people of Shura from advancing in technology, you know, stuff only seen in futuristic fantasies. Robotics, Airships, and much more.

Each Shurian is born with an ability specifically for them, each only seen to that one Shurian, it depends on the Shurian himself to unlock this ability at a young age or not. The history and races on Shura are vast and amazing, you will learn more as you continue to grow, so young Shurian.

Hows your life on Shura?

Species: Asura- Regular Shurians, with an ability to learn many things and master few. Democracy.

Kaizer- Shurians with the bloodline of dragons, able to gain the abilities of a dragon, either to summon them, or use them themselves. Monarchy.

Yaju- Shurians with blood of a beast, you can note these people by the animal appendages they have, ears, tails, claws, etc. Able to become the beast they are part of. Mostly Females. Gunarchy.

Yoroi- Shurians that walk around wearing indestructable armors of many kinds. Rarely is a Yoroi seen without their armor on. Mostly a male race. Monarchy.

Seirei- Shurians born with the power of the elements. The elementalists of the Shurian race and the ones most in tuned with the Shurian gods. Theocracy.

(There are mixing between races, it's more common then not.)

World: The world has many continents, unexplored and inhabited by creatures big and small, ranging from extremely tiny, to titanic. Over seventy percent of the world is unexplored and yet to be civilized, due to harsh weather or the beasts that roam free.

Seiryuu- Home of the Kaizers, a wasteland with volcanoes, deserts, and gigantic monsters, people often wonder why the Kaizers live there.

Mori- A wild terrain of jungles, waterfalls, and carnivorous plant life. Home of the Yaju.

Necropolis- A large city that covers 2/4 of the discovered world, home of advanced technologies and the center of all the races. Where most of the RP will be taking place.

Tai- Ancient temple grounds, pretty much the japan of Shura. Home of the Yoroi.

Seichi- Holy land of the Seirei. Center place of the Shurian Gods. The Seichi is a land filled with beautiful terrain and ever flowing life due to the blessing of the gods.


1. No god-modding and auto-hitting, no one likes that.

2. You can't be a god in this, there are gods and you will eventually meet them, but you can't be one of them.

3. You can have more than the one ability Shurians are born with, ki, chi, the elements, there is more than just the one ability.

4. The RP will start with your main character being a child, meaning that they will grow up in this world and learn more about it.

5. The plot will be separated into a few arcs. Childhood, Teenage life, and will continue in adult hood where different plots will begin.

6. The history of the world will be revealed as the OC's age, so if you're wondering why I haven't added everything to the world yet, that is why.

Now without further ado, the character outline.





Occupation: (Won't be used until later.)




Ability and Skills:


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Four Star Juggernaut

Name:Modek Kai




Occupation: Paperboy/Strip club owner later.

Personality: Modek hates people who make him wait, and he hates making other people wait on him. He's generally nice until you piss him off, and then all hell breaks loose.

Appearance: Modek is very pretty, can you say pretty?, the air freaking sparkles around the guy when he walks. He is usually spotted without a shirt, but he does wear pants, and a cape. His hair is spiky, and blue, and his eyes are green.

Background: His parents died doing something stupid, and he had to raise himself, he is currently a fantastic paperboy.

Ability and Skills: His skin is tough like a diamond, he can see farther then a hawk, he can shoot fireballs, and sproat wings from his back to fly with.

Other: He likes big butts, and he cannot lie.

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Chainsaw Cake

Name: Hazio

Age: Looks to be around six.

Sex: Female

Race: Yaju/Seirei; at least, that's what people assume from what they've seen of her abilities.

Occupation: None yet.

Personality: Quiet, serious, a little shy and reserved. Does not have much of a sense of humor.

Appearance: Dark tan skin; long, narrow eyes, one gold and one greenish-yellow; bright orangey-red hair in a long ponytail with long bangs; eyebrows are just two dots. Has tiger-stripe-like markings just a few shades darker than her normal skin all up her arms and legs, teeth that are slightly sharper than normal, and sharp fingernails. She wears something like a lightweight, sleeveless version of a monk's robe in red and white.

Background: She just...appeared. Nobody knows where she came from, whether she's got parents, or how old she really is. Hazio's no help; the only thing she knows about herself for sure is her name.

Ability and Skills: Her beast form is a tigress, she's very good with a staff, and she displays remarkable mastery over fire for her age. With time, that fire power will grow to cover heat, magma, ash, smoke - anything that you could associate with fire.

Other: She gives a slightly off-putting sense of age, of having been around for a long, long time.

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Sage of the White Sands

Age: 13



Occupation: (Won't be used until later on.)


False Smile- Even after thirteen year's, Michelle has still yet to give a genuine smile. And yes she is still sorta moody.

Crush?What Crush?- Michelle has developed a small yet unnoticable crush on Ryo, but any inquirery into it will result in broken pride and bones.

Wits and Brains- As expected, Michelle has developed her brain to complement her destructive power.

Appearance: Michelle now stands at 4'7" and has her jet black her done up in a bun(mother's insisted.),and her figure*ahem* is more developed.what I'm going to say dudes.

Regular Attire-Floral designed Kimono,made by her mother.

Battle Attire-Unknown.

Background:For the last five years, she has been put through the ringer by both her mother and father. After the latter insisted that no one else but them could train her, thus she had faced five years of intense training from both of them.

Ability and Skills:

Destructive Chi-Sometime during the five years she hadn't seen Ryo, her father had trained her to unlock her latent chi.

Strength-A latent ability due to her Chi, she is now able to lift up to a ton at a time, so much for her not becoming a Tank(Curse you RYO!!!)

God Reflex- Yet another Skill taught to her by Chaos, stating if you expect to have the blood of a god, you better learn to fight with it.

Swordskill- This is not must of a ability rather than skill, she has requested her mother of it, after learning that she was an accomplshed swordsman in her youth, she has also learned to channel her destructive and her elemental Chi into her blade.

Chaotic Surge Fist- Chaos's way of fighting passed down to her, it involves destructively powerful blows, fully capable of destroying anything that comes into contact(Only Yoroi have a chance to survive it without injury.)







Occupation:Council Woman(yes,she is climbing her way into the legendary status she has acheived.)


Wise One-She has a more developed way of thinking and acting.


Background: Born the daughter of an Asurian and a Serei High Priest, she has grown to have a no none sense air about her, from the way that she spoke all the way to her walk and grace. Years later however she would fall in love with the God of Destruction(who at the time only thought she was extremely hot.), they dated a year before she found out she was pregnant with Michelle. However, instead of fearing prosecution for her actions she had choosen to hone her skills and one day teach Michelle that. But when her daughter was eight, Chaos came waltzing in to her chargon and convinced her to double team train their daughter, so that one day she would decide to take either his mantle, or the religious yet prestigic life of her mother.

Ability and Skills:

Masterful Chi Manipulation

Fire, Ice and Thunder Manipulation

Sixth Sense

Way of the Binding Fire-Signature fighting style.


8/12/2012 #4

(Since apparently we are going on the civil war an ancient conspiracy timeline, I'll age Natsume up a notch too. But are we going to roleplay the year before the start of the war?)

Name: Natsume Kei

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: Seirei

Occupation: N/A

Personality: The young girl is somewhat serious to developing her abilities further. She is friendly to people that she considers to be worthy of it, but just her line of short patience and she will complain and try to beat up the (most of the time) guys. Just don't mess with her little sister. She'll be really angry. And... don't be a perv around her. She is somewhat shy at approaching people at first.

Appearance: At the height of 160 cm, she is of average height. Natsume is pale skinned and has voluminous brown-almost-blond hair and green eyes. Hair hair is always pulled back in a ponytail though a side bang goes to the right. She is quite well-endowed.

Regular Attire: A light girl with black hem kimono top and a short black skirt. She uses white stockings and black shoes. She often carries a light green kleiophone used to amplify her abilities.

Background: Born within an average, Natsume grew up solely in Seichi until she turned twelve to where she was sent to Necropolis to train herself. She always had a very close relation to her sister Sakuya Kei despite the fact that she is adopted.

Ability and Skills:

Sweet Song - By singing calmly and sweetly she is able to heal a bit herself

Seven Scales - Offensive bursts of sounds, often given away by the colorful ring forms they take. Natsume has only mastered five scales.

Pitch Focus - Natsume can detect few pitches that are beyond normal reach. She still has to go through a long concentration effort to do so.

Music Box Lullaby - By mirroring the sound of a music box, her singing is melodic and is able to sooth a person into sleeping

Sound Tracking - By using this ability her vision and hearing merges. Everything that she hears appears in a wave of colors and the ton of colors gives the distance of the object. This is a very difficult ability to master and she often confuses the normal colors of the surrounding with the tracking. She is only able to use this ability for a minute and only in a one kilometer.

Other: Natsume has soft spot for stuffed animals. She has a stuffed fox called Sweet Note


Name: Sakuya Kei

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Race: Asura/Seirei

Occupation: N/A

Personality: A naive girl, she is quick to trust anyone and everyone. Having an idealistic point of view of things, she tends to believe everything and that love and justice will prevail. Silly but heartwarming, Sakuya will try her best to please everyone even if it means displeasing herself.

Appearance: Her height is of 150 cm. She has a pale complexion and liliac coloured eyes. Her pink hair is mostly lose if not for two small pigtails tied by purple ribbons. She is flat-chested.

Normal Attire: A sleeveless white dress that goes to the middle of her thighs. The bodice of the dress is white while the skirt is purple. One short glove on her left hand and one long glove on her right. She wears a short boot on her right foot and a long boot on her left.

Background: Sakuya was orphaned at a young age and adopted by the Kei family. Her adoption was because her mother and father were close friends to Natsume's father and mother. The two were raised as sibling and when it was revealed to the two that they were adopted they were unfazed. They parents curious why they were unfazed asked them why they weren't surprised. Sakuya had replied "Even if she wasn't my sister by blood, we will always be sisters by heart."

Abilities and Skills:

Cherry Blossom Spring: By growing a miniature cherry blossom tree, Sakuya creates a small healing area.

Autumn Maple Leaves Shower: Her weak, and only offensive ability so far. She manipulates the trees close by to shed their leaves ignoring if they are coniferous or deciduous or the season it is. All the leaves are very sharp edges like knifes but it goes from weakest, yellow, to strongest, red. Right now she is only able to force yellow leaves shower.

Summer Sun Growth: She recreates a pleasant summer day by making trees seem greener than normal. It boosts the attack of her allies and boosts morale.

Other: Her weapon of choice is a bell. She loves raspberries, so... don't you dare eat them in front of her!

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Oh No. It's Happened

(Yeah, we probably should. To set the scene, like, how Shura is.)

Name: Aya Kuroi

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Race: Serei/Kaizer

Occupation: Assassin

Personality:She is smart and always manages to turn a situation better for herself. Always manages to craft anything that she needs (not anything crazy...). She always tries to see the best in people, and always puts their needs above her own. If anyone wrongs her or anyone that is important to her, or anybody innocent, she will not hesitate to try to get them back for it. She is usually quiet and does not speak much, as her training suggested she do.

Appearance: Aya is 4'8 with long brown hair and tanned, almost golden skin. She has pale blue big eyes. If you looked into them, you'd know that she's been through a tragedy.

Battle Attire: She wears tattered midnight blue assassins garbs made to fit her personally. They are ripped at the side, and it has a belt around her waist. With her she carries her weapons, in the concealing parts of her outfit.

Disguise (Casual/Normal Attire?): She wears a beige plaid shirt, with a red cap. She also wears loose blue jeans. She wears her Battle Attire under it, ready for anything.

Background: Aya never knew her parents. Her uncle always cared for her and treated her as his daughter in her early years. He was abnormally strict and wouldn't allow errors when he trained her. He trained her in the ways of assassination, which he told her was purging the world of the evil people. She was in a gang led by her uncle, full of assassins. But she would never kill anybody. Her uncle, enraged, banished her unless she assassinated someone. But Aya has complete respect for life, so it's a very big problem for her.

Ability and Skills:

Situational Awareness: Aya has a knack for noticing how she can use the terrain around her for her advantage. It's a skill that she was taught, not a naturally born one.

Enemy Anticipation: Aya can guess what her enemy is about to do next sometimes. About 25% of the time, she can counter. Another 25%, she can simply dodge. But, the other 50%? She gets hit.

Black Hole: She has the element of darkness, or the element of shadow. She can make "black holes" with low gravity pull levels, but still powerful enough to gravitate an enemy towards her. She can also create a "black hole" that does quite the opposite, it repels people. She's not very good at it, and still has to train it for it to work, even at the weaker state.

Transparency: With the element of darkness, she can, for a set amount of time, engulf herself with the element, making her body 'disappear'. However, she can still be touched, you simply cannot see her.

Teleportation: One of the hardest skills for her to use. She can move one set destination, no more than 20 feet. When she does it, her nose bleeds and her powers get dimmed for a good 45 minutes. She never uses that move.

Art of the Assassin: She was trained all of her life to use the tools of an assassin, including the hookblade, the knife, a sword, her wits, and her hands. It's the only way she knows how to fight though.

Dragon Summon: She has no idea how to go about doing it, since her uncle never trained her or explained to her how to do it. All she knows is that the power to do it is in her.

Other: She tries to avoid hurting anybody at all costs.


Name: Kan Utsunomiya


Sex: Male

Race: Yoroi/Kaizer

Occupation: N/A

Personality: Kan is laid back about evolving himself so that his techniques can become stronger. He is always friendly and tries to make everyone try to be his friends, unless he deems them evil. He cares about anyone that he sees in a worse position about him. He's somewhat of a pervert. Something of a vigilante, he tries to help everyone he can.

Appearance: He is 5'5, pretty much a little over average. He's got lightly tanned, almost golden skin. He's got dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. His hair is disheveled and thrown down on his face. He's not muscular, but he's not scrawny.

Regular Attire: He wears a blue-ish grey hoody that goes a little past his waist because of it's size. He wears loose blue jeans, with a blue cap and sometimes he wears sunglasses. He also wears grey and yellow sneakers.

Background: He was alone, since he was eight. His parents abused him and used him for whatever they wanted, but were too scared to do. He was put near death many times, until he decided that he wouldn't do it anymore. He ran away and they never found him again.

Ability and Skills:

Dragon Summon- Kan can summon a blue ice dragon to fight with him. He can ride on it, whenever he needs to move fast, or he can just use his dragon as an ally. He uses it almost passively, almost unconsciously.

Yoroi Armor: He has managed to create his chestplate, which he uses to shield himself. His defense usually consists of him throwing himself at enemies to block them with his chest.

Enemy Awareness: He can anticipate what an enemy will do next and effectively plan how he would counter or dodge it. He can only truly use the technique when he fought them long enough so that he's seen all they can do.

Chi Exertion: He can manipulate, to an extent, his inside Chi, or energy. He can push out, or exert, said Chi into a blast or explosion. It takes quite some time to charge, however.

Judo: He mastered Judo as a child, at the studio that his parents forced him to go to (so that he wouldn't die. (because without him, they'd be screwed.) Judo stuck with him. The fighting style basically finds a way to turn everything you do against you and you always find your opponent on the floor.

Jeet-Kun-Do: His legs were extremely powerful, and he was athletic, so he was taught how to use those abilities to launch his enemies into the air and 'juggle' them, for lack of a better word, in the air.

Other: Although he is a pervert he does commit to any relationships unless he really does like them.

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Count Garnet

(Were you guys waiting on me to approve the OCs? :O Because..Well, since I'm sure most of you were there when Ika gave over the rights, I'll let you guys sort everything out. I'm gonna have to sit this one out. :T

Sorry I haven't been on, I've been kinda sick, and in the hospital. I got a stomach virus, or something. ;T And I've tried to break it before coming back online. Plus, my family's been kinda worried, since a lost like 20 lbs, and can't really keep down food and drinks. Soooo, I'll try to be on the soonest I can manage. 'Till then! See ya'! :D)

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Oh No. It's Happened

(Well, I was waiting for someone to start it. So whoever wants to do it, I'm ready whenever you guys are.)

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Four Star Juggernaut

"Oh Modek.."

A trio of girls fainted dead on their feet, as the long-haired pretty boy walked past on his way to class, leaving a trail of sparkles, and broken hearts in his wake. He flipped some hair from his face, and went into the room, choosing a seat near the back.


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Chainsaw Cake

Hazio sat along one wall of the room, also in the back. The last person who'd been watching over her had just ditched her, she knew it. Could feel it. She was alone again.

8/20/2012 #10

(So, how to begin?)

Name: Angra

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Race: Yoroi/Serei (Battle-mage time.)

Occupation: Nope, none yet.

Personality: He's selfish to say the least, always looking to further his abilities and himself. Not exactly smart as he was never educated but he learned a few things here and there, mainly in his quest to further himself. He's ferocious in combat, honorless to be exact, he won't wait for you to be ready, he won't wait for you to get up or for you to face him, he'll stab you in the back. Literally. He's slow to anger but when he does get angry, he snaps. Angra doesn't particularly trust others easily but if someone does gain his trust, then everything above is rendered null, for the most part. So if he trusts someone and cares about someone, he's as loyal as a dog. And last but not least, he's very straight forward, if he wants something he'll make it known, if he doesn't like you he'll tell you.

Appearance: Angra is 5'8 with jet black eyes to go with his also black hair that seems to stand up and spike on its own, his skin is completely white as if he was dunked in cocaine. For his age his build is very sturdy, strong, which will be true for when he matures as well.

Clothing/Armor: His Yoroi armor comes in the form of silver ornate full finger gauntlets that crawl up just below his elbows and equally silver ornate greaves that stop at his knees. For clothes he wears a torn and dirtied black hakama with both legs tucked into his greaves. As for a top, he doesn't wear one and refuses to put one on. He also has a red sash that's filthy but has a surprisingly well taken care of emerald amulet from the temples of Tai in the center of it.

Background: Angra was an orphaned in Necropolis at the age of 6 with no recollection of his family, left out on the streets to fend for himself. This explains his personality as everyone he's encountered was cruel to him, mocking him, beating him just for the sole fact he belonged to no family, they assumed no one would miss him if he had turned up dead one day. He did what he had to so that he could survive, eating from the trash, thieving and even mugging people for chump change when he got bigger to buy himself the nice things other kids had. The environment he spent his single digit childhood in produced a self-absorbed juvenile delinquent.

Ability and Skills: He's proficient in manipulating ice but more so for earth, especially metals which he takes full advantage of as his powers develop as he's skilled in hand to hand, daggers and wrist blades which he shifts his Yoroi gauntlets to form indestructible weapons or defensive products. He's pretty much a brawler.

Other: He loves a good meal.

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Four Star Juggernaut


It seemed that someone had gotten there before him, it was a rare thing these days because most people did not bother putting any effort into classwork around here. He gave a nod to the girl Hazio, she was one of the few that didn't totally fangirl out over him.

8/20/2012 #12
Chainsaw Cake

Hazio didn't really know what to do. She'd been left alone in the school day, and, at age six-or-so, she was so much younger than the others that she couldn't follow along with classwork. The high school girl who'd been grudgingly watching her had just up and left, and now Hazio was stranded again. She drew her knees closer to her chest and clutched her staff to her side.

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Four Star Juggernaut

Not again...

Modek resisted the urge to palm his face, and casually got up from his seat, sidling down the aisle in a stream of sparkles, and slipping into the seat infront of Hazio. The young girl had obviously been left again, despite what people thought, Modek did pay attention to what was going on in the world around him.


He whispered, reaching over to take her hand if she would let him.

8/20/2012 #14
Chainsaw Cake

"What?" Hazio had been spacing out again, as she often did. "Oh. Hi, Modek. I got ditched again." She accepted his hand.

8/20/2012 #15
Four Star Juggernaut

"Seriously, why do they keep doing that?"

He kept his voice to a whisper even thought they were alone in the room, if anyone saw him conversing with her it would ruin his bad-boy image.

"Do you need a place to crash?"

8/20/2012 #16
Chainsaw Cake

"They say I'm creepy," Hazio said. "They all do." This was said with no tears, no indication of upset; only with a dry matter-of-factness and a queerly adult expression.

"I...think so," she said, in response to Modek's second question. "I don't like sleeping in the park."

8/20/2012 #17
Four Star Juggernaut

"You are mildly disturbing."

Modek liked to put things bluntly, and he almost never pulled punches with how he felt. He casually released her hand, and flipped his hair regally.

"You can stay at my place, i've got more then enough room."

He reached into his pocket, and handed her a key.

"It's the mansion on the hill."

8/20/2012 #18

"Nee-chan, can I come with you to class?" asked Sakuya cheerfully, pigtails almost flapping up and down.

Natsume chuckled and patted her adoptive sister's head. Despite them going to the same school they had been put in different classes, because of the obvious age difference. Sakuya looked at her sister sadly.

"Come on, it's just a few hours, so let's go," said Natsume, taking her sister to the classroom.

After saying a small goodbye to her younger sister, the Serei walked to her class. And the scene that greeted her was Modek talking to a young girl. Well, didn't that ruin his bad-boy status?

"I didn't know you had a soft spot for little girls Modek," started Natsume "You seem like a lolicon."

Natsume had recently turned sixteen, making her one of the oldest of her class.

9/14/2012 #19

Name: Darinka


Gender: Female

Race: Yoroi

Occupation: Mechanic

Personality: She doesn't give one care in the universe about anything. Nothing interests her, she has a blank expression on almost permanently. The only exception is when she's pissed off. This only happens once in a while but she doesn't care for the jabs about her race. She is observant but usually, even if the world ends, she just remains calm and messes around with her goggles.

Appearance: Vivid mahogany hair reaching everywhere and anywhere. Her hair is un-tamable and wildly spiked. Darinka's eyes are turquoise green and very bright almost glowing. Her skin has a very dark tan to her olive tone. She stands at 5'4" and weighs 146 pounds. Darinka wears goggles all the time they are reflective and you can't see her eyes. Usual clothing for her is metal chain mail covering from neck to wrists and ankles. Over that is leather pants and a tough flexible cloth over her torso. Small metal gloves and gauntlets cover her arms. Darinka's only shoes are boots to her knees and made of metal and a leather a silk and metal duster.

Background: She came from Tai on a whim and the flip of a coin. In Tai, Darinka was trained constantly but they gave up on her because of her boredom and lax personality. She always messed with machines and looked out her window. One person she always saw was an orphan boy. When Darinka got older she herd he went to the city of Necropolis so she was curious and went to find him.

Abilities/Skills: She can make or dismantle anything her training only covers tactics, handling maces, and sensory tracking.

Other: She only snaps when someone jabs her gender and her race. She just listens calmly to everything else people say.

10/8/2012 #20

Another boring day...will it ever end?

I walk into the drab classroom and sit in the corner like usual. I'm always here first nobody got into this classroom before me, never. I make sure of this so no one notices and tries to talk to me. That's just boring. All the others are boring too, they don't ever get interesting. Those others think they're here first it was mildly worth attention but as all things go, it got boring.

The pair of the boy and the small one are almost interesting, but my gaze wanders often. Then the bunny's sister, the old one, walks in and grabs my attention. Ahhh I see, the boy is a part of the status chain. Surprising myself, I bark out a short 'Ha!' and watch them. I am not sure if any of them noticed my presence but that would be interesting. Wouldn't it?

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