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Welcome to the Land of Illusions. Here, the world is home to many things you wouldn't find in your world. Magic, supernatural creatures,'s impossible to go a day without one such occurrence. Before it was cut off from the rest of the world, it was a part of Japan. I believe the year was...18--. So any culture and weapons you see may resemble that period. While we have not advanced far in terms of technology ever since the isolation, each generation is spiritually superior to the last, we humans that is. The magic, faith, and tools of our species may allow us to contend against monsters with extreme efficiency, but the horrors outside our villages are enough to terrify even our most skilled members. Thus we try to stay within the safe borders of our territories whenever possible, for the youkai who wouldn't hesitate to feast on our flesh drastically out number us.

Perhaps you were tending your crops at the time. Maybe you were in the middle of a ceremony. Maybe you were even sleeping. But when you look up, you see that all of the clouds in the sky are red and that it is so cloudy that the sun can't shine through. The sky turned red with crimson clouds, blocking the Sun's light and such a thing would be bad for the crops, plant life, animals and the people. And the psychedelic images appearing in the sky don't make it look any better. People are becoming irrational and irritable. In this world on the brink of destruction, it's up to a rag tag band of adventurers to find the source of this red fog and put a stop to it before it brings about the end of the world.


Uncontrolled Violent Mystical Power:

There are many types of youkai with extremely varied powers. Some races have a great number that are all categorized under a certain name, while others can be as few as a single member. These unique youkai are not called by whatever individual species they may be, but simply "youkai." Many of the youkai in our world fall into this "youkai (It might be confusing, but youkai as a race is similar to the "Others" section of a graph; I suppose there are quite a few graphs where "Others" is the largest category)" section. Rarely if ever is there any commonality in their appearance, ability, character, danger level, or times and places of activity. Just about the only thing in common between youkai is that they attack and prey upon humans. There are definitely exceptions, but many fall towards these trends. Youkai have longer lifespans than humans. Youkai have stronger bodies than humans, so even if they're split into five parts, they heal right away. Youkai are more easily affected by belief than humans, and as a result spiritual damage can cause fatal wounds. Youkai generally do not move in groups. Youkai only think of themselves. Youkai are the most dangerous enemies to humans. However, since they are rather varied, one must be informed of each of their traits before heading out to exterminate them. Humans have no greater enemy than youkai. Youkai attack humans for food. However, most do not attack when they are full and satisfied. They do not eat only humans, but animals, birds, fish, vegetables, fruits, alcohol and other things humans normally eat. Still, they consider humans a delicacy above all else. They steal crops and livestock as well. Unless one thoroughly trains in fighting against them, youkai extermination is difficult. Youkai have a history of being physically stronger than humans, and trying to fight them may quickly end up as feeding them. However, the reason most youkai attack humans is because they need prey. That's why one should offer something else to eat in place of themselves. There are many that have a strong sense of duty, and will befriend those who do not turn against them. But exterminating youkai is a different story. Humans regularly perform exterminations, but this is a custom passed down from ancestors. In our world, humans must exterminate youkai (the balance of our world will crumble if they do not). There are those that specialize in youkai extermination. In extermination, one does not use weapons that cause physical damage. Weapons with an "origin" are more preferable because youkai are weak to spiritual attacks such as names or traditions.

Embodiments of Mother Nature:

The true identity of natural phenomena themselves. Fairies live in such phenomena where it gets cold and hot, rain falls and wind blows, grass grows and flowers bloom. They come in various shapes, but many of them are humanoid with wings like those of insects like butterflies and dragonflies. Their height is uniformly small, from the degree where they can fit in the palm of one's hand, up to the size of a child below ten years of age. There is hardly any fairy outside of this scope. They live wherever there is nature. You can confirm their existence anywhere in this world. They especially prefer active places, so when humans and youkai gather you can probably spot lots of them. On the other hand, in gloomy places their numbers decrease. They are a kind of youkai you frequently can see even in human villages. Fairies are active at all hours, so you can probably encounter them both at daytime and in the night. They don't seem to follow any manner of law or code. Also, an individual fairy is short-lived(Fairies lives differs from that of humans, so it is a mistake to say that they are short-lived), but they immediately resurrect in the same shape. Even if they suffer large injuries so that their bodies are in pieces, they heal immediately. In a stricter sense, fairies can't die. Therefore they take reckless action, without fearing death. Since their concept of death appears to differ from that of humans, it is also said that they are simply foolish. Fairies don't actually need to eat, but they see the way humans enjoy their meals and copy them, eating the same things. They eat anything which humans do. They especially like to sneak away that which humans are planning to eat. They all like pranks. If they catch sight of a human walking somewhere, they may make them lose their way. Without thinking of the consequences, they disturb the actions of whomever they see. There are also occasionally pranks that go too far, such as when you get pushed off a cliff, or when your back is set on fire, so it is necessary to be cautious. When you walk down the road while thinking about something else, you lose your way. When youre absorbed in conversation with a friend, your bags are carried away when you're not looking. Things like these are sometimes thought to be caused by fairies. The people that most easily get pulled into pranks are those that are uncautious and prone to being preoccupied with other things (Fairies won't go near cautious people). Therefore, if you usually pay attention to your surroundings, you should be fine. The truth is that while fairies are reckless, they don't like fighting much at all since they're so ridiculously weak thus when a human notices the prank, the fairies will probably run away as fast as they can. If you were to be successful in catching one, you can freely vent your anger on it since they're not very strong. A grown human should win easily, even without the aid of magic. However, there are also the occasional exceptions where without doing any pranks, they just suddenly attack; at such times you must be careful because there is a possibility that it is a warning for something, especially when fairies aggregate in large numbers or start clamoring, there is a possibility that there is an unbelievably powerful youkai lurking about nearby. At such times, I think it's best if you just quietly head back home.

Animal with Too Much Power and Wisdom:

At first glance they seem to be regular animals, but they are intelligent enough to understand human speech and have unusually high physical abilities, plus some of them can use sorcery. These kinds of animals are known as Beasts. Many of them act like leaders for normal animals. Characteristically, we can say they are very physically orientated. They possess superior physical prowess, but in contrast it is difficult for them to be restored if their bodies are destroyed. Unlike normal youkai, they're resistant against mental attacks (they're airheads). Usually, their shape, personality and powers are strongly influenced by the animal from which they originated. The unity within their species is strong, and they won't bear other member of their species to face hardships. They tend to be omnivores who prefer to eat meat, especially human meat. It is said that animals that have eaten too many virtuous humans become beasts. Many of them are very ferocious, and since the frequency of encountering one is somewhat high, you must be careful of this type of youkai. Also, more tails generally means higher youkai power, so you can use this to estimate their strength. Most of their danger comes from direct attacks. Even if they can only scratch with their sharp claws or bite with their teeth, they are a threat to humans. It's possible to be injured even if you don't directly get involved with beasts. For example, if you catch a rabbit, a youkai rabbit may take revenge on you if it notices. Also, you must be even more careful of beasts that can use sorcery. Because of the difference in physical abilities, humans are at an overwhelming disadvantage in a frontal attack. However, since many of them aren't too smart in general, they often fall into traps set by humans. If one of them is threatening to fight you, it's probably because it's hungry. If you have food on hand, there's a good chance you can escape by offering it to them and running.

Warped Were-youkai:

Therianthropes are those who normally live as humans, but become youkai under certain circumstances. When they are living as humans, this does not mean they are pretending to be human. Rather, they are practically no different from humans. (Some mature late in life and have protracted life spans) When they become animals, though, their physical abilities abruptly increase, and they become as powerful as beasts. However, many of them retain their memories from being human, so they are often more intelligent than beasts. While they rarely attack humans, their habitat range is nearly exact to that of humans, so caution is necessary. Therianthropy can be hereditary or acquired. In contrast to the hereditary type, which is decided by lineage, acquired therianthropy occurs by being cursed or enchanted or having a magic spell cast upon them. Numerous hereditary therianthropes assume a completely animal form when they change, but acquired ones often retain their human shape as an animal (Save for having horns, fangs, and/or tails). Also, the conditions that cause the transformation vary, but the major ones include looking at a full moon, drinking wine, becoming genuinely angry and being doused with water (the resulting animals are often dogs, wolves, cats, pandas or piglets). Damage is basically on the low side. There are times when agitated therianthropes lay waste to a village, but by large, most therianthropes coexist peaceably with humans, helping with tasks involving manual labor or using their abilities to drive away youkai. Befriending them, even as humans, has many advantages, so they are popular youkai. However, some people may experience sinus inflammation from their animal hair. Do not show surprise or fear if a neighbor suddenly turns into an animal. If one shows more fear than necessary, even a therianthrope will become agitated, putting one in danger. There is absolutely no disadvantage to being friendly with a therianthrope. If you suffer from sinus inflammation, tea is moderately effective, so drink it daily.

Otherworldly Magical Being:

One who has become possessed by magic, such that the one's body itself is powered by magic; this type of youkai is known as a magician. Their livelihood revolves around magical research, spending their days thinking about new spells. Among youkai, they are the most similar to humans. There are two types of magicians: those who were born as magicians and humans who became magicians. At the point when they completely become magicians, their growth (aging) stops (there are those who repeatedly cast magic to restore their youth, but... ). Those who were born as magicians, from the start, are only able to use magic, and just like humans, they grow, age, and have a limited lifespan. Then, when they learn "abandon temper" magic (magic to stop one's growth can only be used on oneself), they become long-lived, complete magicians. In the case of those who were originally human, in continuing their study of magic, it is when they learn "abandon food" magic (magic that allows you to compensate for not eating food via magic power can only be used on oneself) that they become magicians. After that, it's the same as for normal magicians. In any case, becoming a member of the magician race takes quite a bit of time. Since they continue to grow old like humans up until that point, in general there are many aged wizards and witches. However, in this world, magical research is more advanced and learning magic is simple. Thus, there are more than a few young (childish) magicians in this world. There's no way to tell them apart from humans by their appearance. Their bodies are nearly the same as humans', so they are frail in comparison to other youkai. They're generally intelligent, studious people with a lot of knowledge, but they tend to not leave their homes. The most likely cause of harm is theft of livestock. Living livestock is necessary for large-scale magic, and it seems there is a serious livestock shortage among magicians. In addition, they often steal food and drink (especially liquor), and curios such as moon rocks. At worst, they might even steal children (sometimes the children become the magicians' apprentices). Also, they can use magic which is similar to sleight of hand and commit fraud. Perhaps performing magic requires money, but they will take any means necessary to raise funds. Be particularly cautious if you see someone selling shady magic props on the roadside. The most important thing is to not trust magicians. Fortunately, their bodies are only about as strong as that of an ordinary human, so running away is simple. A magician who is properly prepared is so strong that they can take on any kind of youkai. However, they are weak to surprise attacks, and are not good at close combat or lengthy conflicts. The most fundamental thing is to be careful not to fall into a magician's trap, which will not happen without entering their territory. If you happen to do so, your best options are either to immediately run away or to boldly approach them.

The Embodiments of Charisma:

Of the newer youkai that have emerged only within the last few centuries, vampires are among the strongest of them, strong enough to take part in the power-balance of this world (the others consist of individual youkai, youkai living in the mountains, humans and animals) by now. During the day they spend their time in their mansion, and once night comes they become active; they are the Lords of the Night. Their main diet consists of the blood of humans. Those whose blood has been sucked by one will neither die nor become a ghost. They will turn into a zombie for a while before evaporating under the sunlight. They went on a rampage when they first appeared in this world, lost against powerful youkai, and settled down after agreeing to a contract (a devil's contract is absolute, thus one can never betray it). The details of this contract are that the youkai will offer them humans from which to feed (It is said these are humans from the outside world or those whose deaths are of no consequence); in return, the vampires will not attack humans living in this world. Of course, the contract remains in effect to this day. Vampires have tremendous physical abilities and magical power: they are able to uproot a thousand-year-old tree single-handedly, to run through a village within the blink of an eye, to summon many devils with a single word, to turn into bats or even mist to intrude anywhere they please, and they can recover within a single night even when their body is blown away so long as their head is intact. Some youkai have abilities to this level of power, but only vampires are known to possess all of them. Because of this, they have charisma of the highest class. However, due to their extraordinary abilities, they have many weaknesses. First, they are weak against sunlight, so they are docile during the day. Neither can they move through flowing water, so they are docile on rainy days. They also cannot cross rivers. They can't approach a sardine head or a broken holly branch. Their skin will be burnt if someone throws roasted soybeans at them (however, they seem to like fermented soybeans). Those as powerful as vampires are usually forbidden to directly assault humans. So, they aren't so dangerous even if you happen to meet one. Still, they can create abnormalities in everything including natural phenomena with no warning, for selfish reasons, which will always lead to endangering human life no matter what is affected. Most of these reasons are out of mere curiosity, and they will cease once they tire of it. Once a disaster has occurred, there is no choice but to seek help from a specialist who has the power to resolve it. The only thing an average human can do is find a way to survive. Unless you are fighting one off, you shouldn't do something that strikes one of their weaknesses, even by accident. A halfhearted attack will only result in enraging them. In order not to unintentionally offend them, it's necessary to have a thorough knowledge of their weaknesses.

Co-Game moderators:

In the cases where I am apathetic, busy or lazy, U.N. Owen the Vampire Killer and DokturProfesur are in charge.

Character Skeleton:







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Chainsaw Cake

(I know precisely jack shit about Touhou, so please bear with me...)

Name: Hitori

Species: Wolf-type Beast

Abilities: Four tails, make of that what you will; some minor magical ability.

Age: 812

Occupation: Sees herself as a protector of nature, especially animals.

Other: Giant supernatural wolf. Gray fur, yellow eyes. She is somewhat smarter than most Beasts, thanks to simple experience.

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #2
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Me, Meph, and Doktur can help you.)

8/11/2012 #3
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Libertina Le Fanu

Species: Embodiment of Charisma (Vampire, for the dim of wits)

Abilities: Is quite adept with twin sabres. Also has standard vampire powers but can also turn into a wolf at will. She also is quite talented at potion making. She takes the essence of spell cards and combines them with numerous ingredients to make her swords more powerful. She also carries a flintlock rifle known as The Eternal Flintlock Rifle.

Spell Card Potions: The Thorn: Tip Your Hats:A swift attack that is aimed at the face. Libertina slashes at an enemy's face lightly enough so as not to kill them, but hard enough to cut them, and thus stun them.

At the Gates of Midian: Ghost in the Fog: An attack that relies on Libertina's mist ability. She covers her enemy's surroundings with dense fog and attacks them with her rifle at random. The bullets are swift and travel in straight paths but also leave behind a trace of energy that slows enemy movements.

Lillith: Persecution Song: Libertina moves across an enemies field of vision, swinging her swords at them. If she misses, she fires her rifle at them. The bullet travels in a straight path, but leaves behind a large wake of smaller bullets.

Age: 785

Occupation: Former Aristocratic Lady

Other: Libertina, despite being female, typically dresses in men's clothes. She has sharp, albeit pretty, features, long flowing silver hair, and red eyes. She also seems to have a chip in her shoulder about another vampire, but she refuses to tell anyone about it.

Libertina's Clothing:

Sabres: Right:


(Yes, I am going for the Castlevania look)

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/12/2012 #4
Fantasy Impromptu

(Sounds cool. Dunno about Touhou either, except that it's supposedly some inktense animuu)

8/11/2012 #5
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Like I said, me, Meph, and Doktur can help.)

8/11/2012 #6

("Supposedly some inktense animuu")

(Touhou has no anime beyond fan works. It's a series of top down shooter games concerning flying lolis that have cards that can shoot bullets. Created by what many believe is an alcoholic known as ZUN.)

Name: Oda

Species: Otherworldly Magical Being (Human magician who cheated death by sealing his soul in a suit of armor)

Abilities: Oda fights like an Oni. There is no other comparison to how brutal he is in combat, he will kill it until its dead and then keep killing it. He is also a crude marksman, resolving to get in his enemy's face and fire at point blank range.

Spellcards: A Taste of Hellfire - Leveling his rifle with his target, Oda unleashes a great inferno in a similar fashion to a flamethrower.

Bring Down the Skies - Oda aims his tanegashima rifle skyward and fires several magically charged rounds, what comes back down is a hail of fire and brimstone.

True Bullet Spam - Oda fires every which way in the most chaotic fashion possible. The rounds have no rhyme or reason, making them lethally unpredictable.

I Shall Devour - To sustain his soul's link to his armored body, Oda must consume lethal amounts of qi (life energy). This is a process that must be repeated once every year.

Age: Now irrelevant to him. (Born before Gensokyo separated from the outside world)

Occupation: Wayward devourer of souls, wandering alchemist, healer when permitted.

Other: Carries an enchanted tanegashima rifle from his days as a soldier, affectionately he calls it 'Everlasting Hate.' Also carries a shortsword for those sticky situations.

Became a magician after extensive magical research in an attempt to cure an unknown disease that infected him. Evidently he failed and in a bid to escape a premature death bound his soul to a set of armor he bought from a European merchant. Has spent much of his life in hiding, emerging only to consume more qi.

Armor almost organic in appearance and dotted with crystals (Think Soul Calibur 4's version of Nightmare... without the fap arm. For your convenience here's a link showing said incarnation of Nightmare:

Body "leaks" energy, which is actually expended qi used in keeping his soul bound to this world.

Oda is just as quickly to flee a risky battle as any other magician, in spite of the armored suit. Considering the thing serves as his body now means he prefers to keep it in prime condition.

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #7
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I suppose I should go back in and create some spell cards for my character as well.)

8/11/2012 #8
Fantasy Impromptu

(Ah, so it's like the Vocaloid fandom 'cept less fangirlish. I remember now. )

8/11/2012 #9

(I think they're just on par, just once in a while you find a sane person.)

8/11/2012 #10
I'll join.... Tomorrow. That is if you guys are willing to take me.
8/11/2012 #11

Name: Serena

Species: Embodiment of Mother Nature; Fairy

Abilities: She has a natural affinity with magic, and from this gained a few tricks normally kept to magicians along with a strong sense for magical ability and effects, more so than most of her kind. As a fairy, however, she is a patron of animals. Her specific patronage is of the random behaviour of animals, such as helping an innocent creature, or attacking something without cause or provokation. It is a relatively minor thing to be patron of, and something she is a little embarrassed about, given the other more important things animal fairies could have.

Age: Unknown. She has partial amnesia after having been the torture toy of a particularly vicious human for a long period of time. Her mind has never been quite the same since.

Occupation: A 'magicks' connoisseur of the Fairies haphazard society, she takes a particular interest in the Otherworldly and in Vampires for their strong talents, and can take leave of herself to talk with and study them. Typically she enjoys the traditions of Fairy pranking, however.

Other: She is a little over three feet in height. She naturally dislikes violence as any other fairy, however she has been known to have have random bouts of viciousness and cruelty, though these are compartmentalised events. These occasions are not something she is totally aware of, and seem to her as something akin to a daydream.

(If I may ask, do individual fairies have specific parts of nature that they embody, or is a general thing? I'm not really knowledgeable of the Touhou universe either, sorry, but this sounded very interesting.)

8/12/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #12

Here's a quote from the Touhou Wiki,

Fairies may have abilities relating to the four seasons, weather, emotions, longevity, decay, fertility, or other aspects of nature. The power exercised by a single fairy is usually harmless and small scale, so they're more suited to playing around, rather than causing major happenings. Fortunately, most fairies are easily amused.

Your fairy doesn't have to embody that latter part, but yes, they can have elemental orients. Also not sure if this is true, but aren't fairies the size of small children? I mean look at Cirno.

8/12/2012 . Edited 8/12/2012 #13
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(They usually are. Daiyousei, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire are also examples of fairies that are about the size of a small child as well.)

8/12/2012 #14
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(I love this idea, is it an original one?)

Name: Naomi Shikon

Species: Warped Were Youkai

Abilities: Inherited her Therianthropy from her father. She turns into a very large wolf creature with white fur. She is big enough to ridden. There is a ridge of fur stretching up her back. Her transformation is brought on by the consuming of alcohol. As such, she carries a flask filled with whiskey around. People think she is a drunk, but in all actuality, she is just trying to use her "gift" for good.

Age: 18

Occupation: Unemployed; goes around town offering any help she can, usually physical labor or something, for a meager sum. At night she walks the streets and keeps them safe.

Other: Naomi is a laid back, kind individual who tries to be a good person to those who deserve it and even those who don't. She can be walked on sometimes, but she does have her own limits, and knows when she is being used. Her belongings consist of the clothes on her back, the flask, and a large beaded necklace. She is on the shorter side but is very strong and fit. Her skin is tanned and her eyes are hazel. Her hair is black and down to her shoulder blades. She likes men, but loves women.

8/12/2012 #15
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Based on Touhou. Also, I edited my character.)

8/12/2012 #16
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(Never heard of it. Hope I can still play though, without being completely clueless :P)

8/12/2012 #17
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I believe I've mentioned it an assload of times on this forum. At any rate, Meph, Doktur, and I can probably help you if you need help.)

8/12/2012 . Edited 8/12/2012 #18

(You know it might be a good idea for us three to deal with teh canons.)

8/12/2012 #19
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I said I already had dibs on Sakuya.)

8/13/2012 #20

(Ok I fixed her height then, thanks for the heads up, I was just basing it off of the opening introduction which mentioned a wide range of heights.)

8/14/2012 #21
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Bumped so this fucker doesn't die.)

8/18/2012 #22

(It better not, I was actually looking forward to this.)

8/18/2012 #23

(Not as good as I hoped, but here's my opening post.)

In one of the human villages...two men started talking...

"Mayor, the man we sent to the Forest Village in the West has returned."

"I see, and what news does he have for us?"

"They are unable to aid us in our investigations as to the source of the red clouds. They are too weak to do anything aside hold their own condition."

"Truly? What about their famed sorceress, the human who is the most well versed in the ways of the arcane?"

"It seems she has disappeared into the forest long before the incident and hasn't been seen since."

"And the envoy we sent to the Shrine on the East end of the world, what does he have to say?"

"The Shrine was destroyed by the another threat. To prevent a world wide cataclysm which would otherwise be more damaging and permanent than the red clouds, the priestess cannot leave the area until she is finished dealing with it."

"And the doctor of our own village?"

"She is too busy dealing with the sick here in our village to move about and undergo investigations. Even if she's the most powerful being in our village."

"And if I recall correctly, the red cloud reach as far as the end of the continent...if the red clouds are not removed, there won't have been any point in the priestess fixing whatever problem she is dealing with. All we can do is hope and pray that those who can find there way towards wherever the the red clouds come from."

"Well, the forest village to the west seems to be innocent of it. The red clouds do not even come from the forest. They seem to be coming from the black dome further west."

"But no one who has entered that dome has ever returned, correct?"

8/20/2012 #24
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Libertina listened to the two men discuss the events from across the street. Her eyes were cast down, looking at one of the sabres she was sharpening, but she could hear them just fine. She had only just entered the village a month ago, and was treated as a stranger. She didn't care. All she cared about vengeance. Miss Libertina Le Fanu. That's what she was called back then. Emphasis on the word 'was.' That was taken away. How it happened, she wouldn't tell. But the red clouds suggested that Libertina's search was over. The whetstone snapped in two and Libertina discarded them. What was the point of sharpening a sword that would never dull?

8/20/2012 #25

(I was waiting for this.)

"It has been one year and things have changed so fast for me, fleshling. I need a bit of reeducating," The armored being picked a tiny guard up by the throat, "The red fog, explain it to me."

"I-I don't know! None of us know!" Shouted the terrified guardsman, "P-Please let me go, spirit. I have done nothing to wrong you."

The armor's eyes glowed with an unnatural pleasure, "Do you fear me, little man?" A pathetic whimper was the answer, "I'm afraid I can't let you go. Your information may be useless, however..." It caressed his face gently, "You have something else I need," Before the guard could process that remark, the suit of armor crushed his head in its hands. The blood rolled down its arms before draining away in the creases and joints. Not one drop hit the ground, "Every ounce of your spirit," It finished cruelly. Hoisting the now headless corpse over its shoulder, the sentient suit of armor retreated back into the woods.

8/20/2012 #26
Chainsaw Cake

The animals did not like the mist. It confused them, they had trouble telling if it was night or day, they fought amongst one another even more than usual. Not even to eat or defend themselves, but senselessly.

Hitori couldn't stand it. The mist was bothering her, too, and she was afraid of what might happen if it went on unchecked.

Would a human know what was going on? Had humans created this mist? She wouldn't put it past them.

There was really nothing else she could do, and Hitori felt that she had to do something. She didn't want to go among the humans - she disliked them, and she wasn't hungry, either. Still, it was this or sit there and do nothing. Her four tails twitched in agitation as she made her way to the forest's edge, gathered her resolve, and slipped out from between the trees.

Someone has to know something. This can't have happened for no reason.

She padded down to the town's borders and started down one of the roads leading into it.

8/20/2012 #27

Serena, like many of the fairies, had been feeling an anxiousness when the mist had set in. Though they did not know what it was exactly, it was definately not natural, they could tell that much at least. However since there was little that could be done about it, most simply played as normal to relieve their tension.

Serena had decided to go pranking on her own, having a wonderful idea to play on some hapless forest walker. Hiding up in a tree she carefully stalked one, throwing an apple at their head every so often. She left just enough time in between each throw to let the person's attention drift before volleying another of the fruit. Safely hidden up in the trees above, she giggled to herself happily at the fun. It provided a welcome break from the anxiety, and something to otherwise occupy her.

Before she knew it however, the person was attempting to escape from the mysterious, not to mention annoying, apple throwing. Running towards the direction of the village, Serena had a bit of a struggle to keep up while still remaining hidden. But she managed it, and on the couple of times the person stopped to see if she had gone, she waited just long enough for them to give a relieved look before lobbing another apple. They were quick to continue their escape.

All too soon however, she ended up at the tree edge indicating the end of the forest. Looking out uncertainly, she wondered what to do. After a moments deliberation, she realised that the person will have been confident of having escaped their tormentor. 'Well,' She thought with a decided nod, 'that settles it then'. And, with a few magic words, she cast an invisibility spell on herself and set off towards the village.

(I'm open to any advice or criticism in this, especially concerning her magic and its limits. I'm taking a guess that invisibility would be a a fairly easy and basic thing to cast, since the magic she knows is only some basic trickster type things. But as I mentioned, I'm knew to this universe, so feel free to advise if I go over the line or do something wrong. Also, sorry for the delay. :3)

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(As far as I know, fairies are unable to turn themselves invisible. That power seems to be limited to only to ghosts and a few other characters. However, I would guess that they would be able to create, say a mist for example, in order to camouflage themselves, but that would probably be limited to ice fairies [Cirno, who will most likely be in this RP] and water fairies.)

Libertina saw a man run past her. She was slightly tempted to chase after him to feed off of him, but she didn't need to bring any unwanted attention upon herself. But still, why was this man running away? He certainly looked frightened enough judging by his demeanor. Libertina then sensed a presence near her. She turned but couldn't quite see them.

"Show yourself," she said sternly. To the people across the street, she probably looked mad, but then again, who cares what a human thought. As far as Libertina was concerned, they were just food.

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Chainsaw Cake

"I mean you no harm," Hitori said as she rounded a corner to face Libertina. "I am only after answers."

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