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(I have no freaking idea what you just did, but I will admit it's kinda cool.)

9/7/2012 #301
Hypno 0

(Taelic is a unique existance. Unique I say!

But fine, I shall edit accordingly, I suppose it'll be more fun to write him as just ridiculously skilled rather than strong and skilled anyways.

For the record though, I still maintain that it makes complete theoretical sense for a creature that keeps its complete memory from one life to another to retain some level of sentience through the cycle of it's rebirth. Which would allow said creature to excert some level of influence on the way it took shape into the world. As faeries in this existance are apparently just some element of nature given physical form and made self-aware, it stands to reason that an innovative one could use the energies of other creatures, so long as they were integrated into the wind itself. Magick, afterall, is just energy, and it is the nature of energy to be transferred.)

9/7/2012 #302

"I love it when fairies get big heads, they're all the more amusing to squash," Oda looked back to the unconscious sparrow, unfortunately she had yet to stir, "I'd show you what I could do, but I'd need to eat a few youkai. Too little energy and all that... but perhaps you are the remedy to that problem. Maybe you'll give me a couple hours if I consume all of you," He took an aggressive step closer, "I saw how you deflated when I got the little sparrow, it makes me wonder how you'll take the agony."

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #303

(The way I understood things, normal magical energy isn't something directly related to fairies, who are more specifically about nature and the like. For example, him becoming much more powerful in the presence of a storm or strong winds, etc. It was the reasoning behind Seroni killing the dog, to change the environment to one she could draw her own form of energy from.

That's just my take on things, but I would have thought absorption to be limited to creatures such as Oda, who are by their very essence magical in nature, or vampires who would receive it from drinking blood or however.

Also, I'm lost on whether or not Serena is supposed to still be blind. That was a bit of a mess on my part, but I think she recovered from it...? I'm not sure.)

9/7/2012 #304

(Your call Meph, are we still blind?)

9/7/2012 #305
Hypno 0
Taelic raised an eyebrow at and chuckled in genuine amusement. "Deflated? Me? Y'know, you said something about being a magician but I've never seen one quite like you before. There's something weird about your magic, too. Just what sort of magician are you?" Taelic was not even a little bit intimidated by the Armor. He was well aware that he was several orders of magnitude faster than this great hulking thing even and half his maximum speed and besides that, he could fly.
9/7/2012 #306

(Oh yeah, blind! It's probably wore off by now.)

9/7/2012 #307

(Okay then.)

"I made a choice and was judged a horrid monster because of it," Oda replied, "I devoted my life to magic when I was struck by some disease that nobody even knew existed, and by proxy no cure. I refused to allow my life to be cut short, so after an hour or two of drawing glyphs and reciting incantations I became what you see before you tonight," The devil armor raised his arms to present himself, "I became a wound, an obstruction in the fragile flow of qi. I hungered for that I could no longer feel, and I knew that the living could supply me to that nature has tried to deny me. I became the devil armor when I consumed an entire village out of greed. I routinely went into hiding afterword, emerging every year to consume the crop of the strong. Then Yakumo struck up her bargain with the Hakurei clan, and our little slice of hell happened."

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #308

(As for magic, it isn't just energy nor is it directly related to fairies. So again, the concept of a fairy being able to pool together energy from animals like that is impossible.)

9/7/2012 #309

(I get the idea of your power increasing with a windstorm or something. But there's little drawback to this sudden power increase. Oda struggles to keep as much qi as he can bound to himself, as such every attack shaves off his life expectancy. The most magic he's used is firing his rifle once. If he were to undergo a similar transformation now, he'd drop on the spot. I love the idea, but nobody's that strong... right now.)

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #310
Hypno 0
"So basically, you're some dumbass who got so scared of dying that you made some half-assed armor to live in because you were to much of a shitty magician to get real immortality. I'm shakin' with fear." As he listened and spoke, Taelic used his wind magic to retrieve his clothes and armor from where they were strewn about.
9/7/2012 #311

"You've said nothing new," Oda retorted, "And what are you? A little faerie who thinks he's the talk of Gensokyo because he can make the wind blow?"

9/7/2012 #312
Hypno 0
The faerie smiled at this as he casually slipped his leggings on and then his jerkin, putting extra space between himself and the Armor just in case the thing decided to try anything. Taelic chuckled again at the insult while stashed away his various weapons. "Honestly?" He began in good humor, "I don't really care what people say about me, or if they're sayin' anything at all. All I care about is fighting and killing. The irreplaceable rush of putting all of my skill and guts into killing my opponent before he kills me. Bein' able to look back at everyone I've ever fought and know that in the end I won 'cause I was better than them. Finding that next new guy who I can't say for certain that I am better than...and killin' 'em." Taelic smirked here, nearly complete with putting a all his weapons away, he paused a moment to examine one of his sickles, it had been damaged by the Armor but would still serve. Finally he spoke again, his tone thoughtful. "Yknow, I often envy you mortals. Demons, humans, magicians......, suits of magical armor. Some of you call yourselves immortal but I've never met one that couldn't die. It may be had to kill some of you but when you die, you're dead. That feeling of never quite being sure of you'll live another day. I've always envied that. I saw it in all of my opponent's eyes when we fought. That desperate need to live. I've always thought that it must make them feel alive. And now here we are, and I wonder, could a soul-sucking demon armor manage to kill a faerie? I mean a true death? If so....there's no one I'll pass on the opportunity to fight you."
9/7/2012 #313

"I'm not immortal, just delaying the inevitable," Oda said, "I've spent every minute of today operating under the assumption it may be my last. I am simply a monster at this point, a monster incapable of feeling life itself. You want to kill me, fine. But I will not let go so easy," He looked to Serena, "And I feel responsible for the girl, she reminds me too much of the humanity I once called my own."

9/7/2012 #314
Hypno 0
Taelic felt himself making bored expression at this, the damn thing was being so glum and depressing it was hard to get into the mood anymore. " get this straight, you need to find some demons to kill or you die, right?"
9/7/2012 #315

"I find a living creature and consume every ounce of its spirit. Youkai, faerie, human, it doesn't matter. My hunger stops for no one, and my power is directly tied to it. Once upon a time I had a few Shinigami on my tail, managed to eat two, but the busty one managed to cleave me in two," Oda gestured to the fanged gap between his torso and pelvis, "I was well fed, and adjusted soon enough. The look on her face was priceless," The devil armor laughed at the memory, "I usually emerge from hiding at the height of my power, but with the weak running wild and the strong suddenly missing, my hunger has been slowly killing me. I've spent these days struggling to stay alive."

9/7/2012 #316
Death Drive 128

Somewhere, Friedrich walks reluctently down the gravel path, towards a white trail. (The entire house has been contained within a vast circle, drawn in salt.)

He crouches down, examines the trail and touches his gloved finger to his tongue.

GRAHAM: IT'S SALT (From off camera.)

Friedrich looks up grimly as the light from an opening door falls across him. He also recognizes the voice.


The main doors of the house stand open and Graham (Another Friedrich, one who advises from the back of Friedrich's head.) waits on the threshold.

Behind Graham we can glimpse the light of the red haze of the sky.


Friedrich's mouth twists into a grimace of disgust at the sight of Graham.


Outside ((This is Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole territory. We are not outside logic. The recognizable Friedrich world of the house and the friendly Touhou canon and danmaku is behind us now. We have come to the Heart of Darkness)) Friedrich walks towards us through the garden. He's looking up and around. Old balloons and streamers decorate the gardens. There is a cryptic splash of blood across the roses, a discarded knife. Graham minces behind, insistently irritating.




Graham places his hand on his chest in an exaggerated, theatrical gesture of mock aggreviance.



Suddenly, aggressively sexual, Graham swings his arm down to squeeze Friedrich's buttocks. Friedrich jumps as though bitten by a poisonous snake. He is profoundly shocked.


Friedrich turns, pointing. His face distorted by undiluted rage, hatred and shock.


While Friedrich stands seething, Graham breezes past him, grinning wickedly and keeping up the assault.




Graham leers at us as she pushes open the doors to the outside world of the Land of Illusions. Friedrich follows him.




9/7/2012 #317

(Can I ask why you chose script format?)

9/7/2012 #318
Death Drive 128

((Because I love script format. Makes me feel like a producer/writer typing up a new story/plot.))

9/7/2012 #319

(If that's what tickled your willie.)

9/7/2012 #320
Hypno 0

Taelic once again found himself smiling at Oda and the world in general. "I guess if I was any sort of good citizen, I'd leave you here and go kill anything you might manage to find as potential prey. Come to think of it, a guy like you's probably got a nice bounty on his head! I bet just that armor is worth a couple fortunes, I could probably even find a good enough smith to have smelt you down and turn you into a pretty badass weapon set. Not a bad idea come to think of it." His voice remained light as he spoke but he realized that it actually was a descent idea. Rubbing his chin to show just how hard he was thinking, Taelic considered his options.

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #321
Death Drive 128

Friedrich looks at Graham and back out to the world beyond his house, lost, frightened by the sudden agoraphobia. He doesn't want to be outside. Only Graham continues to look at Friedrich, intrigued. There is something almost like admiration in his expression but he still has to push the day to its continuation.

9/9/2012 #322

(Am I being waited on?)

9/9/2012 #323
Death Drive 128

((The others I think might be. But I dunno.))

9/9/2012 #324
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I figured everyone was waiting on me. And now we cut to Rumia seeing as I don't know what else to put down for my other character.)

The youkai Libertina was so anxious on seeing had been watching the fight from the trees. Her name was Rumia. To her peers she was a dimwit (no pun intended) with some of the powers of darkness at her command. The rest of her power were restricted by the bow tied in her hair. She didn't remember who tied in her hair, but she did know that she couldn't touch it and that something special would happen to her when it was removed. Many times has she tried to remove it but it always burned her hand. Someone once suggested that she cut the lock of hair where her ribbon was, but Rumia thought she would look ridiculous if she had one section of hair shorter than the other. And so the ribbon remained, untouched.

She noticed the group of people walking towards a clearing where she was currently residing. She didn't care much for the vampire or the beast, but the human that was with them...well in Rumia's eyes he was a walking three course meal complete with dessert.

9/9/2012 #325

(Owen, PM. And no, you do not need to change anything.)

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #326
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Responded to.)

9/9/2012 #327

(What you have proposed is good, roll with it. Also, Hax; do I need to help you get Friedrich into the game?)

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #328
Death Drive 128

((I'm mostly just got done trying to set up some origins behind Friedrich. No logical way he could have just been wandering around with no life prior. He's been shut in his house for most of his life, and is concerned about the Red Sky to investigate. So yeah, some interaction would be nice.))

9/9/2012 #329

(This work?)

Hikozaemon by now was at least several dozen yards away from the black dome.

"By the gods, I must have gone the wrong way," he thought as he did not recognize where he was. Perhaps, if Friedrich's house was in or near the forest, its resident might see the human from the human village.

9/9/2012 #330
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