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D.C. Black

Attention: These records are for the use of Arkham Asylum personal only. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or selling of this information shall be met with harsh consequences.

Claim a character below and let's continue the madness...

Dr. Harleen Quinzel-

Patient 4479/The Joker-ME!

Dr. Hugo Strange-

Dr. Jeremiah Arkham-

Lex Luthor-

More characters coming soon!

8/16/2012 #1
This won't go far. You don't let people make their own characters, and force them to play something that very few can
8/16/2012 #2
D.C. Black

I give up...anyone who actually wants to RP (and you can create your own characters there), come to The Ultimate Batman RPG Forum. === here's the link!

We got The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue, The Joker Blogs, Arkham City sequel, comic's universe, and so many more! You want it, it will happen. You want a two-player RP, go right ahead. I don't take no for an answer! Well, in other words, I deny no request!

8/20/2012 #3
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Or you can make a basic character skeleton and a plot so your RP may potentially go far.

8/20/2012 #4
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