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Claywater is back.

Claywater Institute is a mental hospital set in the late 1960's. You can be a patient or a nurse/doctor.

You don't have to have been in the original Claywater to join this.

Create a character with this.

Name of Character:

Mental Problem: (only if you're a patient.)

Age (14):

Appearance (links are fine):



8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #1

(I'm bringing Jane back.)

Name of Character: Jane Cranwell

Mental Problem: Sociopath

Age: 19


Personality: Jane is always sort of bored, a touch distant. Constantly aloof. She likes to play mind games and she's very self aware.

8/22/2012 . Edited 8/22/2012 #2

(Won't you need HMan's permission? o;)

Name of Character: Victoria (unknown last name,)

Mental Problem: (only if you're a patient.) Extreme rage issues, has shackles on her wrists at all times. Bipolar.

Age (14): 16 but looks 20.

Appearance (links are fine): Mousey brown hair which is always tangled and wavy, it's down to her shoulders but straightened it's near her waist. She has a slim figure and is 5'7. She has an ugly scar going from her jawbone, curving to the outer edge of her eyebrow. She has deep green eyes and a tinge of brown on half of one. Has a scowl on her face almost all the time. Tan skin.

Personality: at one point she's happy and doesn't shove it down your throat, considerate, kind, mumbling about some things that don't make sense. And most of the times she's dark, twisted, evil.

Other: would take a life even if she doesn't have to.

8/22/2012 #3

(You're in.)

8/22/2012 #4

(Thank you! :3 And, as all FFers ask... sorry about this... When should we start?)

8/22/2012 #5

(I'd like to wait until a few more people join. if that's what you meant.)

8/22/2012 #6
Actually Sasori
(I'd like to Re-join :D I just dropped out the first time because the person I was Rping with disappeared D: I really liked the RP though. )
8/23/2012 #7

(Yay! You're definitely welcome back. :)

8/23/2012 #8
Actually Sasori
(I'll write the profile later when I get the chance to get off of mobil, I dont like paragraphs without spacing.)
8/23/2012 #9

Name of Character: Elizabeth Jacobson

Mental Problem: Sociopath

Age: 15

Appearance: With an upperclass manner, she holds an elegant and refined appearance. Even dressed with the hospital clothing, she manages to keep an air of care and nobility. When meeting people, she is courteous and smiles often. Her physical appearance is of an average height for her age, but with somewhat petite, young looking features. With an obvious European heritage, her hair is a dark brown to compliment her blue eyes. Her hands have a number of faint scars covering them.

Personality: Upon first meeting her, it is difficult to tell that anything is wrong with her at all. With a caring attitude normally, most find her to be a pleasurable person to be around, and she is exceedingly good at giving off a welcoming aura. The fact that there might be something wrong with her in general only becomes apparent when she is approached by someone wishing for comforting or compassion, in which she often simply continues to smile, hinting that it might be not quite as sincere as she lets on. In some situations however, she gets into the mood for playing with people, in which case she can become quite vicious with a fondness for making them upset.

History: Her arrival at Claywater was brought on by her being diagnosed as criminally insane. After having raped and tortured her best friend, upon questioning by police as to why, she simply giggled and said she was curious about what all the fuss over homosexuality was about. She then added, still smiling pleasantly, that the torture was just an afterthought for fun. Her parents spent very large amounts of money to have the whole thing covered up, and had her shipped off to Claywater

Other: A very intelligent person, she has a grasp on human behaviour that is unusually accurate for a sociopath, and often takes advantage of this to manipulate situations into her favour. She has also been known to take advantage of or play games with vulnerable persons, and as such has been banned from unmonitered contact with any suicide risk patients following an incident where she caused one to try and kill themself.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #10

(You're in.)

8/24/2012 #11


Mental Problem:Shes autistic.She speaks a lot but it doesnt make any sense and it sounds like this "Ahsss ooley googlemgg"

Age:14 and A half

Appearance:Soft brown curls that fall just a bit past her shoulders,blue eyes with velvet bown bits in them,shortish,skinny,paleish skin,and big black rimmed glasses

Personality:Distant and odd,shes not much of a responder.She eats without fuss,and goes to bed without a fuss,and simply stares into space and laughs at random times.She only talks to certain people,including her litte sister Beth,and her other sister Cass,who are both 1 and 2 quarters

Other:Has a stuffed hippo she talks to named Johanna (By her mom of course)

8/25/2012 #12

(Sure. I guess we could start now if you guys want.)

8/26/2012 #13

(Well we've only four people, but if you're sure...)

Her bare feet making a light patting sound as they touched the cold stone floor, Elizabeth stepped into the main social room of the hospital. Having just been transferred here on a more permanent basis than her previous place, she found herself not knowing any of the people in the large area. The orderlies locked the door closed behind her in a practised fashion. Around her a variety of the inmates, as she thought of them, sat upon bolted down benches and tables, or sat upon the floor in a childlike manner, or stood around talking. Many of them did nothing, either alone or in small groups, simply remaining quiet. The noises of the various more... 'peculiar' inmates more than made up for their silence, however. The place was a din with the moans and groans of the handicapped, to the more normal talking of those with less obvious problems.

With a small sigh, she looked around at what was to be her home for a good long time. Strangely enough, the thing that bugged her the most at that moment was the agonizingly unfashionable white clothing that she was forced to wear. It was not of a pleasing material, and was most annoying to her mind. But she would have to put up with it, she supposed.

Walking forward, she looked around, putting on a nervous but kind smile in the hopes of attracting someone to her. It would be most boring during her long stay her, so she might as well take the time to make a few friends who she could play with. The various guards and orderlies about would be a bit of a problem, but she was going to be in her for a long time anyway, so it was not like it mattered much if they caught her. And if she was careful with her words, they might not even manage that. It would be a challenge, she thought happily.

8/26/2012 . Edited 8/26/2012 #14

(that's usually enough. Once people see this rp at the top, it'll be most likely that more people will join.)

Victoria was sitting alone at a steel-type table, glaring daggers at anyone who managed to make eye contact with her. One woman even grinned accusingly, which made Victoria have an urge to stab something in her neck. If only I didn't have these damn shackles.. she wondered, hopeful thoughts lurking around in her mind.

8/26/2012 #15
Actually Sasori

(I hope you guys don't mind one more :y i'm using the same guy from the last rp, even though I use him more than I should D:)

Name of Character:Dominique Ledovski

Mental Problem: (only if you're a patient.)He is one of the staff members, but he's only an intern.

Age (14): 27

Appearance (links are fine): tall 6'6", skinny, short and scruffy blasckishh green hair, pale violet eyes, glasses, usually wears a black tutrtle neck (under the doctor coat )and black straight leg pants with black loafers.

Personality: He used to have mental issues when he was younger, but they were minor ones, like O.C.D and depression. He spent alot of time in counseling during that time. He was inspired to become a counselor by this, he is still working on getting his degree in college to be an official doctor. He has a few quirks, like being randomly social with people he has never met before. He is a bit clumsy, he isn't well cordinated. He usualy acts as if in a big hurry, scuttleing around from room to room just to check on the patients, he taps on his desk alot, and tends to make noises while thinking. he messes with his fingers alot and when he's happy or exited he squeals (kinda quitetly, like 'heeeee' instead of 'Heeeee!' ) He is a bit 'Coo coo' but not mental patient worthy, he is more of a 'thinking out side the box' crazy, mostly because he is still young. He hums and whistles to himself alot.

Other: He will never turn down a oprotunity for a conversation, even if it lasts two seconds or two hours. He

8/27/2012 . Edited 9/24/2012 #16

Kaycee laughed so hard she spat in someones face,who immediately punched her in the nose and it started bleeding.But to peoples surprise Kaycee noticed,and almost Stabbed the person in the neck with a spoon.With shaky hands she waved to random people and laughed insanely

8/28/2012 #17

Victoria saw the blood drip from the one person's neck, and grinned immensely.

8/28/2012 #18

Elizabeth simply looked on with distaste at the violence as the orderlies hurried to restrain the girl. 'Savage animals' she thought with marked disgust as a small amount of blood spattered about the scene. Despite herself, she was mildly impressed that anyone would manage to draw blood using a spoon, though it was beyond her guess about how the girl came to possess such an item given the fastidiousness with which the guards had searched herself. She did not suppose it mattered however, as the item was quickly confiscated as the girl was dealt with.

8/28/2012 #19
Actually Sasori

(I hope i'm not being a bother to anyone :o I just posted assuming I got accepted, c'ause y'know the mod of this topic said i was, forgive me if i'm not D: I think too much of these things and they bother me.)

Dominique stood back behind the other orderlies and watched them. He felt nauseous watching how rougly they treated the patients.

Gosh, this place is so surreal! He thought to himself.

He looked at the blood on the ground and shudderd.

"Geeze'o'peete!" He muttered then backed up a bit.

Dominique felt a little uneasy, like something bad was in his future. He usually didn't trust his instinct, but he had a naturally cynicall outlook on things that caused him to always take the carefull path.

8/29/2012 #20

(I can't speak for the OP, but it's probably fine. Your character looks interesting, anyway.)

8/29/2012 #21
Actually Sasori

(Thank ;v; but umm i feel a little awkward now. I'll keep my spam to a minimum)( I have, like, the only male character D: I feel like im in some bad hentai harem plot line here, not that I want it to be one, which I don't but still,)

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #22

(If it's any consolation, I can't play straight characters, so he's safe from Elizabeth. :3)

8/29/2012 #23
Actually Sasori

( i I know how you feel, Dominique is homo, but i don't really include that in his character description because I find sexuality somewhat usless to mention unless the rp is a dating sim or something that will involve romance :o ) ( I feel like I should wait for mermaid to accept, but she said i was "definitely welcome back" sdjhashdka)

8/29/2012 #24

(Well there's no viable reason they wouldn't let you, but I suppose there are manners to consider so I'll refrain from pushing you. Welcome anyways though. ;)

8/29/2012 #25
Actually Sasori

( whoeitwoetiwihoeiwoio I like this rp so I will try not to die on you guys. I tend to take really really long leaves from forums and when I get back they die D: I just don't want that to happen to this one too.)

8/29/2012 #26

(... You know.. That's sorta why the things die, because of doing something like that. :3)

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #27
Actually Sasori

( make me feel like the bad guy why don't youjkfshfskjhdf I try to get on as much as possible but I have other people that like to get on and don't let me on becausergwkj nvm I am a derp )

8/29/2012 #28

(ahhh oh my gosh i'm sorry, i don't know if i'm going to be able to stay on this. school just started and it's so much more work than i thought. i really haven't had any time to do anything but homework and sleep outside of school. i'm so sorry! i feel really bad :( )

8/29/2012 #29
Actually Sasori

( NONONONONONO dont feel bad omg I adjlasjdlkasjdla I know how you feel about school and not being able to be on for like, 7 hours, if it helps why dont we all give a general time of which we will be on?? So we know when to expect eachother? or generally when to expect eachother???)

8/29/2012 #30
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