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The MEGADUNGEON. A place so vile, so dangerous, so extreme it can only be pronounced in all caps.

This unholy abomination somehow exists in every universe, a nexus of reality, where only the greatest heroes are allowed entrance. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and Noir; genres hold no meaning as the most magnificent warriors reality has to offer unite to brave the MEGADUNGEON's levels and gain untold riches.

I am the GGM (Geek Game Master) and its my job to not only guide you through this epic adventure, but also throw as many challenges at you as possible. People WILL die. Heroes WILL fall. But that will make any success far more sweeter.


Gender: (This is optional if your race doesn't have genders.)

Class: Ninja, jedi, pirate, superhero, cyborg, alien, predator, Halo spartan, Covenant, Soul Reaper, Pokemon trainer, Saiyan, anything else you can think of.

Race: Human, elf, gnome, half-elf, orc, alien, robot, wookie, tauren, undead, anything else you can think of.


Special move (just 1 for now):


Normal rules apply. Don't be overpowered, don't be a jerk, and above all else, have fun. me what you got!

9/2/2012 #1


I might even join again; I've gotten better.)

9/2/2012 #2
(I wanna join, but I want someone else to join first before I do lol)
9/4/2012 #3
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Time for Touhouvania Reimu)

Name: Reimu Hakurei

Gender: Female

Class: Shrine Maiden/Youkai (Vampire?) Hunter

Race: Human

Abilities: Flight, able to call upon the power of the gods and infuse it in her gohei (Which is basically like the Vampire Killer whip).

Special move (just 1 for now): Spirit Sign: Fantasy Orb

History: Reimu Hakurei is the shrine maiden of Gensokyo and the resident "incident" solver there. She was called upon to stop a vampiress named Remilia Scarlet from releasing a scarlet mist (Again). She succeeded and afterwards went missing after Scarlet Devil Castle was destroyed. The maid of Remilia, Sakuya Izayoi, who was in search of her mistress, later found that the castle had been rebuilt and was under the ownership of Reimu. After battling Reimu, with Sakuya as the victor, Reimu came to her senses and decided to help Sakuya find Remilia. After finding Remilia, Reimu and Sakuya discovered that Remilia had been infused with the power of the Saigyou Ayakashi, a Youkai cherry tree that devours the souls of the living. Remilia revealed that she did this to gain more power. Sakuya and Reimu fought Remilia and defeated her. And the story continues.....

(I might have fucked up the history and left some things out, but that's the basic gist of it.)

9/4/2012 #4
(Sign me up. I'm mobile now, but I'll get on a suitable machine at the first opportunity.)
9/5/2012 #5

Name: Vitani (No last name)

Gender: female

Class: experiment

Race: Human

Abilities: able to change into any animal

History: She is unsure of how she came to be, she only remembers the lab. She escaped when she was around the age of 15, she spent the rest of her life paranoid and anxious about what would happen to her next. The rest of her history is not important, or if it is will be brought up when relivent.

9/5/2012 #6
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Yukiko Yukichi

Gender: Female

Class: Hunter

Race: Yuki-onna

Abilities: Manipulation of ice, snow, gale-force winds, and all other winter/snow/cold-associated phenomena; expert tracker of both humans and the supernatural.

Special move: Ice Age.

History: Yukiko can't remember exactly how old she is, but she remembers the Edo period. She has spent most of her life hunting down the other yuki-onna of the world and killing them one by one; every a yuki-onna dies, the power of the remaining yuki-onna in the world increases significantly, with greater increases as fewer and fewer of them remain alive to share the power. Yukiko is one of only two yuki-onna left on the planet, and she's made it her mission to become the last of her kind in order to have all the power for herself.

9/5/2012 . Edited 9/5/2012 #7

Name: Archaon

Gender: Male

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed and endurance.

Special move: Frenzy. The longer he's in combat and spills blood the stronger, faster and more ferocious he gets.

History: He was the revered and feared leader of his warband, stalking from battlefield to battlefield, conquering many, leaving only death and destruction in his wake. He and the rest of his warband have an augmentation to their brains, increasing their aggression to psychotic levels and making them fearless in the face of death which is a downfall as they will hardly ever retreat unless there is promise of an even greater battle elsewhere.

9/5/2012 #8

Name: Jason Moore

Gender: Male

Class: Jack of All Trades/Survivor

Race: Human

Abilities: Good Shot, works fast, can cook a bit, good at throwing together weapons, speaks french.

Special move (just 1 for now):

History: Jason was with a group of survivors in a forest during a zombie outbreak. After five months of fighting for his life, he found himself lost durring a hunting trip and wanders into the Mega dungeon.

9/7/2012 #9


9/7/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #10
Name: "Baron" Ulric Gustav. Gender: Male. Class: Airship Pirate. Captain of the Malefactrix. Race: Draken-Alf Cyborg. Abilities: Augmented Physical Condition from a century as an Airship Pirate and cybernetic combat prosthetics. Experienced in adventure. Jack-of-all-trades. Special Move: Support Strike. History: Draken-Alves are an old and powerful elven bloodline created by the union of a Drow house and an Aether Dragon clan. They are more fey in appearance and behavior than other elves, most often working as mercenaries or thieves. Captain Gustav is not one of the more famous airship pirates, but his pragmatism and cunning has made him one of the more successful. Ulric is a gentleman, but don't let that deceive you. He earned the replacements for his eye, arm and leg fairly in battles to the death. He has a rather motley crew, but the members balance each other out well enough.
9/7/2012 #11
Death Drive 128

Name: Elrod Redol

Gender: Male

Class: Bard/Musical Assassin

Race: Human

Abilities: Lute-type instrumental playing, Electrical Engineering, Gadgetry, Science.

Special move (just 1 for now): Lute-type Instrumental Smash

History: Musical wayward vagabond by day, assassin by night. Elrod doesn't stand out much aside from his occupation, and ragged excuses for formal clothing. Elrod has played for numerous dukes, kings, emperors, and has also murdered the same. After confronting his half-brother, Demitri, he learned the truth behind his mother's death; Elrod's father was possessed by a high-ranking demon from the deepest pits of the Abyss, who reaped his mother's soul. Captured by his brother, he was tortured by demons for a portion of his life, but he didn't let it get to him because he's not a gigantic asshole.

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #12
Hypno 0

Name: Jaime Lannister

Gender: Male

Class: Knight

Race: Human

Abilities: Extremely talented swordman and killer

Special move: Golden Pimp Slap- Jaime backhands opponent with his golden right hand


9/8/2012 #13

Name: Ravanys

Gender: Female

Class: Monster

Race: Succubus

Abilities: Flight, Claws, Energy Draining, demon summoning, enhanced condition, tongues, darkvision, immunity to electricity and poison, acid/cold/fire/spell resistance, telepathy, suggestion, thought detection, charming, phasing, shape-changing, clairvoyance, darkness, energy blasts

Special move: Undecided

History: Undecided

9/8/2012 #14
I don't think this RP is ever going to start.
9/8/2012 #15


9/8/2012 #16
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Rocky

Gender: Rock

Class: Geological formation

Race: Rock

Abilities: He is a rock.

Special move (just 1 for now): BEING A ROCK


9/8/2012 #17
Death Drive 128

((Oh god, a talking rock. Can he be accompanied by Elrod?))

9/8/2012 #18
Chainsaw Cake

(Are you gonna murder me if I ask who/what Elrod is?)

9/8/2012 #19
Death Drive 128

((I always read all the profiles when I get the chance. Sometimes as meta knowledge is a character is telepathic. Elrod's profile is up there.))

9/8/2012 #20
Chainsaw Cake

(Oh, derp. I thought you were referencing something. Also hell yeah they can go together. They'll defeat their enemies with the power of Rock Squared.)

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #21
Death Drive 128

((I'll start.))

Elrod's hair is a mess. He have just been backed into a corner in a dark cave and the only thing that comes to mind aside from pure terror is how messed up His hair is. He almost laugh at how insane that sounds and try His best to keep it together. It seems like just yesterday He was a normal guy not being hunted down by demons and all things that go bump in the night. Sadly, that was the day before yesterday. The wind picks up and just when things couldn't get any more wonderful and sunshiny the demons lunged straight for him.

Whoever said demons were hot were half right. The upper class demons were. If only He were so lucky to die by one of their hands. The servant class demons were repulsive and looked and acted like zombies. He tried to step to the side and thought He did a sucessful job and was so totally high fiving Himself in His head when He realized that only gave Him even little oppurtunity to move. He's not Buffy the Vampire Slayeror anything crazy like that but, this was not looking good. The demons hit the wall like retards and surprisingly took their times getting up.

"Oh cool, a door!" He said, distracted and found a door with a face that looked as though it was chiseled by an angry god. He walked inside, ignoring the sign that said "MEGADUNGEON".

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

"Ey! Who da fuck are you?" Rocky the rock asked from a corner of the room. "I was nappin', asshole! What makes you think you c'n just barge right da fuck in here, eh?"

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #23
Death Drive 128

Elrod used this time to not only worry about his hair and Lute but to worry about the talking rock. As soon as he made it he did what all other good amazing heroes do in a dire time of running away. He did a hair flip and looked back at the rock. Elrod thought he was going for the most idiotic used to be normal person of the year award.

"Wow, a talking rock. You know I'm a rickety old door away from being eaten by demons, so I don't think I have a choice in this matter." Elrod said, "Hey, you want to come with me?"

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #24

(Now I wanna post but I'm drawing a blank.)

9/8/2012 #25
Chainsaw Cake

"Why da fuck not?" Rocky said, quickly forgetting rocks earlier irritation. Because rock was a rock. And rocks are not known for their long memories, at least last time the writer checked. "Where ya goin', fruitcake?"

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #26
Death Drive 128

((Step 1. Be as un-serious as possible. Step 2. ???. Step 3. Profit.))

Elrod didn't have a specific place to be running so he decided to stop not even half a mile away from where he was sure he was about to die. Because it is so smart to not care if he lived or not. He took a step down the tunnel and tried like hell to remember what color were King Edmund's wife's panties were. Because if he forgot was going to have a break down.

"Well, I guess our only option is to keep going down this place. Looks creepy though." Elrod looked further down the tunnel. "Looks more like a dungeon further on, than some tunnel." He grabbed the Rock and continued down.

9/8/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #27
Chainsaw Cake

"Ey! Don't touch me dere, ya fuckin' perv!" Rocky said. "Only way I'd ever letcha grope me like dat was if you were made a sandstone, y'hear?!"

9/8/2012 #28

A female demon, whose appearance was akin to that of a comely human woman with large leathery wings and a long tail with a spade shaped end, phased through the door that was the entrance the to MEGADUNGEON.

"Uh." She started to look around, surveying the area. If the bard and the rock were there, her eyes would eventually fall to them. well...not the rock if she didn't hear it talking.

9/8/2012 #29
Death Drive 128

"Well, I guess it's either being man-handled or it's in the knapsack for the rest of the walk for you."

9/8/2012 #30
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