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Noah is Potato

"When the world is at the brink of death, the Horsemen will ride." -unknown

War, Death, Famine, and Disease, the legendary four Horsemen chosen to ride forward at the end of the world, and reap its destruction. Many know of them, even if they have never heard of the Four. They ride through the realms, each fulfilling their purpose, each preparing for when they ride into the open, each preparing for the end of the world. That chill you feel in the air moments before a life is taken, is the Pale Rider Death. That rage and adrenaline you feel in battle is the Mighty War. The despair of starvation and the environment dying, is Famine. And the pain in your chest when you cough in illness, is deadly Disease.

However the four are not the only Riders, they are but the first in this powerful race. After their creation, they set off and claimed a spot for their own, a place at the edge of existence, beyond heaven and hell, past the Garden of Eden, and right before nothingness. There they planted a seed, and that seed grew two riders, a male and a female. They mated, and soon the Riders grew in numbers, all being ruled over by the Four.

The place at the Edge of Existence was named Absolum, and villages and cities grew from the Riders. Here, at Absolum, they were granted the ability to stare into all realms, by looking through the Well of Worlds. Though only the Four, and those deemed worthy, may ride through the Well into other realms. How is one deemed worthy? Let us continue the story of the Four, and you will know.

Each of the Riders born of the Seed held powers linked to the realm of Humanity, Heaven, and Earth. When they reach the age of 11, the powers fully blossom, and their horse appears to them, able to appear whenever summoned by their Rider. The Four witnessed the great powers of their new found race, and the bound between rider and horse, and they created an academy of sorts. Here, at the Riders of the Apocalypse, you are trained to ride, to fight, and to master your powers. You are trained to be a true Rider.

Each student is separated into the house of War, the House of Death, The House of Famine, and the house of Disease, depending on the student itself. The student chooses it's own house, and their they compete with other houses, and train to become part of the army of their chosen Four. You stay in your house, in the school, until they are age 19, and on their nineteenth birthday, they are either deemed worthy to join the Four, or to live in Absolum for the rest of their lives. Or they die.

The final test of the school, is to face your chosen of the Four in combat. If you are deemed worthy, you will ride to the Well of Worlds, if you are deemed unworthy, you live in Absolum, if you are deemed unfit to be a rider, you die.

The Four are immortal, but the rest of the riders are not, unless they are deemed worthy. Then, they ride to Eden, and eat from the tree of Life, and join their new master's army.

So, Rider, do you have what it takes to become a Rider of Apocalypse? Will you face down one of the Four in deadly combat? Will you face down the armies of heaven and hell when the End is upon us? Well Rider, whether you do or not, I have only one piece of advice.



(There is a risk of some of the characters not being considered worthy by the Four. It depends on the character, and who they picked from the Four, seeing as each of the Four will have its own developed personality, since each will show up quite frequently in the roleplay. However your character will not die unless you give the a-okay.)

Character Template



Age: (11-18) (If you want to make an instructor for the school, pm me.)

Appearance: (You can use a picture, I am not to picky about this, since I am more concerned about the character being a Rider and what type of Rider they are, above all.)

House: (Explain why they picked this house here, or in the bio)

Powers: (Powers range from Angelic in nature, Demonic in Nature, or taken from a human concept. Use your imagination, and while don't make your character completely overpowered, make them pretty powerful, especially if you are 17-18.)


Horse: (Place the name of your horse, and description. The Horse's appearance should fit your characters personality, and powers. Again, use your imagination with this. You can also place Horse's personality if you like.)

Weapon: (This weapon is your signature weapon, and can range from demonic sword to pistols that shot out heavenly light. The weapon will has a mind of its own as well)

Weapon limits: (What is the limit of your weapon? Can it break, does it run out of juice? Can it not harm certain things?)

Secondary Weapon: (This is just a plain ol' weapon with no real special abilities.)

Personality: (Optional)

Bio: (Please place at least a paragraph.)


9/16/2012 #1
Noah is Potato

Name: Sepheraph ShadowMane

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:Sepheraph is tall and skinny, having a mop of golden hair. The young rider has sleek glasses, perched on his nose, that vanish whenever battle erupts. The boy is lean, and while he has some muscle, he is made much more for speed than strength. Sepheraph has shinning blue eyes, with flecks of gold in them, and he has a scar running down his chest from a battle with another student.

House:Sepheraph belongs in the House of Death. He chose this because of a dream he might of had, a dream that made him realize being a Rider is his destiny.

Powers: Sepheraph'spowers comes from the human concept of Dreams. Sepheraph can reach into the reality of dreams and nightmares, and pull things out to aide him. If he is in direct physical contact with someone, he could even pull something out of their dreams of their nightmares.While he is bringing the dreams to life, Sepheraph can change them slightly, such as make a sword a little sharper, or a man from a nightmare a little more intimidating.

Weakness: The larger the object the more it drains Sepheraph, and the more he pulls from the reality of Dreams, the more it drains. If he sends them back, he still gains have of his strength, but if they are defeated, he doesn't regain anything. Speheraph isn't made for physical strength, and his blows are somewhat weak.

Horse: Sandman. Sandman is a beautiful horse, with a pale blue coat of fur, and a light dusting of white over it. Its mane is a blue mist that has the whisperings of children's dreams and nightmares woven into it. Sandman's eyes are a soft golden color, that changes from black or white depending on the dreams his master summons. If Sepheraph pulls something from a nightmare, Sandman's eyes are black, if he pulls something from a dream, his eyes are white, and if Sepheraph has pulled nothing, then they remain gold.

Weapon: Sepheraph has twin blades named The Rise and the Fall. The names are references to the common, enjoyable dream of one flying, and then the fall the flyer takes when the dream turns to nightmare. The Rise hilt is wrapped in white cloth, and near the blade, two wings sprout from the hilt. The blade itself is a white/blue color, and a gentle mist falls from the blade. The Rise is a channel Sepheraph uses to bring out the dreams of people, and it can make physical contact with someone, and not harm them is Sepheraph wishes.

The second Blade, The Fall, has a black cloth wrapped around its hilt and near the blade, instead of wings like its counterpart, it has spikes. The color of the blade is a black/crimson color, and a darker mist falls from this blade. The Fall is a channel for nightmares, and like it's counterpart, might not harm on physical contact.

Weapon limits: They lose strengths when there are no dreams or nightmares to feed off of, and the mist grows lighter and lighter.The Blades can only feed off of the dreams and nightmares if Sepheraph sacrifices the dreams to them. The blades slowly rust over when they haven't feed, and become useless. The Rise also refuses to hurt anyone it deems just, and The Fall refuses to hurt anyone it deems amusiningly chaotic.

Secondary Weapon: Sepheraph also uses a simple pistol.

Personality: (These things never do my characters justice, it will be explained in roleplay)

Bio: Sepheraph grew up on a farm at the edge of Absolum, and he only knew a few others his age.Both his parents were deemed unworthy, but still fit to live in Absolum. One was rejected by War, the other rejected by Disease. Sepheraph never cared that his parents failed, because if they didn't, he wouldn't have been born. The week before he turned eleven, everyone was making a big fuse, all excited. Sepheraph however, was just terrified.

What if his powers were demonic or they weren't that powerful? What if his Horse hated him? So many worries went through his head, so at the eve of his birthday, he ran away.Sepheraph wandered, and night was about to break into early morning, when the young Rider saw someone.

Standing near a tree, watching the sun rise, was the Rider Death, standing beside the pale horse Despair. Sepheraph just stared, awed by the rider, and slightly afraid as well. Death watched the sunrise, before getting on his horse, and riding off. He didn't notice the young rider at all, to focus on the rising of the sun.

Sepheraph was awed by what he saw, one of the powerful Four, admiring the sunrise. It was a thing he had once dreamed of. The young rider was taken away from his fantasies by a nudging of his shoulder, and he turned and saw his young horse staring at him, and at once Sepheraph fell in love.

He and Sandman walked back. Sepheraph just talking to the horse, and he finally accepted his destiny as a Rider.

Other:To this day, Sepheraph is not sure if he saw the real Death, or if it was just his newborn powers projecting a dream he had.

9/16/2012 #2
Chainsaw Cake

(This sounds interesting. I assume you already have a plot worked out?)

Name: Despair san Kerge-y-Mög

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Pale skin with very prominent dark circles and dark lips. Eyes are a red so dark it's nearly black. Has very long black hair that she likes to wear in a variety of styles. Skinny and flat-chested, but has nice legs that she enjoys showing off with slitted robes, skirts, and dresses.

House: Death. She thought it was most fitting, since her powers can easily cause victims to commit suicide.

Powers: Despair's name is fairly self-explanatory. She can cause feelings of crushing loneliness, hopelessness, sadness, etc. She has quite a wide range, and has never really pushed herself to see just how far her powers extend. Despair also has telepathic abilities, the better with which to prey on the minds of her victims. She can also manipulate the environment around her to foster negative feelings, such as causing gloom, shadow, barrenness, and the like. If someone has a weak enough mind, Despair can take control of them and use them like a puppet.

Weakness: She has more trouble bringing down strong-willed people; it takes her more effort. She's also more of a mage/ranged fighter type than a close combat fighter.

Horse: Ausweglos is a deep charcoal gray. He is very large and powerfully built. His eyes are blank white, with no pupils or irises. His mane and tail are a deep, deep black that reflect no light whatsoever - instead, it's almost like they suck the light in. Ausweglos will not tolerate an incompetent or hesitant rider - if he is mishandled, or if his rider is not dominant enough, he'll simply throw them off and leave them behind.

Weapon: Geistmörder is like the unholy lovechild of a compound bow and a sniper rifle. It fires bolts like those of a bow's with the range and accuracy of the rifle. These bolts can be ordinary ones. They can be poisoned with Despair's powers, giving the victim a concentrated dose - to disastrous effect, of course. Despair has a whole array of different types of bolts, from incendiaries to gas capsules. Geistmörder enables night vision in its wielder, allowing her to land shots even in the darkest of nights.

Weapon limits: Geistmörder can only shoot people - even its normal bolts won't affect anything else. It also can't stand the touch of those who are too angelic/pure-minded - extended contact will cause it to weaken, crack, or even straight-up break.

Secondary Weapon: Twin knives with blades about nine inches long.

Personality: Cool, arch, and completely unashamed of her sexuality. The "Defrosting Ice Queen" trope may or may not come into effect later in the RP. XD She also dislikes white lies, coyness, artifice, and most other trappings of high society apart from the luxurious aspects. That doesn't mean she's some kind of honesty freak, though. Despair has no problems with lying, cheating, gossiping, or anything like that. She also sees no point in the rigorous standards of propriety that her parents always tried to force on her. Ultimately, Despair simply does as she likes and everyone else can go hang.

Bio: Despair was so named because she was the last of her parents' children - a difficult birth left her mother barren. All of her siblings were female, meaning that the family could have no sons. In a fit of sadness and resentment, her mother named her "Despair," the end of the family's hopes. Despair was largely neglected by her parents as they focused on making her older sisters as marriageable as possible, so that they could at least marry into money as a consolation for the family name dying out. She was left on her own throughout much of her childhood. When she began to, ahem, "develop," her parents also began trying to mold her into a perfect bride. She coldly rejected them, saying that she would make a name for herself in some other way - by becoming a great Rider, to be precise. Despair packed her bags that very night and stole away to the Riders' academy without even leaving a note.

Despair never writes to her family, and she doesn't even like to talk about them with others. She wants to cast her family away from her forever as revenge for neglecting her for so long, but on some deeper level finds herself unable to abandon them completely. She can't help but think of them from time to time or wish she could show them how far she's come, and she hates that.

Other: She loves sweets, has a cat named Kas that she brought with her to the school, and can play the cello. (Her parents made her learn a musical instrument to seem more like a proper lady. They meant something along the lines of "piano" or "violin", but Despair picked the cello because she could play it in an unladylike pose, thus pissing off her parents.)

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #3
Noah is Potato

(Indeed I do.)

9/16/2012 #4
Chainsaw Cake

(Done, how's it look?)

9/16/2012 #5
Noah is Potato


9/16/2012 #6

(I might make a second character, Sloth. Not sure.)

Name: Tasvor Cerir. Prefers the ever-peaceful nickname of Slaughter.

Gender: Male.

Age: (11-18) 17. Yep, same age.

Appearance: (I hope you don't mind me taking a liberty, here...)Slaughter himself looks much like a human. He's moderately tall and well-built. He only has two visible scars: a small one on his left cheek from an accident as a child, and one on his hand that resembles a jumble of cracks, resulting from when his hand was crushed, early in his training at the Academy. His clothing is blood-red but not very fancy, or even all that notable. However, it does have a minor property of its own: at a mental command, the clothing will become plate armor, strong but light enough to ensure full mobility. Even then, however, it's not what one might define as 'cool' or 'interesting'.

House: War. It kinda goes with his power. He could've been in Death, too, but Death didn't sound violent enough for him.

Powers: On his own, Slaughter is no pushover. But his nickname is from his power: The more Slaughter (and ONLY Slaughter) kills, the more... improved... he becomes. Anything he kills produces this effect, but the more 'powerful' the being is, the more power Slaughter gains. It will improve his strength, speed, agility, and the power of his weapon. It also does the same for his horse. The effects granted by any given death last exactly twenty-four hours from the point at which the being is killed.

Also, the effects aren't granted by plants, despite the fact that they are also alive.

Weakness: While it's rumored that birth adversely affects Slaughter, it has yet to be proven. It is known every day without killing anything will begin to drain his power. The exact rate is hard to determine, but gaining the power back is slower than improving his normal level. Moreover, the less power he has, the faster it drains; a total of thirteen (Sorry, I couldn't help it) days without killing anything will render him comatose.

Any injuries he sustains will also drain his power, but at a small fraction of the speed; it'd take around two weeks for a major injury to have the same effect. When injured, Slaughter must recover on his own or by killing - any attempts to heal him, magically or not, will only make his condition worse.

Horse: Sanguine. The Latin word for Blood, the horse is both aptly named and colored, as her hair is all a uniform blood-red. Sanguine is massive, and wears black plated armor; she is just as much of a fighter as her rider. Her eyes are also red, for that matter, though her hooves a black.

Weapon: Nex. A long, thin but strong blade, Nex will become sharper with each kill, ranging form a standard blade to powerful enough to cut through most materials. it is black, and a shallow groove runs most of its length. The groove collects a small amount of blood from each kill, serving much like a meter of its power (though Slaughter has never bothered to try measuring it); the blood drains when the power is lost. Like with its wielder, the power will stay for twenty-four hours.

Weapon limits: Unlike Slaughter, Nex will begin draining past its normal state after only three days without kills. However, it takes the same thirteen days to become virtually useless. Also, the blade cannot harm noncombatants, instead moving through them without harm. Of course, this doesn't stop Slaughter from killing them anyway, with his secondary weapon or his bare hands.

Secondary Weapon: A Desert Eagle handgun. Slaughter tries not to use it, since he doesn't often pick up ammo for it. However, he does try to keep a reasonable supply of bullets.

Personality: One should hope, by now, you know that Slaughter likes to kill. He's never at home more than at the battlefield. However, while he has little to no regard for humans, he is rather polite to his fellow Riders, doing his best to treat them as equals (unless they decide to be rude to him). Aside from the battlefield, he only kills humans whom he dislikes for various reasons - he may not like them, but he also doesn't like them mistreating one another when not at war. When running low on power, he often finds animals, be it a mouse or bear.

Bio: Slaughter – or, to be a bit more accurate, Tasvor – was born to a Rider of Death and a Rider of Famine. Both of them had been accepted to live in Eden, though of course, Tasvor still had to prove himself. He simply had a natural affinity for fighting, and the scar on his cheek originated form a sparring match from his childhood. He was quite eager to turn eleven and enter the Academy, having looked forward to it all his life. While not the best fighter, he gained his nickname of Slaughter from his affinity for combat and his powers. He kept it, since like his weapon, armor, and horse, it fitted his powers quite well.

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #7
Noah is Potato

(Accepted. And you should make another character if you feel the need. The more the merrier.)

9/16/2012 #8

(Thanks. And it's not a need, merely a vague urge, and the opportunity to add a character to another House.)

9/16/2012 #9
Hypno 0
(I'll be creating a character for the house of famine later tonight when I get to a computer.)
9/16/2012 #10
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Orette Saalmundi

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: White hair in a short, messy bob; tan skin; short and stocky/strongly built; pale blue eyes that are often half-lidded. Likes to dress as casually as possible at all times, as she finds it more comfortable and practical. She'd go to a fancy dinner in sweats and a sports bra if she could.

House: Disease. When your power is Pollution, it's the only one that really makes any sense.

Powers: Pollution. Power over filth, poison, garbage, dirt, and anything else that could conceivably be seen as pollution. Can also make people sick, though not on the same level as Disease himself - she causes things like infections and tetanus. Also, she never gets food poisoning, infected cuts, or any filth-induced sicknesses.

Weakness: Orette is very weak to water-based attacks. Water in general is her greatest weakness, thanks to its association with purification and cleanliness. It's bad enough that she has to bathe in tainted water. She's also got a pretty major weakness to white magic, purification magic, etc.

Horse: Soptippa is a lean, leggy creature with fur in a sickly, off-putting shade of green. Her mane and tail are grayish and semi-transparent, and they waft on the air like toxic fumes. Her eyes are solid black. Soptippa is a very gentle, forgiving horse who will let just about anyone ride her and will put up with a lot of shit before she tries to throw anyone.

Weapon: A pair of sickles connected on a long chain. Its name is Forgifta, and aside from being deadly sharp, its touch spreads poison throughout the victim. Even getting caught in its chain will sicken you.

Weapon limits: Forgifta shares its owner's weakness to water, and the more its poison ability is used, the weaker it becomes.

Secondary Weapon: Broadsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

Personality: Orette is very laid-back and lazy, preferring to take naps and eat junk food instead of fight. She does enough work to keep herself in good shape, but that's about it. She's a careless, go-with-the-flow type, and it takes a lot to get her riled up. She's also pretty rough and crude, thanks to being more-or-less raised by six older brothers. Basically? Orette is a chill dude who happens to have a pretty impressive rack.

Bio: Orette was the youngest child in her family, with six older brothers (Hekke (29), Numair (26), Asten and Ilford (twins, 25), Linder (23), and Thorvald (19)). Her parents were loving, but stressed, and often gone working so that they could feed such a large family. Because of all her siblings, Orette never wanted for love or affection, and she never resented her parents being gone so often - she learned early that they were doing it for the family. When Orette developed her powers, she was eager to attend the Riders' academy in the hopes that she could land a high-paying job and help ease her family's poverty. She misses her brothers fiercely and writes them as often as she can, and she takes every possible opportunity to go home and visit.

Other: She can belch the alphabet and is great at wrestling.

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #11
Noah is Potato

(Accepted, though you should change the OTHER section, because Absolum has no National Anthem.)

9/16/2012 #12
Chainsaw Cake

(Edited, now it's the alphabet. XD)

9/16/2012 #13
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(This sounded utterly badass until I found out it was a school RP. Oh, what the hell, might as well make a character.)

9/16/2012 #14
Noah is Potato

(Though the main setting is a school, rest assure there will be little teaching and the characters will only be at the school majorly at the beginning.)

9/16/2012 #15
Chainsaw Cake

(Dooo iiiit, Owen... *waggles fingers hypnotically* C'mon, this one sounds like it could actually be good.)

9/16/2012 #16

(Oh, good. I had high hopes - still do, mind you - but the main mistake most school RPs make is the 'school' bit.)

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/16/2012 #17
Hypno 0

Name: Minos Fon Feol

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Slightly above average height with a lean, chiseled physique devoid of any visible excess fat, blemishless bronze skin with no tan lines. His hair is a rich, golden brown that curls in loose tendrils down to below his shoulder blades which he normally keep tied in a loose pony tail with only a few, carefully selected strands to frame his face. His face is all sharp, noble angles, and smooth skin, his eyes are a bright, peircing green which are framed by perfectly groomed eyebrows. Full lips which seem always to be only a moment away from a smile to show off his perfectly straight, white teeth and deep dimples located with perfect symmetry on either cheek. In short, he is, very intentionally, gorgeous.

House: Famine

Powers: Possesses the ability to enhance or degrade the make-up of a thing, organic or not, in order to bring out the highest possible value, or the lowest. For instance, if given a mud clod with bits of gold mixed in, he could turn the entire thing into pure gold, or into dead, lifeless dust. When used on a living creature, he can bring out whatever genetic qualities they already possess and make them prominent. For example, he could turn a boy who is merely tall into a giant, or a girl who is merely pretty into a living work of art.

Weakness: The personal drain the use of his power has on him is porpotional to the level of change he creates and the complexity of the thing he is changing. To heighten the purity of a diamon would cost him almost nothing but in order to change a living human even slightly is very taxing for him and he must consume huge amounts of calories every day in order to sustain frequent use of his ability. However this is only true in changing something fundamental about a living creature to do with DNA, he is capable of making much smaller level changes that are much less taxing on him. For instance, changing the structure of part of a person's face into petrified carbon would be significantly easier for him than it would be to change the person's hair from brown to red.

Horse: Adonis, a specimen of complete physical perfection in a stallion, large, well-muscled and handsome with golden-brown fur that glistens as though it were fresh brushed no matter the conditions. His mane has the look of pure-spun gold and each strand nearly seems to radiate with it's own internal star. An extremely athletic horse, Adonis is also extremely competitive and is not satisfied unless it has out run, jumped, cantered, and danced any horse who would seek to out shine him. He also has a rather shallow disposition and will not even allow an unattractive person to touch him, nor will he accept food from anyone he does not like to look at.

Weapon: Ragnar "The Spear of Integrity"- An eight-foot-long halberd whose blade is just under two-feet-long, with a rich, red oak pole and a gleaming chinese-style "ji" blade. It will instantaneously work to alter whatever it strikes into a more easily destroyed form, allowing him to slice a solid steel pole in half without much difficulty.

Weapon limits: Ragnar's effect is decreased when attacking another magical weapon and is nullified in proportion to his opponent's level of power in comparison to his own. The blade's ability has no effect on a weapon whose weilder is markedly more powerful than himself and who knows how to defend against his power, or anything with absolutely no stuctural imperfections.

Secondary Weapon: Always keeps a dagger and three throwing knives on his person. Believes guns to be undignified.

Personality: Minos is a vain, judgemental, aristocratic, blue-blood with a glibe tongue and cunning mind, he deeply enjoys playing political games and can be extremely vindictive when he feels someone has insulted him. He is also very loyal to the few people he considers worthy of being called his friends and enjoys competitions of all kinds almost as much as he enjoys winning them, considers sportsmanship to be one of the greatest virtues one can possess.

Bio: Born the second son of a very old, wealthy, and influential family that has produced more Riders, deemed worthy to join that Four than almost any other family in existence. As the second son of this house, to become anything besides a Rider of the Four would be an utter disgrace and would leave him with no definable place in the world, his brother having already earned his place amongst the Riders of the Fourse and assuring his place within the Feol bloodline. Minos has always displayed great aptitude for battle tactics and strategy as well as the "softer" studies of mathematics, biology, and chemistry which have always interested him in the they tie directly into his own abilities. He is a skilled and ruthless combatant who fights with a strong "win-at-all-costs" mentality. He views his brother as an untalented waste of birth right and seeks to prove himself the superior sibling for what he assures himself are purely for reasons of self-satisfaction and nothing to do with his brother being the favorite. He chose House Famine simply because it suited the attributes of his power the best.

Other: N/A

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/18/2012 #18
Chainsaw Cake

(Hey Hypno, can Despair and Minos be kind of entangled in a way? Like his older brother married one of Despair's sisters, and he knows how she's from a dying noble house and won't shut up about it (being a judgmental aristocrat and all), and she hates that because she hates her family and wants to be recognized for more than her bloodline? Or is that a nope from you?)

9/16/2012 #19
Hypno 0

(Actually, I was going to make a similiar suggestion so I'm all for it, though I was thinking something closer to the lines of realizing that she's from a noble house (dying or not) and so views her as one of the few people worthy of his friendship. Though to go a bit deeper into it, perhaps he once proposed a marriage agreement provided they were both accepted amongst the ranks of the Four and cited her dying house, which would, I think, deeply annoy her. So she spurned him, which pissed him off, so now they have have a complex relationship of mutual dislike and grudging respect?)

9/16/2012 #20
Chainsaw Cake

(Ooh. Can we have all of that happen in the actual RP? :D)

9/16/2012 #21
Hypno 0

(Assuming he gets accepted, I don't mind.)

9/16/2012 . Edited 9/17/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

(Yay! Plot point! XD)

9/16/2012 #23
Hypno 0

(I felt the need to clarify a few things in Minos' bio so if anyone was unclear on a few things about his ability or his weapon, that should, hopefully, be fixed.)

9/17/2012 . Edited 9/17/2012 #24
Noah is Potato

(The powers seem to border the 'to-powerful' line, but seeing as you have been on this site for 2 years plus, I will trust you can handle them)

(Accepted, now this will start pretty soon. I will wait for one or two more characters, possibly make another character for myself, and then I will write the opening post, let characters interact for a bit, then a minor plot will start up involving either War or Famine)

9/17/2012 #25
(I plan on submitting a character soon for either War or Disease, depending on whether or not I can make a Horseman of Treachery for War work. If not I'll try for a Parasite Horseman for Disease.)
9/17/2012 #26
Noah is Potato

(I can not wait to see your characters.)

9/18/2012 #27

Name: Jack Leighton

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Jack's presence simply oozes charisma, from his rather dashing features to his gentlemanly attire and impeccable posture. To be more specific Jack has short, sandy blonde hair and deep gray eyes. His facial features are quite strong, but not pronounced enough to be too imposing. Jack is of fairly average height for his age group, perhaps an inch or two taller, and his build is muscular in the lean and unthreatening but nonetheless capable way of a runner. Jack wears a more formal variant of an officer's uniform, consisting of shining black leather boots, khaki riding trousers, a white button-up shirt, a black vest, a navy blue tailed waistcoat, and finally a tan pith helmet. Often Mr. Leighton can be seen smoking a calabash pipe.

House: War, the natural outcome of betrayal.

Powers: Mr. Leighton has an amazing gift with words (For comparison, not quite on the level of Saruman's rhetoric in the LotR books, but getting close.), easily able to turn mortal against mortal, and even sow discord among lesser Riders. Part of this comes from his ability to intuit a person's more private thoughts and desires. Mr. Leighton is also quite stealthy and adept at spying, as befitting his nature.

Weakness: Jack is limited by the amount of leverage he can bring to bear against an individual, and particularly strong-willed or single-minded opponents are very difficult for him to bend to his will, since his power relies on pushing what is already present. Also, if he can't speak, his powers are useless.

Horse: Jack rides a mare named Kelpie. Kelpie is an ethereal shade of white with green eyes. Kelpie herself is maliciously mischievous, insists upon being ridden bareback if at all, and will play horrid tricks upon any who would ride her apart from Jack.

Weapon: Jack bears a bolt-action rifle which can either do straight damage or weaken the resolve of Jack's targets, making them more vulnerable to both his wiles and the dark thoughts in the back of their mind. He has named his rifle Sans Creda, meaning "absence of faith".

Weapon limits: Jack's rifle is obviously a little slow to reload and lacks any sort of automatic fire. Also, its special ability is less effective on the single-minded or strong of will.

Secondary Weapon: A simple ballistic knife with a poison-soaked blade. After all, what's a backstabbing snake without a dagger?

Personality: Jack is paranoid, never trusting anyone and always second-guessing and analyzing the people around him, but not openly. Openly Jack is very polite and does his best to stay out of trouble and come off as an upstanding fellow who should be trusted and respected. Jack is also fond of plans, always either carrying one out or drawing one up.

Bio: Jack Leighton is the seventh child of successful entrepeneurs. As the youngest he was last in line for both the favor of his parents and any inheritance. Angered by both his parents' disregard of him and his siblings' disrespect of him, he began plotting and scheming from a young age to win the family fortune and make his siblings pay. He started out small, using his family's underestimation of him to his advantage as he began to play his brothers and sisters against each other, acting as someone each sibling could trust while discreetly gaining favor with his parents even as his siblings continually made themselves look worse and worse in his parents' eyes. At this point in time he has eliminated his youngest brother and sister, but as leaving them alive would have risked his own discovery, he incited the two to kill each other in a practice match.

(Okay, Parasite is up next. I've got to go.)

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Sage of the White Sands
((Ill try to get an OC ready for this.)
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Noah is Potato


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