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Chainsaw Cake

Despair remained supremely unconcerned. She had truly meant it when she said that she cared nothing for her family.

Wanting throw all their efforts to cultivate her back in their faces, wanting revenge for years of neglect - that wasn't caring, was it? No. Of course it wasn't.

She did not care. Despair kept telling herself that. She did not care.

He still has it all wrong.

"If you can't see the value in fighting for one's freedom, then you were never smart enough to judge me in the first place."

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #61
Having read the entire exchange, Jack smirked. "As if you could handle so spirited a woman." Jack muttered. "And now you're going to throw a tantrum, most likely in the form of some half-wit scheme which passes for elaborate by your own standards. I'll hand you off to one of my leutenants, pissant."
9/22/2012 #62
Hypno 0

Minos let out a mirthless, condescending chuckle and called back at her without breaking his stride. "You keep telling yourself how valuable your freedom is when your whole family is dead and your name is lost to the ages. All the songs and stories of your House will be forgotten, save for the one they shall sing in mine:

Kerge-y-Mög, The Ancient and Noble House that Ended in Despair!"

That said, he sped up his pace and headed back to the arena for War's "Special Lesson".

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #63
Chainsaw Cake

What a twat, Despair thought as she went back to the stadium, to wait until it was time for the extra lesson.

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #64
Hypno 0

(Hmmmm, so what now? I'm not sure that we can continue without Writer.)

9/22/2012 #65
Chainsaw Cake


9/22/2012 #66

(That's why I haven't posted. Also, you realize that both of your characters are now going to the same place at the same time, from the same place, yeah? At the least, Despair would have to wait for Minos to get a good distance away, then avoid him. Otherwise, they're basically walking together.)

9/22/2012 #67
Chainsaw Cake

(To be fair, they could have taken different paths. Or they're just mad enough to ignore each other. Or something. I'unno.)

9/22/2012 #68
Hypno 0
(I assumed that Despair waited for Minos to get far enough away before heading out herself.)
9/22/2012 #69
Chainsaw Cake

(Something like that.)

9/22/2012 #70
Jack still had a bit of spare time before the lessons, though not enough to do anything meaningful. With a satisfied sigh, he slung his rifle over his shoulder and lit his pipe, puffing languidly as he made his way back to the arena.
9/22/2012 #71
Hypno 0
(Think he'd be ok with someone playing for War in his absence.)
9/22/2012 #72

(No. Patriot has something specific planned - that's the point.)

9/22/2012 #73
Hypno 0

(You're right, of course. Just the blatherings of the terminally bored.)

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #74
Noah is Potato

(Sorry for my absence guys. Junior year of highschool sucks and keeps a guy busy. Now if you guys are all okay with it, i will time-skip to the lesson with War.)

9/22/2012 #75
Chainsaw Cake

(You're the mod, just do it already. :D)

9/22/2012 #76

Name: Eclissi Paura

Gender: Male

age: 11

appearance: Befitting his heritage Eclissi is tan in skin color and light in voice. His eyes are a delicate copper color that reflect light in a sickly manner. His small thin body is normally clothed in stitched together bandages to resemble clothing and he is never seen without a locket around his neck. A reminecent reminder of his late mother. His lips are thin and his teeth seem to be elongated due to the pulled-back gums only. His hair is always unkempt and it resembles the same copperish tone as his eyes.

House: Disease as his heritage and history have made it impossible for him to join any others.

Powers: He refers to his skill as the Diagnose trait but to others it is simply the reading of and absorbing the sickness of another. With a simple touch Eclissi can determine whatever sickness ravages the body and can absorb it into his own which shall eventually break down and become absorbed into new energy.

Weakness: For starters he has to physically touch the victim as he does not know it from the top of his head unless the sickness is a common one. The harder aspect though is that when he does absorb the sickness he himself becomes affected by it. For example if he took in the aspect of lung cancer then his own lungs would be ravaged by the desiesed and he would be affected by it until his body broke down the sickness.

Horse: Psyche, Eclissi's personal horse has the appearance of a wild arabian stallion until closer examination. The horse's fur is patchwork as is the skin, making it appear like a frankenstein creation. Its bray is that of a hacking cough or howl of pain and its body continually shakes as if suffering from palsy. Psyche is a representation of the human minds sickness and as such gives off an air of derangement whenever it is around.

Weapon: Eclissi is not to often the user of this weapon but when he must he uses a sword known as Syringe. It is a blade designed to appear like a hypodermic needle which in accounts it functions. It has a long thin blade which is see through, and the hilt is shaped like the injection end of a hospital needle. This is normally filled with a color associated with a type of sickness (ie. Black for Cancer, yellow for kidney failure, red for fever, etc.) By using the power of Diagnose Eclissi can instead move the sickness from his body into the sword which he can then inject into his opponents.

Weapon limits: Eclissi is still affected by the sickness and to use the weapon itself takes much of his energy which denies him drawn out conflict. The sword can also be broken if enough force is applied to the blade (another horsemen in trainings blade striking his at full force in one location)

Secondary Weapon: Eclissi is more fond of his secondary weapon which are attached to the bandages wrapping around his arms. Straight Razors that have been sewn into the bandages act not only as short range swords but also long rage weapons as he can simply swing the bandages around to keep distance.

Bio: Eclissi always knew he would have to enroll into the school. Since the day he could move about the hospital he knew he was destined for it. His mother, her body ravaged by illness since his birth, regalded him with tales of the Horsemen. She had seen them she had once told him.It wasn't until she had told him that it was because of a rider that she was so sick, that his birth was the cause of the sickness, that Eclissi took her words to heart. He was responsible for his mothers pain, and then on his 10th birthday she passed. Mental scarring aside Eclissi believed now more than ever that it was his destiny to join the Horsemen. It was his birthright. But what can a child who wishes for his mothers love do in a world where the only rule is Kill or be Killed?

Other: Eclissi is very child-like in his actions and motives behaving younger than his age unless he is told to take things seriously.


9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #77
Chainsaw Cake

(Oh yeah, Mr. GM, I got a question - do the Riders summon their weapons like they do their horses, or do they have to go get them?)

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #78

(GM, not mod :P

Also, can Slaughter - if not the other Riders - use a horn to summon his/their horses? Because that'd be awesome.)

Slaughter had left the stands, but only to go into the arena where War and Joseph had fought. He and three others of War were sparring - no real rules or point to it, just two one-on-one matches. They weren't using their own weapons, but expertly-crafted wooden replicas - no need to draw steel on one another when they were all waiting for War to get back.

It had been two days since Slaughter had gone hunting, so he was tiring quickly, but he kept his opponent from getting through his guard. Unfortunately, that was all he could do at the moment; he didn't have the energy to go on the offensive just yet, not until he saw a good enough opportunity.

(I just weakened Slaughter, though I think it was a typo. His bio originally stated that it takes ten days without killing to start draining his power, but thirteen days without killing to render him comatose. Now, his power drains every day he doesn't kill something.)

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #79
Noah is Potato

(@Eclipsestar: The only way he would not know that the Four Riders were real, is if he lived in a really secluded part of Absolum, and even then that is a major if. All kids know of the Four, seeing as their race came from them.)

(@Chainsaw: It really depends on the weapon itself. The Secondary weapons must be on the Rider, but depending on what the main Weapon is, it can either be on them, or they can just summon it)


An hour has gone and pass, and for many anxious for the special lesson from War felt like an eternity had gone by. Many students were on the feild of the arena, talking amongst themselves wondering what War would teach them. Would it be special fighting techniques? Riding lessons? Some even suggested that the art of mortal war would be taught.

Almost every student from the house of War was there, most of the house of Death, and a good portion of the other two Houses. Sepheraph was standing with some of his friends from the house of Death, Debatting why the orginal Four had the weapons when they did, when the thundering sounds of hooves were heard. Each thud, sounded like a different instrument of war; swords clashing, the twang of a bow, the bang from a gun.

War entered the arena, on his Horse, the infamous Ruin. Ruin was charcoal black and it's tail and main was fire, dancing about the horse. It's eyes a dark red color like it's masters, and they held years of battle in it's eyes.

War was charging full speed on Ruin, and right before he hit students, he jumped off Ruin, high in the air, and the horse vanished in fire. The Horseman flipped, and landed in the center of the arena, and took off his hood, grinning widely.

"I will need several volunteers!" He called, looking at all the students, raising an eyebrow. "If you are a tad squeamish, dont volunteer."

(@Eladon: Yes its fine for him to summon his weapon with a horn, and understood)

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #80
Chainsaw Cake

Orette was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, but she perked up a bit when she heard War's request.

"I'll go," she said, raising her hand a bit.

9/22/2012 #81
Noah is Potato

(Now Accepted, Eclipsestar)

9/22/2012 #82

(Thank you very much.)

"I...I'll try." Eclissi stated from behind many of his older house-members. The thin boy seemed more ragged then normal and his eyes had heavy bags from lack of sleep. He had been trying to practice all of last night, only to begin horrid coughing fit from the bronchitis he had absorbed into his body just two days ago. The sickness had passed through him though and he was ready, though for the boy it was unclear just where ready was.

9/22/2012 #83
Hypno 0

Minos found himself moving down the stands and jumping into the arena almost before he was consciously aware of having gotten up from his seat. The confrontation with Despair had gotten his blood boiling and he was struggling to keep his mind away from uncomfortable topics regarding things like "freedom".

He silently searched within himself to find his inner reserve of power and drew upon it whilst extending his right hand straight out and watched as the air distorted and static electricity crackled around it for a moment before he was suddenly holding his halberd, Ragnar.

Minos brought the hilt of his weapon to the ground with a loud crack and from it burst his horse, Adonis, looking prestine as ever as he shook a few stray bits of dirt from his golden mane.

"I volunteer." He announced rather redundantly, climbing easily into Adonis' saddle.

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #84
"I'll accept." Jack declared as he snuffed and stowed his pipe out of respect for War.
9/22/2012 #85

(I said 'horse', but I presume that's a yes, too.)

Slaughter, who (along with his friends) had cleared the field after hearing War's impending arrival, promptly hopped back over the rails and into the ring. He didn't bother with anything even slightly flashy; he pulled out his horn and blew a long, deep note. Then put the horn away again and drew his sword; within moments, Sanguine came racing through the entrance and into the ring, fully armored. When Sanguine halted next to Slaughter, the Rider patted his horse and mounted up smoothly. His clothes turned to armor, and he waited.

9/22/2012 #86
Chainsaw Cake

"Oh, right. Weapons 'n stuff," Orette said. She reached into the air and pulled out one wickedly curved blade, tempered steel shimmering with a poisonous green luster. A chain was attached to the handle, snaking out of nothingness for some time until it pulled forth a matching blade. Forgifta clinked gently as Orette got a proper grip on it.

Soptippa materialized like a whiff of smoke, nickering softly and butting her head against her owner. Orette gave the sick-green animal a good chin-scratch before climbing up and getting situated.

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #87

Eclissi whispered something softly to himself as he walked down to stand in the front of his house. With a finished whisper that stated his mothers name he held out his hand. Sickly red energy flowed from his body warping into his hypodermic sword which he held pointed downward to conserve his energy. A sickly hack sounded from behind him and his hand moved out patting Psyche's snout. The horse grunted derisivly at the touch but conceded to allow Eclissi to get onto his back.

9/22/2012 #88
Noah is Potato

(Oh right, I meant to type horse, my mind was just on weapons, sorry.)

Sepheraph looked at all the volunteers, recognizing only a few. The boy decided not to volunteer himself, because he didn't know what he would be volunteering himself for. Hell, these students might be volunteering for death by the hands of one of the Four. And though that was unlikely, Sepheraph refused to do anything unless he knew most of the facts.

War grinned at the volunteers, and he gave a soft chuckle at a few. "I enjoyed the theatrics, but all you really need is yourself. If your horse wishes to, they may volunteer as well." While he was speaking, flames appeared beside War, and Ruin walked out of it, looking at the other horses like he was telling them something important.

"Now come position yourself in a line before me. Everyone else, give us space." War spoke, mounting his own horse.

9/22/2012 #89
Jack strode confidently down into the arena. At a sharp whistle from Jack, Kelpie appeared beside him in a flash of green. Kelpie snorted as Jack mounted her and unslung his rifle.
9/22/2012 #90
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