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"This Just In-"

A Well-Endowed, shapely woman who was on Camera only because of her looks and her practiced Tone, Rhythm and Non-regional Diction read from the Teleprompter, and was then projected to every Television screen in a Large city that we all know well.

"Another Gruesome Tableau has been found in the Ruddings District. In a Tenement building at the Corner of 28th and K, Anne Peidmont, a Ballet instructor and Philosophy student, was found murdered in a horrific display. Reports indicate that the Thirty-Two year old woman was disemboweled, and that her blood had been used to paint a currently unknown image on a Canvas also found at the scene. According to a source who wished to remain nameless, parts of animals were also found on the scene, specifically a Goat's head among other items. Though the Police have not commented one way or another, this Tableau corresponds similarly to the other three that have been found in the Ruddings and Port Districts over the course of the last month. These murders, appearing to be some form of Ritualistic Sacrifice, are being dubbed the 'Sanguinis Cult Murders', and have even been linked to Central American Satanic Practices. The Link was found by Peter Weicz, a Professor at Alpine University, whose planned compendium on the killings and Cult lore has caused an Outrage at supposed 'Profiteering' on the suffering of the Victims.

"Now, let's go live to footage of the press conference called by Deputy Commissioner Harold Motts. Dave Davendave is at the scene. Dave?"

The Footage on Millions of TV screens suddenly changed to show a man who was the perfectly calculated mix of Attractive young man and Trustworthy middle aged gentleman in a suit jacket. His Tie was totally unoffensive to anyone, and his shirt was a pristine white. "Well Janette," He began to respond, "The Deputy Commissioner is Set to begin his Press Conference any moment Now. The Commissioner- Oh, Here he is, We're going to turn it over to him."

Before Dave could get any real Airtime, it dissolved over to a very meticulously arranged shot of an older, fully bald black man at a Podium. The shot was framed so that none of the other News Stations' Microphones, with their logos on the front, could be seen. "Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen of the great city of Los Alamos. I come here with great sorrow in my Heart to, first and foremost, offer my condolences to the family members of Miss Piedmont. I never met her, and now I regret that deeply. From everything I've learned, she was a cherished member of the community and will be sorely missed. But do not mistake my sorrow for Softness. I come here with a hand clenched into a Fist, ready to smite the despicable monsters who did this. This City has had enough. Out of the most renowned and capable members of the L.A.P.D.'s Homicide, Vice, Forensics and Science divisions will be formed a Task Force to bring these heinous killers to Justice. Furthermore, any Information that leads to the Arrest of these monsters will be afforded a One Million Dollar Reward. Once more I would like to Restate my sincerest, most heartfelt gesture of comfort to the Peidmont family. I Swear to you, She Will be Avenged."

The Man, representing one of many dozens of public Defenders entering an Election year, turned and walked off Camera. Dave passed it Back to Janette, who then turned it over to Buck Reilly at Sports.


The City of Los Alamos is under attack. Sadistic Cultists have taken another life. As a Member of the Special Task force brought together to stop these killings, it is your duty to ensure that there is no Fifth Girl.

You will be playing as a Police Detective, Sargent, or Higher. If you wish to be an Officer, Reporter, Civilian, or something similar, you will need special authority from me.

Warning: This Roleplay will require some critical thinking, but please don't let that scare you off. It's still a Story, and not a real world detective scenario - this will obviously be more forgiving. Furthermore I want to say that I hope nobody is dissuaded from joining.

Character Sheet:




Description of Appearance: (not everyone can be Ziva David, whoever that is. Thanks, Meph....)

Reason for Joining the Force:

Desk you were at before being reassigned: (Vice, Burglary, Forensics, Homicide, etc.)

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality:

Brief Description of their Home life:

9/16/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

(Is there any place for the supernatural in this, or are the murderers just insane people?)

Name: Tania Wood

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Description of Appearance: Plain, African-American, average height, nose pierced with one golden hoop, hazel eyes.

Reason for Joining the Force: She loves solving puzzles, she has a strong sense of justice, and she loves science. Put these two together, and doesn't working in Forensics sound like a good idea?

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Forensics

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: Curious, Moral, Driven, Satisfied

Brief Description of their Home life: She is recently divorced. It was amicable, and there were no children to fight over. She and her ex-husband, Peter Murray, are still on good terms and regularly meet for lunch to catch up with each other. Right now, Tania lives alone except for a fish tank and a parakeet.

9/16/2012 #2

(This takes place in a Totally normal world. The Murderers are psychotic Lunatics high on a wide variety of Hallucinogenics and there is Literally no reason to believe that the Occult is Real, Similar to how there is Absolutely no real reason to believe God exists in our world. Consider this the same as our world.)


9/16/2012 #3
Chainsaw Cake

(Okay. No hundred-year-old occult priestess named Mama Fette coming up from the bayou to visit her great-grandson, then. XD)


9/16/2012 #4

(Lol, yeah. Of course, Just because there is No empirical Evidence of the Occult's true power doesn't mean that the Faith of the Murderers is any less real or personally strong, much like the politically incorrect but convenient and obvious comparison to the faith of Christians. For all we know, the Occult could be totally real. But let's not fool ourselves. We all know that it's fake.)

9/16/2012 #5
Chainsaw Cake

(Would be awesome if it was real, though. Ah, well.)

9/16/2012 #6
Hypno 0

Name: Sergeant Mikolaus Ortega

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Description of Appearance: Stands just under 5 foot 9, weighs a solid 170 lbs of toned, lean muscle, has brown hair that he keeps in a buzz cut. He has a pair of deep-set, perceptive brown eyes, his right one has a long sickle-shaped scar running along the outside of it from his temple to just below his jaw. He normally stays clean shaven with a layer of almost perpetual five o'clock shadow that covers most of the lower half of his face and his lower jaw. Has an ovular face which at one time might have made him look like a "pretty boy" but years of fighting and a tough life have left his face covered in enough scrapes and nearly-healed scars for no such mistake to be possible except from a distance.

Reason for Joining the Force: He desired to make a better life for himself and help clean up the neighborhood he was born in as well as preventing the fate that befell his sister from happening to anyone else.

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Homicide

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: Intense, sarcastic, hard-working, controlled.

Brief Description of their Home life: Miko does not really have a home life, he has eaten and breathed the Force since he joined at 17 and has devoted his entire life to bettering himself as an officer of the law. He is a regional champion mixed martial arts fighter and is extremely skilled in muay thai and brazilian jiujitsu, both of which he works as a part-time volunteer instructor for at the local youth center in his old neighborhood.

9/17/2012 . Edited 9/18/2012 #7
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Lieutenant Brock Kowalski

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Description of Appearance: Stands at about 6' even, weighs about 220 pounds, most of it muscle, but a good amount just being fat from being old. He has a head of white hair cut close to his head and a predominately gray, well-trimmed beard with flecks of black still lingering, dark, scrutinizing blue eyes, and a wrinkled, age-spotted face set to an almost permanent frown. He has a squarish head that lends to the air of seriousness that he carries wherever he goes.

Reason for Joining the Force: Brock's father was a cop who was killed by a couple of thugs who got caught mugging a young man. Brock joined the force figuring it was what his father would have wanted him to do and that it was the best way for his memory to live on.

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Formerly homicide, then moved to SVU.

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: Stern, serious, strict, no-nonsense

Brief Description of their Home life: Brock is widower. He has two daughters and seven grandchildren. He usually spends his time alone, but enjoys being visited by his daughters and grandchildren. It's his last year on the force and he wants this case to be quick and his last. He especially takes it to heart because he's afraid that these killers will target his children and grandchildren if they're not stopped.

9/17/2012 #8

(Hmm.... Both Accepted. good.)

9/17/2012 #9

Character Sheet:

Name: Alex (Alexandretta but if you call her that she will kill you)

Age: 23

Gender: female

Description of Appearance: petite at 5'4 with waist length blonde hair, brown large eyes, kind of an elf like face, lightly tanned skin

Reason for Joining the Force: wanted to make a difference in the world and stop people frombeing murdered like her little brother was

Desk you were at before being reassigned: (Vice, Burglary, Forensics, Homicide, etc.)


Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: sarcastic, artistic, feminist, intelligent

Brief Description of their Home life:

Little brother was murdered when she was 15 by a serial killer

Lives alone in a small apartment with a german shepard

9/18/2012 #10

Btw ziva David is a charecter from NCIS a criminal tv show

9/18/2012 #11
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Good for Ziva David)

9/18/2012 #12
Hypno 0

(How many more characters do we need to start?)

9/19/2012 #13

Definitely needs more work. Can't accept her.

(How many more characters do we need to start?)

I'll need to make mine, and perhaps one more player. Two if we're lucky.

9/21/2012 #14

Name: Maddie Beirring



Description of Appearance: 5'6'' with dark alburn hair blue eyes

Reason for Joining the Force: To make a difference and find a useful purpose, she also is very intuned with different human personalities making solving what a muderer will do next slightly easy for her just depends on the personality type.

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Homicide

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: intelgent, hard working, intuitve, flexible (in the sense that in a sudden change of plan she isn't fazed)

Brief Description of their Home life: Pretty normal home life before she joined, now lives in a decent apartment doesn't really have any skeletons except the fact that a close cousin of hers was killed when she was about 15.

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #15
Hypno 0
9/23/2012 #16
Fantasy Impromptu

FILE #427

NAME: Pravda Chernyshyov (Истина Чернышева)

AGE: 42 years old

GENDER: Female

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: High cheekbones; a very angular face with dark eyes and tweedy black hair. Appearance is very well-kept, but not in polished way, but rather, disciplined. 5'6. 140 lbs. Slight musculature. Some signs of aging.

REASON FOR JOINING FORCE: High sense of duty to the community, stronger sense of justice and order; not unlike what Plato envisioned in his 'Republic'. Exudes strong sense of commitment and responsibility, especially to a true republic, America. Russia, as a Communist society perpetuated a more lax economy, as employment was guaranteed. Very low morale, bad distribution of resources, high corruption and the lack of drive to succeed. Last approximation may be sentimental at best, but important nonetheless. At core, simply wants to contribute to society in the small ways individuals of the Republic can. Not a noble conquest, but mandatory for the good of the whole.

PREVIOUS UNIT: Interrogation/Criminal Justice

DESCRIPTORS ON PERSONALITY: Driven, Overly-Critical, Disciplined, Slight Humor

HOME LIFE: Lives with her 3 children and husband, as well as non-English speaking Extended Family. Pelmeni occasionally makes its way into the office.

9/24/2012 . Edited 9/24/2012 #17

Did you see the Profiles above? Because this one is similar if not just like several of them. Accepted, but you (and others) should try to be more creative!


See, now that's Awesome. Perfect. Accepted.

Alright, I've gotta make my characters now. We'll start probably right after that.

9/24/2012 #18
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(SVU was different.)

9/24/2012 #19
Fantasy Impromptu

Let's not have this be premature death.

9/25/2012 #20

Name: Daniel Colefield

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Description of Appearance: Tall and nimble, he usually confines his workout regimen to cardio and has below-average muscle mass for a cop. His hair, a cropped blond, is longer than short but shorter and medium, and should really be cut - he does nothing with it, causing it to just sit there. His face seems arranged around his brows rather than his eyes; they are very straight and somewhat pronounced, giving him a distinctive but not outlandishly so appearance. He has a receding forehead, dipping back from his eyebrows, and his cheeks are slightly hollow. His nose, while not large, is well-defined, and his mouth is neither scrunched nor wide beneath it. His eyes are Grey.

Reason for Joining the Force: Steady Paycheck in a time where work was hard to come by, it suited his athleticism, and seemed like an engaging job. He never thought he'd actually make detective, or excel, just that he would be able to pull over speeders and eat donuts.

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Vice

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: Wily, Lackluster, easygoing, personable

Brief Description of their Home life: Despite his lighthearted attitude, Colefield's marriage is in collapse. He is married to Lewis Mauler, with which he has a single child via a surrogate mother. They are not quite estranged but clearly in rough waters, not by any major conflict, merely by having grown apart. He lives in a house that he bought after it was foreclosed on, with his family.


Name: Patrick Barnes

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Description of Appearance: With a mess of black-brown hair that he usually has to shove under a douchey fedora in order to go to work, Patrick's appearance is carefully crafted and controlled to the endpoint of looking natural and Uncontrolled. While normally having to wear business casual, he often pulls off a wide variety of Jackets, Scarfs, Jeans and countless other tidbits of appearance that make it all 'click'. His face itself is really not worth noting - It's rounded, without much in the way of distinctive or pronounced features at all. His skin is pale, his eyes blue, and he always wears glasses.

Reason for Joining the Force Pursuing a Career in Reporting: Disgusted by the so-called 'Journalism' of the major networks and driven by the agony of the people he saw living on the streets, this particular bleeding heart decided to change things by telling the true story of the City. Unfortunately, it isn't going very well.

Desk you were at before being reassigned: Not Applicable

Four Adjectives to describe their Personality: Well-meaning, Guilty, Incessant, Overserious.

Brief Description of their Home life: A Certified bachelor in that he wouldn't get a girl even if he tried, Patrick rents a loft in a trendy section of town called Oldtown (nothing like Irony, huh?). He has no pets and no family to speak of, and lives with his Roommates, Charlie and Elle.

9/25/2012 #21

(Everyone Ready for this to begin?)

10/6/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

(Hell yeah. Are you psychic? Because I was just about to bump this but then decided not to because I didn't want to be annoying.)

10/6/2012 #23
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


10/6/2012 #24
Hypno 0
10/6/2012 #25


Day One - Los Alamos Police Department Central Division Headquarters, 12:29 PM

Well, 'Day One' is not the best way to put it. In the Hands of the Alamo County Sheriff's Department, the investigation on the gruesome string of murders had been ongoing for almost a month. As the First and Third murders were technically not within the City of Los Alamos, they fell under the County's Jurisdiction, who, in the public eye, bungled the investigation thoroughly. Now, only after the fourth murder, did the Metro Police Department take over the case; no-one but the Lead investigator from the Sheriff's Department was allowed to take part in the Special Task Force investigation. Take that as you will.

Now was a chance at a fresh start; a chance to do things the right way. Hopefully, it was a chance to bring the murderers to justice, if you believed in that. The only way to start was by getting everyone up to speed, on the same page. So, Needless to say, they began in the conference room. Call it an Acclimation Meeting.

The New Members of the task force would be arriving at the conference room. Some would already know the facts of the case in and out, some would only know what they've heard on TV. But all of them would know the severity of the situation.

10/23/2012 #26
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