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Once upon a time, all of reality suddenly bridged together. Every living creature imaginable suddenly gained the means to travel to entirely new realities, opening an infinite amount of new possibilities. Every kind of world imaginable now existed somewhere, all that one needed to do is cross the right bridge. One however, found the new "visitors" a fickle annoyance. They came and gone, stealing whatever they wanted, and this One had none of it. Forsaking whatever name he had carried before, this individual became the enigmatic Conductor, the new ferryman between dimensions. When one desires to travel between worlds, they must first travel to the pocket dimension the Conductor has dominion over.

It is quite literally, a temporal tram station. A place where one can travel wherever they wish. The catch is: once in a new reality, you can never look back. Take the Temporal Tram, and you may never return to the world you once new. To enforce this policy, the Conductor has enforced a draconian set of laws to ensure that all on his tram remain safe, and so the stowaways will be found and promptly resigned to an unknown fate. This ill reputation has yet to stop business, as more and more people keep filling the seats of the Tram.

Deciding your current life is not for you (bastard), you hope to board the Tram in search of greener (maybe even purple) pastures. You approach a lone station, an aged man resides inside a small booth labeled "Tickets: Purchase and Return." He gives you an exasperated look before handing you a slip of paper, "Fill that out and hop on," He says rather gruffly, gesturing to a lone, rusted tram. The thing looks like it belongs in the scrap heap, but you know better. Inside rests the pocket dimension that bridges all of the realities together. Inside that rusted scrap heap lies the domain of the Conductor, who is capable of leading anyone to wonders beyond imagining. Eagerly you sit down on a bench just short of the Tram with the intent of filling out your ticket.

Full Name:



General Appearance/Worthy Personal Notes:

Reason for Boarding the Tram:

Once aboard, you will be expected to adhere to the laws of the Tram. Your status is irrelevant, your age is irrelevant, your riches are irrelevant. Those who cannot conduct themselves properly will be forced off the tram in a timely manner.

You pause as you notice that the ticket is incredibly small, and the required information requires much more room. Undaunted you begin to scrawl down your information, and to your shock the ticket transforms into a clipboard in a bright flash of light. Suddenly the lone ticket has devoted full slips of paper to each section of required information, the tiny letters you struggled to scribble down suddenly grow and rearrange into such a way that it seems you just wrote it down normally. Recollecting yourself you continue to write.

9/25/2012 . Edited 9/25/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Full Name: Xuala Liliri

Age: 76.11323 years

Sex: Female

General Appearance/Worthy Personal Notes: A giant iridescent feathered snake with telekinesis and a slightly hypnotic stare. Communicates by broadcasting her thoughts directly into your mind.

Reason for Boarding the Tram: Xuala's race is being poached for their beautiful hides, and she wants to escape that fate, since victims are flayed alive and then thrown back into the wild.

9/25/2012 #2

Full Name: Slag. Optionally, Heap as a last name.

Age: 65.

Sex: N/A.

General Appearance/Worthy Personal Notes: Slag is exactly that: A semi-sentient golem made from scrap metal, operated by a combination of technology and magic. It is humanoid, big, slow, and not too smart. Between combat programming, a genetic imitator, and an omni-interface, it's capable of using any weapon from any dimension at a basic level of proficiency.

Reason for Boarding the Tram: Most of Slag's planet was basically wiped out by invaders in the days that the Conductor was just getting started, before he'd been fully established. Slag was nothing more than a menial servant in a somewhat rich man's estate; the man fled to get onto the Tram as the invasion was getting started. Slag was instructed to take its master's personal belongings, board the Tram, and wait for its master. But its master was killed before arrival, and his possessions confiscated; with nothing else to do, Slag became an Attendant.

9/25/2012 #3
Kody the Guardian of the Flame
Full name: Kody Lavallee Age: 27 years General Appearance/Worthy Personal Notes: Kody is partially made up of fire, so he always is emitting heat. He also hates the cold and has pyrokinesis. He also has no knowledge of the world outside of his home. Reason for Boarding: Lost his memories, and no one left that knew him before this. Kody is going to make new memories, wherever this tram takes him.
10/10/2012 #4
Catche Jagger

Full Name: Quandarius

Age: 123

Sex: Male

General Appearance/Worthy Personal Notes: Quandarius is of a very old race of thinkers. They mastered their own minds, and are no longer prisoner to simplistic impressions. They can see into the very essence of one's existence and "see beyond seeing". Quandarius has a human like appearance. Like all members of his race, he has gray skin and lacks eyes. He has long, unkempt white hair and a long beard. His back has a slight slouch. He wears a set of long purple robes.

Reason for Boarding the Tram: Quandarius has chosen to board the Tram because he was exiled from his people for breaking their most sacred law: he "saw" the existance of the Great Troggop (a gigantic frog-like creature which is revered by members of Quandarius' race).

10/12/2012 #5
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