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Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

What happens when Satan's daughter comes to earth and claim it for her father then meets some unexpected surprises along the way?


Age: Unknown

Other stuff: You'll find out later. *smiles evily*

9/8/2008 #1

Name: Luna

Age: 18, but eyes look older

Powers?: Modern Witch, Can sense evil and good in certain people and can sense great magical acts.

Personality: Generally friendly on the outside, but is very good at hiding her talents. She leads two lives, her public one and her private one. Generally uses her powers for good and cares a lot about those around her.


(Ready when you are. :D)

11/16/2008 . Edited 11/21/2008 #2
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Ok um I was onmy way to one of my classes when i bumped into someone,"Sorry."I replied and kept walking,to met my mate, War lord of blood.

11/18/2008 #3

Luna knocked into someone in the corridor. It wouldn't have been that big a deal if she her arm hadn't tingled after the impact and a foul taste filled her mouth. She watched as the figure hurried away to one of the classrooms.

There was something not quite right about that girl. Luna resolved to watch her more carefully. After all, no-one could affect her that badly and not be pure and unadorded evil.

11/18/2008 #4
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Amaimon entered an empty classroom which all of her friends where there. They practically rule the school, due to her being the ring leader of all the gothics and emo's of the school. Everyone feared her in one way or another. The other students just kept there heads down and stayed out of her way. Her boyfriend was one to be scared of, he had long waist length black hair with crimson highlights, black eyeliner the whole 9 yards. And here friends practically worshipped them as leaders of the pack. Even the teachers looked the other direction when some hot shot wanted to challange/fight one of them. Most of the time they walked awy limping. Not surprised when all there 'followers' are either vampire or human turned demon. She sat next to her love when news came of a new student enrolled here,"Hmmmm...." Amaimon thought for a second,looking to her mate. He smirked,"Do you think they could be potential victim?",Amaimon asked her mate. He wrapped his arm around her waist as he looked at 2 low ranked followers who are looking to make it on his good side. "Bring them to us." They nodded and left Amaimon smiling wickedly and chuckling sinisterly.

11/20/2008 #5

Luna had walked past the classroom several times. The stench coming from the place was so bad she had to force herself to go back each time. She'd forgotten which class she was in, but what was more, she didn't care. She had always been a sucker when it came to curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat, she thought with an ill humour. She'd forgotten how the rest of the phrase went.

She'd been wondering if she could get away with crossing a fourth time when two boys burst out of the classroom. They were talking in hushed voices, something about a new person and Amaimon. Luna shivered at the sound of the girls name. She turned the corner, hoping to God they didn't find them before she did.

11/21/2008 #6
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Steele (amimon mate's real name) noticed this girl going back and forth by the door several times and thought ~What is she doing?~. He looked at Jet another high ranked loyalist and telepathically told him to find this neusence and bring her to them. Jet nodded and obeyed, knowing right where she was heading/hidding. He laughed wickedly, kissing Anaimon as his audiance chatted amonst themselves. "Hey hold up." She broke the kiss,"what?" asked Steele with a cute smirk on his face. Amaimon got up and left the room with the crowd of people following her. She entered the auditorium, and everyone looked at them and kept quiet or averted ther eyes to the floor. As she gracfully walked across the title floor her 'group' hung back near the door as she walked up to the other 2 who where bagering this male whom every girl gawked at when he entered the school. "Wrath! Sorrow! Enough!" Her voice rang through out the room as people whispered about something as they cringe at her voice. They backed down and let her pass, she looked at this boy and motioned for him to follow her. He got up and left the room surrounded by all these gothcs and emos. She lead them down a long hallway then upstairs, 1st door on the left. Steele was still there only he had the girl from earlier infont of him eing held by 2 emo guys and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get free.

11/21/2008 #7

Luna couldn't believe it. She'd been caught by some emo idiot and dragged halfway around the school before getting pulled into this room. She'd been tossed to two rather more hefty people to hold. She struggled until various parts of her arm went numb.

She recognised the male in front of her. A bitter taste entered her mouth as she flicked her eyes upwards to meet his. He was the one from the classroom, the one who seemed to rule over the others and sat beside the girl she had knocked into earlier. How fitting, she thought pulling forwards, The King and Queen of the Damned. She hated the male's eyes but forced herself to stare back at them. Looking into them was like looking into the pits of Hades.

"What do you want?" she spat at him through gritted teeth. She was breathing heavily, but that only made the scent more clear. Someone else was coming and they didn't have an ounce of good in their soul.

11/22/2008 #8
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Steele smiled at her wickedly which made it more fitting since she was on there terf now. "Well look what we have here." he looked at the others who smiled and some crossed there arms. Amaimon stood infront of her and hissed baring her fangs as her forked snake tounge flickered in and out. Her eyes where that of a snakes only the irris was a crinson red while the slit was black. Her long black hair fell over her shoulders as the sunset beyond the horizon. In a matter of seconds the entire day went by and the night was only just beginning. "Human." She hissed at the girl. The girl merly seethed at her which was a bad thing to do. Amaimon raised her clawed hand to srike but Chaos stopped her. "Now, now my love lets not be to hasty." His voice calm and soothing but drippped like vemon of nothing but pure evil. She clicked then backed down changed back into her 'normal human' form and left with everyone following in toe. Which left Chaos and luna alone. Chaos motioned with his hand for the other to leave. They bowed then left as ordered. He just stood there smiling at this human, wondering why was she here. "You want to know what I want correct?" She glared at him but didn't answer. "Its very simple... I want your soul." He walked around her making sure she didn't try to escape. "You see my Master and lord wants this world for himself. And you are going to help me." Without warning he pinned her aginst the wall. Demons from Hell held her there by her arms and legs. Chaos takes out this knife with a upside down cross on it and sliced open his hand. He then made a large pentagram on the floor with it and summon Satan himself. Satan stood there in the middle of the pentagram his long knee length black hair, peircing golden eyes, black wings. "Well done, my son" His voice soft and raspy but tempting and loving at the same time.

11/24/2008 #9

"Not human..." Luna's voice cut off suddenly as she was pinned against the wall. She bit back at wave of pain as demons clawed at her skin, holding her in place. She wasn't going to let that monsterity have the pleasure of hearing her scream. Clentching her teeth, she tried to ignore the red-hot pains in her limbs and focused on what the teenager was doing. He was carving a pentagram into the floor with a vicous looking knife. His master wants the world, that can't be good.

Undescribable pain tore through Luna's mind as something came through from the underworld, something big. Her mouth filled with a metallic taste. Her eyes widened as fear drove through her soul. Luna would have fell to the floor if she hadn't been held up by thousands of biting and clawing demons. Her stomach churned as the scent of rotting carron filled the air. A sharp pain rapped across her head as she moaned softly.

Oh God, he's here. The Prince of Darkness, The Fallen Angel is here.

She resolved to only one thing, he wouldn't have her soul. At least not without a fight. Moonlight poured through the room's only window. Jet black wings outlined in purest silver moonlight rose above Luicfer's head and ended at his legs. Created to be beautiful. Oh the irony. Luna looked around the room for anything she could use. Something to break the pentagram. A splintered piece of wood in the corner caught her eye. But she'd have to distract them first.

"Cute." Luna said past cletched teeth as she gathered the few drags of power she had left. "What's the matter? Too weak to take my soul by yourself? Typical, go running to daddy dearest." Luna spat her own blood onto the floor at Chaos' feet. Her eyes met Chaos'. C'mon, she thought, try taking a witches soul, see what you get.

Wild determination managed to batter it's way through the pain. A small, cruel smile flashed across her face as she bared her teeth.

11/27/2008 #10
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Chaos’s eyes narrowed at Luna’s disgracful tone.But he remained clam and collected.He knelt down and ran his fingers thru the blood on the tiled floor at his feet.He savored the lucious and sentual taste of wiccan blood.He smirked knowing she was in tremendous pain.He walked up right next to her and smiled/chuckled sinisterly at the thought that she thought he was satan’s son.“You pathetic witch.Do you really think a lowsome witch like you could stop me and not to mention the devil himself.”He drew back as her eyes narrowed at his unfair advantage.Chaos’s voice was smooth and quiet but very atractive and calming to the ear.“I will only be playing a minor role in your demise.”He walked over and stood next to satan.Untill then satan had his eyes closed untill chaos brushed up aginst him.His eyes where a blood red color and Luna swore she’s seen them before but where was the question.Then out of the pentagram arose Amaimon with a georgious red dress with slits down the side for esier mobility.Her long waist length black hair flowed around her as flames shot out of the pentagram sending a wave of heat into the room.Small curved horns protruded from her head as markings allover her arms and legs glowed a red color.Her eye’s slowly opened as the sounds of hell followed her as she glided across the floor to Luna.Her long clawed hand glowed a white color before she plunged it into Luna’s chest,wrapping her claws around Luna’s soul and pulled.Before she knew what happened she was forced to let go and was flung back into her father and Chaos.The dagger flew and stuck right beside luna’s head.Both satan and Amaimon were injured by the pure light and holy engery.Amaimon screeched loudly in pain as a scar appeared on her arm up to her elbow.In a fiery vortex satan and Amaimon left back to hell leaving Chaos.He seethed at her, fangs bared and crouched in a defensive stance.“This isn’t over.” He announced then disappeared into the shadows as so did the demons only they left scorch marks on the wall as Luna fell to her knees.

12/1/2008 #11
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

(in Hell)

Her yells of pain could be heard throught hell. She writhed in pain as a visable burn could be seen on her lower arm. "Luna!!! You will pay for what you've done!!!" She vowed craddling her arm to her chest.

12/11/2008 #12

(Sorry for the slow reply. Coursework and all that. I also didn't know where to take the story to. Hmm...)

Luna's knees crashed into the ground with an unexpected force. They hurt, but not half as much as the rest of her did. She blacked out several times as she curled into a ball. Her body felt like it was on fire. Breathing required a massive effect on her part. By far, the part which hurt most was her chest. Cold icy burns and scorching shoots of pain crossed her torso as she gritted her teeth in agony.

Luna didn't know how long she stayed on the floor. Several days could have passed and she wouldn't have realised. She sat up slowly, gripping onto the wall for support. From what she could tell, several hours had past. She carefully made it unto her feet and stumbled, clumisly, towards the door.

As she reached for the doorknob she stopped. Her arms were covered in deep gashs and bites from where the demons had held her. Checking herself over, she found there were similar cuts on her legs. How am I going to explain this one?

The journey to the bathrooms was a bit blurry. She remembered falling several times, and wincing once as she went too fast and one of the scratches re-opened. Fumbling with her bag, she pulled out a spellbook she always kept nearby. It wasn't a real one, just an exercise book she'd copied some spells into. Cautiously, she lowered herself to the floor and started to search for something that would help. Energy? she thought, healing? Anything? There was something she was forgetting.

A small smile touched her lips. She'd sent someone back to hell. It was her first deportation, and you know what they say. The first one's always the hardest. Two healing spells later, she was feeling slightly better.

She was still sitting there when the traces of pink began to fringe the eastern horizon, smiling softly as she slept, leaning against the wall with the blue notebook close to her chest.

12/11/2008 #13
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Satan set out a bounty on this girls head in the general area. Forsaken merely seethed at how a mortal could possibly send someone like her and her father back to hell. But now the question was how was she going to kill her without arousing suspiction amonst the wiccan communtiy. Her presence has gone unnoticed, and if she where to present herself she will put her plans into jepordy and she has come to far to see it all fall into ruin.

12/15/2008 #14
Amiamon Daughter of Lucifer

Satan set out a bounty on this girls head in the general area. Forsaken merely seethed at how a mortal could possibly send someone like her and her father back to hell. But now the question was how was she going to kill her without arousing suspiction amonst the wiccan communtiy. Her presence has gone unnoticed, and if she where to present herself she will put her plans into jepordy and she has come to far to see it all fall into ruin.

12/15/2008 #15

(This sounds fun :D)

Name: Tansy

Age: 16

Bio: Half demon. Her mother is a powerful witch, her father was a demon her mother banished. When Tansy was born her mother was ordered to kill her, she refused and ran away with her. Tansy's mother taught her magical arts, and how to control her demon urges to kill.

Powers: Powerful wiccan magic combined with more elemental, destructive power of a demon.

Personality: Has an often sarcastic sense of humor, is loyal to her family, friendly but slow to trust, especially people (and demons) who don't like the fact she's half demon and half human.

Appearance: Looks like a normal human girl with long dark brown hair. However her eyes are continually shifting colours.

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/5/2009 #16

Name: Ian Anderson (Yes, him again)

Age: 17

Powers: He can use 'cephalopodic appendages'. His life force is that of a human's but significantly stronger. He has shown to be able to use his life force as a weapon, as well as use it for boosts of strength, speed, and durability. All areas in which he is already capable. He also seems unfazed by most mind based abilities.

Personality: Laid back, seemingly.

Appearance: Really tanned Caucasian, 6'3", fit, Dark hair and eyes.

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/10/2009 #17

(Yay! Revival!!! :P)

(Should we skip to the start of school?)

10/1/2009 #18

(Idk, I'd say sure but I just joined)

Ian was in front of the school gate.

" I late?" he looked up at the school's clock to see it read...

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #19

(Don't worry about that. The thread was dead for quite a while.)

Luna jerked to alertness as the school bell sounded. Crap, she thought, Have I been here all night?

In all fairness, there hadn't been much of the night left after she blacked out against the bathroom wall. Wincing, Luna pushed herself up off the floor and checked her apppearance. She still bore the marks of the previous night. Scrathes and cuts she would never have been able to explain.

Glamour spell, Luna thought, flicking through the front pages of her notebook. The glamour spell was one of the first she wrote down, being the girl that she was. With it, bad hair days where a thing of the past. It didn't make you look beautiful, but it did make you look pretty, despite the state of your health. The only problem was the silvery aura it left behind. 'Afterglow', the older witches called it.

Stumbling out of the bathrooms, Luna made her way to the common room. She passed a window overlooking the front of the school.

10/1/2009 #20

Ian looked around.

'No...I'm the only student here...and school's just opened. I'm the only one here early.'

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #21

Tansy approached the school gates carefully, she could see the human boy, and smell his blood. Calmly she pushed the urges away, like her mother had taught her. She could also smell another life inside the building only this one had a different scent, a powerful one. Maybe this will be interesting after all, though why Mum wants me to go to a human school I'll never know She walked forwards and stopped not far from the boy "Hi . . . I'm not late am I?"

10/2/2009 #22

(Did she just exit the building?)

Ian looked at her.


10/2/2009 #23

(No she's outside the gates like Ian)

Tansy smiled "Good, don't want to be late on my first day, my name's Tansy, what's yours?"

10/2/2009 #24

Luna made her way through the door of the Common Room, stumbling a bit. The outside might look okay, but inside she was shattered. Luna knew she was uber early for class, but she needed time to try and get all her homework for today sorted. How do you explain that you couldn't finish an assignment because Satan and his cronies where after your soul?

Blearily eyed, Luna squinted at the first question.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of... Luna fell asleep before she finished the sentence, her head hitting the table.

10/2/2009 #25

Tansy decided to leave Ian standing by the gate and explore before her day was taken up by work, and fighting the urge to attack total strangers. She walked past a door, the scent she had smelt earlier was strong, a hiss rose in her throat as she opened the door. A girl was asleep on the desk God . . . That smells good After a moment of wrestling her urges back, she shook the girl's shoulder "Hello?"

10/2/2009 #26

Luna hissed softly when something shook her, still delicate, shoulder. She flinched away from the pain, snapping her eyes open. She would have immeaditely relaxed, but something told her not to. The girl that had woke her up smelled odd. Not bad, just... odd.

"Hello." Luna replied, trying to figure the girl out.

10/2/2009 #27

Ian shook off the girl's decision to leave before he could answer.

"First class." me muttered.

10/2/2009 #28

Tansy smiled apoligeticlly "Sorry I didn't know your shoulder was hurt, my name's Tansy" She held her hand out for Luna to shake "It's my first day today"

10/4/2009 #29

"It doesn't start for a while...what to do..." Ian said.

10/4/2009 #30
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