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Tansy snapped out of her daydream. Something was happening in the canteen. She raced towards the building, just in time to see Ian take out the vampire. Woah . . . There's more to Squiddy than meets the eye She entered the canteen and walked towards the group "What have I missed?"

10/16/2009 #121

Ian sat down and didn't reply, he went back to eating.

10/16/2009 #122

Normal, yeah, right... Luna thought while flicking through her exercise book again, looking for a memory replacement spell. Of course the boy hadn't thought about the amount of people around. No-one does when they're about to be attacked.

"Brilliantly done and everything." Luna commented, still searching, "but that could have been handled a lot more subtly." Truth be told, Luna didn't know if she had the strength for a spell of this level in her.

10/16/2009 #123

"I'm not a demon hunter, so no." Ian said. The few students that didn't run before the door sealing spell was placed were probably in shock or as scared as crap. Save the comic book nerd over there in the corner.

10/16/2009 #124

Tansy glanced over Luna's shoulder. The pages of spells put her on edge for a moment but she reminded herself If she was going to hand me over, she would have already "Maybe if we try doing the spell together, it may be more effective, we don't want people suddenly screaming about vampires during class"

10/17/2009 #125

"You can cast spells?" Luna asked, puzzled. That was one of the few things that gave her an edge over demons. That may cause problems in the future, if everything went wrong. But right now, she was glad of it.

"Okay, I'm not gonna ask," Luna continued, finally finding the right page, "yet, but you gotta explain that at one stage." she smiled before getting serious again.

"The spell's more complex than the ones I'd normally use. First, we have to do this," Luna pointed towards a diagram in the book. It showed a hand in a particular position with two fingers and a thumb extended, pointing towards the roof.

"Second, the spell is 'usasikust ow enum anuos ekijuk ag ibekas atiawak'." Luna glanced at Tansy, "Ready?"

(The spell is a line from one of my favourite anime openings backwards. :P.)

10/17/2009 #126

Ian didn't pay them much mind, considering.

"That wath tho COOL!!!" said the nerd. "Are you a thuper hero?"

"No, I'm not." Ian replied.

10/17/2009 #127

Tansy nodded, she concentrated hard. The spell didn't need the demonic edge most of her magic had. She took a deep breath and let the magic flow through her, through Luna and into the minds of the other diners.

10/18/2009 #128

"Why not?" the nerd asked...ok, so he was a geek. (there's a difference)

"Don't feel like it?" Ian didn't look at the poor kid.

10/22/2009 #129

Luna let the magic accumulate for a second or two before blasting it outwards. This one would have to be big. She know some people had run before she could shut the doors. She forced the magic outwards, touching the minds of everyone who had been in the school at that time.


(I hope you don't mind here Mephile)

The 'geek's' eyes went cloudy. When they became clear again, he looked confused.

"What?" he whispered, half to himself.


After the spell was finished, Luna slumped into her chair once again. She swore she'd never felt more tired in her life than at that one point.

10/27/2009 #130

Ian looked around. He felt like what they just did was wrong somehow. He shrugged it off and went back to eating.

"You like to study." he said to the geek.

"I like to study." the geek said back.

10/27/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #131

Tansy held onto the edge of the table as the breath returned to her body. She'd never had to control her magic so much for so long If I'd lost focus She thought, shaking slightly, I could have killed every single mind I touched She stood up straight, and turned to Luna "I think you have some stories to share"

10/28/2009 #132

Ian heard her and face palmed.

"Not this again." he groaned.

10/28/2009 #133

Tansy turned and glared at him "I wasn't talking to you Mr super- subtle - demon - hunter" She hissed dangerously, her eyes colour shifting again "You are really getting on my nerves, and trust me that's one place you don't want to get"

10/28/2009 #134

In Ian's mind, he was NOT a 'Mister' since he wasn't really the head of any household, he wasn't really super...though he WAS way above average, he never hunted demons before, so he wasn't a demon hunter. And wasn't he being frank with them?

He was confused.

"Uhhh...wait, what?"

10/28/2009 #135

"I was being sarcastic Squid - features" Tansy said, sitting between him and Luna, not because she wanted to I'd better keep an eye on them

10/28/2009 #136

Ian did NOT want a repeat of what happened earlier that morning.

"You're a demon hunter?" the geek asked. "For real?" Ian saw the potentual of this.

"No, it's way more complicated then that, but I'm going back to class so I can tell you about it on the way there." Ian said, smiling. He stood up and along with the geek: walked away from Tansy and Luna and made their way towards the exit.

10/28/2009 #137

Tansy glared after him "What is with that guy?"

10/28/2009 #138

'What is with that girl?' Ian asked himself as he and the geek left the room.

The conversation was similar to an explanation of something that somehow sounded like a crossed example of something out of the TV show Naruto and the book series of Harry Potter. Ian tried to make a point NOT to let the geek know what he would need to know to actually learn it what he knew, but had to avoid telling any actual lies. He never did explain the demon hunter bit.

"That last part sounds vague." the Geek replied.

"And here are the lockers!" Ian exclaimed, changing the subject.

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #139

Tansy stood up and bought a strawberry milkshake and an apple God I hate this stuff She tore her senses away from a group of twittering girls I've got to keep up this human act

10/28/2009 #140

(If Butterfly or Amaimon don't do anything, this will get repetitive.)

10/28/2009 #141

(I know but we can't help it if they can't find as much time as we have. Does youre penname have a meaning?)

10/28/2009 #142

(I picked Mephiles because he's the most successful Sonic charry that is a combo of F*cked up and Bad@$$. I just like the number 666. Haven't changed it since.)

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #143

(Cool, I just like Toffee and Roses LOL )

10/28/2009 #144

(I can assume that your avatar is based on your name? The rose and all?)

10/28/2009 #145

( Yea I couldn't find one with both things in it. What's with your avatar? :D )

10/28/2009 #146

(Spear of hope had an Avatar that had a really happy looking guy, and it said on it "You're dying!", Magicfrog has a shameless picture of a woman in a really sluttly looking(and f*cking retarded looking) frog outfit.

Take Magicfrog's picture's shamelessness and Spear's old avatar's reversed humor and you have a guy who is scared of the size of his large reproductive organ.)

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #147

( Ok, totally random but hey why not :) )

10/28/2009 #148

(Not totally random, but the decision was impulsive. It's called fighting fire with fire [and humor with humor].)

10/28/2009 #149

( I liked the one you had before this one, I dunno what it was but somehow it seemed to fit with the penname, it's your decision though)

10/28/2009 #150
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