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a certain slant of light
Who's your favorite Final Fantasy XII leading man? Balthier, the sultry sky pirate? Vaan, the perky pickpocket? Basch, the weary warrior? Or perhaps you're a fan of minor characters, such as valiant Vossler or ghastly Ghis. Whoever he is, he's certainly worth talking about! Remember: Keep everything spoiler free and only slightly kinky!
12/27/2006 . Edited 12/27/2006 #1
a certain slant of light
To kick this off, I'd have to say that my three main men are Balthier, Larsa, and Vossler. Balthier because he's just so /damn/ charming (and lord knows how I love a man with a good vocabulary [no, seriously, it's a turn-on]), Larsa because of his cleverness and fantastic accent, and Vossler... simply because he's Vossler. There's not much I can say about Vossler without ruining /everything/. I also enjoy a sprinkling of Basch from time to time, but he's just not playing in my big leagues. Another point on Balthier would have to be the pants, I won't lie. I'm a sucker for a guy in fitted pants. Especially one with such a fine pixelated behind. Lara Croft, eat your heart out.
12/27/2006 . Edited 12/27/2006 #2
Dragons Ark
Balthier all the way. His accent and personality rock. That's why he's always my party leader. I also like larsa, because of him being a prince.
12/28/2006 #3
Balthier is Irvine Kinneas and Jack Sparrow's secret love child. And that's why I love him. I also am pedo for Larsa. (XD) Seriously, the kid was one of the best party members ever. Fast and has Hi-Potions crammed into every nook and cranny of his very BEING. I kept him as long as I could to take down some of my marks.
12/28/2006 #4
I'd have to say Balthier at the moment cuz I love his accent XD But I'm not very far in the game yet. I'll probably find someone I like better at some point.
12/28/2006 #5
I'd definitely have to say that Vossler ranks my number 1, with Basch and Balthier a close second. Knights and pirates, oh my!
12/28/2006 #6
OMG Gabranth rocks my socks ... him, Larsa, and Balthier are the besteh.
12/28/2006 . Edited 5/10/2007 #7
The High Seraph
Larsa's the best guy if you ask me. Vayne makes a nice second best... Reks is cool even though he leaves the story... And... I love how Rasler looks but I think they made his voice a bit too deep...
12/31/2006 #8
a certain slant of light
Everytime Rasler's ghost pops up inexplicably, I just can't take him seriously. It's not that I don't like the guy, but he just looks like such a little boy to me. Instead of mourning his death, I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks. xD Kind of like how I just can't take Basch seriously when he wears that vest of his. It reminds me too much of those fleecy vests that were popular in the late nineties.
1/1/2007 #9
Well, I'd say Balthier, but everyone likes him so much that I'm kind of hesitant now. I tend to lean towards an under dog. Basch I liked, but just...not as much as Balthier. I liked Reddas a lot though. Reddas was very, very cool. I liked Larsa too. In fact, my least favorite male character was probably Vaan. I didn't dislike him or anything--his character just didn't inspire me much.
1/2/2007 #10
a certain slant of light
I liked Vaan a lot at the beginning, but as the story progressed and other (awesomer) characters were introduced, I kind of strayed away from him. He's good comic relief though. I know what you mean about the underdog thing, I'm the same way. The way I see it, though, is you like it because you like it. There's nothing wrong with that. Anyway, since I orignally posted this topic I've gotten farther in the game, and I can honestly say I'm a big, big fan of Al-Cid. xD His entrance was so ridiculous, and the second I heard his accent, I shouted out loud in my basement, "CARLOS, MANG OF LUV!" Yeah, Al-Cid's pretty up there for me.
1/2/2007 #11
Balthier I guess XD Though, I really like Basch. I like Vossler too. Larso is pretty cool too (12 years old and he's almost a king XD Plus, he is one of the most mature boy I have ever met lol). ...I have yet to meet Al-Cid, but judging from his personality written in the fics, he's going to be...interesting XD
1/3/2007 . Edited 1/5/2007 #12
Weapon Master Jedi
Heh, yeah. Although there's one problem with that theory of yours. So many fanfics, especially ones that focus on pairings and such, are guilty of what I like to call 'canon rape'. It's basically where the writer of a fic changes something about the canon or one of the characters in order to make them more workable in the story they're trying to write. That's why I prefer to write about original characters and have any canon characters we meet somewhere in the story minor, supporting characters and we don't see them for very long. That way you have a lot less chance of raping the canon and making things the way you want them to be rather than the way they're supposed to be. As for favorite male character, who doesn't love a pirate? Pirates rule. And this dude's a frickin' SKY pirate, which makes it even better.
1/10/2007 #13
a certain slant of light
I think writing (and the subsequent pulling off of that writing) non-canon just takes panache. The ability to empathize and relate with the characters and their personality makes or breaks a fic. For example, if you send Ashe after Penelo, you'd have to have a hell of a lot of self-reflection and sexuality-questioning in there. Non-canon quality all depends on the writer, but for the most part I think that that those who write it (in this fandom at least) do it well and with a certain grace.
1/10/2007 . Edited 1/14/2007 #14
Weapon Master Jedi
Good point.It does take a lot of work to change the canon personalities of a character convincingly and get readers behind the fic. But, you have to remember, most fanfic stories aren't that great. I suppose that a lot of the stuff in this fandom is pretty good, but take a look at other fandoms (ones that I participate in) like Teen Titans, Zelda, FFVII, all those. Statistically, the vast majority of fan fiction is either crap, smut, or crappy smut. A lot of the fanfiction writers are young and haven't had a lot of experince with characterization and deep, introspective looks into one's own psyche. I'm not, of course, saying that only older people are capable of characterizing stories well, I mean one of my best friends is only sixteen and he's an excellent writer. I'm just saying that it takes a while to learn how to properly read into a character's personality and figure out what makes them tick. Even if changing the personal traits of a character, like altering their sexuality like your example there, a writer still needs to maintain at least some ties to the canon stuff. Introspection is one good way to handle a character's change from the canon, as long as you make sure to acknowledge the fact that you're playing the character off as different from his/her canon self. That's something I've rarely seen done in most fan fiction, and I'm unsure as to whether or not I can do it properly, hence my hesitation to play with canon characters a whole lot. And I never, never use canon characters as vehicles for interperetation of events. If I delve into the psyche of a person for interperetation, it'll be an original character. Why? Because I'm not comfortable inferring the thoughts of a character that isn't mine. It boils right down to character analyzation and knowing what makes a person who they are. I understand my own characters and their thought processes much, much better than I do for, say, Ashe or Balthier, or from another fandom I write in (though not here at, Teen Titans, Robin or Starfire. All in all, I seem to prefer focusing on my own characters. They're more fun and allow for more creative freedom.
1/11/2007 #15
a certain slant of light
Haha, I'm sort of the exact opposite. I actually prefer to delve into the psyche of a canon or main character, and I enjoy finding points of empathy and things like that. I wind up doing that a lot in my writing, putting in a lot of emotional monologues and introspection. Funny thing is that I never realize I've done it until I've gotten out nine hundred words already.
1/14/2007 #16
Weapon Master Jedi
Oh, I do tons of soul-searching and introspection, just not on canon characters. I don't trust myself to pull them off appropriately. The only ones I trust myself with are the ones we don't know much about their personality. Like Link from the Legend of Zelda series or Revan and the Exile from KotOR. Those ones you decide for yourself what they're like, so it's a little easier to manage it in a way that doesn't make me hate myself. I dunno what it is.... Though by far my favorite character has to be Darren Krotan, an original creation of mine from a Star Wars roleplay I'm in. He's frickin' magic. He's a Sith, but he still holds true to a lot of his Light Side ideals, and spends most of his time just soul-searching and looking into his thoughts, sometimes battling with the dark presence within his mind (he's a schizofrenic trying to hold back his split personality), and he does it all without becoming a complete emo bitch. I love that character.
1/15/2007 . Edited 1/20/2007 #17
I am new here and I just got FFXII for Christmas, but I must say I am absolutely obessessed with Lord Larsa! I thought "man, I am so crazy loving a kid like that!" but now that I have read this forum, I feel more at ease. So, the beautiful Larsa is my fav. so far, then Vaan, and Balthier. He is sophisticated like me! Though I look most like Larsa and feel most like Vaan . . . Vayne, Oh how I thought he was good in the beginning! I love his hair. It reminds me of Laguna's! I hate pairings. Period. By the way, are there any good fanfics about Larsa that are nonspoiler yet?
1/19/2007 #18
OH, I forgot to ask, is Larsa 12 for a fact or is that just an estimate? And does anything bad happen to him in the game, like does he cry or anything that will make me sad? And why is FFXII hardly ever mentioned, even though so far it has sold more copies than Zelda: TP and Adam Sessler (XPlay) liked it?
1/19/2007 #19
Weapon Master Jedi
I think it's just an estimation of how old he looks. Probably not quite that young, but there's no way he's any older than thirteen. I mean, his voice hasn't even broken yet. I sort of liked Larsa, he was the honorable type of person, but by far Balthier is my favorite. He's got that air of sophistication about him, and he's got that personality I love so much. You know, the kind of person who doesn't dwell on the past or make presumptiones about anything. I like those characters because they can look at things from a more objective standpoint. For anyone who wonders where I got this idea about Balthier, go back and re-play that scene in Barheim with Basch when he tells you about what happened when the King died. Balthier says something along the lines of "That is an interesting story. But still, all the pieces fit." And then after some little remark from Vaan, just before they get moving again, he says "What's done is done." That says, to me anyway, that he's not gooing to dwell on the past. He doesn't care what has happened, only about what will happen, and I like that in a person.
1/20/2007 #20
What is to say that hasn't been said already? Balthier is my favorite guy in this game. It's the accent. It's so different from everyone else's, so it stands out. He /so/ charming! I don't like Vaan. Everyone else seems to have much more depth to their character. I like Dr. Cid. Not romantically, of cource, but he's just an awesome character. He's a bit of a loon, though. But that's ok. I support all crazy people :D.
1/23/2007 #21
Weapon Master Jedi
Am I to gather from this that we will be seeing more of the good doctor in the future? I'm still trying to figure out the Ozmone Plains thing right now. By the way, what the HELL do they mean by 'Some paths are only accessible by chocobos'? I've run all over those fields on that bloody bird and not found a blasted thing that can take me somewhere I can't get on foot. Anyway, why does everyone keep going on about how charming Balthier is and how wonderful that accent sounds? Am I like the ONLY dude in this part of the forum? And I have to admit, Vaan's character is a little weak so far. He's just too... I dunno. The characterization just isn't very good for him. Larsa was also a very interesting character who was portrayed excellently, I think. Basch was okay, but I had some trouble taking him seriously with that retarded get-up of his. Why couldn't they have put him in a suit of armor like Vossler's? Or the armor he wore during that opening scene with Reks? But I digress. The character himself was very strong, I thought. Here's something more important though: since everyone's latched onto the self-proclaimed 'leading man' of the game, why don't we change the topic and discuss something... a bit different? Like the minor male characters we don't see very much in the game. Let's talk about them so this is a bit less of a Balthier love-fest. And I know, some of us have listed others besides Balthier as our favorites, but the vast majority have decided on him.
1/23/2007 #22
As you move from the Golmore Jungle to Ozmone Plain, there is a little section with the save point, yes? From there, go one screen . . . west? However you get to Ozmone Plain. From there, turn directly left to where the Chocobo is standing. Look close: There are chocobo prints on the ground. Follow them. Minor characters? Dr. Cid is by far my favorite minor male character. I might like Reddas if he wasn't wearing pink capris. Larsa is amazing due to the infinite high potions. I was so sad to see him leave. Actually, now that I think about it, a good minor male character is Gilgamesh (hunt 40, Battle on the Big Bridge). He's so funny, and some great FF swords make a cameo appearance (although, Gilgamesh implies that he defeated and/or killed the previous owners of said swords).
1/24/2007 #23
Weapon Master Jedi
Thanks for the assist. And yeah, from what I saw, Dr. Cid was great. Larsa's gotta be my favorite minor character, but not becase of his utility in combat. What I liked about Larsa was the personality. Yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for people with interesting personalities. But hey, that's what I get for being a writer, huh? I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a character for any reason besides their personalities. I don't like them for appearence or accent or utility in combat, it's the inner stuff that counts to me. Am I weird?
1/25/2007 #24
whoa, i know balthier has an accent, but he is kinda weird... he is al-Cid's son by the way, i think he is cool and all, but im a guy, buttom line. im dont like him because, the accent doesn't "charm" me, and his fitted pant dont really catch my fanc... i like vaan, as i lost my family to, and like him the only thing that kept me going was my dream, he wants to be a sky-pirate, i wanted to be a Marine. vaan also reminds me of Zidane, from FF9 which came out (get this) AFTER 10 only by like 4 days though. vaan is hilarious, and he's is brave, would you ask Fran how old she is? yeah, my point
1/26/2007 #25
I agree with you, Jedi. I like people because of who they are. And everyone ignored my questions about Larsa. And I am a guy, so whoever said they were the only guy, I am here. I wanted some advice. I am in the Golmore Jungle leveling up and my characters are at level 35. The strategy guide says that for the end of the game, you should be to at least level 40 or 45. Should I keep leveling up or should I stop and get through it so the boss battle will not be cake?
1/26/2007 #26
Dragons Ark
A) I'm a guy, and B) The final boss battle will never be cake. If your level 99, have the best equipment, summons, and gambits, and you finished the liscence board, it will still not be cake.
1/27/2007 #27
thats not true, i used to characters on the final boss and it was cake.... vaan-level 86 penelo-level 84 the weopen they were equiped with was the Save-The-Queen, it's a great sword, the final boss was easy, also, if you want to level up wait till you can buy the Embroidered Tippet, it gives you double Exp. if you want to level up even faster, only have two characters out in the party you get more exp. that way. Dragons ark i recommend you beat the game before you say it wont be easy, unless you have beat the game, then i recommend you dont make assumptions if you dont want the boss battle to be easy, i think you should have your characters at around level 60-70
1/27/2007 #28
Dragons Ark
...Did I forget to mention I did it solo with Balthier?
1/27/2007 #29
Thank you for the advice. That was very helpful. I also thought I would mention that on another site, everyone there is saying that Larsa looks like a girl and is the girliest FF character they had ever seen. I disagree. I think Kuja from FFIX was. What do you think?
1/27/2007 #30
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