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Umm I have a story for Nny and Devi (i know so unoriginal) but I need someone to help edit it for me. mostly cuz i have little to know confidence in my ability to personify Nny in my voice as himself, if that makes sense I mean. Well if anyone wants to volunteer, id be happy

4/24/2010 #1

Um...I'd be happy to if you're still going through with your story. I understand, Nny's a really hard character to write for seeing as he is so complex. One minute, he's humming Ode to Joy and the next, he's blowing up a Cafe as the chorus swells. I also have to say that if Nny is slightly OOC, it will probably be overlooked if there is a specific reason for his change in attitude. Reading JtHM again, it seems that he really starts to care for Devi in issue #7 even if he did go about talking to her in the wrong way. Setting up a recording, pressing play, and hoping for an apology from your ex-grilfriend = DEATH TO YOUR EARDRUMS!!! So yeah, I'll help you. ^.^

1/5/2011 #2
I have a deviX nny story with my of Mr.snuggles he a black stuffed bunny that's a voice for Devi and Nny he sounds like nny too he gets Devi to kill people while nny tries to stop Mr.snuggles XD
3/12/2012 #3
I have an idea that I am 300% sure is completely insane. It's NnyxOC. It involves my OC Ally the Homicidal Maniac.
4/18/2012 #4
Dude, I have a great idea for a fic. Nny wakes up from passing out due to lack of sleepand finds a baby on his front porch. WHAT WILL HE DO?!?
6/8/2012 #5
Ooooooooh, another brainstorm! Nny finally gets caught, breaks out of maximum security prison, and is on the run.
6/8/2012 #6
Nny accidentally ends up at Zimbabwe and Dibs school. Because he's so evil, Ms. Bitters FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!
6/8/2012 #7
Got another one. Nny gets turned into a 16 year old teenager and now must face high school.
6/8/2012 #8
Nny must baby sit Squee for one Monty.
6/8/2012 #9
Gas meets up with her idol Johnny C. He takes her under his wing as his apprentice.
6/8/2012 #10
Nny finds out he has a five year old daughter.
6/8/2012 #11
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