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I couldn't find any other forum with Carmody book theories and decided there needed to be one here! This is to post all theories on any Carmody novel or series, though most specifically Obernewtyn Chronicles and Legendsong Trilogy.
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The Farseekers, pg269 Atthis: "I have forseen that there is another funaga whose destiny is to discover and resurrect the machines. Your path intersects. If you do not get there first, he will succeed." We all know that Ariel seems the likely Destroyer and Elspeth even comes to this conclusion in the Keeping Place. But then Isobelle Carmody came out and said he may not be. Most people have decided that indeed Ariel is not the Destroyer. But who then? Carmody has given us a list of clues: -the Destroyer was introduced in Book one. -He is Elspeth's equal/opposite. -He might not know what he is doing/might not be bad -Somebody who isn't expected or easy to guess What we know for sure: -The Destryoer is a human male -Is in book one I am at a loss. I have not a clue who the Destroyer is. I can hardly imagine that Ariel is not He, but then would Carmody lie? I doubt it. My only other explanation is that Ariel works for the Destoyer, or is controlled by him. But who could that be? Salamander? But we do not even know the true identity of Salamander. Is it even possible to figure out who the Destryoer is?
1/16/2007 #1
Maybe it is Daffyd as she meets him in the first book. and you don't really expect him, he has some strange conection to lidgebaby....... and yeah...
1/17/2007 #2
Kasca Black
Good theory. I only have trouble with the idea of Dafydd being Elspeths equal. Saying that,to be honest I really thought Ariel made sense and now I'm stuck!
1/17/2007 #3
Now I have found out that The Destroyer is not Ariel or Daffyd but someone we don't expect, at least that is what it says on http:// obernewtyn dot net / e107 / e107 _ plugins / forum / forum _ viewtopic dot php? 109338 dot 0 Just remove the Spaces and replace the dots with .
1/29/2007 #4
Basically the Destroyer is supposed to be difficult to guess, and not obvious. I doubt it is somebody who so far has had a miniture role, so I'm sure the Destroyer is already quite characterised, and somebody good-unfortunately. I think it would be very interesting if Marissa Seraphim was still alive somewhere in hiding, or if her spirit is controlling Ariel or something. I mean, it is not obvious, or easy to guess and yet in a fantasy genre could be plausible. And so far, thinking that Matthew or Dameon could be the destroyer is a more disagreeable option.
1/29/2007 #5
i'm lost anyway! i guess we'll have to find out and be either right/wrong/utterly shocked/utterly confused i'll probably be confused... but i'm still holding out for it to be Ariel
3/29/2007 #6
I know but Isobelle wouldn't lie outright would she? And now that she is publishing two books instead of one final volume it'll be forever before we find out who the Destroyer is!!!
4/1/2007 #7
Well, I have heard a theory that [i]Matthew[/i] is the destroyer. I was absolutely devastated, because he's one of my favourite characters! T_T. He does sort of fit the criteria, except the equal/opposite thing. Anyway, that was just something I'd heard about and I thought I'd contribute. Because I have found that there is seriously not enough O-chronicles fans and fics out there. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good fic?
2/6/2008 #8
Well, I have heard a theory that [i]Matthew[/i] is the destroyer. I was absolutely devastated, because he's one of my favourite characters! T_T. He does sort of fit the criteria, except the equal/opposite thing. Anyway, that was just something I'd heard about and I thought I'd contribute. Because I have found that there is seriously not enough O-chronicles fans and fics out there. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good fic?
2/6/2008 #9
I thought Matthew at one point at the end of Stone Key only because of Maruman's warning on the dreamtrails and then Matthew's appearance, but it still seems really unlikely...Maybe there is no way we can know until the next book when new information is given. I still can't believe Ariel isn't the Destroyer, esp after the Stone Key how could he not be?!?
2/7/2008 #10
I think I know who Salamander is!! I'm pretty sure I do, anyway. Do you want me to say? You know, I had this sudden thought, in this one part where Elspeth almost told Rushton that she was the Seeker. And suddenly I thought, WHAT IF RUSHTON'S THE DESTROYER?!?! But then Elspeth did the whole jumping into his mind thing and I was back to square one. Sorry.
2/8/2008 #11
My thought is that Salamander is Jakoby's twin sister. Hey actually the Rushton idea would be interesting if somehow Ariel was still in some control of Rushton's mind. You never know. Ariel is obviously a big part of the Destroyer's journey seeing as he is acting and aiming for all the things the Destroyer is meant to be doing (I still can't belive he isnt the destroyer, esp after Stone Key, omg).
2/8/2008 #12
Jakoby's twin is what I thought. Because not only is she a Sadorian who detests the customs and everything of Sadoria, therefore having no scruples about slavery, but the clothes in the closet were a dead giveaway, after Jakoby mentioned her loving to dance around in beautiful clothes... The clues are everywhere. But the Destroyer is such a mystery. I bet when we finally find out, everyone will be like, "NO WAY!" but also "Actually, the clues were there, we just didn't see them..." I don't think that Ariel is acting on behalf of the Destroyer. I think that he's just crazy. Because Atthis said that if Elspeth didn't do it quickly enough, then the Destroyer would get there first, and if that happened then the world would be doomed and blah, blah, blah. But Asriel said that he needed Elspeth to get to it first so that he could then take it from her, so obviously it's not him and he's not working on the behalf of the Destroyer because the Destroyer would want Elspeth dead so that she wouldn't get in his way.
2/9/2008 #13
Yeh but remember that the Destroyer isn't supposed to even know he is the destroyer and his role is accidental (he is innocent, mentally) which would mae some sense if Matthew ends up being the destroyer. Like if he tries to get to Entina (Sentinal) to stop it killing the slaves (or whatever it is doing). Hmm, I just had an idea I'll post on as well. What if the Sentinal is being used to torture minds of slaves, the person responsible trying to find someone who is powerful enough mentally to activate it. So maybe Matthew ends up being taken and is mentally powerful enough to do so. Except Elf has to come to his rescue in time. That would make him an innocent Destroyer. What do you htink?
2/10/2008 #14

i know!!!! Jes... :p lol.

I reckon its not a main character, i bet its one of the technoguilders because no one pays attention to them. wait, DAMEON! AHA! actually im just guessing random people. Mathew is a good guess though...

12/23/2008 #15
Edalene Athene

I think Rushton is the Destroyer.He was there from the start and is still so mysterious. Also, another random thought, is there a possibiblity it could be the Druid if he escaped the firestorm somehow and is still alive?

1/15/2009 #16

You know I've given up trying to figure out who the destroyer is. It's too hard! It could honestly be anybody. I can't wait for the last book though. It should be pretty intense...

1/25/2009 #17

I know that Elspeth thinks that Ariel is the Destroyer but it just seems too obvious, like it's the easy way out.

3/1/2009 #18

I know Ariel is obvious, and that IC said it wasn't him but if he isn't the destroyer then he must be controlling the destroyer in some way. I've come to a point where I just don't know who it is. IC is too clever for me!

3/11/2009 #19

What would be really shocking was if Dameon turned out to be the Destroyer. I don't think that it's that likely but it's still slightly possible.

3/11/2009 #20

Anything is possible, really. But based on the clues she's given it seems like the destroyer porbably doesn't know that he is the Destroyer. And that would make sense, especially after the last book that showed how much everyone is practically a puppet to Ariel.

3/12/2009 #21

I also think Ruston is a good candidate for the role. He is the opposite of Elspeth in terms of abilities; it was one of the reasons that he thought that she didn't think him worthy enough (Ashling). Ariel could have nothing to do with Ruston but has just heard of the Machines and just wants to activate them. Ruston would be the person we least expect and it would tear Elspeth apart. Wait...does she actually have to kill the Destroyer or just stop him?


4/27/2010 #22

She doesn't have to kill the destroyer, only stop him.

I think it is possible that Ariel is controlling the destroyer. We are already getting the impression that he is influencing Elspeth.

4/27/2010 #23

Elspeth's instincts are usually wrong, though. My theory is that her brother is the Destroyer - he has the same killing power as she does, making him her only "equal" in that sense. And he fits all the other criteria.

7/14/2010 #24

I think Elspeth's brother would be the perfect Destroyer but I recall IC mentioning in an old interview that he is well and truly dead. Maybe she was lying or maybe there's a twist..he comes back to life! Hehe...well anything is possible in a magical world right? Right? hmm..

7/14/2010 #25

I think in a more recent interview she said that while she thought he was dead, it unexpectedly occured to her that he was still alive or something along those lines......

7/15/2010 #26
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