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I couldn't find any other forum with Carmody book theories and decided there needed to be one here! This is to post all theories on any Carmody novel or series, though most specifically Obernewtyn Chronicles and Legendsong Trilogy.
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Does anyone think it is Jakoby's sister? That's my new theory. That would explain why Salamander is always hidden beneath clothes and would make sense if hte sister wants revenge on Sador etc.
2/7/2008 #1
That's an interesting theroy but I'm not sure if I would completely agree with it but then I have no other theories I just can't wait until The Sending comes out so we can find out more information....
2/7/2008 #2
Yeah... perhaps... as it has never been mentioned that the Salamander is a guy it is just assumed... and we know that Jakoby's sister loved nice things so that would explain the really nice things in the room on herder Island... maybe Ariel like her or something.... o_O I don't know... but don't you love at the end of The Stone Key on the back cover there is the picture of The Sending's cover... :D
2/7/2008 #3
Yes and finally Maruman actually looks black(ish) instead of tabby. What do you think of the new covers? And of the pics of Elspeth?
2/7/2008 #4

I don't know about Salamander being Jakoby's sister, but it's definately a women. I guess it would make sense if they were sisters, Salamander could want revenge because Jakoby was named Cheiftain instead of her or because the people of the Earth Temple exiled her or something.

The new covers are pretty cool but on the cover of the Stone Key,Maruman is missing his right eye, whilst on the cover of The Sending he's missing his left eye. Apart from that, they're really good. The library at my school has a first edition of Obernewtyn and the cover is really ugly and also kind of funny.

3/1/2009 . Edited 3/1/2009 #5

I gathered that her sister was perhaps in league with Salamander and Ariel, but I never even considered that Salamander was a woman. That'll teach me to assume! This theory is a definite possibility.

6/24/2010 #6

I think it's almost certain - every fact mentioned points to it, so much so that I'm surprised Elspeth didn't figure it out. But then again, she often doesn't see things that are obvious to a reader.

7/14/2010 #7
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