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Whoa Neo-Nebula's a guy? I thought he was a girl since he thinks Yazoo and Larsa is cute and all that... BIG twist there...I'm not a homophobe, so don't think I'm insulting him this time either . I'm just surprised that's all.
4/14/2007 #31
Heh, yeah. I guess I AM a little odd ... Sorry. My mom says I look like Yazoo and she does not seem too happy about it . . . She wants me to get a hair cut.
4/14/2007 #32
Sita 900
In Neo's defense: I'm a girl and I can look at Ashe and be like, "Wow, damn, she's cute." Doesn't mean I'm gay or w/e. XD
4/15/2007 #33
Well I'm not making fun of anyone but this is what I always see in the real world: It's okay for a girl to call other girls hot, or they even kiss each other, but no one thinks they're lesbians. However, when a guy calls other guys hot, or even handsome..."you're gay this you're gay that" is all I hear lol. People need to stop with their homophobic ways, just because something seems gay doesn't mean it is. Even if it is gay, stop discriminating against it! There's nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian.
4/15/2007 #34
Sita 900
LOL I beg to differ. Back in my day (hahaha im so old), in high school, I was really affectionate towards my friends. I would link arms with my girlfriends and go down the hallway at achool. And I was branded a lesbian because of it. -_- But I agree that it's more accepting to see a girl do it than a guy.
4/15/2007 #35
Look, I'm an older sister myself (oldest of three, actually), and I really think it's important for Neo to understand the difference between a disagreement and an insult. If he doesn't learn that, he's going to end up running to you for everything. It's not healthy for him. If anything, it's better for him to learn that here; online communities are generally more forgiving of mistakes like this than real ones. I've noticed that he likes to argue his points with quotes. That's good. I only tried to gently do the same while making it abundantly clear his previous behavior wasn't acceptable. Besides, no one called him names. Before you get your hackles up, let him fall and scrape his knee a few times. He'll learn what not to trip over with no major damage in the long run.
4/15/2007 #36
Lord 0f Storms
i have to agree with what Sita said. even if your a girl and your just being affectionate towards friends, people are still overly keen to brand you a lesbian. not that i'm against gays but people need to get their facts straight. as to what Wakamoley said... there seems to be quite a few boys who think Larsa is hot. its like one confusing revelation after the other. i can never remember who's a girl and who's a boy on these forums!!
4/18/2007 #37
Sita 900
I'm a girl. But I think thats obvious. I'd assume you're a girl too. Or a very confused male.
4/18/2007 #38
I think I can guess usually, but sometimes there are surprises O_o Hhmm, I wonder if Larsa's ambiguity is leading some guys to the 'dark side' ;p I've seen a lot of discussion/debate about him on other forums, lol.
4/18/2007 #39
Lord 0f Storms
i know, so many boys think Larsa is hot!! do you think Larsa would make a better girl than he would a boy?? he makes me wanna put ribbons in his hair.
4/20/2007 #40
Don't you dare confuse me for a confused male either! I'm a girl, and I think it's quite obvious also... But yeah, Larsa would be so much better as a girl than a boy. Either that or he could've had better designing. What's with Japanese people these days drawing girly boys with no muscles :O That's what I always see in mangas and animes
4/21/2007 #41
Once I realized, I couldn't help but imagine not-at-all appropriate shota relationships involving him... sooo~ bad! ~sigh~ Yeah, Vaan, Larsa, and younger guys in general are kind of girly, but usually the mature 'adult' men aren't so... who knows, lol.
4/21/2007 #42
Z, I no wanna scrape my knees! (sniffles) And stop picking on Larsa! I knew from the first time I saw him that he was a boy. Does he really look that much like a girl? And why do so many people think that Vaan is girly? I thought he was pretty manly for an FF character . . . (unlike the awesome Kuja Tribal of FFIX)
4/21/2007 #43
Lord 0f Storms
hehe, no ones picking on Larsa but he really does look like a girl. Vaan's girly cuz his face doesn't look very manly for a 17 yr old. he shouldn't look that much younger than say, Balthier. i think theres too many girlboys in Japanese stuff. i recently played on DOA 4 and there was a blonde, British guy in that who i thought was a girl. i think its a conspiracy to confuse us. don't worry Wakamoley, i never thought you were a boy^^
4/22/2007 #44
Rosseta Praxis
oh so vaans a now is he well yes i thought he looked pregnant he lost his virginity to the belias wierd red vaan/belias children everywhere and larsa he looks older than vaan and penelo together i suppose larsa does have that girly effect on people, larsa is like balthier's younger spitting image tights and all tights and all .
4/22/2007 #45
Lord 0f Storms
hehe, Larsa does look a little like Balthier, the younger days, doesn't he??? hmm...i wouldn't say Larsa looked any older or masculine than Vaan though. i reckon they have equally childish-features and girliness^^
4/24/2007 #46
Hnnn . . . I love Yazoo! I have silver hair right now. And, um, Larsa rocks!
4/27/2007 #47
Lord 0f Storms
why do you have silver hair??
4/30/2007 #48
that's really funny...silver hair? you gotta let us see a picture of you XD
4/30/2007 #49
Sorry, me no have camera . . . or scanner . . . (sobs) It really suits me! My dad kept calling me "granny", though. My mom liked it.
5/4/2007 #50
Lord 0f Storms
cool. is it in a style or is it just like, whatever...? i want colourful hair...
5/6/2007 #51
Yeah. Advent Children style!
5/10/2007 #52
Lord 0f Storms
thats so cool...i'm so jealous...
5/20/2007 #53
Yum! I am addicted to marshmallow cream!
5/21/2007 #54
Lord 0f Storms
you write some really random things^^
5/26/2007 #55
Iris - Soul Guidance
I feel the exact same way as Larsa Solidor (first post)
6/23/2007 #56
Lord 0f Storms
i hate Ashe-haters~ Larsa is so cute!!
6/26/2007 #57
Fantasy Wings
I agree w/ Little Miss Cuteness. I hate Ashe-Haters! >=( Ashe is the best!!!
11/2/2007 #58
Fantasy Wings
also, i agree w/ Larsa Solidor... you shouldn't insult Ashe just 'cause u don't like her. it's also an insult to those who also like Ashe! good day to u Neo-Nebula.
11/2/2007 #59
i agree.everyone with their preferences as long as the fans are not offended right?it essential to know how to express your opinions politely
12/9/2007 #60
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