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Does anyone besides me see the slash between these two characters? I was watching the episode where owen fights oberon as puck and ends up losing his magic and a couple thoughts came to me.First of all, he had to have been TERRIFIED of oberon and yet he fought him. Second of all that comment he made about "playing a straight guy" not to mention that I sort of got the feeling that oberon used him for a lot of things he shouldnt have and I had that feeling that maybe owen didn't quite understand what employers shouldn't do (hence why xanatos got so much loyalty) as well.... I wish someone would write this pairing... tell me what you think!

5/9/2009 #1
Billie the fourth sage

It was so obvious and workable that I was shocked at the lack of attention they get as a pair oAo

I was hoping to find a ton of fanfiction for them since Xanatos barely shows any romantic feelings towards Fox or anyone for that matter (family love doesn't count) and Owen's mister faithful since day one.

Sadly, I'm coming up with nil.

4/26/2010 #2

I see this pairing as mostly one-sided, but I do support it 100%. I can see it happening as well. Xanatos is not the most loyal guy in the world after all...


9/8/2010 #3
Saeth Ceirwyn

Oh yes. Slash like mad. Which is why I'm wondering why we have so little. What these two have is way beyond a master servant relationship.

9/25/2010 #4

It's only occured to me recently, but yes I am surprised there is not more slashing going on with these two. Not to say that Fox/Xanatos doesn't have it's charms - there's little hotter than two schemers teaming up - but I'm just surprised there's nothing with these two.

3/1/2012 #5
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