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I love Macbeth (no, not in that way). At first he seems to be a villian, but hey, you'd be grumpy too if you were alive for 900 years. I also like Brooklyn, Goliath, and Puck.
1/29/2007 #1
Fan Boy 101
Brooklyn is my favorite! He always knows what to do in a tough situation and quickly learns from his mistakes. I also like Griff, Angela, and Goliath.
2/2/2007 #2
Wow, I thought no one was going to post. I forgot to add Griff to my list.
2/3/2007 #3
Elisa is above all the best character on the show. She is multidimensional and strong. She's gorgeous and gritty, and is the symbol of an intelligent and successful female in today's (well, the 90s) society.
2/20/2007 #4
No one wants to be around me
The more I remember the series, the more I wanted to know about Matthew Bluestone. He's quirky, intelligent, and not a "push around". It's a shame the series didn't go more in depth with his character. I would have preferred less 999 AD shows that dwelt too heavily in the past and more 1994 - here and now ones.
2/25/2007 #5
Ragni Mithrim

Hudson. I love the guy. No one really seems to like him that much.... I have so many story ideas dealing with him and a human o.c I came up with, but i fear people will flame me..

he's sweet, kind, loyal etc. The perfect guy..gargoyle...y'all know what i mean.

oh and Lex too! I love the little guy...maybe he could fix my computer...^-^

anywho if y'all know any good stories w/these two let me know please! (or just htem by themselves I don't care)


8/24/2008 #6

i think all the main protagonists are awesome, and of course Angela :D but i gotta go with Goliath as my fave, with Elisa giving him a good run for his money. so to speak hehe

Xanantos, however, annoys the heck outta me. but then, hes the main villain, so thats not a surprise. i have issues with Demona too, but i kinda understand where shes comin from at times... *shrugs*

8/27/2008 #7

I have to say, Puck/Owen is my favorite. I say Puck/Owen. Only appears in like four episodes, but I wish they'd done more with him. He made a great entity where you weren't quite sure if he was a good guy, but he wasn't exactly a villain either.

8/30/2008 #8


i've written some fanfics when i was really young and now that im getting back into it i cant help but notice how adorable they are :3

plus Jeff Bennett is a pretty awesome VO.

9/3/2008 #9

Elisa is my over all favorite, in fact I love all of the Maza's and wish we could have seen more interactions with Elisa and her family.

2/28/2009 #10

I absolutely LOVE Broadway. Hudson too.

3/3/2009 #11

Goliath and Demona are my favourites even if Demona has lost her mind slightly.

Wish they could get back together.

4/14/2009 #12
Maya Maria
Yeah, you're right, Fan Boy 101. Brooklyn's one smart tactician, that is until Demona shows up and then all rational thought goes out the window! Actually...I love the whole trio: Broadway keeps Brooklyn and Lex from killing each other, Lex is the adorable(or as adorable as a gargoyle can get), naive little brother, and Brooklyn is the rebel biker boy and the street-smart leader. Goliath-not so much too uptight for me: he acts like my uncle when he talks about VietNam. Havent gotten to watch that far in the show to know about Angela or Griff but I recognize thir names. I love YouTube. ;)
7/17/2009 #13

By the time I started watching Gargoyles the series was basically over, so I could never really follow the plotline but I remember having a crush on Goliath! And the Weird Sisters confused me to no end. X)

7/21/2009 #14

I watched the show in bits and peices as i was growing up, and i remember wanting to be just like Xanatos. I love the Wierd Sisters Matt Bluestone and Owen.

I may be the only one here, but I would have liked Eliza and Jason to further thier relationship. Never liked the idea of such an independent strong (almost butch) lady commit b***.

8/5/2009 #15

Its very rare for me, but I think that this is one cartoon where I don't have a favorite character. I love them all. That almost never happens to me, I tend to prefer side or background characters. But everyone in Gargoyles was just so well developed that you just can't help but love them.

But while I don't have an actual favorite character, I do have favorite dynamics between certain character combinations (not nessisarily romantic pairings).

* Theilog and Angela for one. Fist off, it was major LOLsy (and just a little creepy) when Theilog was openly flirting with her in episode 28 of season 2 "Sanctuary". But really what is their relationship? Theilog is a clone of her father so would that then make him a second father? But Theilog and Goliath both reguard one another as estranged parent and prodical son so then would Theilog be Angela's brother? Or maybe an uncle? I'm inclined to settle on "Step Father" due to his relationship with Demona but that was fairly sort lived... Its atleast something intesting to think about, especially since we don't see them interact with one another very much in either the show nor the comics.

* Macbeth + Demona is another. They would actually have to be one of the most interesting pairs in the whole series in my opinion (the term "pair" here referst to the fact that they are a pair of characters, it is not meant to imply that I think of them as a "romantic pair"). I find it facinationg that they're both well over 500 years old and yet in all that time, all those social and economic changes that they witnessed, neither of them evolved verymuch as a person. Infact, they evolved more in the few episodes they were seen in after the Avalon tent-poll then they did in their 500+ years of life. Curious.

* Goliath + Xanatos: They always struck me more as "frienamies" rather than enimies. Xanatos is just so calm and rational about everything, there's truely nothing personal between him and the Manhattan Clan, its just buisness. Goliath, I regret to say, is ever so slightly less evolved on that score. He still holds to those ideals and definitions of what makes an enemy and an ally from first centruy Scotland. I was very pleased when the Clan started living at the Eery building again. (Also, I have a teory that Xanatos is actually Goliath's biggest fan. But that's really a subject for its own thread.)

* Goliath + Elisa: Okay, this one I do mean as a romantic pair... and that in and of itself should be suficient explanation for why I like, ney, love their dynamic!

There are more, but I think we all can agree that this post is long enough.

12/20/2009 #16

Ya bring up some valid points, but the true nature of these relationships is unknown.

That's what fanfics are for.

12/20/2009 #17

True. Unless "Word-of-God" (Greg Weisman) flat out tells us their nature there's room for endless speculation. Oh the plot bunnies....

12/20/2009 #18

I adore them all very much so it's hard to choose favs. If I HAD to though...I think I'd have to go like this.

Favorite Oberon's Child: Puck hands down

Favorite Human: Elisa

Favorite Gargoyle: I can't choose out of this one though, I love them all for multiple reasons.

1/17/2010 #19

I adore Brooklyn. The Trio is pretty cool, but Brooklyn is the best. I almost scream anytime it looks bad for him. He's a great tactician too, no doucbt about it.

9/2/2010 #20
Silver Kitsune Lunaria

Favorite Human: Xanatos

Favorite Child of Obreon: Puck

Favorite Gargoyle: Lexingon

I have a story in mind for Lexington and an OC of my but people's opinion about OCs is making me question doing it.

3/3/2011 #21


i've done two oc's in my time. write what you want! Just write from what you feel and dont mind what people say about it, if its good people wont call it a mary sue.

I know this might not seem like sound advice but better to try it out than wonder what you would of done had you written it.

3/3/2011 #22

My favorite character is, hands down, Puck/Owen. Just that whole character is so easy to get lost in and to speculate about. It's too fun to think about Puck hiding underneath the surface of Owen's calm facade. Also the idea is really good for angst. I've seen a few really good oneshots about Puck stewing over his loss of the freedom of his magic and not being able to go back to Avalon.

Very dynamic character. Especially for a Disney cartoon.

Also I'm a big fan of Demona. She's another really complex character that so much can be done with. She's got a lot of hate, but not really without reason. She's also sort of crazy, but on some level she knows it.

7/13/2011 #23

I can't say whose my favorite because I love them all for they are all special in their own ways, but i'd say Goliath, Brooklyn and Macbeth. Goliath because he's Goliath, nothing more be said. He's intelligent and gorgeous. Brooklyn, laid back and go with the flow, but ready to step up when the time calls and Macbeth, he's a stoic handsome guy that has a troubled past, I like him and the whole thing with him and Demona is both sad and funny. If you watch the second season boxed set, I agree with Greg when he says Demona was slightly in love with Macbeth. They spent 37 years as friends. Ok, that's me and my favorites.

9/11/2011 #24

favourite human: Macbeth

favourite Child of Oberon: Puck/Owen

favourite Gargoyle: well, this may sound strange, but the background characters from medieval Scotland. And also Brooklyn.

12/13/2012 #25
Queen Victorius

Hey, Opacus! I have to agree with you. I also like Puck/Owen. I also wish that they had done more with him. There could be so many avenues to further explore his character. You can't help but love the guy, especially since he is so mischievous. Because of this, when I found out that Puck was disguising himself as Owen Burnett, I was absolutely speechless! Talk about irony!

On another note, I also absolutely love Brooklyn! It sucks how he has a horrible love life, since I think he would be a pretty decent guy to have as a boyfriend. To prove this point, I will refer to his relationship with Angela. First of all, I think that it is really sad that she passes over him for Broadway. I was so friggin' angry and depressed when Brooklyn first saw Angela and Broadway kissing. However, this turn of events shows how Brooklyn respects Angela's decision. He doesn't press her into changing her mind. He respects her choice, even though it hurts him to do so. This gives him another depth of tragedy to his character, yet it also shows how mature he is. Anyway, so I will have to say that Puck/Owen and Brooklyn are two of my favorite characters from this series.

6/23/2016 #26

I wouldn't mind if Hudson was paired with someone (an older female gargoyle would be nice), he needs more attention.

9/30/2017 #27

Favorite Human: Elisa (she is awesome).

Favorite Gargoyle: A tie Broadway and Lexington (they are both cute).

9/30/2017 #28
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