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I've had this theory for a long while but this is the first time I've felt the urge to discuss it with the fandom at large.

I belive that Xanatos is really Goliath's biggest fan. Think about it:

* He wasted billions of dollars on a project to transplant Castle Wyvern from Scotland to New York on the off-chance that the story might be true and the gargoyles would come to life. (Wasted time, money and resorses on a pipe dream to meet Goliath.)

* He then procedes to build the Steel Caln (all in Goliath's image). (Attempts to recreate his hero/collects Goliath "action figures".)

* His armor of choice is a red steel clan exosuit fashioned to look like Goliath. (He cosplays as the Big Guy.)

* He askes Goliath to be best man at his wedding. True, he did need him in attendance to unite the two halves of the Phoenix Gate but I'm sure there could have been another way to get him there besides asking him to fill a position usually reserved for a close friend or even a brother. (Wants Goliath in his life.)

* He tries to recreate Goliath by cloneing him and creating Theilog (again, attempts to recreat his hero.)

- I'm not gonna use anything after "The Gathering" as evidence because everything he did after that was out of gratitude for saving his son and not fan-boy obsession. -

Ladies and gentlemen of the fandom, I propose that David Xanatos is not really an enimey but rather Goliath's biggest fan! So then, what's your take on the matter?

12/20/2009 #1

I agree with you. Xanatos has an obsession with Goliath that rivals Giovanni's obsession with Mewtwo...


9/8/2010 #2

I think that bringing the clan to New York was more of insufferable curiosity than fanboyness, but other wise, I agree with you. His behavior ranges from fanboy to mancrush or possibly. at it's worse, fangirl.

8/1/2011 #3
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