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This is a multipurpose fourm now... lol cus now its no just ships its also a musiclife fourm. talk about ships, music and life! What more can you get! lol...
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Mistress of Craziness
Well... you told us to just post it... so... yea... =/
9/5/2006 #1
*does RonGinny dance*
9/5/2006 #2
Mistress of Craziness
Lol. Anyway, I really do love this couple. They're perfect for each other...! Except for the whole... brother-sister thing... er... Oh well. Whatever. Still a good couple. =P
9/5/2006 #3
Absolutely perfect... besides, this sort of thing is common with Purebloods. [Well, maybe not this closely related, but you know. Sirius's parents were second cousins.]
9/5/2006 #4
Seriously, I don't like this paor one bit. I*** just sickens me for an odd reason. I have 3 other brothers, and I don't like them one bit (as a lover I mean), but I think my little bro is into i*** *shudders*
9/8/2006 #5
*twitch* Okay then. May the Dark Lord save you, Blue.
9/8/2006 #6
Gee, thanks *rolls eyes*
9/9/2006 #7
Your little brother is into it... like in real life? Aaaaah!
9/9/2006 #8
My older brother stated it, and I practiclly worship the ground he walks on, so I tend to believe him....but now we're off topic I believe...
9/9/2006 #9
Yeah, we are. But seriously. Next time you see your little brother... RUN!
9/10/2006 #10
yeah thats pretty scary.
9/23/2006 #11
9/23/2006 #12
*throws up* I*** is just WRONG...
11/12/2006 #13
Yeeeeaaaaahhhh... whatever...
11/18/2006 . Edited 12/20/2006 #14
Mistress of Craziness
*throws up* Close-minded people are just WRONG....
11/26/2006 #15
Yeah, Mistress of Craziness, I KNOW. Sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK. It makes me ill just thinking about it...
12/20/2006 #16
Mistress of Craziness
Same here. Blech.
12/23/2006 #17
Any Ron/Ginny recs? I'd say Forest Fire by Implied Slash, and cherry juice by, uh... well, I forgot her name. Sorry.
12/24/2006 #18
Mistress of Craziness
Yes, I have already read both of those. writeaboutweasley (I think that's it) has a few Ron/Ginny stories, but they're not the greatest I've read. Ginny and Ron are just way to OoC, and the stoires never really go into how wrong and disturbing their relationship is and how disgusted they must feel about the whole thing. It doesn't even seem like an i*** story, but more of two friends getting together for a few good snogs in some deserted bathrooms/closets/classrooms. I don't know. I just think a GOOD Ron/Ginny story should go more indepth about how wrong their relationship really is, and not try to make it all fluffy, a bunch of sex scenes, and that everybody doesn't seem to care that a brother and a sister are supposably screwing around. Where's the drama? Action? Suspense? They get together and everyone's like "EW!!... whatever", and that's usually it. I'm thinking of writing a Ginny/Ron fic, but I'm scared that it might be even TOO disturbing for the ones who like this ship, but I'm going to give it a shot. I also have a good idea for a Harry/Pansy story... sorry, had to add in that last bit. Lol.
12/26/2006 #19
There's no such thing as too disturbing! And I agree, if no one is like "OMGEWEWEWEWEWOMG!!!" then there's no point in Ron/Ginny.
12/26/2006 #20
I don't like to sound close-minded....but Ginny/Ron? I don't even think their relationship would work even if they weren't sister's and brothers. It would be one hell of a story trying to explain what this will make them look like in their family's mind. I*** is probably one reason that would stop me from reading it, but I would love to see how the author could handle this correctly. I admire your view on life threadbare, that nothing is too disturbing in your eyes; If i could live more like that than maybe I wouldn't be so uptight!
4/18/2007 #21
this account iz be dead
Ron/Ginny is pretty frickin' amazing. - Lola
4/23/2007 #22
I have the same feelings about this as I did with Ginny/SDnape pairing: YUCK! I mean, are you out of your mind?????! They are siblings!!! Would you fall in love with your sister or brother???????!!!!!!!!!!
5/19/2007 #23
I would NEVER fall in love with any of my 7 siblings wait...6 siblings. It's wrong, but they're who do fall in love with their siblings. My uncle (i think) "fell in love" with his cousin and said me and my cousin are the same. Which is NOT true, i just love him like i love my parents, my siblings, aunts, etc.
5/19/2007 #24
this account iz be dead
Salt and Pepper - None of them are of comparable age or of close enough proximity for that happen, but probably not. It's gross, but I like this pairing, for no reason that I can honeslty explain. Violet Valerie Valella Vertigo Violence Vertebrae Violin Vihavenomorewordsthatstartwithv - Odd. My brother fell in love with our cousin at some point but nothing ever came of it. He married some chick that's not related to us at all. - Carly
5/20/2007 #25
I wasn't saying that something had to come out of relative/relative. I'm just speaking my thoughts on it. And whats so wrong with my name? I happen to like alliterations.
5/20/2007 #26
Mistress of Craziness
Yes! Bow down to the mighty Ron/Ginny ship! You will all come aboard... someday....
5/28/2007 #27
R/G is awesome. :D
7/26/2007 #28
ah! ah! scary! ah!
7/27/2007 #29
ah! ah! scary! ah!
7/27/2007 #30
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