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This is a multipurpose fourm now... lol cus now its no just ships its also a musiclife fourm. talk about ships, music and life! What more can you get! lol...
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Hello. "there is a way to make ron/ginny work...make ginny harry's sister and make the weasley family have some sort of creature blood and make harry and ginny have a different one" "What." Yah.
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Dobby's Socks


5/14/2008 #63
The whole...brother/sister thing.
5/15/2008 #64
Dobby's Socks

I don't know...I've only read one i*** story...it was about James/Harry. Lily had died but James hadn't, and it was all weird...I was scarred for life. I don't even want to talk about what happened.

8/19/2008 #65

Okay, if we can put aside the "ewwwwww it's i***" issue for a sec (I mean, it's not real because um, it's fan*fiction* so let's all try not to pointlessly argue over the matter under this umbrella of fantasy and live in harmony?), I'd also really really like some R/G recs!

I've not been able to find Forest Fire but I did find Cherry Juice. I don't mind any rating and in fact would be interested in reading M stuff as I've not yet tried any.

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