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Hi all,

I'm searching for a FF7 yaoi fanfic rated M. Pairing is Sephiroth, Zack and Cloud. I can't remember the titel or author -.- But this fanfic was really good.

Cloud is the dominant one in this story. He's telling the other two what to do and when. If I remember this right, it all happends on the floor in an appartment.

Maybe one of you knows which story I'm talking about.

Thanks for your help!

9/26/2011 #1
I think that the story you've been looking for is "Jail What?" by Linsey Schadegg, where Cloud starts off as an innocent little trooper but becomes a bossy, dominant bitch!
2/14/2012 #2
Sorry, I think I misspelled the writer's name: it's Lynsey Schadegg. You can find her "Jail What?" fic in my faves list. I hope it's the one you were looking for!
2/14/2012 #3
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