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This is something I really have to get out there: Spider-man 3 completely ruined the movie experience for me. It's sad really, there was soo much potential there. I loved the fact that they were finally going to have more than one villian at a time, mostly because I'm such a fan of the games. Sandman's backstory was okay at best, I felt they just kind of forced him in there though. They put Sandman in the movie for two reasons: 1) To show off their special effects 2) To attract the Naruto fans (Gaara anyone?) They should have just concentrated on Harry; him becoming the Goblin and his obsession with destroying Spider-man. I know, they did it in the first movie, but it would have been a lot better than what they came up with. Plus, they could have thrown in some smaller villians for a few single-scene fights, like how they added the Shocker and Vulture to the story in the first Spider-man game. I mean, not every character needs there own plot line, sometimes they're just around for display purposes; try and showcase Spidey's skills as well as his changing attitude throughout the movie. The last, oh, half hour of the movie was complete and total crap. The storyline just kind of ran to the top of the nearest building and committed suicide. Hell, the BUTLER tells Harry that it wasn't Spidey's fault that his father was dead? That's horse $#!T, they just put that in at the last minute because they couldn't think of a more original way for Harry and Peter to team-up at the end, really pathetic. Yeah, so I'm flaming the hell out of this movie. It's a disappointment. I've seen better storylines on flashes at newgrounds (Super Mario Brothers Z & Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom) and, embarrassingly enough, the action scenes were better. It's a shame, but hopefully they can do better on the next movie.
5/30/2007 #1
that does make since. sandman was a little pointless. what disapointed me was Venom, he reminded me of something from harry potter. oh well the comics with venom are still good.
6/12/2007 #2
Was I the ONLY ne who thought this was a good movie? Yeah there were a few parts in there that sucked, but overall I thought it was really good.
6/18/2007 #3
It's not that Spider-man three wasn't a "good" movie, but it was, at least to me, a HUGE disappointment. Spider-man 2 surpassed Spider-man 1 in soo many ways; so when I heard about a third movie, I wasn't going in expecting "good," I was looking for "Breath-taking!" Sure, they had good action, but when it came to the storyline... let me put this in terms it deserves: It's like they gave a five-year old a pen and some paper, told him to write a script for Spider-man... then HE got bored and gave the job to Paris Hilton. Oh, for anyone reading this that has not yet seen or heard of Super Mario Brothers Z... get yourself over to Newgrounds and watch it. Trust me, it is one of the most well done flashes you will ever see... and I guarantee you'll like it more than Spider-man 3...
6/18/2007 #4
You're rght, it was disappointing, especially with all the ads they did pre-release. But still... don't u think ur going overboard?
6/18/2007 #5
No... no I really don't. There are people on this site who could craft a storyline twenty times better than what the writers of that movie came up with and they do it for FREE. Looking at things that way, I find what they did to this movie as not only embarrassing, but completely UNACCEPTABLE! I'm sorry if it irks you that I take things to this level, but that's just the way I am. But you know what, if you honestly like the movie, thats good for you. We can't all have the same opinion, it'd be too boring like that. And hey, just cause I thought 3 sucked doesn't mean I'm done with the series. If there's a forth movie coming out, you can bet your a** I'm gonna go see it. I can overlook one mistake, so long as it's not the beginning of a trend; I've grown to be too much of a Marvel fan to hold much of a grudge with Stan Lee's amazing creations... By the way, you checked out my other topic? Maybe you'll be able to understand me better if you do. Just note; I expected none of these things from the movie my first go through, these are only changes I would personally have enjoyed to make to the series.
6/19/2007 #6
I honestly have no reply.
6/21/2007 #7
Yeah, even I'm amazed by how dedicated to this idea I am... I'm starting to scare myself.
6/21/2007 #8
To me I thought they should have just stuck with the Sandman and Harry plot and kept Venom out of it. I know I am probably going to get flamed for saying this since so many people love him but I don't like Venom that much but it wasn't Raimi's fault that he was in it. That A. Arad guy pushed for him to be in the movie and he wrote everything that came out of Venom's mouth. But other then that I thought it was great but I do have to agree with one thing you said, the Butler scene was a pretty low point in the movie.
9/19/2007 #9
No, I agree with you, the Venom thing felt like it was kinda tagged on at the end. If the story'd been more focused on the conflict with Harry and Peter's pwn problems concerning Sandman and his uncle, they probably would have made a better movie. And yeah, the butler scene was pretty sad. I would've had so much more respect for Harry had he just decided to help Peter anyway, not necesarrily to benefit Pete, but because of MJ(they had some good hints that something was going on there, they should've stuck with that for that last scene)
9/19/2007 #10

What I never understood was why Peter was such a damn J***. I get the Venom Suit thing...that wasn't his fault. But what was the idea of letting Gwen kiss him WITHOUT the Venom Suit's influence? And MJ was hurting so much at the time.

8/5/2008 #11

Okay... I'm just going to put this out here.

Yes, I agree that Spider-man 3 was not the best of the film trilogy. Why do I think so?

Too many villains. Do not get me wrong, the villains themselves were awesome to me... Just, they already had Harry and the ads clearly showed Venom more then Sandman... MY complaint is that Venom, in my opinion, the ultimate Spidey villian, got little screen time. Sure, we saw Eddy, but Venom... While he's my fave spidey villain, if they were going to give him so little screen time, they should not have put him or the black suit plot into the film.

8/18/2010 #12

I like the movie, maybe because I was 8-ish when I first saw it and was problem-blind or maybe because I'm a bit too optimistic about the movie, but I think of it as a guilty pleasure

10/12/2013 #13
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