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Will the series end after game 4? Will we ever learn the details of Dante's sordid past? Here is a place for fans to speculate on where the Devil May Cry series will go next.
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Forgotten Rozez

:D It would be awesome if they did either of those.

But I dont know if they want you not to know about Sparda, or just to make you piece everything together. Either way, it's frusterating!!

Yeah, true...

8/20/2010 #31
K. A. Raith

Have you seen the fifth game (DmC) trailer? the new Dante is kinda... disappointing.

11/2/2010 #32
Shadow of the End

The trailer for game five is out?! I gotta go look it up!!! But also, I was ooking back over the other posts and I notice a flaw in the whole "Sparda and Eva had Nero" idea... Eva is dead!

There are several books out that detail Dante's past, and in... I believe it was book 2 (I'm gonna have to re-read them all) but it mentions Dante having a nightmare where Dante is hiding somewhere in the house he lived in with Eva and Vergil, and seeing his mother pulled away and hearing her screams.

When he woke up, the girl he was sleeping with mentioned that he was crying for his mother in his sleep, which further cements the fact.

Again, I'm not 100% sure on this, so I'm gonna go re-read the books. XP

11/2/2010 #33
K. A. Raith

Dude, the new Dante has short black hair, wears a jacket instead a coat, and gives off impression that 'DMC' now stands for 'Downtown M*** Clinic'.

I mean, the trailer looks great, and it looks like it could be a cool game, but for characters and storyline consistency? No, man... just... no.

11/3/2010 #34
Shadow of the End

I'm assuming that you don't realize that this is an attempt to flesh out Dante's past...

11/3/2010 #35
K. A. Raith

And I'm assuming you don't remember that we already have DMC3 and its manga for that.

11/3/2010 #36
Shadow of the End

Dude, have you read the books? There's at least two novels out that detail Dante's past, and I'm willing to bet money that I don't even have that DMC 5 takes place even before them.

Yes, he seems different, yes, it doesn't fit perfectly with the plot, but keep in mind that not everyone is the same all throughout their lives, and things happen that we don't understand.

Dante had to start somewhere, and this game is telling us where he did.

Just throwing that out there, dude. Read the books. They're a good read, even if you don't give a damn about the story.

11/3/2010 #37
K. A. Raith

What bothers me the most is that Ninja Theory claims that black is Dante's original hair color, and it would gradually turn white as he comes to his power. THAT alone makes DmC contradictory to the already-established canon. I mean, Dante's hair is white since birth, and genetic-wise, you cannot have a black-haired child from a blonde and a white-haired guy! (Pardon my ranting) And how would they correlate this DmC with DMC3 then?

11/3/2010 #38
K. A. Raith

When DMC3 released, the two novels were crossed out from canon. And if 'prequel' means it comes before the event of DMC3... dude, how far back you can actually go on? And the transition between DmC and DMC3 would make Dante seems bipolar.

11/3/2010 #39
Shadow of the End

Dude, Dante's always been bipolar.

I mean, honestly... Who the hell can make wisecracks and laugh his a** off in the middle of a fight, then turn all serious and s*** in the very next moment unless they're bipolar?

And in all honesty, I agree with you on the point that you can't get a black haired kid from the genetics of a white-haired guy and a blonde chick... but you're using human genetics. With Dante, he more likely follows demon genetics, so in other words...

We don't know what the f*** is going on with his DNA. Lol.

And if the books were really crossed out... I don't know, then. Oh well, just go with the flow. That's what I do.

I'd still strongly suggest that you read the books if you haven't already. they're pretty good. ^_^

11/3/2010 #40
K. A. Raith


Apparently it's not a prequel. From what could be gathered from the interviews with NT, it's a 'prequel to an alternate storyline'. Which means it doesn't have to follow the known game-storyline. Which means this new Dante is also an alternate version of the Dante we know. Which means the game doesn't really explain Dante's past, since it's the alternate Dante the game is about. Which makes me wondering why they didn't just make a different series altogether, rather than pushing it as a DMC game and makes most of the fans upset.


The point of my ranting is, I think it's a rather unwise move from NT, changing the already established story like that. The game could be great all by itself, or as a different series... but as another DMC game... I think most of the DMC-fans just won't be able to accept.


It is upsetting the Balance, I tell you!


And my inner fangirl still whimpers everytime I watch the trailer.

11/3/2010 #41
Shadow of the End

In my eyes, Dante is Dante.

He kicks the shat out of demons, uses over-the-top acrobatics, and duel-wields a pair of handguns, all the while with a cocky grin on his face.

..... It's DMC!


Lol XD

11/3/2010 #42
K. A. Raith

Oh, and Nero? Vergil's son. DMC4 novels said so.

11/3/2010 #43
Shadow of the End

SERIOUSLY?! Lol, Vergil ain't 'Vergil the Virgin' no more!!! YEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!

11/3/2010 #44
K. A. Raith

Nu-huh, it's Dino (Dante in name only) and DINO (DMC in name only). It's the only way I could soothe my wittle breaking fangirl heart.

And did you notice he doesn't have his sword in the trailer? And he doesn't have a cocky grin in his face (smirk, yes, once. Cocky grin? No.)

So, Dino.

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #45
K. A. Raith

Yes, apparently Nero is the result from a one night stand between Vergil and a random human woman while he's at Fortuna researching Sparda's legend.

11/3/2010 #46
Shadow of the End

Lol, I gotta wonder how drunk Vergil must have been to get h***, cuz i mean, fromw what you see in DMC3, he's just not the type to get friendly with anyone to any extent.

Indifferent, yes... but friendly? Not a snowball's chance in the Fire Hell. Lol.

11/3/2010 #47
K. A. Raith

He's not drunk. He's just frustrated because of fruitless research and needed an outlet... yeah.

11/3/2010 #48
Shadow of the End

Well, it beats slaughtering people... And it's oh, so much more satisfying than destroying those weak demons! .......Why didn't he do it more often? XD

11/3/2010 #49
K. A. Raith

WTH ever happened to his dignity? Vergil is supposed to have class. He just shouldn't have some random women bearing his baby. And I thought he despised human?

And Nero is actually a friggin' teenager. He's 17 by the time of the game. No wonder he's so angsty. All of those teenage hormones...

And after the ending he build DMC Fortuna branch. Huh?

11/3/2010 #50
Shadow of the End

Dignity? What is this 'Dignity' of which you speak of? Lol.

And he didn't necessarily despise humans, he just never really cared for them. Big difference. And Nero? Maybe he was angsty because he was pissed at Daddy(aka Vergil) for never being there... I know that I've been there.

And as for DMC Fortuna... Well, why the hell not? He met his uncle, Dante, and he hates demons, so why wouldn't he start up his own branch of DMC?

11/4/2010 #51
K. A. Raith

Uhm... Nero didn't know that Vergil was his father (and he's still clueless till the end), and Dante never know that Vergil had spawned a child. So yeah. Unless Vergil somehow managed to show up and tell them in their face (which would never happen, considering the fact that CAPCOM killed him off for real - besides, a gentleman never kiss and tell), there would be no 'heartfelt family reunion' for Dante and Nero. Ever.

11/4/2010 #52
Shadow of the End

Actually, we never got a straight answer on whether Vergil's dead or not from Capcom, so there is a chance, however slight, that Vergil is alive... But I agree. Vergil's waaaaaaaay too proud to tell anyone that he had a child or a one night stand, which resulted in that child. Lol, I can just imagine what Dante's face would look like if Vergil actually did turn up outta nowhere and tell him that Nero was his son. XD

11/4/2010 #53
K. A. Raith

The novels said Vergil's dead, dude; he is, quote-"no longer in this world"-unquote, not-going-to-come-back kind of dead. And CAPCOM kinda claimed that the novels are canon.

So, there.

11/4/2010 #54
Shadow of the End

You might wanna recheck that, hon. "No longer in this world."

Did it ever directly say that he died in the Demon world? /smirk

There's an old saying that I heard once: "Don't get into an asskicking contest with a porcupine..." In this case, I'm the porcupine, in the sense that I'm an expert in twisting people's words around..... And this porcupine just kicked your *ss, lol.

Either way, I think I'll see if I can find the book for DMC4- sounds like a good read! ^_^

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #55
Forgotten Rozez

Wow you guys are having a very heated argument o.o

So are the books really involved with the story line, because if they are, then I might give them a read. I never really thought they'd help clear things....

And is it really proven Nero is Vergil's son?

11/5/2010 #56
K. A. Raith

In the original DMC, he kinda evaporated after Dante defeated him, leaving his amulet behind. From what could be seen in DMC3, Vergil really treasured his amulet, and his leaving the amulet like that in DMC could be seen as his symbolic 'death'. And in DMC4, if you read the files for Bianco and Alto Angelo, it is said that they're made from pieces of a 'Black Angel'. That's too much coincidence, what's with Vergil's last form (chronologically) being 'Nelo Angelo'. And doesn't 'pieces' mean he isn't 'whole' anymore? And Yamato; it's one of his most precious possessions (along the amulet). The fact that the sword itself was in someone else's hand other than Vergil's (and broken, nonetheless) implied that he's not 'around' to retrieve it.

Then there's the opened Hell Gate in DMC4. If Vergil was still alive, he would've used the opened Gate as a way to escape. So why doesn't he? You might say that in DMC3, Vergil himself did say that he want to stay in Hell. But without his means of fighting (Yamato)? His possessions? Nah, I don't think so. He would've fought with tooth-and-nail to get back what's rightfully his.

And there's the conclusion of the novel, in which Nero and Kyrie lived 'happily ever after' with Nero as Yamato's new owner. Which heavily implied that Vergil is either: a) dead, in every sense of the word; or b) not coherent enough to be called 'alive'.

All in all, it looks like CAPCOM really killed him off for real.

I don't want Vergil to die, man, but CAPCOM seems pretty insistent.

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #57
K. A. Raith

As for this Nero-is-Vergil's-son thing, it's stated that:

- Vergil came to Fortuna around 17-years ago, looking for the truth about Sparda

- Vergil apparantly impregnated some random prostitutes along the way

- Months after that, Nero popped out from nowhere, bearing resemblance to 'that man who came to town that night'

- Sanctus did the math, and came to the conclusion

So it's not so much proven as it's heavily implied. But Nero wasn't interested and Dante wasn't overly curious, so no one in-universe tried to prove that theory yet. (And as the series is rebooted, they might never try).

11/5/2010 #58
Forgotten Rozez

Ok, that clears things up more.

It actually says that? Lolz, I gotta read them now.

Yeah, I hope Vergil isn't really dead either :( And he doesnt come back in the fifth one?

11/6/2010 #59
K. A. Raith

He won't come back for the fifth game, hon; hell, even Dante won't come back for the fifth game. The developers decided that the old Dante is 'not cool' anymore (their words, not mine); so they threw in a skinny chain-smoking drug addict as his replacement. Joy.

*sniffs* Just because this new kid's name is Dante doesn't mean he is the Dante.

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #60
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