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Based on frequency and volume of postings, which TV shows ought to have their own categories?
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I think the TV show JONAS should have its own category. There are enough entries for it! JONAS has about 15! Some of the TV shows that have its own category only have 1 entry!

6/15/2009 #1
Britney Louise

They really should! I'm writing one for JONAS right now, but I want to put it in a tv show catagory so more people will read it!

1/26/2010 #2

I agree and I am TICKED off.

JONAS has been on the tv since May and has yet to get its own category.

But that guy Gregg Sulkin who played Mason on ONLY TWO episodes of "Wizards of Waverly Place" got his own fliter.

I have three JONAS stories written down and two of them are complete. I don't want to post them, bwcause they will get lost in the 'Misc Tv Shows' section.

I have sent multiple request to the admins on this site and still nothing. I don't want to post my stories on the Camp Rock section or Misc Tv Shows, because they have nothing to with the show!

1/31/2010 . Edited 1/31/2010 #3

I sent a message to the site and this is the response I got!

Sorry, no can do. Because characters on the show all play themselves with their real names. We can not allow this per the site rules


Please help us spread the word.

Regards, Zack

FanFiction.Net Support

Sorry I tried

2/4/2010 . Edited 2/4/2010 #4

Then tell them. If you're not allowed to have charactors with real names, then they might as well have cancelled all JONAS stories. And warn them, I don't think that'll catch on too well for your site will it?

2/4/2010 #5

This is what i told him...

They only play their first names on the shows. Their real last names Jonas and on the show their last name is Lucas. Just like Hannah Montana. Her real name Miley Cyrus but on the show her name is, Miley Stewart! It's okay. I understand now, sorry for sending the same message I had forgot I had sent a request in!

So basically I told him he needs to take off Hannah Montana as well!

2/4/2010 #6
I'm just going to send another message saying to make a JONAS section, but instead of added Joe, Nick, Kevin and Frankie. Just make the filters for Macy, Stella, Sandy, Tom and others. Its better than no JONAS section at all.
2/8/2010 #7

I still don't understand why JONAS/LA can't have their own section but Drake & Josh and Big Time Rush can?

Drake & Josh Show/Real Names:

Drake Parker - Drake Bell

Josh Nichols - Josh Peck

BTR Show/Real Names:

Kendall Knight - Kendall Schmidt

James Diamond - James Maslow

Carlos Garcia - Carlos Pena, Jr.

Logan Mitchell - Logan Henderson

JONAS/LA Show/Real Names:

Nick Lucas - Nick Jonas

Joe Lucas- Joe Jonas

Kevin Lucas - Kevin Jonas

Get JONAS/LA Its Own Section On FanFiction.Net

8/15/2010 . Edited 8/15/2010 #8

Petition to Get JONAS/JONAS LA Its Own Section!

Get JONAS/LA It's Own Section On FanFiction.Net

This is a petition to get JONAS/LA their own category on FanFiction.Net! The Administrators of FF.Net have said they can't add a section for JONAS/LA due to the actors using their real names and playing themselves. Yet they let 'Big Time Rush' have their own section, when indeed they are playing themsleves and using their real names just like JONAS/LA. Which in fact both shows are only using the real first names and playing themselves in exaggeration. So if you would like for JONAS/LA to have their own category in the TV Show sections! Please sign and retweet and this petitions for others to sign as well. Thank you!

8/29/2010 #9
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