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Jackie Rogers

I have been looking for story for years. It's been a long time since i've read it but i can still remember alot. It was my first Labyrinth story and it was the best. I would really love to read it again. I remember that jareth came up to the human world and opened a crystal store and all the teenager went crazy about it and later in the story it talks about the fairy counsel and how Sarahs real mother was fae (i think) and that karen sarah's stepmother could see fae because she dreams but she is still very down to earth. I also remember that sarahs real mother falls in love with one of the counsel, He was a earth fae or something. And i think Jareths brother plays the part of the bad guy that wants to take over his position as the goblin King but that could have been another story. I get confused anyway everything else is correct and i would be really happy when someone could help me find it. I will keep searching but i dont know how else i can find it. thanks in advance.

9/16/2012 #1
Jackie Rogers

I am devastated and just plain desperate. please help me. I really hope that author is still here and if not put the story on a different site.

9/17/2012 #2

Is it Crystal Balls by b00kperson? I recognized it as soon as I read the first sentence.

9/19/2012 #3

Unfortunately, the author has not updated this story since 2007 but the bright side is that you are in for a long read because it is 114 chapters long.

9/19/2012 #4
Jackie Rogers

That's ok because i only read like 20 chapters of it and now it has like 114 that is so awesome!!! thank you sooooooooooo much!!! I was just so frustrated with not finding it. you really helped me alot. I can't wait to reading it again.

9/21/2012 #5
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