You Know Your a Star Wars Fan When
answer the question...Mine is You know your a star wars fan when you memorize star wars in spanish
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x Rajah x
1.) You pick colors for the bands on your braces that correspond with different Star Wars planets, etc. (ex: blue and red for jedi and sith, red and orange for mustafar) 2.) You use Star Wars lines in your daily life. (ex: insulting your school's Star Wars bashers, breaking up with your boyfriend.) 3.) You think one of your teachers is Yoda. 4.) People tell you you look like one of the Star Wars characters. (on various occasions) 5.) You cry when you watch Episode III. 6.) You plaster your walls with anything remotely related to Star Wars. 7.) You claim that you are dating a Star Wars character. 8.) You dream about Star Wars. 9.)You wish you lived on one of the Star Wars planets. (for me, Naboo.) 10.) You have pets named after the Star Wars characters.
2/20/2006 . Edited 2/20/2006 #1
x Rajah x
Also if you defend Star Wars' more corny stuff. (like Vader's NOOOOO! at the end of ROTS!) LOL
2/21/2006 #2
Vampire Anakin
When you know one of the characters better than you know yourself, your friends call you by their name, and you don't mind. (In my case, Anakin, only they call me Darth Vader.)
5/28/2006 #3
Vampire Anakin
When you know one of the characters better than you know yourself, your friends call you by their name, and you don't mind. (In my case, Anakin, only they call me Darth Vader.)
5/28/2006 #4
x Rajah x
Also if your friend looks at you and refers to your hairstyle as "The Female Anakin Hair." LOL. Yes, it's true.
6/29/2006 #5
Beautiful Jedi Master
When watching ROTS with a friend you act out the fight on Mustafar.
7/3/2006 #6
Lady Cora
When you're so lost in your thoughts, analyzing the philosophy of the saga, that you end up walking into a lamp post! (happened to me once :D)
7/5/2006 #7
Richard Cypher
That's kind of scary...... I'm matching all of this.... You know your a Star Wars geek when: Your teacher calls you Star wars When someone has a snide remark about the force, and you threaten thay you'll force choke them. most of the music on your mp3 is star wars music. you tell religious people that your religion is the force... (Believe me, very funny, they walk away... no pun intended religious people 0 0 \_/ (smilie face))
7/26/2006 #8
When... You always relate STAR WARS to everyday things in real life. Instead of going to the mall, you prefer practicing your Lightsaber skills. You dream of being business partners with George Lucas. (For girls)Instead of spending your money on jewelry or makeup, you go and buy a STAR WARS action figure. You frame all your STAR WARS ticket stubs. You skipped school to see STAR WARS opening day. You calm yourself down by repeating the Jedi Code to yourself. (Yeah, I'm relating to like all of this stuff too... Sometimes people call me Anika)
7/27/2006 #9
Jimmy the Sniper
When... 1. you have a Star Wars Super-Geek-Trivia-thon that lasts for ten months. (I won that one) 2. you go mental on people for talking about Boba Fett's 'father' Jango. (clones technically do not have fathers, the cell donor is called the mother. How's that for esoteric?) 3. your bookshelf has one entire row for Star Wars material. (mine's almost full) 4. you tear websites apart for having the slightest inconsistencies. 5. you compare every character in a book, movie, TV sgow to Boba Fett. (the greatest SW character ever, no matter what anyone else says)
9/16/2006 #10
Oddly enough this all fits me. Also, you pester every1 you know to ask you a Star Wars question. You spend your free time trying to lift cups off tables with the Force You try to strangle you'r math teacher with the Force (several times) You stay up until 3 in the morning to get your "Star Wars fix" (Sometimes i stay up until 4!) You ask everyone on runescape if they like Star wars (that would be me, too) You ask everyone you know if they like Star wars, and that is how you judge them. You renact scenes in your head during social studies (actually, all subjects except Study hall.)
10/26/2006 #11
.... when you use Star Wars curses instead of real ones... like "bantha fodder" and " I'll be Kessled" Admit it. We've all done it at least once
5/2/2007 #12
the sixth turk
You have a Star Wars scrapbook. You have Aurebesh as a font on your computer (and can write in it fluently) You own all 6 soundtracks, plus game soundtracks as well. You have 90 Star Wars books in your room alone. You wear something related to Star Wars every day. You have two walls in your room dedicated to Star Wars stuff. You own over 12 Star Wars board games and video games. Your friends come to you to ask questions about Star Wars. You own all the movies on video and DVD. You have a list of Yuuzhan Vong phrases and their translations. You have a list of Mandalorian phrases and their translations. You have your own Star Wars name. You can talk for three hours straight about Star Wars Battlefront. Your chest of drawers does not hold clothes, but Star Wars stuff. You have 3 lightsabers. You have a full Jedi Knight costume. You have 4 Star Wars ringtones for your cell phone. You can voice act all 6 movies, including music and sound effects. You create a band called KaleeshDeathMask in a tribute to General Grievous. You have a section in your art portfolio specifically for Star Wars. You create Star Wars analogies for the better understanding of Social Studies. You have 4 Star Wars jigsaw puzzles. You drive your parents mad singing the correct lyrics to “Duel of the Fates”. You notice that clouds sometimes look like Star Destroyers. You refuse to acknowledge your mother’s existence for two days when you discover she donated most of your father’s old Star Wars books to the public library. You make a list of 25 ways to be a Star Wars geek.
7/15/2007 #13
When you're the only one in your family who can pronounce "Padme Amidala" correctly. When you're the only one in your family who doesn't refer to Bail Organa as "Jimmy Smits' character."
7/19/2007 #14
You know you're a Star Wars fan when: * You get really, really insulted when your friend starts calling you "My young padawan" (Or you start calling your friend that) * You're in love with one of the characters despite the fact that you hate the actor * You hate anyone who hates Yoda. * Your best dreams involve you holding a lightsaber * You cry when you fail to pick up objects using the Force * Your desktop background is a Jedi * You tell total strangers how they will know they are a Star Wars fan!
7/27/2007 #15
For love of Sunflowers
Or, You take lightsabes to schoool and have a duel with a friend it has happened.
7/29/2007 #16
Marriella Bullet
You know you're a Star Wars fan when: 1. You start calling Luke or Anakin "my little boy." 2. You hate with a passion anyone who thinks Jar-Jar is annoying. 3. Someone in your family is watching one of the Star Wars movies with you and whenever they don't understand something in the movie, they ask you because they know that you'll always have the correct answer. 4. You start yelling at the characters in the movies saying: "Luke, don't go in there! Don't... AH! I told you not to go in there." or "Anakin! He's tricking you! Don't be such an idiot!"
7/30/2007 #17
For love of Sunflowers
1; when you pretend that you are obiwans padawan. 2: you say that you need the movies because you have writers block
7/30/2007 #18
You know when you are a Star Wars fan when: 1: You have every single Star Wars book ever made.
8/8/2007 #19
Yun Daragon
Your know you're a Star Wars fan when: *) You memorize the history of the Galactic Republic, but can't name any historical events from your own hometown/state/country/hemisphere. *) Your idea of a hot bishie is a guy in full body armor, with a scary helmet, and who can wipe out small countries in an hour or less. (Mmm...Vader...Boba Fett...^_^) *) You make your own sabaac cards. *) Once you've mastered sabaac, you try to win a planet in a game. *) When people tell you they don't like Star Wars or didn't think it was all [i]that[/i] great, your first response is "I find your lack of faith disturbing." *) Your second response is an attempted Force Choke. *) You get annoyed when the baddies in other genres never even TRY to electrocute the hero with Force Lightning. *) You're really well-liked at poker games since you never want to be told the odds. *) You're never welcome at poker games because despite the odds, you keep winning all the time. *) You try to make 'Jedi' a legally recognized religion. *) If that fails, you try to start an underground 'Sith' cult. (Only two members at a time, of course!) *) Talk only like Yoda, do you, if Star Wars fan, you are. *) You decide to make a career out of smuggling spice. *) You're annoyed that there's no profit in smuggling oregano. *) You're more annoyed that you can't find a Wookie to be your smuggling partner. *) And don't even get me [i]started[/i] on the lack of YT-1300s in this part of the galaxy... *) Huttese is your second language. *) You've mastered over six million forms of communication. *) Including Bacchi. *) Jango Fett annoyed you because the color scheme for his armor just wasn't [i]right[/i]. *) You attempt to build a droid. *) You succeed at building the droid. *) You petition Nascar to start a Podracing league. *) You make one of these lists. *) You go find a forum full of these lists. *) You add to the lists already on the forum. *) You own all six movies, in every version released. Yes, EVERY. ^_^ *) Wookiepedia is your homepage. *) You can't stop adding to the list you made for the forum about how to recognize a Star Wars fan. ^_^
9/18/2007 #20
Ice Wings of Paradise
You know you're a fan when... *) Even you know every single WORD in star Wars, you still laugh. *) You have a Star Wars poster that was actually in a case for the movie (Yep, I have one) *) You notice the faults in the poster (eg.There are many x-Wings) *) You pretend you haev the Force with automatic doors (I always do that.. my sister says she gets embarrassed...lawl)
10/5/2007 #21
You know you're a Star Wars fan when... *You and your father can philosophize about Star Wars for hours on end *You can get away with anything by using the phrase "It's a Star Wars thing" *the phrase "It's a Star Wars thing" is constantly true *You and your math teacher have drawn out discussions about Star Wars, and you can correct him *Everyone at school thinks that Klingon and Wookie sound the same, but you can tell them the exact differences *You remember a time before the "Special Edition" *You ask Kenobi and Yoda for help on your homework *You've asked your doctor for your Meticlorian count *You had to explain what a Meticlorian count was to that doctor *Your mother rolls her eyes when you say "may the force be with you" as you walk out the door *Your room is painted like the inside of the Falcon *You go to the hard ware store and make note of all the plumbing pieces that would make a great blaster *You purchase said plumbing pieces and build said blaster *You watch "Big Fish" or "Robots" and begin quoting Obiwan *You can draw all of the characters from the original trilogy with your eyes closed *You do so on every piece of paper you have *Your teachers get mad at you for talking like Yoda *Your teachers get mad when you answer essay questions in "Yoda speak" *the people at Toys R Us know you as "that one girl with the obsession" *You watch "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" and laugh at every single reference to Star Wars *You still buy the Star Wars band-aids, then get mad when other people use them *You still have a Star Wars watch that you bought at Burger King when you were six *You have more light sabers than the seven year old across the street *The seven year old across the street requests you as a baby sitter because you understand the Star Wars lingo that he uses *You consider him your Padawan and he calls you Master *His parents think you're insane because you *want* to baby sit for him *Life sucks when your mom grounds you from your Star Wars movies
12/24/2007 #22
Ice Wings of Paradise
Ooh! guess what? We ALL know the part in ROTS, when Anakin's eyes go yellow? I got that part of the film in a frame thingie! Limited edition! Also... *) You know you're a fan if you get a helicopter and you start thinking of the attack rn on the death star. Also... Has anyone heard of Star Wars Infinitys? It's when the author makessomething happen, and then it changes COMPLETLY. I got A New Hope. Luke's proton torpedos boom a bit early. It's awesome.
12/31/2007 #23

You list your Star Wars collection as a "Personal Asset"

You know what Star Wars toys are coming out before the toy shop

You plan your vacation around "Celebration"

You make a fan film

You write fan fiction

You have a web page dedicated to your star wars obsession ( [search] Darth Vilgore)

You watch that 70's show b/c there may be a star wars refrence this episode

You know star wars geneology better than your own

You can compare star wars events to real world events (ie Qui Gon Jinn uses the samarai technique of Iajitstu focus when battling the droids in Theed to free the queen)

You have studied taoism b/c of its similarities to the force

You got stuck with a weeks worth of freakin Yoga lessons b/c of a newspaper misprint

No one you know will play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with you

You remember having to wait for CBS to air ANH, ESB, or ROTJ b/c they hadnt come out on VHS yet

Your DVR is full of Star Wars documenteries

3/30/2008 #24

When in a history of religion class someone refers to St. Luke and you imidiatly think of Darth Vader and giggle.

10/9/2008 #25

You know you're a Star Wars fan when know more about the Clone Wars than a World War.

10/9/2008 #26
For love of Sunflowers

Why does that sound somemuch like me? *Ponders*

10/10/2008 #27

That happened to me all the time, when we are watching it, my parents ask me `so why did vader cut off luke's hand agian?~

12/22/2008 #28
Alatriel Evanstar

-you know you`re a Star wars fan when your father saw the original more than 50 times before 1978

-when you were raised within the force, and you can`t help but know it (me & my dad)

-when the first Halloween costume you remember is a jedi`s (me)

-Your dad looks like a wookie and claims to be Chewbacca`s brother

- when you say every single line in the movies as the actors say it, along with the motions including but not limited to lightsaber fights and force gestures.

-you attempt to force choke all who bug you.

1/1/2009 . Edited 1/1/2009 #29

--When you can quote not only the characters in the films, but also in the books, and the actors as well during interviews *about* SW (i.e. Ewan McGreggor *really* wanted to be Leia, not Obi Wan... he was stoked about "putting breakfast pastries on [his] head.") (painfully guilty)

--When your *stepfather* talks to his clients (who are SW fans) about your immense Star Warsiness (guilty as of this morning)

--When your *teachers* feel the need to quote SW in reply... then fail... and then you have to stand up and correct them... and finish it all off with a couple jabs in Huttese... which you then seemlessly translate... and aren't embarrassed when the whole class busts out laughing at you (it only happened *twice*)

--When your "contacts" go to you for boot-leg copy of all the more recent SW films mere days after they've been released to theatres... and you *have* the copy. (guilty)

--When every plain shirt you own has a SW quote hand painted on it somewhere. (very guilty)

--When you paint SW quotes *over* other stuff on shirts(guilty)

--When you can paint the Falcon *in detail* on to the back of a t-shirt *without* refering to anything. (guilty)

--When you're an artist at ComiCon and every single piece you have is SW... even the abstract ones. (that's me this year)

--When you go to ComiCon wearing a piece of the *actual* costuming used on the set during production. (still working on it... but I will... believe me... I WILL)

--Your Dad wanted to name you Anakin... even tho you're a girl... (thank you, MOM!)

--You decide that Anakin would actually be a pretty cool name... even tho you're a girl

--You refuse to get a bigger bed... just because your SW sheets won't fit on anything bigger than a full-size

--You refuse to rearrange your room because you would be forced to take down your SW posters and find them new homes on other walls... and in closets.

--You value your VHS SW original trilogy box set over every other film (DVD or VHS) that you own and refuse to open it except on *very* special occasions.

--You own three copies of the original trilogy. One before they CG'd Jabba (VHS) one after they CG'd Jabba (VHS) and a DVD copy of the latest version

-- You're still mad at Lucas for making Gredo shoot first... even tho you never saw it

--You know how Boba Fett *really* died (or didn't, actually... you never find out who shoots.. Han or Fett....)

-- When you spend your time typing this sort of thing up simply because you have the capasity to

1/2/2009 #30
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