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Any type of music-related and Seiya-related talk is welcome here. Whether you want to post links to songs used in fics, or if you want to ask for places to download the Saint Seiya soundtrack, or if you just want to check out some good listening, this is the thread to fulfill all your musical needs!! I started this thread for a rather selfish reason, actually. I wanted to post the song "Pain" from Xenosaga, which I used in my fic "Athena Exclamation" for Camus's songfic, and recall several people saying they've never heard it before, including most recently, Stayka-sama. it is: It should stream through windows media. However, it may not work if you have a mac system...I'm not really sure. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to post other music-related things here. ^^ AE
4/6/2007 #1
Pity, it doesn't work on my Linux system -_-' (And no, I don't have access to Windows computers here)
4/6/2007 #2
For people like Stayka-sama who can't stream through media player, I will also post a youtube link. Don't worry about what's going in the won't make sense unless you've at least watched someone play the video game. But the song is what's important in this case. ^^ AE
4/6/2007 #3
Music related hunh? Coolness. Personally, I've only just gotten into J-pop, and I was wondering about some of the good artists. I already like High and Mighty Color and Rurutia (I hope I'm spelling her name right), and I was wondering about any other notable bands. Also, LSN gave me a cool anime music site if anybody wants the link.
4/6/2007 #4
I like Ayumi Hamasaki a lot, as well as Yumi Matsuzawa (who does the Saint Seiya music). I'd probably do better recommending songs...I like "First Love" a lot, but can't remember the artist at the moment. And "Poison", the theme to the live-action GTO series. And "Watashi Dake No Tenshi", by Matsuda Seiko. You can post the link, Skye-chan, if you so desire. This is, after all, a place to share music... For those of you who listen to Pain, I'd like to know what you think of the song. AE
4/6/2007 #5
Ok, I know I shouldn't double post, but I can't edit my last This is a link to a youtube AMV that I DID NOT make. The song is X-Japan's Tears. I thought it was beautiful. If anyone is interested, I can post up what all the Chinese says.
4/10/2007 #6

Hi there! Meme12 here!!!!!!! Actually I bought one of the saint seiya soundtrack with the best songs of the anime itself! I guess my country still have saint seiya fans that are very discreet. But I enjoyed the soundtrack alot and hope to get the Saint seiya heaven overture soundtrack when I have enough cash.

11/14/2009 #7

I have downloaded all of my Saint Seiya Soundtracks per eMule, but I would not advice others to use it. That was also the same reason why my computer fell victim to a virus...

1/1/2010 #8
SS Hoshi404

Has anyone noticed that some of the English Saint Seiya songs sound like some of the Within temptation songs?

Just asking! :P

8/5/2010 #9

They do? I have never noticed.

8/5/2010 #10
SS Hoshi404


Candles is Pandora's theme song Dark Wings is from the Hades Arc Frozen is Spectre Camus song See Who I Am is Shun's just before he turns into Hades The Truth Behind The Rose is Aphrodite's And What Have You Done Now is an overall theme song

It's cool

8/6/2010 #11
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