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They would make SUCH an adorable couple! Anyone else agree?
12/29/2007 #1
cat goddess bastet
Yes but they are married. I think they both have kids, too...? They're very good friends, though. ^_^
12/31/2007 #2
Yeah...Richard O'Brien's married to someone, and I'm pretty sure Pat Quinn was widowed in the mid 90s. Still...a fangirl can dream :)
1/1/2008 #3
Dance of the Crazed
Yes, they totally would. :]
1/4/2008 #4
Malicious Magenta
Richard O'Brien divorced Jane Moss I believe. But you can all back off...HES MINE! lol :P
3/16/2008 #5
Malicious Magenta
And Pats second husband Robert died in 95 :( poor girl
3/16/2008 #6
cat goddess bastet
Can we share? ^^
3/19/2008 #7
Malicious Magenta
*le sigh* If we must :P
3/20/2008 #8

UGH! and what about me? You can just let me have him for a second or two it shouldnt take longer than that ;D and yes Pat is widowed i read in an article that she just has random night stands all the time because she's afraind of being alone :'( it almost made me cry because i thought theres richard a perfectly good man who is single and its almost every M+R obsessors dream for them to be together and i mean come on how awesome would that be? and they would both be happy =)

7/22/2008 #9

I just had a vision of a bunch of Riff/Mags fans hijacking them and tying them together, one screaming "Now kiss, dam.n you, kiss!"

8/7/2008 #10

Awww, poor Pat. I really wish that they had/would hook up. They seem so in-tune with each other, I mean, the Audio Commentary was sooooo sexy! :P

9/4/2008 #11




Pat's my Idol



oh i love them 2


5/17/2009 #12
Red Queen Megz

*Runs around in a circle* PAT!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol yes Richard is pretty good looking I must agree =)

8/31/2010 #13
Little Miss Porcelain

I agree. :)

9/19/2010 #14

They should be married! They are so cute together. Patricia Quinn is sooo pretty even prettier than Cheryl Cole. And Richard O'Brien is SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! OMG I have his myspace. xx

10/5/2010 #15

haha yes but it's not rly that hard to be hotter than Edward Cullen now is it?? butt haha yes!!!! :)

11/29/2010 #16

me and my best friend have a current plan right now to storm into their homes, kidnap them, and then go, 'ok, now, you two! GO THE HELL OUT! NOW'

Its obviously they belong together and i recently found out that they are LEGIT friends with benefits. but seriously, after listening to the commentary, how are they NOT together!?!?! my mind is blown on that one...and i swear on my life if i ever got some alone time with them....oh, so many RiffxMag fans would be happy...(: Who all agrees? lolz (:

--Meggi Lovett

Do it again!!! Do what? THE TIME WARP!!! :D

3/30/2011 #17

I AGREE!!! Someone asked me if i was on team Edward or Jacob and i said "TEAM RIFF RAFF!"


3/30/2011 #18
Kitalene Crimson
I'm so doing that if anyone asks me my team. (And she just randomly picks up the convo over a year later...)
4/3/2012 #19
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