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Be any character you want as long as you made him or her up.

7/21/2011 #1
Decepticon Alchemist

Hi Magesty! Since there wasnt a create a character topic, I am going to tell you about her here... Here I go xD

Name: Blizzard

Species: Emperor Penguin

Gender: Female

Age: Whatever age it is after they have just gotten there adult feathers. Sorry I dont know the age.

Appearance: Very Feminine figure, slim, lean, jet black feathers on back, pure white on front, the colors on the side of the bill from the white to the black: Yellow, orange, Pink. I hope you know what I mean because I don't know that much about penguins.

Personality: Sweet, outgoing, caring, and a definite soar loser. She is also very competitive.

What she's best at: Belly sliding and swimming, she is very swift at both, and can hold her breath much longer than both. That is her strength.

Flaws: She was born with a bad voice like Mumble.

Other: None

8/22/2011 #2
Could I be a Mosasaur that was cloned and created to survive in the coldest temperatures, but escaped to Antarctica?
4/8/2012 #3

Best animated movie that i have never been seen as this ...!!

2/17/2015 #4
This is a character I created some time ago. NAME: Simon GENDER: Male SPECIES: Emperor Penguin AGE: Same as Mumble APPEARANCE: When adult; Slightly more bulky than the other penguin males, Looks like he knows a thing or two, Black feathers, White feathers on stomach area, Golden ring of feathers and his eyes seem to change colors like the aurora at night PERSONALITY : Strong-willed, Caring, Very alert, many-sided, peaceful or energetic(depending on the situation), and very profound. UPSIDES: He is a fast swimmer, singer, and he can see the future on special occasions DOWNSIDES: Due to what his mother did through out his chick hood he has this little, little cravings for other penguin every now and then Seems dark at the end but I probably have a fic that I am planning for this. Afterwards everything will make sense.
10/4/2015 #5
Why did it not space out?
10/4/2015 #6
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