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Okay.... take the slow and very cool Kakashi and team him with a hyper active blood thirsty Anko...Would that even work?
12/17/2005 #1
Ninja -x- Kunoichi
I agree..they look cute together! I like Anko with Kakashi because they just fit together.
12/18/2005 #2
They do look good together, they are also among one of the most talented jounin shinobi. It would probably be an amusing pairing since Anko comes off as a woman with some kinky fetishes while Kakashi has that dirty book Icha Icha Paradise to look inspiration from. Anko + Kakashi makes a weird but amusing couple to say the least and can you imagine if they did hook up? Poor G** would probably wreak havoc in KOnoha trying to ask out another girl to beat Kakashi in the couples poll. LOL
12/18/2005 #3
Releina Artemis Rockefeller
Are you kidding me? This pair is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! XD~~~~~~~ ::Releina Artemis::
12/19/2005 #4
i like this pairing, and I think the two of them are interesting together because their personalities are so different.
12/20/2005 #5
i like this pairing, and I think the two of them are interesting together because their personalities are so different.
12/20/2005 #6
LOL They'd probably tear the village apart in their antics... (Imagines fanfic then thinks it over) I'd have to welcome anyone else whom does this funny pairing. I guess it works after all:)
12/21/2005 #7
Yes I believe they would be a very interesting couple! I can see so many funny things happening if they were together. I think they would look cute as a couple too!
12/23/2005 #8
Melpomene the Muse
Four words: sex all the time. I love this pairing to bits. Anko might be the only person who could really shake up Kakashi's calm facade, and it would be a crazy, awesome, completely insane relationship from start to finish. Another person I would dearly love to see Anko with is... G**. Kinda scary mental picture, isn't it?
12/24/2005 #9
....that.....would be scary, Man G** would be all over Kakashi about him not having a girl and that He is the victor and that Kakashi lost that battle...and..on and on and on until who knows
12/26/2005 #10
haha. True. I can almost imagine it... "That makes it 51 to 50, Kakashi, with ME in the lead!!" *sparkly teeth go PING* But to tell the truth, I have a soft spot for IrukaxAnko pairings. It's just so darn sweet. Anko would probably barge in during Iruka's lesson and get all the kids hyper before leaving Iruka in chaos. "Iruka-sensei, is she your GIRLFRIEND?" hahahahahaha. Or she'd give him something outrageous for his birthday. Like pantyhose. Or Icha Icha Paradise! I just love IrukaxAnko pairings. There aren't enough of them. And besides, I have ALREADY paired Kakashi with my darling OC, being so selfishly possesive. I know it's cliche, the whole OC thing, but still...(sniffles in corner.) I'm in the midst of writing chapter 14 of that story. Eheh. It would help if you coughreviewcough, but this isn't an advertisement! Honest! (the story title is the reason. eheheheheheheh.)
2/15/2006 #11
Ahahahahaa. Hey that's cool IrukaXAnko...... I think I'll help out the not enough of them problem:D it will be a funny thing to make.
2/18/2006 #12
They do look good together because Anko is actually the only person whose seen Kakashi WITHOUT his mask asides from Rin, who I believe is diseased. If Kakashi allowed her to see his face, I think he may trust her to the point where feelings may develop.
2/28/2006 #13
Jeebus dirtface
When did Anko see Kakashi's face? I don't remember that. About the subject post...well I'm writing an Anko and Kakashi fic but it's not really Anko x Kakashi, it's more like, well, comradeship(I'm making up words again, aren't I) fic. I'm just not very good with the whole romance thing, being a guy and all. I suppose they do make a disturbing and highly intriguing couple, but you need a good author to pull it off.
3/24/2006 #14
Endless Snow
I loooove KakaAnk. Although there isn't a lot of pairings about them. They often pair ANko with Iruka and Kakashi with Rin. (NOT BASHING) Anyway I could just see Anko latching on to Kakashi's arm and start to complain while Kakashi is trying really hard to ignore her. Then she gets pissed and tries to get him to pay attention, and he still ignores. Next she'll pout and storm off while Kakashi reads his book for a while till he goes off the find her. Then she gets angry at him and starts to yelling at him till he kisses her. XD Then she yells at him some more. Lol.
6/17/2006 #15
Chidori vs Rasengan
and most ppl pair off our favourite late perverted ninja with kurenai. now that kurenai's off with asuma then there is hope for ankokakashi!!! yay!!!(im a kakashianko fan too!!!)
7/12/2006 #16
[q]Okay.... take the slow and very cool Kakashi and team him with a hyper active blood thirsty Anko...Would that even work?[/q] Hell yeah! It's interesting, funny, romantic, smutty(Kaka IS a pervert after all!) with a tad bit of angst because these two are hardened Jounins after all! Add all that to the mix and you get a pretty awesome fanfic! But I'm also an IruAnko and a KakaRin fan!
10/2/2006 #17
Wow... so many IruAnko'rs here xD I am one of them too!!! (I always complain how there aren't enough.. and then I find a couple more) Though I prefer ObiRin... I agree that KakaAnko would make an interesting pair.. "comradeship" or more.
10/3/2006 #18
Lady Misukage
Yes! but there is a problem thou, if they did end up together they would never leave their house on account of they would be spending too much time screwing each other. They wouldn't get any work done other then creating more powerful ninja babies.
12/1/2007 #19
Lady Misukage
-_- I'm such a dork
12/8/2007 #20

I love this pairing they are so good together I can see them walking down Konoha together, oh man they would make great TV entertainment this pairing would be so hilarious and entertaining to watch,I've read some good KakaXAnko fics, IrukaXAnko okay but I prefer these two, I wanna see more interactiuon between these two and we havent seen anko in the shippuden series im sad cause she is one of my fav characters, they are so good together I hope they do

7/29/2008 #21
Pensive Crow

HA. Ultimate perverted couple. Unless you want to go Kakashi/Jiraiya.

That would probably end up ripping a hole in the fabric of the universe with the level of it's kink.

9/21/2010 #22

Yes yes yes! KakashiXAnko forever!!! The only people Kakashi can ever be with are Rin and Anko, and Rin's dead. Besides, ObitoXRin is too awesome! I cannot STAND freaking KakashiXSakura! It's so stupid, there's no way in hell they would ever get together. And Kurenai's 100% with Asuma, so that's out.

Kakashi and Anko have to get together. They both have messed up back stories, are pervish (Anko licked blood off of Naruto... not normal...), and both EPIC ninjas! But yes, I agree with the other posts on here... they would be sleeping together pretty much always. (Kakashi: Sorry I'm late I was screwing Anko.)

Would they get married? Probably not. They might elope, with Anko in a skimpy black dress and Kakashi in his normal clothes, but that's it. Seriously, can you see either of them sitting through a proper wedding? Never.

Would they have kids? One or two, who would turn out incredibly bad a**. It might be hard to imagine Kakashi as a father, but I've seen it done very well, namely in Unplanned Paternity by TwinTrouble. Anyone who tries to mess with his kids would get their heads ripped off. Literally.

6/23/2011 #23

ankoxkakashi for life

7/26/2015 #24
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