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What if all chakra had a "positive" charge to it because all jutsu create something. No chakra has a "negative" charge to it. If chakra was to have a negative charge and clash with positive chakra it would be like the same result of anti-matter clashing with normal matter.

The Shinigami is so powerful because it is the only being in exsistence that is made up of negative chakra and thus can kill any entity with its power. After all at the end of time even the gods will fall before deaths embrace.

When the Shinigami sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto a combination of Yokai's mutagenic effect on humans, the shiki fuins chakra conversion matrix and the shinigami's touch left Naruto with the ability to use negative chakra but at the cost of being unable to use positive chakra.

So I hope someone finds this interesting I look forward to seeing what someone can do with this concept.

8/19/2013 #1
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